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Adult Swim shows you hate
Jan 31 2012, 12:33 AM
The Oblongs appear on AS, I just seen it not a week ago >.>;;
Yeah, but they're all re-runs of Season 1. I heard they might try to make a Season 2, with Will Farrell, Billy West, Jean Smart, and the like, but it doesn't seem too likely. A shame, since that was a great show.

Julius Quasar's FC's
Name- Übervixen (Couldn't get the Oomlats over the "U") aka Angela Reginhard

Age- Mid '20s or so

Height- 5'11"

Weight-None of your business

Eye color- Blue

Alignment- She is good, works alone generally, but she will help anyone, who is good, in need

Sex- Female

Species- Anthro Red Vixen

Fur Color- Red, with orange trim. She has medium length red hair, in a hairstyle similar to that of Kitty Pryde's

Personality- Ubervixen is a brave and kind-hearted heroine with a strong sense of justice, morality and righteousness. She is stoic, morally upright, a strict teetotaler to maintain her physical fitness and mental acuity. Ubervixen possesses a strong sense of justice, along with profound senses of idealism and moral code of conduct. Her moral code is that she will help the innocent whenever they need it. She does not ignore a cry for help from the innocent. She kind of behaves like "Buzz Lightyear" in "Demo Mode", including the delusional demeanor.

What is your character like?- She has a strong, yet pleasant female voice. She unintentionally comes off a bit preachy, kind of like Adam West's "Batman" character from the old live action TV show. She is still feminine, but emotionally and mentally strong.

Appearance- Ubervixen is tall, lean, slightly muscular, very fit and well built. She is very beautiful, but she definitely conceals her face behind a mask to protect her secret identity. She wears long, tie wrap dresses, over her super heroine outfit. She sometimes wears a head scarf and shatterproof safety sunglasses as well. Her super heroine outfit consists of purple knee high, high heeled boots, white stockings, black, long sleeve leotards with a purple fox paw print on the front of them, purple elbow length gloves, a purple utility belt, a purple cape, usually hidden inside her tie wrap dress (which turns inside out to convert to a purple cape, regardless of the color of that dress) and a black hood and purple eye mask with darkened eye-holes (the cowl and mask are hidden in her headscarf).

(Inspired slightly by "Bluebird's outfit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bluebird_%28comics%29 )

Hometown- Corneria City

Bio- Ubervixen, real name Angela Reginhard, was born into a family of wealth and privilege. She grew up spoiled, wild, and reckless. In fact, she caused so much trouble, her parents cut her off, and left her destitute. Devastated, she turned to exotic dancing, and started trying to find rich males to seduce and trick into marrying her without a pre-nup. When that failed, due to her over-aggressive tactics, she fell into a deep depression, and attempted suicide. Ironically, all her attempts at suicide failed, but one day, when she was crossing with the crosswalk light, a city bus ran the red light and struck her. Miraculously, she wasn't killed, or even seriously hurt, but with the help of an "ambulance chasing lawyer", who took her case on contingency, she sued Corneria City and its MTA, and won a large settlement, even after the 50% settlement split with her lawyer, and taxes, she was able to wisely re-invest her money, and get a decent home.

From those days leading to her "success", Angela Reginhard decided to give back to society, after her experiences, and decided to help the innocent, and try to be good. She fight for justice, in her own way. None of that "community service volunteer work", or donating to charities, no, she wanted to give back in her own, unique way. She loved the comic book super heroines, and the vigilantes in her childhood, and always wanted to be one of them for real, and she decided that's how she would help society.

Family- The Reginhard family, a hard-nosed, wealthy socialite family who has disowned her, and she hates them.

Weapons- A barrier shield, a compact laser pistol, a psionic bullwhip, a lock-back folding knife

Vehicles- A modified version of Krystal's ship from Star Fox Adventures, it has advanced firepower, cloaking devices, ZVF capabilities, advanced radar, and superior shielding ability. It's faults are that it is slow (not as slow as "The Malestrom"), its computer and electronic systems can interfere with other ships computer and electronic systems, and vice-versa, plus its radar and alert systems are oversensitive, and give off false readings.

Other- Ubervixen is skilled in hand to hand combat, has some technological skills, she works out, and her secret identity is known only by Lola Foxglove, Madame Vulpine, and Krystal, who have sworn to protect her identity. She fears vigilante arrest from the police, whom she heavily mistrusts, and does not let the press talk to her, or take her pictures whenever she can help it. She is not vain, and doesn't sell-out, or do public or private event appearances. Sometimes she can be accident-prone, or clumsy, in a comically slapstick way (i.e. getting trapped in a broom closet when trying to change into her alter-ego), but she is still capable, adept, and competent, and can regain proper poise, grace, and dignity. She does not have any actual super powers.

Übervixen has a servant robot, A.L.F.R.E.D (Automated Loyal Fulfilling Routine Errands Droid) to aid her in her daily and special tasks.

(Special thanks to Kursed for helping me find the way to use the "Oomlats over the U in Übervixen")
(Type alt+u, then type U immediately after getting the umlaut to appear!)

Adult Swim shows you hate
I wish AS had kept The Oblongs, but no...The Oblongs are on WB now. xP

Adult Swim shows you hate
Fana McCloud
Jan 27 2012, 03:57 AM
It's actually easier to say which Adult Swim shows I like because it's a much shorter list:

Robot Chicken

Anime that aired on it at some point:

Cowboy Bebop
Outlaw Star
Death Note

I actually don't fault Adult Swim too badly for having a lot of crappy shows because it seems to be a testing ground for strange, less widely marketable ideas and that alone warrants its existence methinks, because without it some of the stuff I love dearly wouldn't exist. XD
Yeah, I agree on both the show list of "likes" you got there, and your statement. I just think AS needs to get a better set of lineups.

Diary of a Mad Furry
Dude, thank you so much, that was really awesome of you to say that. You made my day.

Thanks, dude! Thanks to all of you who listen, and help, even if it's just some kind words my way.


Sorry dude, but I'm done with that place. For good. Thanks, tho. But I really appreciate what you (crazyfooinc), Icy, Fluxy, ballisticwaffles, phenom64, FoxMcCloud, OWA92302, AJC3000fox, and anyone else who spoke well of me there said regrding me, and other members who are no longer there.

Also, I love rebel_gunman's "War Memorial" and "POW/MIA" style "You are not forgotten" tribute there.

Adult Swim shows you hate
Pvt. Skorpeon 945
Jan 25 2012, 06:47 PM
This is the guy who was forced to watch 17+ hours of PBS Kids until the age of fifteen, when we FINALLY got cable.

Oh wow, you poor guy! :O

Diary of a Mad Furry
I'm so pissed off. Stupid mom is driving me crazy, and stupid dad is being a real pain in the ass. I'm tired of my jackass Aunt always calling and bragging about how well her stocks are doing, we're broke, and she's getting rich off of money she embezzled, yet she's not in jail. Goddam I'm sick of my life. I'm really pissed about turning 30 next month. That's depressing as hell. Lately I've been feeling a lot like the Robocop 2 prototypes:

(Graphic violence and gore warning)


I hope to God this year isn't a repeat of last year, though it feels like it. I've been looking for jobs, but there's still nothing out there. It's seeming like 2011 all over again. I'm discouraged enough to want to just give up. I would, too, if it weren't for my friends here and in other places, online as well as live and in person.

"Carrot Juice Fusion" - STGOD
Seems cool, I might join in. ;)

Help! Poltergeists are moving the chairs around, while one of them sings!




Epic Video Game Endings
This thread is about epic video game endings, and their cinematic cut-scenes you enjoy most! Post them here!


Street Fighter 2 from SNES

(To get the credit scene with the awesome music, you gotta play this game at the highest level, no losses on your end).

Adult Swim shows you hate
Jan 18 2012, 09:39 PM
I hate:

Bleach - It's a poor Yu Yu Hakusho rip-off, except it takes out everything that made Yu Yu Hakusho fun, and makes it as long and drawn out as possible.

Squidbillies - Stupid. Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid.

Children's Hospital - Why do I feel like a pedophile when watching this?

Freaknik - See "Squidbillies".

Really, the only shows on Adult Swim I like are Robot Chicken, Boondocks, and some of the anime. And Superjail, if only to see what lines they'll cross this time.
I agree, especially with the shows that you like, I like those shows too.

Listen! If you buy a Sega Saturn before September 30th, you get....


Grand Theft Auto 5
Word has it, Rockstar Games is making Grand Theft Auto 5. That's right! According to a Gameinformer magazine I surreptitiously peeked into at my local Gamestop... ;P

...I saw an article talking about GTA5. It's a return to San Andreas, and especially Los Santos. There are Vineyards in No.Cal (Northern San Andreas, aka Flint County), there are lotsa homeless people in Los Santos, fewer, if any, Vinewood Mansions, there's a dude in the title putting a Foreclosed sign if front of his house.
You can fly fixed wing aircraft again. No details yet on the plot or characters just yet, but I heard there's a dog on the beach of Los Santos...

Sounds interesting!
Talk about it here in the thread. :D


Here's another one: (bad language and violence warning)


Adult Swim shows you hate
I like a few shows, but yeah, Adult Swim has got some issues. Robot Chicken is still pretty funny, IMO. AUPS 1 is sometimes good.

Adult Swim shows you hate
In this topic, we will talk about and list the Adult Swim network (part of Cartoon Network) shows that we hate.

I hate:

Delocated: Its whole premise is stupid, the episodes are pointless. It would've been better if it was animated, not a reality show parody, and they move to a new place every episode, fleeing the people who are after them.

China, Illinois: Crappy animation, awful characters (I especially hate "Babycakes")

Squidbillies: Terrible animation, boring episodes, crappy overall premise

Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Good Job: Boring, annoying, and NOT funny.

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law: Boring, pointless episodes.

The Brak Show: Annoying characters, boring.

Sealab 2021: Boring, weird, creepy

Assy McGee: Need I say more?

Children's Hospital: Stupid, boring...

The Drinky Crow Show: Crap animation, dumb characters, boring

Mongo Wrestling Alliance: Boring

Minoriteam: Boring, stupid, annoying

Freaknik:The Musical: Irritating, stupid

Home Movies: Crappy animation, annoying

For the record, there are some Adult Swim shows I like, even some that I love, but this thread is about the ones we hate. xD

Diary of a Mad Furry
Last weekend, around like, Saturday, or so, I beat my newly acquired "Haunting Ground" video game for my PS2. I saw the main ending (best one)

I found out how to see the other endings:

To get the 2nd one, you have to kill Debilatis in the chandelier room. For the 3rd, in your second playthrough you have to spare Debilitas and talk to him in his hut afterwards. He'll give you a key. Use it to go through the locked door in the bathroom and you'll find another key to the main gate. Use it to escape. For the fourth you have to be really mean to Hewie so that he won't come save you after Riccardo gets you from the Chaos Forest (page 14 of the comment section for the youtube video).


The 1st/Main ending is great, the 2nd ending, meh, the 3rd one is hilarious...but the fourth ending blows.

Diary of a Mad Furry
I've been addicted to my newly acquired PS2 video game, "Haunting Ground". Lost a day playing it, beat the first level, but I'm lost on the second level, Daniella chased me up the stairs, then I went into a part of the castle where the water flooded and blocked the door, I can't go forward or back, I'm in the castle green house, and the weird room with the giant stuffed mastodon head on the wall, and the mummy woman in the room on the old couch. I don't know how to light the lamp on the statue.


Solved the problem. Now I'm taking a break from that game. Giving me a bit of a headache.

Building a PC
Jan 11 2012, 05:55 AM
More than likely I'll be using it for gaming, HD video editing, and general purpose applications. It would be incredibly helpful; trying to render a large file in Sony Vegas 9 Pro using my current laptop (with onboard graphics and an Intel Core i3 processor) is like pulling teeth with a golf-cart. :lol:

Oh, I see. Thanks.

Also, here's one more:



Building a PC
Jan 10 2012, 07:35 PM
Now, I commend you for building your own custom computer, that's awesome. I personally have been spoiled by Apple Mac. "Once you go Mac, you'll never go back." So true.

Oh no.... They got another!

We are the ultimate existence! You cannot resist us! You will join us!

So, uh, crazyfoo, regarding your computer, do you use it more for web-surfing, gaming, work, or for, like, graphic design? Or making websites? Or, like most people, is it for multi-purpose use? Just curious.

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