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Welcome back buddy! I've missed you!

Julius Quasar's saved images and such
Special thanks to RedFox8 for this one:

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Thanks to itsjustaaron for these:

Delta Red

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Shadoloo Doll

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and thanks to evilwaffles for these:

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Got this beauty on StarFoxWiki:

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"Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon", I have it!
It's soooo AWESOME! I just bought it from Gamestop TODAY! I'll fill you guys in on the details later, but so far:

Luigi is back, this time to help Professor E. Gadd, who, for a while, was co-existing peacefully with the ghosts of Evershade Valley at Gloomy Manor. But then one night, King Boo stole the "Dark Moon", a talisman gem that hovered over the valley, and kept the local ghosts peaceful. With the absence of the Dark Moon, a huge, mysterious fog covered the valley, all the local ghosts turned mean, and waged war on Professor Gadd, who escaped to his secret bunker just in time.

As Luigi was resting peacefully in his new, er, house...apparently....he was watching TV when Prof. Gadd contacted him via the TV, and then transported him, in a TRON-style teleportation through the TV and into the secret bunker, where he appealed to Luigi for help. Gadd saved a piece of the Dark Moon talisman, and restored its power, resulting in part of the giant fog lifting from part of the valley (over Prof. Gadd's bunker). He needs the other pieces found, and restored if he ever wants to save Evershade Valley...Luigi reluctantly agreed.

Just one problem....the Poltergust 5,000, the newest version of the Poltergust Ghost Sucker Weapons, is STILL INSIDE GLOOMY MANOR! Luigi has to get it out of there, in order to fight the ghosts there! Uh-oh! Good luck Luigi! After clearing out Gloomy Manor, you still have several other places to visit, in order to find the pieces of the Dark Moon! Happy Haunting, er, Hunting!

RyDer's Rant Page
I'm sorry, I wish I could help.

RyDer's Rant Page
Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry to hear that! I was so worried for you! Welcome back though.

Damn, your family has gotten worse...can you reset everything to get the passwords removed?

Hey, this should cheer you up:

Mayor may not run for office...
Chapter 5

Election Day was here at last. A week ago, I voted for myself and Misty voted for me. As I watched the news and polls, they kept saying that I had nothing, Todd was a shoe-in to win this, and Wolf was bringing up the rear. What!? Oh well. I sighed, and switched off the TV. Misty and I spent the day together enjoying each others' company, here in the mansion. Reporters were calling, and hammering at the gates. I knew they would come, so Misty and I decided to stay in.

Misty and I ignored them. We swam in the indoor pool, played video games, watched our favorite TV shows and movies...we were just glad to be done with this election madness. As the day wore on, we decided to switch on the TV.

"The polls have closed, and the votes have been tallied! Our newest Mayor is...Wesley Chiroptera! Falco Lombardi came in at 6% of the votes, Detective Tina 'Babs' Conijn at 18%, Fox McCloud at 15%, Akasha Sharavan at 7%, Fay Spaniel at 5%, Todd McCloud at only 3%, Fara Phoenix at 4%, Julius Quasar at 9%, Wolf O' Donnell at 1%, and Wesley Chiroptera at 32%!"

the announcement came through...

"Wow, I wonder how I got as many votes as I did?" I said. "Or why Todd got so few, despite all the time, money, and effort spent..." Misty said. We watched further. "Well, we're just sick of all the ads endorsing Todd for Mayor, so there was a lot of talk about voting against him out of spite. We thought about Julius Quasar, but considering that he comes from another planet, he might try to run things the 'Planet Earth way', not our way. Plus, his abandonment of his own campaign seemed a bit demoralizing."

Other voters being interviewed said why they did or did not support who they did. "Babs is a great cop, private eye, and mercenary, but not political material." and "Who would seriously vote for Wolf O' Donnell!?". "Falco is just a 'bad boy'. That gets old fast, and is not welcome in politics!" said one citizen.

"Todd in charge is the Foxgloves in charge. No thanks!" said a shopkeeper. "Akasha? She just hides all the time, what kind of quality is THAT in a leader!?". "Fara...heh. Stick to piloting!" and "Fay? Medicine is her strengths, that's all she needs!". The general tone about Wesley is that he seemed neutral enough to gain the trust of the voters, despite his odd demeanor and eccentric personality.

Todd was seen at his campaign H.Q. crying, sobbing, on his knees, and pounding his fists on the floor. He then got up, and grabbed a bottle of champagne, opened it, and downed it in practically one gulp. Misty and I laughed. Fox was banging his head against the wall. Falco was grumbling and ripping up his campaign posters.

Fara was standing there in shock. Fay was on the phone, whispering frantically. Wolf, Leon, and Panther were seen taking turns kicking each other in the butt. Babs angrily snorted and turned over the tables, making a terrible mess at her campaign H.Q.

Akasha was chewing up her fliers, but when she saw the cameras, she gave them a big sad expression, and hid. "Julius Quasar is STILL unavailable for comment.

Wesley Chiroptera gave his victory speech.

After the cheers, further reports, Misty and I sighed with relief. I may have lost the election, but so did everyone else whom I had wanted to lose as well. I had no ill will against Wesley, I hardly knew a thing about him. None of us did. We were so busy focusing on each other, that we had forgotten about him, giving him the opportunity to beat us.


Later that week, we the Star Fox Team met. "Julius, I'm sorry for all the mean things I said to you, about you, and for what I did to you." said Todd. "As am I." said Fara. "We're all sorry for what we said and did to each other, and about each other." Fox said, and we all agreed.

"Let's not let something like this happen again. If we had all teamed up together, at least one of us would be Mayor." said Todd. "Maybe none of us were meant to be Mayor." Krystal suggested. "Yeah, politics aren't really my thing after all...I don't even know WHY I entered the elections." Falco declared. We all laughed. Fences were mended, and friendships were restored. I wish the best for our newest Mayor of Corneria City.


Thanks for reading!

Mayor may not run for office...
Chapter 4

"As a former law enforcement detective, I've seen the best, and the worst of Corneria City. I also know what makes a good mayor for this city. There are those with a spotty legal past..."

*Todd McCloud's, Falco Lombardi's, Wolf O' Donnell's, and Julius Quasar's mug shots appear on screen*
"Those with a history of mental instability..."
*Akasha's photo of her chewing up magazines appears onscreen*
"And there are those who are better suited to mercenary or medical work, more than civics."
*Fox McCloud and Fay Spaniel appear on screen*

"Vote for me, Detective Tina 'Babs' Conijn, a deductively brilliant choice for mayor." Babs said.

"Spare me!" I said to the bar TV, as I slumped over at the counter, a near empty glass of Scotch in my hand.

"Hello, Friends! Don't let 'bad medicine' get you down!"

*Julius, Falco, Babs, Todd, Fara, Fox, Akasha, and Wolf appear with crossbones behind them, on labels attached to black bottles*

"Look to the medical professional for the cure! Vote for Fay Spaniel!"

Fay's ad appeared on TV, and I snorted in disgust. Next came Falco's ad:

"If there's anyone better qualified for Mayor, it's ME! Falco Lombardi! I have survived living the seamier side of the Lylat System! I know where the problems are, and what really needs fixin', and what can be fixed! I don't pretend to know what's going on just 'cause I glance at the news every so often!"

*Julius Quasar's upside down mug shot appears*
"I don't try to run things like a cop!"
*Babs' picture appears sideways*
"Or a mercenary team!"
*Fox and Wolf's pictures appear*
"Or a 'medical professional'..."
*Fay's picture appears*
"...or a 'Crash Test Dummy'..."
*Fara's picture appears*
"and unlike some, I can perform my job SOBER!"
*Todd's picture appears*

"So cast your vote for someone who matters! Falco for Mayor!"

I groaned angrily.

"Akasha Sharavan! Proven genius, multiple science award winner! A self made success, who overcame a lot, and rises to the challenge!" Kylie's voice said, as Akasha's picture appeared.

"Don't vote for a drunk!"
*Todd appears passed out at a bar in a picture*
"A deviant!"
*Babs appears in a 'Playboy Bunny' outfit (strapless leotard, cuffs, bow tie collar, fishnet stockings, high heeled shoes, and her lop ears tied at the base so they can stand up) as she is seen in Edge's lap*
"A criminal!"
*Julius', Falco's, and Wolf's mug shots appear*
"A trust fund princess!"
*Fara Phoenix appears in a swimsuit, lounging by a pool*
"A so called 'medical professional' who doesn't even possess a valid license!"
*Fay Spaniel appears picking her nose in a photo*
"Too many opponents of mine don't know how to handle a problem! But I'm a genius, so I can think of the right solution for any problem! Vote for me!" Akasha said.

I finished my drink, paid and tipped for it, and nearly passed out at the bar.

Meanwhile, a female foxbat in a black velvet thong leotard teddy strutted up to me. "Hey." she said, putting her arm around me as she sat on the adjacent stool. "Hey..." I said. The foxbat stroked me and said "Why are you here by yourself?". "Just taking a break." I replied. "I meant at this place, silly." said the foxbat.

"I'm just getting sick of this election race. I'm on my own. Even my girlfriend deserted me, went to work for the competition." I explained. "Really? I'm sorry to hear that..." said the foxbat, as she put her hand into my crotch.

"Whoa, wait a minute!" I said, trying to get away from the foxbat, but she climbed onto my stool and placed her legs on either side of my legs as she leaned over me, and used her hands to pin my shoulders to the bar. She pressed her boobs in my face. "Mmmmpppphhhh! RRRRrrrrppphhhh!" came my muffled cries. The foxbat climbed into my lap and kissed me on the mouth. I couldn't fight her off of me.

When she let go, I said "I'm flattered, I really am, but I still love Misty, and there's no alternative for her. Not even you. I'm sorry, but you'll have to get off of me now!". The foxbat stood up, and glared angrily at me. "Hmph! What are you, gay!? Or are you really on that tight of a leash held by this 'Misty', are you even married to her!?" she said, using a mocking tone for Misty's name. "Yes, I love her, we're not yet married, and if you don't leave me alone, I'll tell her and she'll kick your ass." I said.

"If that's how you feel." the foxbat said. She smiled, giggled, reached behind herself, and suddenly an unzipping sound was heard as Lola took off her disguise. The female foxbat in the black velvet thong leotard teddy, was really Lola in a high quality costume disguise.

"LOLA!" I said.

"Hi Julius!" Lola kissed me, and gently folded up the costume. Lola walked over to the booth where she had stored her boots, and placed the costume in a case, and then put on her boots and walked out of the bar. "What as that about!?" the bartender asked me. "No idea." I replied.

I staggered out of the bar, slowly sobering up. The sun was setting. I saw Lola on a billboard, she was wearing a skimpy outfit in the advertisement, which said "Lola Foxglove says...'VOTE TODD MCCLOUD FOR MAYOR'!". Somebody wrote "WHORE" in black spray-paint on Lola's forehead. I laughed.

I walked over to my Campaign Office....and found it trashed!

"NO!" I shouted. My flyers, signs, and posters, ripped to pieces! The banner was spray painted...my table was turned over, the sawhorse broken, a hole in the old door....the bucket was crushed...my video camera and old desk top computer were wrecked! The tripod for the camera was ruined...

I sat down on the floor, and buried my hands in my face.

"Julius?" a voice said outside my door.

"What?" I asked. Misty came in, a troubled expression on her face. She looked really cute in her dance outfit, consisting of a leotard, tailcoat, tuxedo shirt, tie, vest, top hat, and dance shoes, all in the colors of the Lylat Federation.

"I can't work for Todd anymore. He went to far, trashing your campaign H.Q., and then sending Lola into the bar, while she was wearing that foxbat disguise, and Todd took pictures of you two together to make you look bad in the polls...I can't deal with the bitterness, the fighting, and the cruelty. I'm sorry." she said.

"Is that what Lola was up to!?" I asked. Misty nodded. "I tried to call and warn you about that, and about your office, I even tried to talk Todd out of it, but Lola's family already set the plan into motion." she said. "Oh well, I tried, as did you. It's okay. I wasn't doing so well anyways." I explained to Misty about how whenever I made a press appearance and conference, fake reporters would pop up and say things like "Have you stopped digging potholes in the street?" and "Why haven't you stopped ringing people's doorbells and running away!?", and pissed off citizens would say "I've been looking for the jerk who's been doing that!" or pointing at me and saying "So it was YOU!?".

Other times I was drowned out by a wall of loud cried of "BOO!", and the cops did nothing to quiet them down. Random citizens in the audience would throw sour milk filled water balloons at me during one of my speeches, or during a debate with one of my opponents. It was the worst when I was up against Todd, I was hit by all of those types of attacks.

Misty shook her head and swore in disgust.

"I'm definitely sorry I ever helped Todd. He promised not to do that sort of stuff to you, but now I see what that's worth. But I'm sorry to say to you, that I don't want to be caught in the middle of this, so if you want anything on Todd to use against him, I can't..." I got up and hugged Misty, and kissed her. "It's okay, I don't even care anymore. I'm gonna clean up this office, and enjoy it for the last few weeks I have left on it!" I said. "Great!" Misty said. We cleaned up the office, and then went home together.

I watched the news, and saw that, ironically, I was pretty far ahead in the polls. People were tired of Todd McCloud being shoved in their faces, and Wolf's advertisements were done by these weird artists, who were friend's of Panther and Leon, and the ads made no sense.

Another candidate was in the polls, a bat creature named Wesley Chiroptera, a strange, soft spoken candidate that was becoming strangely popular...in fact, he was in the lead, but he was so weird, that he reminded me of a fictional mayor created by a Seth Macfarlane.

The reporter droned on about the issues, and how I seemed to have dropped out of sight, and possibly out of the race, but it was not confirmed yet, and I was unavailable for comment. I switched off the TV, and joined Misty in bed...

*that's it for this chapter*

Yahoo Avitars will be no more on April 1st 2013.

I know life is about change, moving on, loss and such, but so many losses are happening in my life at once right now, and I can't take it anymore. Losing the Yahoo avatars is the last straw for me.

Another friend of mine passed away recently, and two people I know and like are now getting a divorce...the local mall is turning into "The Sad Mall", when it used to be the best around.

I wish things would change for the better, like my ability to procure a stable job, to move out of my parents house...why can't that happen? Instead, it's things getting worse...

makes me so mad...

Yahoo Avitars will be no more on April 1st 2013.
Yeah, I know there's more important things than that, but the thing is, I liked Yahoo, and before I found the Star Fox fansites, I hung out there! I enjoyed my avatar and the avatar towns the most, along with talking to my friends via the message boards, and I liked the games and everything else there that made the site fun. Now that's all being taken away, and the Yahoo employees who maintained all that stuff about to be removed are being laid off, and they are really miserable.

The new CEO of Yahoo is just like the POTUS ruining America.

I'm tired of seeing great businesses/organizations/nations/etc. being ruined by those put in charge of them, and I'm seeing more and more of it lately.

Yahoo Avitars will be no more on April 1st 2013.
(Wow, really? No one cares?)

Look, this isn't just about using the avatars, and losing that. This is about Yahoo being destroyed by its new fat pig of a CEO, Marrissa Mayer. She claims that Yahoo has to "Keep up with the giants like Facebook, Apple, and Google". Really? Last I heard:

-Facebook stock took a huge dump last year, especially at the IPO. Also, it's losing more people than it's gaining.

-Apple stock is plunging, and the iPad is losing its luster.

-Google is fighting against Bing right now, so Yahoo is not in its sights.

Does this woman not read the news!?

She is trying to make Yahoo another Google wannabe. Not cool. She wants to make it less about the media and other things that made Yahoo fun, and more about "The technology". Her "streamlining" and cutting all of those features in Yahoo is costing lots of people their jobs. Also, she is forcing other Yahoo employees to relocate so they can physically commute to work, she won't let the telecommute.

Marrissa Mayer is a pig, and will be the death of Yahoo yet.


Yahoo Avitars will be no more on April 1st 2013.
I am so angry!


Here's what you can do to keep yours:


Why? I love the Yahoo Avitars! F*** you Yahoo....

The Adventures of Pete & Pete
In the early 1990's, Nickelodeon Network decided to experiment with a new TV show, a one of a kind that would either be a sensation, or a shelf-stuffer. That show was "The Adventures of Pete & Pete".

Here's more on it:


It was a weird and quirky show, but fun in its own way. It had a child-like way of looking at the world, without being cynical, unimaginative, or bitter/nihilistic. I like the soundtrack to the show, and it didn't have an annoying "laugh track". It also didn't "try too hard" to be weird or funny. It was just...itself. Unique. There was no need or swearing, sexual stuff, it was still funny.

The pivotal two-part episode "Farewell My Little Viking" was awesome, but very sad...I almost hated it. Artie the Superhero (played by Toby Huss) leaves Pete, but they still remain friends...the only reason I personally didn't cry, unlike a lot of other fans (not that I'd blame them), was because of WHY Artie left:

Pete (and his older brother) are growing up...they're bigger now, and can fight their own battles, especially younger Pete. He needed to learn to fight on his own. That's what the two part episode was about: growing up...that's what I liked about the show, it could teach and explain things, in a subtle way...no preachy tone, not spoon-feeding it, yet no sugar-coating either.

It's hard to find good shows like that nowadays.

It was a shame that the show only had 3 seasons, and the third season, even without Artie, was still fun, and emphasized that Artie's leaving was still a good thing. I personally would have like just one more season, where we see Artie again just for one or two more episodes....heck, I'd even settle for seeing "Mr. Tastee" the ice cream man again (also played by Toby Huss).


With crap like "iCarly", "Suite Life On Deck...", "Hannah Montana", or "Zack and Cody", it's a real shame...I'm just glad I was around to appreciate such a cool TV show like "Pete & Pete".

Some of the most interesting celebs were on the show, Adam West, Iggy Pop, William Hickey, and so much more...

A Real American Hero
^ I hear ya' buddy!