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It's good to see you again dude, and don't worry, the past is the past. We're just glad to have you back.

Julius Quasar's FC's
Name: Michael Mayes
Nickname: Mike
Age: 29
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 179 lbs
Eye Color: Crystal blue
Alignment: True Neutral
Gender: Male
Species: Arctic Fox
Fur color: White with blue markings, specifically around the ears and muzzle.

Personality: Michael's doesn't usually have a sense of humor, but when it shows, it shows. He maintains a grim demeanor and does not like to talk to people unless it's absolutely vital.

Home: Michael lives in his personal ship he acquired in a poker game. He takes it from contract to contract.

Family: Mother and Father killed as a child. Sister was mentioned to him, but never seen.

Weapons: He keeps two longswords strapped to his back as well as an Ultralight holstered on his belt.

Powers: He doesn't have any special powers.

History: Michael grew up with a difficult childhood, his parents have been killed when he was five years old right in front of him one night when a grizzled rat thief broke into their home. His parents were brutally slashed to death as they tried to stop the attacker. The thief fled into the night before Michael could do anything. Since he has grown up, he trained to become a bounty hunter, in hopes of one day finding that rat and enacting his revenge. There he met his best friend, Fox McCloud, who had taken some time to personally train him in the finer arts of hand-to-hand combat. They parted ways when they graduated the academy, in hopes of crossing paths again soon.

(Special thanks to Redfox8 for this fan character)

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It's good to see everyone coming back, I got an email as well from here (accidentally deleted it, as it somehow got into my spam box). The subject said " *BOWS* " but thanks to whoever it was that called me back here. I want this place to recover! (Also it's good to see you back as well sham3nmill and Onewingedangel)

Scarface: The World Is Yours (PS2)
Hey everyone! I got an old but in great condition copy of SCARFACE: THE WORLD IS YOURS from eBay.

Here's a synopsis on the game:


(I iz layzee! :P )

How did I feel about this game?


The play control is shot to hell. I get a damn headache after 10 minutes just swiveling the dam camera around (You have to swivel it around to look at EVERYTHING). The auto target system for shooting sucks, because it only targets what you are facing, not turning around automatically when you lock on in targeting someone. You can't shoot civilians, running from the cops and escaping them successfully is damn near impossible, the driving controls....

Driving in this game is worse than Dick Tracy, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and Grand Theft Auto 4 put together, and I can say that without hyperbole. Impossible to steer, powerslide, or anything else.

The controls are stupidly set up, and good luck configuring them to something better.

The cop and Gang heat is constantly on you, and you can't reclaim your turf from gangs without 1,000 cops converging on the scene and ruining you.

This whole "Alternate reality" where Tony Montana survives the Bolivian hit squad attack on his home, loses and rebuilds his empire was a great concept. But the shoddy play controls, the stupid "Negotiation/intimidation/fast talk the cops meter" are a joke! You can almost never win with them.

The voices sound ridiculous...

So many things you have to jump through hoops to unlock, and the "Contact Missions" are impossible to beat. Ridiculous, too.

I'm gonna resell this thing on eBay. Let it become some other gamer's problem.

Elder Scrolls Series
Never played them...*puts a paper bag over my head*

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RADIGAL! *runs up and hugs you* I missed you!

Spring Is Here!
For those of you still on this site, thank you for your loyalty and your support!

Spring is here! The Vernal Equinox...March 20th

...and about 3 months and 1 day until the first day of summer!

What do you like best about Spring?

Easter candy? Spring Break? Warmer days? New flowers in bloom? Passover (whether you're Jewish or not)?

I agree with you there, Megas75, though I didn't really like any of SF Command, not even the game-play (no offense). Oh, and Happy Birthday!

Julius Quasar's FC's
Name: Sally Rowland

Age: Mid-teens

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 150 pounds

Eye Color: Green


Gender: Female

Species: Orange Tabby Cat

Fur color: Reddish-Orange and White Striped

Personality: Hyperactive, insecure, pushy, stubborn, smart, has abandonment issues, and a bad habit of picking her nose. Sally also has a high, squeaky, piercing voice.

Appearance: Tall, skinny, very fit.

Attire: Black combat boots, red skintight pants, grey belt, white cami tank top, black overbust corset with straps, black fingerless combat gloves

Home: Corneria, the suburbs of Corneria City

Family: Twin sister Dora Rowland

Weapons: Dual ninja-style katana swords on cross back scabbards, semi-to-full automatic laser machine pistol with strap.

Powers: Very fast (not as fast as Akasha), very strong, well trained in the art of martial arts, covert ops, and ninjitsu

Bio: Sally and her twin sister Dora are emancipated for general purpose, recently finished with school, and they live in the house and off of the trust funds that they inherited from their parents, who died in a transport ship crash...

Julius Quasar's FC's
Name: Dora Rowland

Age: Mid teens or so

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: None of your business (she's kind of tubby)

Eye Color:Green

Alignment: Good

Gender: Female

Species: Orange Tabby Cat

Fur color: Buff-orange and white stripe/splotch pattern

Personality: Calm, pleasant, amiable, kind, sociable, very smart. She hates being teased about her weight. Dora has a much more pleasant sounding voice than that of her twin sister's....(it's like a pleasant hum or the strumming of a guitar)

Appearance: Dora is a bit tubby, but has a pretty face, and has similar fur patterning (albeit different color shades) to that of her sister's.

Attire: White tennis shoes (sneakers), black sweat/stretch pants, black hoodie with blue and pink graffiti on the sleeves and the torso, black carpal tunnel gloves, reading glasses

Home: Corneria, the suburbs of Corneria City

Family: Twin sister Sally Rowland

Weapons: Laser pistol, lock-back one handed opening folding combat knife, sawed off pump-action shotgun.

Powers: Although Dora is not as fit as her twin sister, she is very smart and a master computer hacker. Her computer hacking skills are excelled by few.

Bio: Dora and her twin sister Sally are emancipated for general purpose, recently finished with school, and they live in the house and off of the trust funds that they inherited from their parents, who died in a transport ship crash...