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pictures of members
Dec 30 2010, 12:02 PM
Me receiving my Non Commissioned Officer of the Year Award :P

Me with my Search and Rescue Ground Team WE Placed 2nd in NY State B)


Ah. There will be a day when I will be that decorated. *dreams*

You'll get there, buddy!

Star Fox Adventures
Dec 30 2010, 07:56 PM
forget her....

-hits Julius with Keyblade-

C'mon, I'm a guy! What do you expect? *oinks* (By the way, what's a "Keyblade").

Diary of a Mad Furry
I agree with you both!

The school was/is soooo lame, and one of those douchebag instructors singled me out.


(love this song!)

So....I'll be glad for the new year....this year obviously wasn't so great. Had to work today, but w/e. I got the DVD "Problem Child: Tantrum Pack", which contains Problem Child 1 and Problem Child 2 on one disc. Great movies! R.I.P. John Ritter.

I've got my eye on a couple of houses in my town, one of either that I hope to move into.

Diary of a Mad Furry
Dec 31 2010, 05:14 PM
wow.....at least you are working on something, when I had to go through food safety and Managers courses, all we did was sit there for a grand total of 11 days long
Damn! Sorry to hear that. See, that is exactly why I dropped out of Cooking school. Those stuck up elitist @ssholes.

Diary of a Mad Furry
Dec 31 2010, 04:57 PM
someone has done their research :P
Yup! I'm serious about this. My chance to get out of this house. Guard Card Course is 8 hours. In 1 month or less, I need 16 hours mandatory courses for security training to keep the card, and then in 6 months or less I need another 16 hours, of elective security courses (40 hours total). If I want to use pepper spray, 4 hours of training required for certification, and if I want a nightstick, I'll need 8 hours of training.

I can take all the 40 hours of guard card training in a week, plus get certified for pepper spray use, all for $270 at a special training school in Orange County. I'll check into a motel and take the courses. I'll then return the next week for baton/nightstick certification (held only on Wednesdays). That class costs about $144, but it's worth it.

Diary of a Mad Furry
Dec 31 2010, 04:50 PM
yes you can, I was once IN a Color Guard....someone had a little miss swing and knocked a girl in the head, (not me by the way) and he had to go to the hospital
Well, by "baton", I didn't mean one you twirl ;) , I meant a "Nightstick". In California, you need to, by state law, pass an 8 hour training course to own/use/carry a nightstick. Also, you need to have a valid guard card, and pass a 4 hour course in the use of pepper spray before getting nightstick baton certified.

Diary of a Mad Furry
I know I'm gonna be armed with pepper spray at MK3 level; (highest level allowed for civilian use/ownership), and an expandable baton...getting a gun permit, not something I'll do RIGHT AWAY...it's ridiculous in this stupid leftist state of Commie-fornia, costs hundreds of $$$$ for a security guard to get a pistol permit, and the permit is limited to work/on duty only, you can't conceal the pistol, and you have to re-qualify 2 times a year, with 4 months between re-qualification training, and the permit is good for only 2 years. I could just get a California Concealed Carry Weapon Permit, but in places like Los-SOCIALIST (Los Angeles) County and MORON (Marin) County, CA. you can't get them unless you're a rich prick, sh!tbag celebrity, or "dumb little friend of the sheriff". But even Orange County is cutting back on CCW Permit issuing (new mean sheriff)...

So I'll be...somewhat armed, hell, you can break bones with a baton. :troll:


My new years resolutions are:

I'm gonna try to take more things in stride.
I'm gonna take more initiative.
I'm gonna talk less, and think/do more.
I'm gonna look out for me, and stop letting others like my dad try to guilt me.
I'm also gonna stand up for myself more

Falcory Fan Characters INC
^ Those are AWESOME, dude! Love the drawings!

Lylat Fugitives
Dec 30 2010, 10:21 PM
It's my unfinished fan fic from SFO that I am continuing here, I almost finished the next chapter.
Oh yeah, huh?


Lylat Fugitives
This is an awesome story, and I'll read more into it as soon as I can (sorry I didn't read it/comment sooner).

Corneria College
Dec 30 2010, 08:13 PM


Chance took the small risks to see Misty, he began to think about it for a moment, "Hell....I might try asking her out.....but what if she already has a boyfriend?"
"Luckily for you, she's available at the moment, dearie..." Madame V. though to Chance.

Star Fox Adventures
Vixie Darkmatter
Dec 30 2010, 01:16 AM
This is just a guess mind you, but I think the real Krystal would more likely hit you with her staff than wear that.
(I know... ;) )

Official "Funny Video" Topic

Good News, Everyone!
Vixie Darkmatter
Dec 30 2010, 12:20 PM
Nice, that's always a nice load to take off your shoulders.

The new year is almost here.
I'll say!

and good riddance to 2010!

Corneria College
Dec 30 2010, 09:05 AM

Chance began to blush deeply to the point it could be seen through his fur. He went to stand with the rest of the waiting students. He would take quick glances at Misty from time to time, smirking every time.
After Todd and Lola finished their performance, it was Pal and Fay's turn. "Looks funny to see them both wearing the same outfit." Todd whispered to Lola, who giggled. Next it was Babs' and Edge's turn. After them, and all the other pairs had performed, Madame V. let the class have one more break.

Diary of a Mad Furry
Dec 30 2010, 06:18 AM
The next Paul Blart?? :troll:

Naw, more like....a competent, not-fat, not dumb version of Chief Wiggum.


*In Professor Farnsworth's voice* "Good news, everyone!"

This retarded @$$hole monkey who's suing our family unjustly for "Malpractice", because my dad did some legal work for him and at first he lost the case, but the supreme court reversed that court decision, so that asstard has no case against us! He was suing us since last November, but now he's got no case!

Good News, Everyone!
This retarded @$$hole monkey who's suing our family unjustly for "Malpractice", because my dad did some legal work for him and at first he lost the case, but the supreme court reversed that court decision, so that asstard has no case against us! He was suing us since last November, but now he's got no case!


Star Fox Adventures
Dec 29 2010, 03:43 PM
See.....now if there was a Co-op, maybe....not not as one person
That's what I mean, co-op. If you're not co-op playing with a friend, then the computer could co-op play with you.

Also, Krystal should wear a thong or g-string instead of the loincloth. :troll:

Corneria College
Dec 29 2010, 06:52 PM
Chance bowed too, catching his breath, and amazed at how easy it went. He looked at Misty and smiled, "It was really great dancing with you..." he whispered to her.
"Thanks! It was great dancing with you too, hon'!" Misty whispered, kissing Chance.

"Todd, Lola, you're both up next!" said Madame V. Todd and Lola performed in front of the class.

Diary of a Mad Furry
^ Heh heh! Good one!

My dad said "I'm gonna be mean and selfish from now on!". Literally. If that's how he is, I'm NOT working at his dumb law office ANYMORE. He doesn't appreciate my hard work, at the office or at home, so come January, I'm going to security guard school. I just don't care anymore.

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