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Star Wars: Blue team
(Okay first of all ballstic Balsa was ordered to stop the blood test it is slowing down the hutt's pilots makign them angry as they pay the empire funds to keep their actions going, scarign the local populance with the rumor of jedi and ontop of that if you kill the hutts Balsa is going to be in a lot of trouble the hutt's are vious gangsters.)

Star Wars: Blue team
suddenly a bolt was shot into the table it was a metal bolt wiht a message written on the end. It read.

"Governess Balsa. your actions have angered the Cartel on this planet your actions are to cease immidiantly or something worse will happen to you than this table."

~The bounty hunter.

Star Wars: Blue team
The comm was already on to Balsa's superior.

"Governess Balsa I am disappointed in you. Scaring the populace with this blood scan, along with that another of the planets under our control has come under attack by Rebals. Your new orders are to stop the blood scans immanently before you cause a uprising on Tatoonie, It threatens the hutt's business that provides us with Funds. "And to send Reinforcements for the attack to the planet Bespin where our fuel storage facilities are coming under attack I trust you will follow these orders."

Star Wars: Blue team
"We'd best go to the com room Ma'am." The soldier replied pointing the way.

Star Wars: Blue team
"Governess Balsa...Said a Storm trooper "Your superior wishes to speak with you ma'am." The storm trooper said to the governess.

Star Wars: Blue team
"Have your Scouts spotted my friend?" she's black and kinda younger looking than me." Alex asked the clone commander. "We've been here this whole time, Ma'am." The commander aptly named, Halen

Star Wars: Blue team
(are you here to rp or here to argue? I doubt they used the aging thing on clones once they were old enough that simply would cost too much to replace aging clones that aged too quickly.)

Star Wars: Blue team
Alex had gotten lost and had wandered out of town till she bumped into some amored figures who were hiding outside the city.."EEP!" She shrieked, just now noticing that what she thought were storm troopers looked kinda odd. "Sorry Ma'am." Said the commander of the small clone regiment. "W-what are you?" Alex asked.

"We're clone troopers ma'am army of the republic..."

"But you look like storm troopers."

"Those blasted copy cats have no idea what it means to serve the republic." said another clone.

"here take this." The commander said handing Alex a blaster carbine.

"T-thanks do you know, by chance someone named Krystal?" Alex asked.

"She told us to wait here, are you with her?" The commander asked

"Yes, mind if I uhh tag along?" Alex asked

"The commader nodded poking back end of the blaster carbine into the side of Alex.

"Oh, yeah silly me." Alex blushed grabbing the gun.

Star Wars: Blue team
Krystal stopped near the entrance to the hanger "Dangit they've finnaly gotten smart around here.' Krystal growled to herself , hopeing Sarah and Alessia were in a better place then her at the moment. she kept hidden soon slipping into a door that opend for her bumping into some droids "What are you doing in here?" She asked the two droids. "h-hiding mistress..." The protocol droid respsonded with fear. "So am i." She rolled her eyes looking at the other droid a r2 unit "Lock the door." (these are not c3po and r2d2.)

Sign In - Sign Out Thread
Jul 25 2011, 04:17 PM
Sup guys. Back from, like, an eternity of inactivity both on here and on SF-O.

Guess I'll just, uh, lurk around a bit. xD
Lurk around all you want your welcome here Catwings.

The Cornerian Bar on Galaxies
"Is it just me or are these preformaances getting old?" Ruby asked herself in boredom

Halo:Return to Reach
The year is 2554 The great war with the Alien alliance known as the covenant is over. We were victorious ,but we lost so many lives during that war,both military and civilian the chaos was unimaginable. To this day i still wonder how we were able to win with such Primitive technology.

We now Return to rebuilding our once glorious space fairing civilization.

You will be the first scout team sent to Reach before recolonization. I'm not sure how you got here or who exactly you are ,but you have been Chosen for this task from the highest of command,Good luck.
(Your characters have gotten into the halo universe some how....If their not already. They have been turned into Spartans,Odst or marines and are now the first Survey team to check out Reach before the UNSC begins recolonization of it's fortress world, what prototypes and weapons you will find there...is mainly up to your imagination much of the technology left behind Survived the Covenant's glassing of the planet.)
[IF you need any information on halo you may ask me or consult Wikipedia.]
Personnel list:
1.Alexis-045 (Alessia) Spartan team leader.-Kursed
2.Ruby-046(Ruby Raibyde)Spartan team Sniper. -Kursed
3.Tala-048(Tala Raibyde)Spartan team Sniper.-Kursed
4.Serena(Serena)Spartan Team Smart AI.-Kursed

Random Screenshot Thread
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A place You NEVER want to be.
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[ti]SW[/ti]Waffle's Reviews
(if you can find a vide of that one wher you us the rc car to hit the alien in the shin pm me it or something :P

Prophet: The Ties That Bind
Kursed's eyes glanced over the devises..."What is this She asked slowly begin to grab it, having doubts about this object..

The Cornerian Bar on Galaxies
"You sure about that?" Ruby Raibyde, the black she-wolf asked

(Private) Anne's Celebration
Ruby and Tala were in the back of the room whispering something to each other before the two ran off into the hallway.

(Private) Anne's Celebration
"Wolf got your tongue, Scott? Or is that a She-vixen?" Alex asked with a giggle wondering where Anne was, she started to look around the room her green eyes not spotting Anne.

(Private) Anne's Celebration
Alessia continued to stare at Scott with a smirk appearing on her muzzle."You've got a lot of problems with girls, Scott." She laughed, tail swishing playfully behind her. "You know I think even Na-sheen left you a few gifts."

(Private) Anne's Celebration
"Surre." Alex teased turning her head away from Ris and to Scott.

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