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What is your favorite feature in a video game?
Feb 29 2012, 08:31 PM
Yes, but there is a line that must not be crossed. *ahemkrystalahem*
I like seeing Krystal in her Sauria outfit! ^^

I'd like to see her in a thong bikini, no wait! I'd like to see Krystal in a really itchy thong bikini! :P xD

Back OT, I also like a good unlockable feature or two, with stuff that can help to give you an edge in the next gameplay/replay.

Hitman: Absolution
Here's the gameplay sample:

"Run for you life"
(violence and swearing warning)

the trailer: (violence, swearing, nudity warning)

Here's another one: (possible violence warning)

Basically, Agent 47 is back, but now he's got a big dilemma: The Agency wants him to assassinate his former handler: Diana Burnwood. There's also a new villain in the series: Blake Dexter (voiced by Keith Carradine)

New voice actors, and new composers too...

What is your favorite feature in a video game?
I like sexy women, in sexy outfits! *drools*

Favorite Game Soundtracks
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

I love the '80's, especially its music!

...and I LOVE Bayonetta! <3

Make up a story, sentence by sentence
In it, lived the creepy scheming Mayor, who was concocting a devious and diabolical plan!

What is your favorite feature in a video game?
Superb detail/design in characters, settings/scenes, maps, and good cinematic cut-scenes. A good soundtrack is also something I like, oh, and a good plot.

Anyone up for an RP or something?
I'd love to. This place needs some new life breathed into it.

Diary of a Mad Furry
The other day I was able to beat my StarFox 3DS game on the hard battle with Andross (past Area 6), with all of my wingmen. That's the first time I won with all my wingmen in tact, I usually lose one at Area 6. I wish this place had more activity, and I miss my friends, but...maybe a new Star Fox game might be invented prompting a resurgence in these sites.

I still try to invent a new Star Fox game, and plot and such, for fun.


Fox: "All ships report!"
Falco: "I spilled my cocktail!"
Peppy: "I'm gettin' too old for this crap...."
Slippy: "Speaking of crap, I used the restroom in my shorts back there!"
Fox: "Ugh..."

Star Fox Adventures:

Peppy: "FOX! What're you doing!? Release the spirit and get out of there!"
Fox: "Just a second!" *has hand down pants while saying this and still gawking at Krystal*
Krystal: *In though* Oh gross! I bet he doesn't realize I'm still well aware of what he's doing out there!
Slippy: "Fox, since Falco's gone, can I have his room?"

Star Fox Assault:

Falco: "Hey Fox, if you die, can I have your stereo?"
Krystal: "NO! He promised it to me!"
Slippy: "Hey Fox, can you see me from down there?"
Fox: "Yeah, you're the one flying so piss poorly!"

Star Fox Command:

Fox: *chittering noise*
Falco: *chittering noise*
Krystal: *chittering noise*
Slippy: *chittering noise*

Fox: "Whoa whoa whoa, whoa! Wait a minute! What the #$%^ is going on here!? For the love of God, Shigeru Miaymoto and Nintendo, what have you let them do to us!?"

Diary of a Mad Furry
*whistles and cleans off the counter* It sure has been quiet around here...this place feels more deserted than James Gandolfini's workout room. I hope maybe one day we get a new hum of activity. Lots of these sites are turning out like this...

Diary of a Mad Furry
My dad's cat, Akasha, tried to crash dad's laptop again today. She likes to sit on the laptop keys, and eventually, that makes the laptop crash, due to so many keys being pushed at the same time 'cause Akasha sat on the keyboard, but I caught her just in time and cleaned up the mess. Crazy ol' cat. xD

Two days ago, my dad saw a falcon in our yard.

I just fed the local silver fox some leftover cat kibble, after seeing her in the driveway outside, she's so cute! <3

Diary of a Mad Furry
I remember my Beach Trip of 2010...

It was Sept. 17th weekend...to Pismo Beach that weekend with NORAD and some other friends of mine. We were gonna celebrate the last of the warm[er] fall days before it got too cold out here. My friends wanted to make a tradition of this every mid-September, so I went with them.

The beach trip was a disaster, sadly. If any of you saw the TV show "Salute Your Shorts" on Nickelodeon (in the later days of the "Fart Joke Era"), and you saw the episode where Ugg took the kids on that beach trip in lieu of their usual "Instructional Swim" class, that's what it was like for us. xD

Friday afternoon, we left, in hellatious weekend traffic (brilliant, NORAD!) :roll:

Then we had a flat tire, which put us behind. NORAD and I were the only ones who knew what we were doing, and while NORAD changed the tire, and I held the hubcap and the lug nuts for him, THIS happened:


Only I didn't say fudge either. I said the word . The big one . The queen mother of all dirty words? . The F dash dash dash word . :lol:

We found the lug nuts, despite the dark, and the other guys bumbling about.

Then we spent the night in the motel, after NORAD got tired and nearly crashed. :facepalm:

We were in an AEROSTAR van, with a bed in the back (it had seat belts for extra passengers). It was NORAD, his girlfriend Krystal (DON'T get any ideas...), Cadmus, Bill, Crumbs (real name Harry), and his spoiled (but beautiful) princess of a sister Shana (Harry and Shana each are a hedge/trust fund prince and princess). Harry's okay, but Shana, though beautiful, is a...bit of a bitch.

Anyways, the DVD player/TV was on the fritz...we got lost, a lot, because the GPS navigator failed on us, and the paper map I had brought, Cadmus imitated the Family Guy joke cutaway clip "Lewis and Clark, and the Guy Who Likes To Rip Up Maps". [sarcasm] Ha, ha! REAL hilarious! Thanks a lot, Cadmus.[/sarcasm] :evil:

On the highway, further down, Cadmus mooned a CHP Officer on a motorcycle. We got pulled over. Cadmus got a $300 fine for indecent exposure, and NORAD got a $450 fine because of a passenger in his vehicle wasn't wearing a seat belt, and engaging in lewd and disorderly conduct.

When we FINALLY made it to Pismo Saturday night, we had to stay in a cruddy neighborhood FAR from Pismo Beach because NORAD's AAA Membership expired, 'cause the cheapskate didn't renew it. It don't make sense, either, since NORAD owns a very successful apartment building, he makes 6 figures net income off of it, and he legally found a loophole to avoid paying all taxes on it. So we stayed at that motel, in a cruddy area, Krystal and Shana had a room, and the rest of the guys had a room. I volunteered to sleep in the van bed, seeing all those "bedbug epidemic" stories on the news made me paranoid, though the rooms didn't have that problem, thank God. The guys let me in to use the hotel room toilet and shower and such.

That night, though, the guys had a farting contest in the room, and Cadmus (who looks and acts like that fat blond loud crazy guy Carter Scott from the movie "College" http://en.wikipedia....%282008_film%29 ), he "Gambled and Lost", he went to this coin-op laundromat down the street, and used quarter slugs to cheat them out of detergent and a washer cycle/use...the owner chased him with a baseball bat down the block, Cadmus had his pants, still wet from the washer, since he was caught using the slugs, and he had the slugs jingling in a pouch around his neck, and his swim trunks, which he didn't tie properly, fell down around his ankles, tripped him, so he had to bunny hop, holding his wet pajama pants in one hand, and holding up his swim trunks with the other hand, and he's banging on the van door and scaring the bejesus out of me as I slept, demanding I let him in and hide him, because he thought the laundromat owner was still chasing him, and the guys heard us shouting and let Cadmus in, then they booted him out and made him sleep in a lounge chair by the pool that night for waking me and the whole hotel up, and for stiffing the laundromat, which is why he woke everyone up in the first place.

So on Sunday, we went to the beach....Billy lost his glasses, and when we helped him look for them, he found them...in the worst way a person could find a pair of glasses...yep, you guessed it. *CRUNCH!* He stepped on them! And he cut his foot. I was the only one who brought along a Johnson and Johnson First Aid Kit (and I paid for our snacks and provisions, thanks to Smart and Final, we had sodas, snacks, water bottles, and antibacterial moist towelettes). Poor Billy had to spend the rest of the trip wearing a Bread Bag rubber banded over his injured foot to keep the water and sand off his bandages and out of his wounds as he walked on the beach.

Well, we had some fun on Monday, then when the end of the day came along, Cadmus drove the van away without us, the others fell asleep in the van, and they didn't notice us missing...Cadmus then realized he forgot us halfway back to the motel, his phone was out of juice, and the others didn't have their phones turned on (to save battery power), but he still realized 2 people were missing, he drove back as fast as he could, and then blew out the tires on that "SEVERE TIRE DAMAGE" spike strip at the parking lot's exit when he saw us and pulled in too soon. Without AAA, we had a hell of a time finding someone to tow the van, and fix the tires....but we found it.

The driver and passenger side front windows wouldn't go up in the van on the way back, and Krystal and I were the only ones who had brought warm jackets, and we drove back to the motel in the cold, damp night air after waiting forever for those dudes to tow and fix the tires...Cadmus is nice and fat, no need for a blanket or jacket...Shana cocooned herself in the beach blanket, Crumbs (Harry) was wrapped in the plastic tarp (fortunately they had brought a plastic tarp, and a large beach blanket for us all to relax on while we were at the beach, because the towels aren't enough), and Billy used the dry[er] towels to stay warm. The next day, Tuesday, we took turns driving home since NORAD had a chill and a cold...I drove us to a nice Jewish deli in Glendale, and got an order of Matzahball Soup for NORAD, and we got some Vick's Vapor Rub for him as well.

The Matzahball Soup did the trick, as did the Vapor Rub, he felt much better afterward.

The trip sucked, but at least it was interesting.

Epic Video Game Endings

Next Starfox game ideas
It would be funnier if it was Slippy...but Peppy, a possibility. Falco might run off like a punk, we all remember he did that in SF-Adventures, but I don't think he'd turn traitor. At least Miyu could replace Slippy, she's a mechanic too.


It cold be a new guy, who becomes the new comic relief pant-load, gets angry from the teasing and scorn of his teammates, and turns traitor, like this:

(Graphic Violence Warning)


Next Starfox game ideas
Slippy, he was sick of being the pant-load in the group. :P

Next Starfox game ideas
*cracks knuckles*

Plot: The Cornerian Government, and the CDF have fallen on hard times...the sudden resignation of General Pepper, and the revolutionizing of the Lylat System's Governments and Industries have led to one unified monopoly by the President and CEO of the magnate corporation that has conquered it: Chairman Hue...of the Monstrasso Corporation.

Monstrasso Corporation is big on bio-engineering, but there is a sinister motivation for it all...the "research and development" progress by Monstrasso is really a front for creating bio-weapons, in an attempt to outdo the atrocities committed long ago by the late Dr. Andross, and even the insidious Aparoids.

Evil in the Lylat System has a new face, and it is Chairman Hue...

The Star Fox Team is mistrustful of Chairman Hue and Monstrasso Corporation. Fearing the worst, they flee into the shadows, taking Peppy Hare, General Pepper, Katt Monroe, Bill Grey, and a handful of Lylat residents with them, to form a secret, underground resistance movement, as the hidden, yet sinister agenda of the Monstrasso Corporation.

Star Wolf serves this evil entity, as as "enforcers" within Monstrasso's organization, and special forces of Chairman Hue's Private military, with the mission of finding and destroying Team Star Fox, and the rest of the members of the resistance movement. Wolf, Leon, Panther, and sadly, their newest member, Fara Phoenix, whom, after recovering from her injuries, and regained her ability to walk, has sought revenge against Krystal, for joining Team Star Fox, and for winning Fox's affections.

Star Fox now faces insurmountable odds. Hiding with their finite allies on Planets Sauria, Papetoon, and Kew, they most fight to reclaim the Lylat System, one planet, and one space sector, at a time. They face the remaining CDF, Monstrasso Corporation's private army, team Star Wolf, and Chairman Hue himself.




General Pepper

Tricky and the Earthwalker Tribe
Queen Cloudrunner and her tribe (especially Kyte)
The Litefoot Tribe
Crazy Raccoon guy who helped in Training Mode (SF64)
Members of the resistance


Chairman Hue: A sinister Red Fox, ancient, wealthy, with a high upper class English Accent, deep, solemn voice, and definitely a one-fox army himself, he is a sadistic sociopath with more than a few tricks up his sleeve.
(Since Tony Jay is dead, I need someone who can do a voice like his "Rex Smythe-Higgins the First" or "Chairface Chippendale" characters, for "Chairman Hue")

The remaining members of the CDF
The Sharpclaw Tribe
The Redeye Tribe
The private army of the Monstrasso Corporation

Team Star Wolf:


More Blue Marine Levels, Fay and Miyu, along with Fara are in the game, free-roam element useable on conquered levels.

Landmaster, and obviously Arwing use are in the game, but in some missions you can play as Team Star Wolf, and fly the Wolfens, and Wolfen 2. You can also pilot the Great Fox, and work its weapons.

NO SF Command association, plot-wise...personal vessels can be accessed, but NO fuel limits.

*more to come*

Sure has been quiet around here lately...
NIIIIICE! *plays "The Boys are back in town"* :P

Sure has been quiet around here lately...
I don't hang out in the chatroom, so I don't know about that...by the way, Hi crazyfoo!

Sure has been quiet around here lately...


*Runs up and hugs you*

Sure has been quiet around here lately...
Hey, I miss you guys. It's been so quiet around here lately. I'd hate it if this place died out. I hope we get some new activity here soon. I wonder where everyone is? *EDIT* (Damn power blackout messed up my post) Now, on the plus side, I've seen a new member or two join here very recently. But, I wonder...why is there a general decline in Star Fox fan sites and forums? I believe it's from the series' lack of any new/original Star Fox games. The advent of the Nintendo 3DS version of Star Fox64 gave these places a jump start, but now it's quiet for these sites and forums again.

I'm well aware that we all have a life, even I have one, but...I dunno, I guess I posted this 'cause I miss my friends here, and I miss role playing and talking about Star Fox with them...