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Random Screenshot Thread
honestly looks a little ugly as far as the playermodels

Random Screenshot Thread
it's alright...

The Kursed Chronicles:Rivals.
Chapter1: The Mission of Betrayal.

Titania a desert planet of dry sand, Scorching sunlight and the second largest starport in Lylat Mos Lilac, named after the odd flower shape of the Docking bays from the skies. Also the home of the 'Hutt Cartel' a criminal gang made up of species of slug who smuggle many illegal items to other systems beyond Lylat and even within Lylat. These Crimelords also had other illegal things which sadly weren't even considered illegal due to the fact that The Hutts mostly lived Far from the major cites in their palaces at least the successful ones who had other people to do their smuggling.

The story begins in Orbit of Titania.

A odd Ship soon lands in one of the docking bays it's pilot the infamous Kursed nearbye in another docking bay..."Serena misson breifing again." Grumbled the blue bounty hunter a hologram of a white vixen coming up on the Bounty hunters Pda which she held. "Your mission Objectives are to stop a certain smuggler however his wearabouts as of now are unknown....are you sure this is it Kursed something is not right."

"These are the objectives I don't see why." KUrsed replied to Serena her only friend now even if she was just a Artificial program.

The Great Secession
(Why do they have to go Rouge?)

The Great Secession

The Great Secession
i'm confuzed what's going on?

Random Screenshot Thread
so that's what you were freaking out over?

*sings Jigglypuff song* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBFbe7UEqkE

The Great Secession
Sep 4 2010, 03:19 AM
Heh heh, nicely done. *Gives stamp of approval*
*steals evilwaffle stamp and Stamps his forehead k:P

The Great Secession