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Official "Funny Video" Topic
Nov 30 2010, 08:44 PM
That's fine! Now you know what to do, right? You can just play the video right from the page!
Yep! You got it!


*mild nudity warning*

Official "Funny Video" Topic
thanks RedFox8, sorry I didn't post it properly before! (oh, and sorry for the double post)

Corneria College
Edge was listening to this song:
on the radio in the shop room when he heard the fire alarm going off. "Damn it, Todd..." he muttered...

Official "Funny Video" Topic


Sign In - Sign Out Thread
Nov 30 2010, 06:51 PM
well.....I need to take some time from the computer. I need to think a ton of things through and being around certain places online will prevent that (not saying I don't like this site cause I love it lol) anyway. I'll be back soon enough.....just gotta make a final post in the collage for all my characters lol....after that, you can probably just send me an email.....i'll check that.

Love you guys =']
See ya' later! *changes all the locks* :P

The Photo Album
Here's me:

Posted Image

Just kidding! :lol:

Wii will, Wii will, rock you!
Nov 22 2010, 12:08 AM
That...and I would honestly LOVE to see Marcus in some role...that would say that Fox and Krystal finally got married or something.
That could be cute!

Corneria College
Todd accidentally triggered the fire alarm, when he was walking down the hall, he slipped on the wet floor, (the custodian had mopped, but forgot to put out the "WET FLOOR" warning signs) and fell against the fire door, setting off the alarm. "OOF!" Todd got up, heard the alarm bells, saw what he had done regarding the fire alarm door, panicked,and ran out of the building..."Dammit...not again...this is CDF Pilot School all over again!" he muttered as he ran off.

The Photo Album
^ Awwww! <3

Star Fox 64
I liked derailing that train, and making it crash into the fuel depot.

I like..
Nov 28 2010, 05:33 PM
It was a joke nothing more.....I is tired...and I get worse >:]

I like Back to the Future too.....and three
Okay, cool.

I like the Back to the Future Ride (STILL one in Universal Studios...but it's the one in JAPAN...I wish they'd bring it back to Hollywood, CA. and Orlando, Florida)

I like..
Nov 28 2010, 05:16 PM
I like to roll my eyes at those comments xD (j/k....well....kinda true lol)
Mellow out, man... :P

I like Back to the Future

Corneria College
Akasha was in the library, chewing up some of her own magazines.

I like..
Krystal in a bikini :P

Comment on the user above you
^ Is my friend.

I like..

The Great Secession
^ I love that Joker pic, waffles, thank you!

I'd like to thank:

Evilwaffles, for letting me use his FC, and for reading and supporting me in this, especially with his "Seal of Approval" and that Joker animated pic.
Para Astaroth aka Harmony decent for the use of his Scarr Ruddlocke character
Kursed for reading and supporting me in this, as well as for the use of Tigress Arcnon
The Watchmen movie for their cool intro, and Bob Dylan for his cool song
Nick1349 for reading and supporting me
Shamen3mill for reading this and for his Seal of Approval
TheRedFox8 for reading and commenting/supporting me
The creators of Desert Strike for helping with the last chapters in my plot
The Magical Trick Society for their "Phoenix Wright, 'Won The Lawsuit', Cadenza 11" track and
The Soviet Red Army Choir and the writer of the USSR anthem
The creators of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, and the plot writers who gave me the material I needed for my plot
Star Fox Galaxies for letting me post the fanfic here
The Star Fox franchise and its creators
The Creators of Lara Croft, and Tomb Raider: Underworld, especially the person(s) who created Lara's wetsuit and unlockable swimsuit in that game, and the model who posed for that Lara Croft character (and I'd like to thank Lara Croft herself as well :P )
Ris Grestar for reading and for his great arguments

and everybody who read this fan fic...

If there's anyone I forgot to thank, I'm sorry I missed you, but I thank you as well.

I like..
Nov 27 2010, 11:49 AM
Why link to that thread? What are you trying to show me?
Eh, I was just ticked off at you at first, when you said:

Dude, we're just joking over each other. Chill out :P

but then I see now you weren't trying to offend me. Sorry. Like I said, I was stressed out earlier.

Link removed.

Team Star Vixen Basic Wardrobe
Nov 26 2010, 11:21 PM
If i get a chance here I might be able to get a picture of Krystal in her leotard.
...can't wait to see that! :D

Team Star Vixen Basic Wardrobe
They should wear that outfit that Cammy from Super Street Fighter wear! :P

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