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Official "Funny Video" Topic

Good News, Everyone!
Oct 29 2010, 08:01 PM
Hm. Why haven't you posted there yet? Waiting for someone else?
Just posted there now.

Back on topic,

"Diary of a Wimpy Kid" is coming out with a new book this November.

Good News, Everyone!
Oct 29 2010, 01:55 PM
Hey, maybe it'll give you more ideas for the SAW RP on here! :t:P:
You know it!

Good News, Everyone!
Sorry for the DP, but I just saw the movie SAW 3D, and it was AWESOME! :t:D:

The Great Secession
Thanks dude! I'm working on the last few chapters (in my mind).

What's your favorite pizza place?
I like this local chain, "The Pizza Company", the guy owns a dozen of them here in the valley, and they're all EXCELLENT!

Fara Phoenix, Miyu Lynx, and Fay Spaniel
It's awesome, I love it!

Fara Phoenix, Miyu Lynx, and Fay Spaniel
Oh, yeah, Miyu is a Lynx, huh? Oh well, I'm sure OWA made a slight boo-boo there.

Family or Friends?
Oct 27 2010, 05:54 PM
Updated. I know many haven't been reading it, but I could care less. Part one of Chapter 15 is up. Hit the link in the first post to go see it. =]
I just read it...Not bad! sorry I fell behind reading your story!

Good News, Everyone!
Akasha now lets me pet her more often!

Fara Phoenix, Miyu Lynx, and Fay Spaniel
^ SWEET! :love:

Fara Phoenix, Miyu Lynx, and Fay Spaniel
I agree with you guys. I'd love to see them in the next game.

The Great Secession
Chapter 18

I was still in my wheelchair, at Fay's insistence. I wheeled myself aboard the Galatae, my gear bag in my lap, as I followed the others. My new Arwing 2 had been loaded aboard, as was everyone else's personal craft, and the Galatae made its way to Sauria. As we traveled there, I tried to practice walking without my wheelchair. I always noticed how Fara cringed whenever she saw me in the wheelchair. Fox explained to me why that was..."Years ago, her original Arwing got shot down by that ass**** in the Attack Carrier, and although she survived, she was confined to a wheelchair. The doctors said she would never walk again, but she did. It was truly a miracle. she almost stopped being a pilot, but then she decided to face her old fears, believing she would become even stronger than she was when she forced herself to walk again, and she was right. Though it's still a...'knee jerk reaction' for her to cringe at the sight of someone in a wheelchair...it's nothing personal. Besides, she knows...we all know...you'll be up and walking again soon." Fox said reassuringly to me.

"Thanks, Fox!" I said gratefully.

As we approached Sauria, I was disappointed that I still couldn't walk. "Don't push yourself, Julius, you need to recover!" warned Fay. I sighed. We landed, and got out of the Galatae...


We were in the Walled City. The Earthwalker Tribe, the Cloudrunner Tribe, all the tribes were there, even the Sharpclaw and Redeye Tribes were there. My team and I approached them. General Scales saw me in the wheelchair, and whispered something to Bribeclaw and the Redeye King, and they laughed. I flipped them the middle finger. Tricky and his parents were there, as Tricky came forward, he said "Guys! Great to see you again!" in his loud voice. "Hi Tricky!" we said. "Good to see this place, and you, again!" I said. Tricky saw my wheelchair. "Julius! What the hell happened to you!?" he asked. Those CDF bastards happened to me....they shot me down, I crashed, but I'll be able to walk soon.

"So you can fly that Arwing again, and get shot down, no less.." said General Scales, and then I heard the laughter of the Redeye and Sharpclaw Tribes. "SHUT UP!!" came all the voices of the other tribes, my teammates, and I all at once, drowning out the Sharpclaw and Redeye Tribe's laughter. "Take it easy, we were only joking!" said the Redeye King, his voice and accent sounded VERY upper class, like that guy on Mastrpiece Theater. "You can talk!?" Fox said, his eyes wide with shock. "Yes, of course I can...what, you thought all I could say was RRRRAAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGGHHH!...!?" The Redeye King let out his trademark roar.

He saw some of us, including some of the Saurians, shaking.

"Right...sorry, I couldn't resist." he said, smiling at us. "We need to move! It's no doubt you all received my message, and you know that we're in danger! The Lylat Federation and Corneria are, ah, undergoing new changes, not for the better, unfortunately...they might try to gain a foothold by attacking Sauria. We can't let that happen, so we're here to help you all have a fighting chance, but you must work together, and with us, to repel the invasion of the CDF. Whatever differences you have with the other tribes, you need to put them aside. This is all our fight!" said Krystal. I thought of that scene from Braveheart, when Mel Gibson's character gave that famous speech of his right before that huge battle...that's what Krystal's pep talk to the Saurians reminded me of.

The Saurians cheered in agreement.

"Let's set things up for the battle! We need to work and repel the attack! We got limited time to prepare, so let's move!" said Falco. As the tribes got ready, Fox approached me. "Julius....I'm sorry to say this, but...you may need to sit this one out, sorry, that was...not meant to have any pun to it." Fox said, realizing his poor choice of words. "But...but I...can't I at least fly!?" I asked him. "No Julius, you need to take it easy...come on up to the Bridge of the Galatae, and stay with me...I'm going to fly the Galatae and use it to shoot down the enemy battleships." said Tigress. "Ahh, man....okay, fine." I said. "Hey, we know you want to help, it's okay! You'd help us if you could." said Katt. The others nodded. "We sure don't think any lesser of you for not participating in this battle, Julius!" said the Queen Cloudrunner. "That's true...it stinks to be left out of a battle..." General Scales approached us. He turned to me. "Too bad you can't join in this...you're missing a lot of fun...you want to wear my helmet?" he teased me.

His Sharpclaw minions and the Redeye tribe laughed again, and I replied with "How's that hook hand of yours doing?" and the Sharpclaw and Redeye Tribes, along with the other Saurians nearby, and my teammates, all fell to the ground, laughing at my joke. General Scales glowered at them, then at me...."Oh, very funny..." he said Sarcastically, and he stomped off. I followed Tigress and some of my teammates aboard the Galatae, Falco, Akasha, Katt, Todd, Misty, Lola, Madame Vulpine, and Conrad were going to fly their ships out of the hangar, and either defend the Galatae, or defend Sauria's airspace. They would deploy on Tigress' orders.


Hours later, we had everything and everyone in place. I sat on the Bridge, as the others either sta in their space craft, or were on the surface of Sauria. Tigress sat with me on the Bridge. "Here they come!" she said, as 6 Cornerian Battleships approached us. Tigress fired the Galatae's weapons. Sure enough, 2 Cornerian Ships exploded in flames, and metal wreckage. The ships fired back, but the Galatae' shields deflected the shots. Missiles were launched, from the Galatae, and from the enemy ships. The enemy ship's missiles swarmed uselessly around the Galatae and ran into each other, exploding. Tigress' missiles blasted 3 enemy battleships, after several drop chambers poured out of the bottoms of the remaining Cornerian Battleships, and several more fighters launched from the fronts of those ships.

"Damn! They've launched enemy ground troops and enemy fighters! All pilots deploy!" said Tigress. Katt, Misty, Madame Vulpine, and Todd headed for the air space of Sauria, while Misty, Lola, Akasha, Falco, and Conrad defended Sauria's inner space. The last Cornerian Battleship attempted to flee, only to get blasted to debris by the Galatae. As Misty, Lola, Akasha, Falco, and Conrad battled with the CDF fighters, Tigress picked them off with the Galatae's weaponry, taking out groups of fighters with just singles blasts. Only a few CDF fighters remained, and they fled for the surface, realizing that this was part of our plan all along.

Tigress got up, and said to me "Stay here, Julius! I'm going after them!" and she left the bridge. I could see the action unfolding on the surface and in the skies of Sauria. Misty had her ship in walking mode, as did Kylie, and Akasha. They were aiding the Tribes, as the Earthwalkers breathed fire on squads of CDF goons. The Redeye King trampled and scattered more CDF ground troops, as Misty blasted the four CDF tanks that were trying to ambush our ground forces.

The Thorntail used their tails to crush enemy commandos, and the Snowhorn moved in phalanx formations, marshaled by Graunda Te, who effectively directed his tribe against the enemy. The Hi Top tribe stomped on some more CDF tanks, and the Sharpclaw held their own, as the Redeye had the remaining CDF soldiers on the run, into canyons and valleys. Meanwhile, our air defenses, consisting of a combined force of our pilots, and the Cloudrunners, with the Litefoot Tribe riding their backs, tangled with the CDF bombers and the CDF fighters. The Litefoot soldiers rode o the Cloudrunner, and the Clourunners would fly at low speed, under a CDF Fighter, and then the Litefoot soldier would use his spear to stab the fuel line, where Slippy had taught them where to stab, and the CDF fighters that had fallen victim to that would run out of fuel, crash, and then be left at the mercy of our ground forces.

I wanted to help. I wheeled towards the Bridge exit, and when I tried to open the door, the control wouldn't respond. "Tigress told you to stay here, Julius." said Serena. "I gotta go to the bathroom." I said. "Nice try, Julius...stay put." said Serena, giggling. I groaned, and went back to where I was watching the battle on the monitor. The last of the CDF air force had been defeated and, after hours of conflict, the last of the CDF Ground Forces were either killed or captured. The Saurians celebrated, cheered...my teammates cheered as well. Even I said "YESSS!!!". I felt a pain in my back, and said "Ow!", but I was still relieved to see that we had won.


We were heading back, now. We had repelled the CDF attack, and Sauria now had time to solidify its defensive positions. Soon we would plan a surprise attack on Corneria, and defeat our enemies once and for all. The team would have stayed and celebrated with the Saurians, but even the Sauians had limited time to celebrate. They had to get ready for any new invasions. We had to prepare. I was glad to see all my teammates back, alive and safe. They felt sorry that I couldn't join in, but they appreciated the fact I had even tried to go to my Arwing and join, despite Tigress' orders, and the fact that Serena stopped me, they found hilarious. "I promise to let you join in the next battle, Julius!" said Fox. "By then you should be better, but don't forget to continue your rehabilitative exercises...speaking of which, let's head down to the gym now...." said Fay.

*that's it for this chapter*

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Fara Phoenix, Miyu Lynx, and Fay Spaniel
Well, we all somewhat remember Star Fox 2, the Star Fox game that never saw the light of day in 1995 (with SF 64 coming out in 1996, they didn't want SF 2 stealing SF 64's thunder). Yes there are copies of SF 2, but meh...

Anyways, we're here to discuss the missing ladies from that game, Miyu Lynx and Fay Spaniel, along with the one missing lady from the comics, Fara Phoenix.

Miyu Lynx: A tomboy, and a mechanic. She blows a kiss, despite being tomboyish. Still cool IMO.

Fay Spaniel: A [former] CDF medic, she is more feminine, and she is a poodle, despite her last name. She gives the thumbs up, like a dude does, despite being feminine. Still cool as well.

Fara Phoenix: A fennic, test pilot, trust fund girl, and a bit immature. She worked as a test pilot for a while, had her own customized black Arwing, and was shot down by the attack carrier in the comics. Some say she dies, others say she was put in suspended animation until she healed, and some say she was left permanently paralyzed, or temporarily paralyzed, but recovered, and decided to "retire" from the piloting gig. She hasn't been seen outside the comics...she should date Bill Grey, if she gets into the games.

Star Fox 64
In this thread, we're generally here to talk about SF 64

I've played it once or twice, great game. I'm gonna get it for Wii virtual console. The game was a comprehensive, somewhat remake of the original. I didn't like certain elements of it (awkward play control) but I loved other parts of it. I like the Macbeth mission, especially making the train go down the wrong track and blow up the supply depot. It's funny how Wolf O' Donnell has an eye patch, despite being a pilot..."Let me introduce you to a friend of mine....his name is depth perception!" That's probably why he has a bionic eye implant in SF Assault.

I like how you can see the Wolfen 2 if you do good in the game...

There re some great levels, but the music could've used some improvement.

The Birthday Topic
Happy Belated Birthday (for here) Kursed!

The Great Secession
^ Thanks dude! I'll work on more chapter(s) ASAP!

Good News, Everyone!
Astaroth's Descent
Oct 24 2010, 06:01 PM
I quit Starfox-Online and I am now focusing on better things. Maybe the site can grow up a bit more.

Can't say I blame ya'!

I'm staying out of there, taking a sabbatical. I may just permanently delete my account there too.

Ade Due Damballa. Give me the power, I beg of you. Leveau mercier du bois chaloitte. Secoise entienne mais pois de morte. Morteisma lieu de vocuier de mieu vochette. Endelieu pour du boisette damballa!

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