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Belldandy Vs. Sayoko


Invitation to Darkness
Oh cool! Have fun, man! But don't forget about us!

Diary of a Mad Furry
I wanna see Les Miserables....I missed seeing it, but this Monday morning I'll see it at a matinee price with a friend.


I friggin' hate Russell Crowe, but I like Hugh Jackman, so it evens out. :)

I'm worried, regarding the Fiscal Cliff...average households might pay more than $3,500 more in taxes. Plus it'll kill jobs...that's probably why I'm not getting hired anywhere right now. I'll be glad if I can get that job next year though, would make all the difference in my life.

My Little Pony, Friendship Is Magic
I know, I know, it was bound to happen eventually, but maybe someone might like to join me for either:

1. An MLP:FIM role play OR...

2. An MLP:FIM meets Star Fox RP

You can be the characters, or even add your own fan character

I'm definitely adding Caligula, my FC for MLP:FIM.

Any takers?

Diary of a Mad Furry
You're welcome.

I went to the mall today, had a pretty good time. Lots of screaming kids today there though...I hope to see the movie Les Miserables tomorrow, catch a matinee...It's been very windy, and chilly today, it may rain later tonight. I bought a smart phone stand on sale at the mall today, the stand is in the shape of a jack, and it has a felt tipped stylus, and a cleaning cloth built into the spokes of the jack shaped stand. (from Brookstone)...

I also got a couple of pocket sized books, one has insults in four different languages of the world, and the other has swear words in four different languages of the world. They're both funny as hell! xD

Diary of a Mad Furry
Dec 26 2012, 03:18 PM
I meant a girlfriend.
Ohhhh, I see! *kicks self* You're so lucky! Congrats, man!

Diary of a Mad Furry
Aw, sorry about the $$$

You got a vixen!? A real live one?

Diary of a Mad Furry
Dec 25 2012, 10:41 PM
Hey, wanna know what I got for Christmas?
Yeah, what did you get? :D

Diary of a Mad Furry
Merry Christmas everyone!

I had a good Christmas dinner...and some awesome gifts!

Got about $100 from my parents, a $25 gift card for amazon from my oldest sister, H...she's actually mellowing and getting nicer. Wow.

My other sister, K, gave me case of awesome beers. I got H a Hemmacher Schlemmer $25 gift card and I gave K Chocolate covered berries and gourmet trail mix from Whole Foods

My friends A, & B I got a white noise sleep machine, they got me a book safe and a gift card for $15 to Gamestop, along with See's soft centers candy (1 pound)

My mom's friend got my a discount/entertainment card...I'm taking care of her apartment for the holidays...

I decorated then house for mom, and helped dad get his cat, so that's their gifts...

All in all, I had a pretty good Christmas.


Firstborn Wars: Part 1
(Sorry for the slow reply)

Übervixen flew to Sauria in her ship, and landed in Thorntail Hollow, where she tried to trace the signal.

Firstborn Wars: Part 1
Übervixen heard he distress signal on her computer...after reading it, she said "Trouble on Sauria!? THIS looks like a job for Übervixen!!!" she got ready to go to Sauria, packing her survival kit, expedition clothes, her outfits, survival equipment, weapons, and tools.

Corneria College
"Perhaps he's very precocious..." Übervixen suggested.

Diary of a Mad Furry
Well, the world didn't come to an end today...at first I thought, way back in '05 that it might be true, but over the years, I believed it less and less....I had a feeling that it wouldn't end today.

Nelson Muntz: "Haw Haw! Life goes on!"

So...anyways....no plans for Christmas either way....kinda sad. I hate being in this house with my parent. My dad has been a bigger a$$hle than ever today.

Yesterday as great though. Got to go to the mall, and the arboretum, so I had a great day yesterday.

Corneria College
Übervixen studied Votaris, wondering what to make of him...

2012 LylatLife Secret Santa
Dec 20 2012, 12:19 AM
That's TheRedFox8 to you!

Anyway, good job, Julius.
Thank you!

2012 LylatLife Secret Santa
Okay, for those of you with the LylatLife account:

Hello all, this year I wanna try something different. How about we get the whole community involved with gift giving this year?

This is what I'm thinking. Using this topic, people sign up to participate in this little thing. Then I take all the names and put them into a bank and assign members to give a gift to the member they are assigned. Be sure to keep it a secret about who you are assigned. That is the whole point!

To explain, let me give you an example. Let's say I'm assigned to Kursed. I'm supposed to give something to Kursed without him knowing about it until after the whole thing is over. After all the gifts are given, I reveal who was assigned what.

It is preferable that gifts require at least some effort. They can be free, be it a picture, story, or other digital artwork just for them, or it could even be a Steam gift. As long as it isn't some half-assed e-card you picked out online, anything is acceptable, as long as it isn't offensive.

The deadline will be the 31st (to give time for signups and to make the actual gifts) and distribution will be the 1st of January. I know it's late for Christmas, but, heh, I thought of this too late.

I'm gonna sign up myself, and anyone else who wants to sign up can leave a comment below. Thanks for reading this and let's turn this into something fun :3


So what are you waiting for? :)


I had to promote this Secret Santa project, or RedFox8 will beat me! (J/K)

The Birthday Topic
You're welcome!

Corneria College
Übervixen was hoping that a fight wouldn't break out....

Anime Thread

I've been trying to find some other good Anime shows to favorite, my friends have the Apple TV with a Netflix account, so we can select form there.

The Birthday Topic
Happy Birthday Saphiria!

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