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Today, I picked up Akasha's ashes. I left the house around 1:30, and I was home in 54 minutes. I got the call from the Humane Society at noon, to pick her up anytime today. She's home now. Rest In Peace, Akasha.

Julius Quasar's FC's
Yup! Great job! Yeah, I love creating fan characters...especially for Star Fox

Corneria College
Oct 30 2012, 08:19 PM
"Wow... you have really beautiful eyes Angela",Zackary commented as his eyes met her's, slightly blushing under his fur.

(Wow does every one spell Zackary with an h? XD)
(my bad)

"Thank you, Zackary..." said Übervixen/Angela Reginhard. "So...what classes are you taking here?" she asked him.

Disney Acquires Lucasfilm - Star Wars Episode 7 set for 2015(?)
Here's the info:


Special thanks to Icy for posting this originally at SF-O

My opinion of Disney acquiring Lucasfilm:


The HUB TV Network
Let's talk about the Hub TV Network. Great network, good shows, BUT...

I don't like the way they moved Dan Vs. to early afternoon out here in Cali time.

My favorite shows are:

R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour
Dan Vs.
Transformers: Prime

I love the fact they play old TV shows, like:

JEM and The Holograms
Batman: The Animated Series
original live action Batman

Feel free to talk about the Hub TV network.

Diary of a Mad Furry
Ugh, it's been a stressful and lousy past two weeks or so. My cat Akasha died , and my mom has been a real stupid b!tch, even before that. She's so stupid, taking all her anger out on me for no good reason. I'm really stressed out and unhappy, I thought I would have that job by now. I passed the sheriff's exam, studied, worked so hard, just to be told "hiring freeze". Really? You just arbitrarily and capriciously block everyone who worked so hard and waited in line for these jobs, just to tell them "Go to Hell"? I'm beginning to hate this country....

The under sheriff of L.A. County has this typist, and she let her son in as an unarmed security officer (as opposed to armed like I'm trying to become), and he went through no paperwork or background checks, and has a violent and criminal history, but because "mommy" works for the under sheriff, he gets in just like that. I wish I could sue for violation of my due process rights under the 14th amendment...I wish all of us applicants could file a class action lawsuit. We played your stupid little game, we jumped through all the hoops, and went through your jungle of bureaucratic red tape vines, and you leave us to sit on the fence while you make up your puny little minds about who to hire. I have a clean financial and clean criminal record, and I'm qualified, but some member of a"Protected" group of racial minority, or someone's son or nephew, will get priority over me to carry a loaded gun and protect people and County Property, even without any background checks.

This is why people hate this country. "Land of Opportunity" my ass.

I want to get that job, buy this old P.O.S. house in my neighborhood for $70,000, have that house fixed up (it's only 1 bed, 1 bath, 434 square feet on a .04 acre lot), but apparently, even that is too much to ask. My friends who went to college, and to grad school for some of them, are all jobless, hopelessly in debt, and broke. They can't get hired. I should pretend to be a high school dropout, convicted felon, maybe even an illegal immigrant, maybe then I will have a job.

Corneria College
(Oh cool)

"That's okay, accidents happen. As long as we're both all right, that's what matters." Übervixen took off her sunglasses, her pretty blue eyes meeting Zachary's. "I'm Angela Reginhard." she said, shaking hands with him.

RyDer's Rant Page


Well, Ryder, good to have you....back.

The Fur-sonal Touch (V) (G)
Chapter 3

I sat in the rec room, watching TV with Misty. Todd and Lola secured our home, and came back here. "No sign of psycho kitty." said Todd. Akasha, Silas, Conrad, and Slippy hacked into the main frame of Monsteroso Corp. "HA! I knew we could break into this piece of crap piss-ant system." Silas bragged. "I have better security on my pocket computer!" said Slippy. "It's the equivalent of using a wad of gum to secure a lock hasp." said Conrad. "To us it's easy, anyway. But someone without our skills couldn't do it." said Akasha.

The stuff came pouring in.

"What the hell is this....'Project: Fursonal Touch'?" asked Silas. We saw a human anatomy, and several dog, cat, fox, rabbit, and other furry animals' anatomies on the screen. "This looks like...a genetic engineering experiment to...COMBINE HUMAN AND FURRY ANIMAL DNA!" said Akasha, in shock. "Wouldn't they want to kidnap Julius and experiment on him, rather than to kill him?" asked Todd, butting in.

"No, Todd. This is for creating these beings from scratch. They are trying to use human DNA samples, furred animal DNA samples, spliced and modified to superiority. They are trying to use these tactics along with Willow's genetic makeup as building blocks and a blueprint to make more like her, but that's not how she was created. The Monsteroso Corp. is trying to use the human with furred animal gene splicing and modification as a shortcut. But I doubt it would work. That's not how Willow was made. I'm surprised whoever made Willow actually pulled it off. A genetically superior Lylatian...amazing!" said Conrad. "I found their lab facilities where this....outrage...this abomination, is taking place!!!" said Akasha.

"WHERE!?" asked the rest of us.

"Planet Kew..." Akasha said, showing us her computer screen.

The computer hacking team copied all the info, and saved it to flash drives, and more. "We need to show this to the CDF!" said Fox, after I went and got him, and showed him this stuff. Naturally, the rest of the team followed, joining us and learning what I had learned earlier. "We need to take out that facility!" said Pal. "What about Willow! Also, this seemed a little too easy for you guys to pull off like that...how do we know this isn't a trap!?" asked Edge. "I agree. You guys are great at hacking, but why would Monsteroso even leave it on an accessible network computer, instead of those...you know, one of those things where the computer is plugged in for power but not for inter-communication?" said Falco.

"Stand Alone!" Silas, Conrad, Akasha, Slippy, and I said at the same time.

"It most likely is a trap...we need to be able to take them down without endangering ourselves!" said Tigress. "How?" asked Fay. "We use a distraction of our own. I doubt the CDF will want to help us in destroying the lab, since it's technically out of their jurisdiction. But I know who might..." Lola replied. She got on the comm, and within minutes, a red vixen arrived. "This looks like a job for...ÜBERVIXEN!" she said.

This beautiful vixen wore purple knee high, high heeled boots, white stockings, black, long sleeve leotards with a purple fox paw print on the front of them, purple elbow length gloves, a purple utility belt, a purple cape, and a black hood and purple eye mask with darkened eye-holes.

"Julius, Übervixen, Übervixen, Julius!" Misty introduced us.

"Hi?" I said, confused. "Hello, citizen! I hear you're in trouble, regarding an assassin! Fear not! I shall aid in your quest to defeat her and those who hired her!" said the vixen super-heroine. "Thanks!" I said. "No problem!" said Übervixen. She headed off with Fox to talk about the mission, and when she did, I pulled Misty aside gently. "She really thinks she's a super heroine!?" I asked Misty. "She knows she's a super-heroine!" giggled Misty. Misty explained to me all about Übervixen, and who she was, and why she did what she did. Misty didn't tell me Übervixen's true identity, and I decided to leave the mystery alone for now.

*that's it for this chapter*

RyDer's Rant Page
Who are you?

Corneria College
Oct 28 2012, 09:26 AM
Zack continued on through the halls and bumped in to Vixen by accident.
(Hey FurryFilm, do you mean Übervixen? Nice avatar, btw!)

"Oops! Excuse me there, citizen!" said Übervixen.

Julius Quasar's FC's
Yup! Modeled him after Biff Tannen.

[ti]SF[/ti]Check these out
Oh man, those are so awesome! I am soooo jealous!

RyDer's Rant Page
Wait...you're not Skorpeon? :eek:

Ponies beyond this point

The Fur-sonal Touch (V) (G)
Chapter 2

After the team assembled, and Madame Vulpine showed them what she had earlier shown to me, we began talking. "I don't like the looks of it. Monsteroso has pulled some Andross-style crap in the past, but I think now that everyone has their guard down, they're gonna make a huge move!" said Falco.

"Who was that weird cat assassin?" asked Katt. Conrad was already at his tiny laptop, projecting via a wireless signal to the large screen in the war room. "Here!" he said. We saw the picture image Ragdoll Cat on the screen, with "CLASSIFIED" in red letters from the bottom left to the top right corner, cross the whole the file bio.

Name- Willow

Age- Unknown

Height- 6'3"

Weight- ???

Eye color- Blue

Alignment- For Hire

Sex- Female

Species- Genetically Advanced, modified Ragdoll Cat

Fur Color- Fair Fur, typical that of a Ragdoll Cat

Personality- Speaks in a heavy teutonophone, Willow is a cold, calculating assassin. Willow has a dark and sadistic personality. She is detached from suffering, and haunted by only one thing: her own mortality. Willow is able to blend into the background like a chameleon to carry out covert operations. She has a "Hannibal-Lector" type of intelligence and personality, though she is not a cannibal.

Attire- blue tights, black sleeveless leotards, black urban assault police style vest, black high-heeled boots, blue fingerless combat gloves, black trench coat.

Appearance- Willow is the picture of perfect health, fitness, and beauty. She was genetically engineered to be physically flawless.

Hometown- N/A

Bio- "Willow" (aka "Project: Summum Cattus") was created in a secret illegal genetic engineering lab by persons unknown. She was bred and raised as a superior specimen, and a killer assassin. Genetically perfect, and near flawless, she rose above the boundaries placed upon her, and killed her handlers, resulting in her escape, and the closure of the lab and facilities where she was born and raised. Willow works for herself, as an assassin for hire, for anyone who pays her.

Family- None.

Weapons- Combat knife, 2 RFID Bombs with long range remote, carbine automatic hyper laser rifle.

Vehicles- A modified version of Andross' "Great Commander" battleship.

Other- Willow possesses advanced capabilities superior to that of any typical anthro or human. She is skilled in martial arts, covert ops, hand to hand and weapons combat, sabotage, espionage, guerrilla warfare, and assassinations. Her advanced mental and physical capacity makes her a force to be reckoned with.


We stared at her bio. "I didn't think it was possible, but she does exist." said Conrad. "Did Monsteroso Corp. create her?" asked Slippy. "They wish! Nobody knows who made her, and it's impossible to determine who made her, and when." said Conrad, still staring at the bio, eyes wide with fear. Madame Vulpine patted him reassuringly.

"These guys mean business, hiring someone like that. Looks like Julius is in real trouble!" said Todd. "Remember what Madame Vulpine's vision said, they were hiring Willow to distract us from their secret project, whatever it may be. We need to focus on that more, but keep an eye out for Willow." said Fox.

"I know I'll take crap for this, but maybe we could use Julius as bait for Willow? She is targeting him, after all, and it would distract her long enough for us to infiltrate Monsteroso Corp." said Edge. Everyone else except for me, gasped. "Edge, Fox, you...can't possible do that to Julius!?" said Krystal.

"I doubt it would work. If anything, Willow will expect that of us." said Fara. "Yeah, and Willow will be paid extra for killing us, you know she won't resist." said Fay. "She may have a trap planned for all of us, or just for Julius." said Miyu. "I think making Julius risk his life like that isn't fair to him!" Misty said in my defense.

"She's probably sizing us ALL up, learning, learning of our strengths and weaknesses." said Babs. "She might even try to separate Julius from the rest of us, make him vulnerable." warned Lola. "She might try to break us all up, make us weaker that way." warned Krystal.

"Whatever she does, we need to figure it out...if anything, we need to plan and keep HER guessing." said Akasha. "We also need to stay one or more steps ahead of her." suggested Kylie. "You think she'll come to us, or have us come to her?" asked Silas.

"Either way, she's never gonna survive an encounter with someone like ME!" Tigress bragged, flexing her muscles. "Should we tell Peppy, or General Pepper about this?" asked Pal. "Yes...I'll contact them." said Fox.

"If we take out Monsteroso Corp., or at least their secret project, then that will limit Willow's options for us." said Tigress. "The best thing to do would be to gather as much information as we can, on Willow and the secret project. Though it's risky, I will work with Krystal and with Kylie, to probe the minds of the Monsteroso Corp. executives and Willow. Akasha, Silas, Slippy, and Conrad should work to hack their computers, perhaps they may learn SOMETHING of the company and its secret project." said Madame Vulpine.

"What about Julius?" asked Misty.

"Julius stays out of sight, and inside for a while. It's too risky for him." said Fox. "But Fox-!" I protested, but Tigress put her paw over my mouth. "Listen to Fox, Julius!" she said. "Yes, listen to me Julius. You are NOT to put yourself in harm's way. You will stay here at the base, as will Misty. It's for your own good." Fox said.

He turned to everyone else. "Let's get to work, everyone! Todd, Lola, inspect and secure Julius' and Misty's residence, and come directly back here. Akasha, Silas, Conrad, and Slippy, you work to hack Monsteroso Corp. and its computer network. Krystal, Madame Vulpine, and Kylie, you conduct your psychic readings to probe the minds of Willow and those executives! The rest of you work to secure McCloud Ranch, and practice your combat and flying skills." he said.

Everyone, including I, did as we were all told to do.

*that's it for this chapter*

Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement. I'm going to miss Akasha....and Belinda. 5 years since I lost her, and then I lose Akasha almost on the same day 5 years ago.

Sorry to double post like that.

RyDer's Rant Page
Sorry, not too familiar with those new fangled games.


I understand now. I didn't mean to snap at you.

I'm sorry about your friend. Today is 5 days since my last outing with Belinda, a girl I met and dated, before she died November 12, 2007. I haven't seen her in 5 years. I know how you feel.

Thanks guys.

Red, to answer your question, Akasha had a stroke, there would have been nothing the vet could do for her. She was going to die anyway after that, but we thought we'd let her die in hospice, in the warm comfortable bed and house that she loved. We did bring her remains to the humane society local HQ, and they will cremate her and we will pick up her ashes in 6 days.

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