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Diary of a Mad Furry
Yesterday, on Thanksgiving, later that night, we put out the leftover Turkey in a pie tin for the silver fox in our neighborhood, and she ate every last bit of it, then she banged the pie tin around, then came up on the porch, wanting more...she even pooped in our driveway to get the message across...then the little silver fox tore ass all over the yard, and we gave her another pie tin of leftovers...she ate it all, that was a great thanksgiving for her. She's worth it, she's so cute! I love that silver fox!

VERY serious question
It would be funny if the HUB did a cartoon crossover of "Dan Vs. My Little Ponies", then you see each of the ponies tie themselves to one of Dan's limbs, and they're trying to pull him apart! xD

Eventually, though, they come to a truce and Dan gets along with them, but seeing Dan fight with them would be funny as heck.

(Should make a great Robot Chicken Sketch)

What are you Jamming out to?
Step right up! Step right up!

*EDIT* 1st vid was deleted...damn you youtube


Steam's Database Hacked - Potential Credit Card Theft
Fana McCloud
Nov 20 2011, 01:46 PM
Thats pc gaming for ya, I wonder how long this well go on.

That's ANY gaming for ya, or any commerce for that matter - they could've just as easily hacked the GameStop database and they sell primarily console games, or Macy's which has nothing to do with games. This is not a fault of PC gaming, it's a general network security failure that could happen to ANY company that deals in online commerce or credit cards.
There ya' go...plus, I've heard of the XBox 360 and PS3 networks getting attacked...

VERY serious question
Nov 20 2011, 02:28 AM
Try having a little six-year-old sister. I believe I witnessed the entire series of Backyardigans, Sailor Moon, Dora the Explorer being watched by her, and since I've been on deployment I have heard that she has watched the entire series of Inuyasha.

Sheesh. XD
:eek: My God, you poor guy!

Compilation of Trolls and Idiots
Here's one:

Princess Peacenik

Where I know her from: LylatLiberationFront, LylatWorld, McCloudRanch

Troll Type: Tattletale, Backseat Modder/Wannabe Mod, Passive-Aggressive Phony

Flame Warrior Type: Bliss Ninny, Nanny, Diplomat, Jekyl and Hyde, Netiquette Nazi, Idealogue (Liberal), Grammarian

Exact Quote: "You guys need to learn to treat each other with respect. Shame on you all!" also "You're such a pervert!" or "That's a hateful thing to say! Why are you such a stupid jerk!?"

Description: She was a former member of the sites I mentioned, all closed now. She was a wannabe Mod, who butted in on EVERYTHING, missed the point ALL THE TIME, and got people in trouble for telling her off when she was stupid enough to butt in, and sent nasty and threatening PM's to anyone who "Hurt her feewings!" . She constantly corrects your grammar, and uses subtle insults in doing so "It is 'I am not going to that', not 'I ain't going to that', you are not part of 'The Country Bear Jamboree', okay?".

I only brought her up now 'cause recently she keeps bugging me to join Facebook (which I won't, not my thing).

The Flame Warriors need to update their roster:

-The Broker

If a web forum has an economy, rewards, or points system, then this opportunistic scum will definitely be there to turn a profit, of sorts. He doesn't always care about actual money, but rather the incentives, points, and "Rewards" a Forum has to offer. He trades info for your accumulated points (if/when transferable), he leaks private info about things like VIP Access and how to get it, who's moving against you, etc. He works with Mods a lot, the way a jailhouse snitch works with the cops, in exchange for immunity, protection, more points/money, or promotion to a staff position. He uses others to get what he wants, and then forgets about them if he's sure he can't use them anymore. If he becomes a staff member, he abuses his powers like a bent cop. Want something bad being retained as evidence by the staff to punish you to be forgotten? For a fee, he'll break into the staff's Archives/Evidence Room and delete your incriminating thread/post! Want to get back at someone you hate? Give him your points or web money and he'll have that guy banned for a bit. He can reduce warning/damage levels, unlock a thread...If he isn't a Staff Member and doesn't have these powers, he can get a crooked staff member to do it for him (and for you). Reminiscent of "The Godfather" Flame Warrior, and usually allied with such.

I knew a sick weirdo like him who caused holy hell on LylatWorld

Good News, Everyone!
"So Andross, you show your true form?" (When you battle Andross as the brain).

I beat the brain AND successfully escaped the palace.

Good News, Everyone!
I did it! I beat the hard mode of my StarFox64 game for my Nintendo 3DS today! YEAH!

VERY serious question
Nov 19 2011, 01:18 AM
I still remember "The Tick" and "Masked Rider," both shows I watched every morning before I went to frickin' kindergarten.
Mmmm, good shows indeed...Now, the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, is definitely very cute...I can't be sure if it's better than the original MLP, that was sooo long ago. There was definitely no "Brony" movement back then, for sure.

VERY serious question
Yeah, "The HUB Network" has some pretty decent kid shows, like:

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
The Haunting Hour
Dan VS. (I really like that show)
Transformers Prime
G.I. Joe Renegades
Family Game Night (fun to watch while I'm drunk)

It even shows the original/old shows like:

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
Transformers (original)
JEM and the Holograms
Batman: The Animated Series

I heard there was an original "My Little Pony" kids' show back in the day, but I'm not sure...the one today, "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic", is like a revved up version of that, just like Transformers Prime and G.I. Joe Renegades are a revved up modern day version of their 1980's counterparts.

VERY serious question
Sky King Ajc
Nov 16 2011, 07:35 PM
eh, i havn't read it either, but i hear it makes you have the urge not to exist any more 0_0

Any how the show has every right to be good, its developers have had succesful shows in the past...
I've heard that too.

No arguments there, it does have a right to be good, and I personally think it is.

There's been multiple Falcory sightings in the General Talk section....
"My name is FAL-CO-RY,
and I am proud-to-be,
right back in my home-site,
yes Star-Fox-Gal-i-xies!

There's old friends,
and new friends,
so glad they are there!

Through good times,
and bad times,
it's roleplays we share!

Now that I've found a place,
where every-one-will-know,
my happy feathered face,
This is The Falcory Show!



There's been multiple Falcory sightings in the General Talk section....
FALCORY! *hugs* I've missed you! Welcome back to Galaxies!

[ti]BA[/ti]PETA Attacks Super Mario 3D
God, I hate PETA. They are the biggest, snottiest, retarded, wimpy, whiny, passive-aggressive, cowardly, hypocritical, elitist, stupid, self-righteous, pompous morons in existence. They force a poor South Carolina Monastery to shut down it's egg-selling business, just because the chicken coops weren't made to the stratospheric standards of PETA's idea of "humane housing of animals"...the chickens were NOT mistreated at all, the monastery was poor, as is the surrounding community, and the egg selling business helped bring money to the monastery and community, but those PETA dorks shut them down, and made a poor community even poorer. Also, hunters and fishers donate their catch and game to poor starving people with NO money, and NO means to feed/support themselves and their families, yet these PETA morons try to ban hunting, and fishing...and now, apparently, free speech.

In a show of blatant hypocrisy, PETA was caught, in a scandal in North Carolina, when several sick dogs and cats who were under PETA's care, were put to death, and dumped in a trash dumpster behind a supermarket. When caught and confronted with the accusations, PETA had the nerve to act like they didn't know what happened, despite the fact there was incontestable proof and evidence that it was their fault...

PETA has used donation funds to finance eco-terrorist groups like Animal Liberation Front, Earth Liberation Front, Monkey-wrenching attacks against loggers, and assaults/harassment against hunters, fishermen, innocent families, children, and even Department of Interior and Law Enforcement personnel.

PETA and its members should burn in hell...

If they really cared about the "Ethical treatment of animals", then where were they to help all these homeless pets when they were abandoned by their families that had to leave them behind when those families were forced to move from their foreclosed homes? Where was PETA when BP caused that Gulf spill and poisoned and killed all the sea life? Where were they during the Michael Vick dog fighting scandal? I hardly heard a peep out of them. The ASPCA is the real organization for humane treatment/rescue of animals, NOT PETA! I used to work with the ASPCA, and they actually do help animals. It's not a bunch of donation accepting, or pan-handling-by-mail/phone (like PETA), there are actual ASPCA animal care facilities with qualified personnel volunteering their free time and skills to help animals. I helped assist in the care of these animals (fed them, gave them water, meds, grooming, attention). Several of my fellow volunteers I worked with at the ASPCA told me that they used to work for PETA, and they said that PETA is run by a bunch of incompetent phonies who only want money, attention, and to force their will onto others, so my fellow volunteers at ASPCA left PETA in disgust, and came over to ASPCA 'cause they truly wanted to help animals.

VERY serious question
Pvt. Skorpeon 945
Nov 13 2011, 03:56 PM
For those who are wondering about Cupcakes, it's a grimdark story written by Seargent Sparkles.
I refuse to link directly to it, so here's Equestria Daily;

And I saw that RC episode. I gotta say, Generations 3.5 and under make Cupcakes look like a bedtime story...
Ok, thanks!

Most of today's kid shows are garbage anyway.

^ This.

VERY serious question
Slightly OT, but I still love the youtube series "My Little TRANSFORMER". xD

Now, the thing I do appreciate about MLP: FIM is that it's not excessively violent, obscene, or stupid like too many kids shows are nowadays.

Ya know what...
We once had a guy who created an account called "Banned User" at a site I once Modded..he was a funny dude. It was a shame he got bored and left...

Steam's Database Hacked - Potential Credit Card Theft
This is why I don't have/use Steam... :P

VERY serious question
Nov 9 2011, 08:25 PM
Julius Quasar
Nov 7 2011, 10:15 PM
What the heck is "Cupcakes" fan fic? I forgot.
I haven't read it, nor do I want to(and the fact that Rainbow Dash is my favorite character doesn't help), but I've heard about it enough to know what it is

Spoiler: click to toggle
Hence the name "Cupcakes"
Thanks...oh man, who wrote that (and where)!? Yeesh. It's like that "Buffalo Bill" incident.

VERY serious question
Nov 1 2011, 09:59 PM

As for my stance, I'd say I'm borderline between brony and tolerater, I love it enough to consider my self a brony, yet at the same time, the fanbase can go oveboard to where I try distance myself from them

Also I refuse to read Cupcakes
Ah, yes...

What the heck is "Cupcakes" fan fic?

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