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On Shaky Wings
Chapter 6

Misty flew my Arwing, as I rode in the cargo compartment. I didn't like it, being claustrophobic and all, but I didn't want Misty to have to fly in there. "You okay in there Julius?" Misty asked over the communicator I had on my wrist. "No! I farted in here and it's trapped with me!" I complained. Misty giggled. "We're almost there, hang on." she said.

Soon after, we landed on planet Fortuna. We found a deserted resort and hotel near a beautiful lake outside of the jungles. After Misty landed, she let me out, and we sneaked around the side of the resort. "It's there!" Misty whispered, pointing to the Dart Shot spacecraft. "Great job Misty! Listen, this guy is supposed to be dangerous, and has a lot of weapons....I'll steal the craft, and you get back to the Arwing and fly out of here." I said.

"No! I'll stay and cover you from a distance...I can't let you risk your life like that." Misty said. "Awww, thank you!" I said, kissing her. "Sure, I..." Misty was interrupted by three voices..."OW! Get off of my tail you moron!" Leon snarled. "Stop shoving you hogs!" Panther said. "SHUT UP!" Wolf growled. Misty giggled, and I snickered.

But then Misty gasped and grabbed my arms "They're after OUR ship!" Misty said quietly and frantically. We looked around the horseshoe-shaped main courtyard of the resort, and saw the Dart Shot ship parked there in the heart of it. Through the wall of glass windows looking out onto the courtyard, we saw a mean looking Wolverine, sitting on the couch watching TV, his eyes switching between the big screen TV console and the Dart Shot ship in the courtyard. A large, nasty looking hyper laser assault rifle leaned against the couch. But there was no sign of Star Wolf! I looked at where I thought Star Wolf might hide. On the opposite tip of the horseshoe from where we were hiding, both Misty and I saw a large group of overgrown ferns and bushes shaking gently. "I have an idea....it won't be pretty, but it's the best I can come up with at the moment." I said softly. I whispered my plan to her, and she nodded in agreement.

I headed around the side of the hotel, towards the place where I thought I heard the voices of Star Wolf. I peeked through the overgrown plants, and I heard whispering. I saw three shadows in the plants. I saw one of them move. "I'll get the Dart Shot, you guys send my Wolfen back to the base on Auto Pilot." Panther said. "I should fly it, I'm the better pilot!" said Leon, his voice rising with indignity.

"Not this garbage again! Listen, we already decided that...." as Wolf spoke, I sneaked up on them, and went "WOOO-BOO-BOO-BOO-BOO-BOO-BOO-BOO-BOO-BOO-BOO-BOO-BOO!", letting out a loud war whoop. "AAAAAAHHHH!" All three of the shadows jumped about a mile in the air. Star Wolf emerged from the ferns, mad as hornets. "JULIUS!" they said angrily. "You idiot! You wanna alert the psycho that lives here!?" said Leon.

"Well that, and I wanted to distract you three morons long enough so that 'my lovely assistant Misty' can steal the spacecraft that you dickheads are trying to repossess!" I said. "WHHHHAAAAAT!?" Wolf, Leon, and Panther replied. The Dart Shot was heard starting up, and it flew away. Star Wolf turned around and looked through the ferns. "NOOOO!" They turned around, and Wolf said "We'll get you for this Jul..." but I was already gone. I ran for my Arwing as fast as I could.

The double doors next to where I had stood flew open, and the Wolverine, now up from the couch, started firing his hyper laser rifle at me. Star Wolf tried to tiptoe away while the Wolverine had his back to them as he fired at me. One of them stepped on a twig and snapped it. Big mistake! The Wolverine turned around and shouted "A-ha!". He then shot at Star Wolf as THEY tried to escape. I made it to my Arwing, and got in. I flew away.

"Misty, I got away! You all right?" I said over the ship's communication channel. No reply. "You there?" I asked. "Yes we are! And you're gonna pay!" said Wolf. "If we can't have that Dart Shot, then we'll at least have the satisfaction in torturing you!" Leon said, with a coughing-like laughter. "This is going to be some sweeter-than-sweet revenge!" Panther purred.

Uh oh!

The three of them attacked, and I fought back the best that I could. I barrel rolled, looped, and avoided their bomb attacks. "You're gonna die!" Wolf shouted. "Where's your girlfriend!?" Panther taunted. "I'm gonna rip off your legs, tie them to my legs, and kick what's left of your ass with your OWN FEET!" Leon said with ghoulish glee.

I damaged their ships, but they were doing more than their fair share of damage to me as well. I managed to take down Leon, who was REALLY upset. "Me!? ME!?" Leon said. I fired a bomb at Panther, missed, and fired a stream of shots across his canopy. He got away! Wolf had me in his sights, and was constantly on my tail, taking shot after shot.

As I was almost out of shield energy, a stream of laser fire tore across Wolf's path, as he pursued me. The Dart Shot came from above, and took out Wolf. Panther appeared behind the Dart Shot, charging his lasers to fire, but I let loose a stream of fire into the belly of his Wolfen, allowing Misty to loop, and finish him off.

Misty and I flew together now, side by side. "Thanks, babe!" I said to her. "My pleasure, Julius!" she said. We flew back to Corneria....

*that's it for this chapter*

On Shaky Wings
Chapter 5

"Julius, brace yourself!" Misty said, running into the room then next day. I was in the study, going over the finances, which were looking grim at the moment. We were losing more money than we were gaining in this whole "Spacecraft Repo" venture.

"What's going on?" I asked her.

"There's a rare and huge, luxurious mega ship that's like a floating resort! It can go underwater, fly through space, it's like our mansion, if it were a spaceship and 'submarine'. It's worth $15,000,000 credits! A 25% commission! $3,750,000 credits for US if we can steal it! It's a high risk venture, the deadbeat owner has armed bodyguards protecting it and protecting him....but there's an opening! He's selling it, so we can case it without arousing suspicion!" said Misty. "I'm in!" I replied!

Misty and I rehearsed our roles...we are a married couple, and interested in purchasing the ship we were after. Misty helped me don the black and white cat disguise that I had used in the past to blend in on Corneria as an anthro. We worked to remember our lines, get our story straight, and to get ready to go down there that day. We even planned on how to successfully steal the ship...


We were at the meeting place for the ship, on Planet Zoness (after taking a space taxi there, driven by that same Rastafarian accented anthro parrot). The owner had us searched by the anthro pit bull bodyguards, who screened us for weapons. They found none. The owner of the ship was a very small alligator. He reminded me of "Trader Moe" on Talespin, both in looks and personality.

"Okay you two....Thanks for showin' interest in my ship. Would you like the grand tour first?" he asked us. "Why, yes." Misty said. "Of course, dear chap, I'd loooove to!" I said, in a fake snooty upper class voice. We took a tour of the ship, being followed by the owner's six armed bodyguards. It was incredible! 20 bedrooms, a grand dining hall, multiple galley kitchens, a game room, a bowling alley, a movie theater, and indoor pool, spa, gym, a 'Hogan's Alley' style shooting gallery, emergency escape fighter crafts, a huge docking hangar for more ships, several bar lounges, a panic room, a ballroom, escape pods, a laundry room that was like a laundromat! It was a shame Misty and I couldn't just keep this ship for ourselves!

The owner then took us to the bridge, and activated the controls. He made us look away as he entered the secret code. We flew around a bit in the ship. The owner told us about all of the features, and as he finished in doing so, he flew back into Zoness' orbit.

"So, youse two wanna purchase my ship, eh? Well, I hope you brought plenty-a-cash!" he said. I opened the briefcase, and as I did, Misty put on her gas mask that she had hidden on her person. The knockout gas knocked out me, the owner, and his guards.

After what seemed like hours, Misty woke me up. We were flying away, in the ship. Misty had flown the ship back to the docking bay on Zoness, but did not deactivate the ship. Instead, she moved the owner from the ship, an easy task, and she was able to roll the bodyguards out, one by one.

Fortunately, it wasn't too hard for her to move them, either, since we had brought a hand truck along with us in the trunk of the taxi, and hidden it at the spaceport before boarding the big ship. Misty used it to truck out the bodyguards. I saw it now, resting peacefully on the bridge next to me. Then she flew us out of there, just as the owner and the guards were beginning to stir.

"Great job, babe!" I said. "They never suspected a thing, and our disguises fooled them perfectly!" said Misty. She was dressed in a fancy sparkling deep blue gown and a silver tiara, with black high heeled shoes. I wore an 'Admiral's jacket', fake eyeglasses, a fancy white nautical hat, white slacks, and black loafers.

Misty and I changed the activation code from what the owner had it set to, headed back to Corneria, turned in the spacecraft, collected our bounty, and we took the hand-truck and headed home!

We found the message on our answering machine for a "Dart-Shot Spacecraft" in need of repossession, but we figured we'd deal with that tomorrow. For now, we celebrated, by having sex, and relaxing for the rest of the afternoon and the whole evening.

*that's it for this chapter*