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Julius Quasar's Fan Characters
Name: Detective Tina "Babs" Conijn
Age: (Krystal's Age)
Height: 5' 7"
Species: French Lop Rabbit (White and Grey with dark eyes)
Homeworld: Corneria
Physique: Fit
Attire: Conservative Black Blouse, Grey Blazer, Grey Knee Length Skirt,
black leotards and white tights worn underneath her clothes, Black Trench Coat, Black Fashion Boots

Occupation: [Retired] Police Detective, now a Private Eye

Weapons: High Quality Compact Laser Pistol, Barrier Shield, Lockback 1 Handed Opening Knife.

Vessel: A Decommissioned/Restored/Customized/Unmarked/Armed/Armored CCPD Riot Vessel. Strong, but slow.

Strengths: Smart, Fast, Physically fit, great instincts and intuition

Weakness: Easily scared, temperamental, insomniac, sometimes absent minded, stubborn.

Personality: Timid, Passive, yet earnest, sincere, kind but sometimes picky and temperamental, as well as territorial. Mature, but tends to be stubborn.

Background: Babs spent time in the Cornerian Army, where she was a soldier, a fighter pilot (and Graduate of the Cornerian Fighter Pilot Academy), and later a police officer, a Police Detective for the Corneria City Police Department, then she honorably retired early and became a Private Detective and Bounty Hunter. She is sterile, and can never have children, which led to her divorce.


Name: Rud "Pal" Whetherwax
Species: Cornerian Collie
Homeworld: Corneria
Age: 27(?)
Height: 5' 10"
Physique: Slender, Feminine (despite being a male)
Attire: Black Pilot Boots, urban black and white camouflage pants, gray tank top, red neckerchief bandanna

Strengths/Skills: Skilled Marksman, Unarmed Combat/Hand to Hand fighting expert, good physical health, good pilot, brave, reliable, loyal.

Weaknesses: Split personality, questionable mental health, emotionally unstable, bad tempered, impatient, temperamental, picky, has a fear of germs, territorial.

Weapons: Butterfly Knife, High Quality Hyper-Laser Pistol, Compact Lightweight Flamethrower.

Transport: The Startouch: A Small, 5 Point Star Shaped Vessel, can fire triple lasers from three star points, has G Diffusers, and has smart bomb launching capabilities

Occupation: Ex-Cornerian Military Pilot, Mercenary for Hire.

Personality: Pal has a split personality, is effeminate, but still straight, has subtle metrosexuality, is calm, cool, collective, and confident (but not cocky) one minute, and an angry raging lunatic the next. Pal is obsessive-compulsive, a neat freak, and a germ-o-phobe, paranoid, security conscious, brooding...and mentally unstable. However, he is also loyal, kind, and comes through for those who need him the most, when they need him the most. Hates and mistrusts authority, his family, and society. His effeminate tendencies, and feminine appearance cause many males to accidentally mistake Pal for a female, which makes Pal even angrier and meaner. Has a shattered view of the world.

Background: After being Grounded from the Cornerian Air Force due to mental instability, Pal was stung with anger, hate, vengeance, and paranoia. Although he harbors grudges towards the government, he actually hates all forms of authority, leading to his Mercenary-for-Hire, loner lifestyle. Pal is not a criminal or evil villain, but his life's unfavorable turns made him unpredictable, crazy, and disgruntled, as well as distrustful of society. He has trouble holding down jobs, fights with his family, whom he hates with a seething vengeance. He came from a well-to-do family that mistreated him, and cheated him out of his share of the family fortunes...

Julius Quasar's Fan Characters
Name: Todd McCloud
Species: Cornerian Red Fox
Homeworld: Corneria
Age: Unknown (He keeps it a secret)
Height: 5' 9" (Approx)
Physique: Average
Attire: Black Trousers, Charcoal Grey T-Shirt, denim jacket with sinister looking patches and scary decorative hardware attached to it, Black Boots, Spiked Choker, black headband tied properly at the back. Todd sometimes wears black fingerless gloves.

Strengths/Skills: Very Fast, Agile, Notices things others tend to miss, good instincts, good at finding/searching, brave
good pilot, graduated from the Corneria Fighter Pilot Academy. Good hand-eye coordination. Good shot.

Weaknesses: Bad at technical stuff. Not physically strong. Lets his anger and emotions get the better of him. Bad temper. Poor impulse control. Can also be obsessive-compulsive sometimes. Haunted by bad memories, a troubled past. Impatient.

Weapons: Combat Knife, High Quality/Power Custom Compact Double Action Laser Pistol. Select-Fire Semi/Full Automatic Hyper Laser Collapsible Assault Rifle (on a sling). High Quality Compact EMP Pistol.

Transport: A Customized Star Fighter known as: The Malestrom. It has: a Cloaking Device, ZVF Capabilities, Good Navigational Features, Force Field/Shield, Stealth Mode, EMP Cannon, Dual Wing Mounted Lasers, Nova Bombs, Self Destruct Features, and [possibly] more. It has secret compartments, extra seating, but it's slow and awkward to handle and maneuver.

Occupation: Mercenary/Fighter Pilot for Hire

Personality: Very secretive, and very stubborn. Good at heart, but has a chip on his shoulder. Tends to get angry (a lot). Surprisingly loyal and true, but can be naive sometimes. Hides his sensitive side behind a cool, tough front. Very reliable. High potential, but low discipline. Speaks his mind with impunity. Marches to his own beat. A loner.

Background: A graduate of the Cornerian Fighter Pilot Academy, Todd has lots of potential, but many demons he fights. His lack of discipline and his independent streak led to his loner demeanor and a life of a Mercenary For Hire. He is [allegedly] the cousin of Fox McCloud. Todd grew up in an abusive home, and has issues with a troubled childhood, and an even more troubled, rebellious youth. James McCloud took it upon himself to mentor Todd, and, along with Fox, they succeeded in turning Todd's life around for the better. Rumors of Todd's former infatuation of Krystal Buranetto have neither been confirmed nor denied by Todd himself, but he is said by his peers to have been conflicted in his feelings for her. For some reason Todd [repeatedly] turned down a position on the Star Fox Team, claiming "I don't deserve it...", although he used the same excuse for turning down a position for the Cornerian Military. His loner demeanor was considered the reason, but Todd himself has given no clue as to his real reason for refusal to join either the Star Fox Team of Corneria's Military. Todd is known for battling a drinking problem.


Name: Lola Foxglove
Age: Classified
Height: 5' 11"
Species: Red Vixen
Physique: Curvy
Attire: Black Leotards, crimson overbust corset with shoulder straps, black boots, crimson military-style jacket, black leg garter,
long crimson hooded cape, fishnet stockings, low profile high-end voice modulating secure channel communication headset.

Occupation: Mercenary for hire, [con] artist, performer

Strengths: Beautiful, smart, clever, fast, stealthy, furtive, calculating, brave. Good pilot, unarmed combat skills, great cook,
and great shot (Vessel and Weapons), surprisingly strong. Guerrilla and Survivalist Skills, sabotage, espionage, covert ops. Lola is also a ventriloquist, and hypnotist...

Weaknesses: Cruel, vindictive, sneaky, ruthless, flighty, crass, smart-mouthed, abusive, troublesome. Has been a bad influence on many, especially Todd. Borderline insane. Rebellious, Chaotic, Disobedient, Unpredictable.

Weapons: Select-fire Semi/Full automatic High Quality Hyper-Laser Pistol (MP-7 style), Dagger, Fiber Wire Garrote hidden in a disguised jeweled necklace, poison chambered black jeweled ring (flip top).

Transport: "The Encore", A customized/reprogrammed Androssian Harlock Class Frigate, with a barrier shield added to it. Lola has also repainted and redecorated it; its decor: the exterior, crimson, and the skull on the side replaced with theater masks, the (tragedy-comedy masks)...inside are curtains in a pseudo stage proscenium arch the ship's cabin archway that can open and close that conceal the back area of the cabin, dark red walls, black trim, black [padded] floor, Casbah lantern with shatter-proof stained glass (on a stiffened, secure chain), dark red and dark purple pouf chairs (securely fastened), plenty of small pillows (secured in a gossamer net on the floor) copies of great artwork, and small posters of theater and dance performance plays stuck on the walls...

Personality: A real rogue, Lola is a mad, sneaky, sociopath. She is smart, conniving, clever, and great at manipulation. She loves getting men to do what she wants them to. She is possessive, protective, jealous, and nearly mentally unstable. She's wilder than Todd. She is very amorous, flirtatious, but also very controlling.

Background: A wild girl, Lola came from a VERY wealthy and influential, but extremely dysfunctional, mafia family...Lola is a spoiled, rebellious princess, but also a fierce warrior, and a Machiavelli genius at schemes. She fell in love with Todd, and followed him around, even tried to join the same school as him...when they both graduated from school, Lola followed Todd to the Cornerian Fighter Pilot Academy, Graduated with him, and convinced him to date her. After a rocky relationship, Todd and Lola broke up. Lola has worked as a showgirl at casinos in Zoness, a Cabaret Performer, a dancer, singer, actress, model, magician's assistant, and a mercenary, until she was blacklisted from the entertainment industry. Lola is a negative influence on anyone unfortunate enough to encounter her. However, Lola once saved Todd's life, after they broke up. Lola and Todd are now happily married.


Name: Feneris "The Edge" O'Donnell
Age: ??? (Todd and Lola's age, 1 year older than Krystal))
Height: 6' 4"
Species: Cornerian Wolf
Homeworld: Zoness
Physique: Muscular (Slightly)
Attire: Work Pants, Steel Toe Boots with Steel Plates/Shanks, wife-beater-style-shirt,
Black Jacket.

Occupation: Bounty Hunter/Mercenary For Hire

Weapons: Brass Knuckles, Rechargeable Blaster Pistol, Combat Knife with Skull Crusher, Custom Laser Sniper Rifle that packs into a small suitcase (like the W2000 Sniper Rifle) and is carried in Edge's backpack.

Vessel: Customized Wolfen 2 Fighter. (Edge stole the blueprints and schematics, and built his own.)

Strengths: Strong, brave, cool, collective, calculating, smart.

Weaknesses: Loner, bad temper, chip on his shoulder, has "detachment issues", too macho (but in a subtle way).

Personality: Similar to that of Arthur Fonzerelli, or one of James Dean's character(s), an angry, cool, soft spoken rebel.
Very street wise. Edge is independent, the epitome of cool, cares not what others think of him. Speaks his mind.
A nonconformist.

Background: Edge is [allegedly] the illegitimate son of Wolf O' Donnell. He grew up in orphanages, foster homes, as a juvenile delinquent and a problem child. His life was straightened out in the Cornerian Army when he served in the Ground Support Unit. After he served in the Cornerian Army, he attended and graduated from the Cornerian Fighter Pilot Academy. He was pardoned of all crimes as a minor, and an adult, by taking up Bounty Hunter and Mercenary For Hire work for the Cornerian Government, which is how he fell into that lifestyle of mercenary for hire.


Name: Akasha (Roxanne) Sharavan
Age: ??? (Krystal's age, presumably)
Height: 4' 7" (I know, tiny, huh?)
Species: Smoke Persian Cat
Homeworld: Katina
Physique: Wiry, Stout
Attire: Pilot Flightsuit, Pilot Boots, Pilot Cowl with her ears sticking through it, Pilot Goggles, Ornate Flight Scarf

Occupation: Bounty Hunter for hire.

Weapons: (2) Titanium Retractable Claws strapped to her forearms, they are similar to Wolverine's, except hers are removeable from her forearms, and made of titanium. High Quality compact customized laser pistol. Personal Barrier Shield that protects from MOST attacks (not all attacks). Customized Hyper Laser Assault Rifle with Long Range shooting abilities (it's like a hyper-laser version of a Ruger Rifle).

Vessel: "The Grumpy Puss", an Androssian Harlock Class Frigate. Akasha stole it from Andross' Army after the war, copied its blueprints blueprints/schematics, customized/reprogrammed it, and installed a barrier shield in it. (In an alternate reality Akasha is later given a bloodstone red Veritech Fighter dubbed "Lightning Paw", courtesy of Krystal Buranetto.)

Strengths: VERY fast, agile, clever. Expert at technology, bombs, booby traps, sabotage, espionage, survival, and unarmed combat.

Weaknesses: Not physically strong. Not big (a runt). Paranoid. Generally antisocial. Crazy. Get's ill easily/frequently.

Personality: Akasha's upbringing turned her into a paranoid, spooky, crazy, angry, antisocial hermit. She suffers from abandonment issues, if she is left behind by those she loves or depends on, she gets destructive and violent. She has trust issues, and is fearful of her own shadow. However, this fear can trigger very good fight AND flight responses, making her a fierce fighter.

Background: Akasha's parents were killed in a supposed vehicle "accident", although many, including Akasha, suspected foul play. akasha was a baby at the time, riding with her parents when they crashed. Akasha witnessed her parent dying right in front of her. Akasha was put up for adoption, and her foster father committed suicide, right in front of her, her foster mother mother neglected her, leaving Akasha alone for days at a time in her Katina home. Akasha's foster mother dated a violent, abusive thug boyfriend who abused and tortured Akasha for years. At age 18, Akasha was [sexually] assaulted by an older male feline, who then beat her up and left her for dead. To this day, no one knows who he was.

Akasha served in the Cornerian Military, and when General Pepper himself saw Akasha's intelligence and potential, she was conscripted to and graduated from the Cornerian Fighter Pilot Academy. She then flew in Katina's Air Force under Bill Grey's mentorship. After the Katina Base Battle, and the Androssian Wars, Akasha suffered mental trauma, and post traumatic stress syndrome. Akasha spent time in and out of asylums. She is currently out of the asylum, now.

Akasha never rejoined the military, despite her "Honorable Discharge" after the Androssian Wars, but she has worked as a bounty hunter for hire. Akasha's real first name is Roxanne, but her foster mother changed it to "Akasha". The name stuck.

(In an alternate reality, Krystal adopts Akasha as a step sister, even though Akasha is an adult.)