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Cornerian Academy
Lola gently sang "But I Am A Good Girl " as she checked the equipment...Todd smiled as he listened to her.

The Birthday Topic
Happy Birthday Taran'atar!

Prophet: The Ties That Bind
Falco was shooting pool in a bar on Kew...he faintly remembered his glory days of Star Fox, as he played. He was winning-no surprise there...but he felt strangely empty. Maybe it was the team breaking up...after all, being with them, he felt like for the first time, he had a real home, a real family.

[ti]BT[/ti]Prophet: The Ties that Bind
Thanks, dude!

[ti]BT[/ti]Prophet: The Ties that Bind
(Can I play as Falco?)

Cornerian Academy
"So what's our overall situation?" Lola asked Todd. "As far as I know, Star Wolf has been taken down, the creep that attacked us is still at large...we have NO idea who the traitor is, everyone says it's Marcus, but I doubt it..." said Todd.

He turned to the CDF security officer. "Well? What do you know?" Todd asked him. "No more than you two." he replied. "Damn!" said Todd.

Cornerian Academy
Feb 2 2011, 05:16 PM
Marcus grew a little angry when Wolf ignored his shot, "Well if the if that is how you want to be....." he then began to walk side ways, seeing that some of the teachers were on the other side of Wolf, "Damn rules....." He would quickly run towards Wolf, making sure his feet were as silent as possible.

Leon on the other hand had other plans for the blue fox. As he neared the area, he noticed the fox running towards Wolf. He too began to run and would soon tackle the fox to the side. He quickly drew his dagger and struck it down, hitting the ground with it.

Marcus was taken aback when he was tackled and seen the blade hit the ground. He kicked the lizard off and focused his mind a bit, able to sense the others movements. He didn't fire, but placed his blaster to his side, waiting for the next attack.

Just as Leon was about to lunged forward again he heard something in his communicator. "Leave that one to me, Leon.....I have a personal vendetta against him...." the voice chuckled soon after. Leon gave a sigh as he placed his dagger away. "Wolf....need any back up?" he asked into the communicator, starting to run into that direction.

Marcus stood slightly confused, one minute something was trying to kill him, the next it was fleeing. He paid no mind as he redrew his blaster and aimed towards Wolf. "Hey you....with the gun!" he cried out to him.

Todd was scanning deeper into the video footage records, when he saw this...he couldn't see Leon, but he could see Marcus. "Is that...MARCUS!?" asked Lola. "The video got messed up from the attack on General Pepper, but yeah, I think so." said Todd.

Cornerian Academy
Todd checked the video surveillance records...

He and Lola saw Marcus giving Fox another look...Todd and Lola then saw Marcus go along with Ryker and remain silent,keeping his head lowered for most of the walk...Marcus lifted his head, looking towards a group of buildings. His eyes widened as he seen the lupine...

Rasper was seen on camera giving a sneer as he knew Marcus had seen him. He made sure to stay hidden from everyone else's point of sight. He raised his right hand, making it in the form of a pistol, then acted as if he was firing at Marcus, then lowered his hand into his pocket and began to move away form the site.

Marcus became enraged, and foolishly began to tug away from Ryker, trying to chase after Rasper. He didn't care at this point if he was under arrest, Rasper had now become his target. He tugged again at the cuffs that bounded him, unsure if Ryker would let go or not.

"That's Rasper on camera, taunting Marcus! That's what stirred the kid up!" said Todd. "We didn't see him....no one did." said Lola. "I wonder what that was all about?" asked Todd. "You mean Rasper teasing Marcus? Hell if I know." said Lola.

wiii 2
Apr 28 2011, 02:43 PM
Julius Quasar
Apr 26 2011, 09:17 AM
So it's now "E 3", huh?


now E3...
Though I have my suspicions that this post is sarcasm, E3 is the Electronic Entertainment Expo; and I'm sure you've read Evilwaffles' post by now and have the gist of the information :lol:

I'm just thinking out loud....not being sarcastic. =/

Various Doodles
Really nice!

Cornerian Academy
Todd and Lola stood inside the security center. On either side of the steel doors were vertical racks holding shotguns. Before Todd and Lola there was a large monitor taking up a whole wall, with different sections of the screen showing different cameras' points of of view. Also, there were large security command consoles, computers with large flat panel monitors on the desks, panic buttons on all the desks and consoles. Lights, cables, and more could be seen all over the place.

"Normally, we wouldn't have let you in. But seeing as how you were attacked..." said the security chief there, but Lola interrupted him "...it was your fault we were attacked you dork! You did nothing to try to stop the attack! You've endangered the whole academy, students and staff! What were you doing all this time!?". The security chief sighed "I'm sorry, you two, but we've had problems with the system. It seems we've been hacked, and the system has been malfunctioning lately."

"You're paid too much damn good money to let that happen! There's no excuse for that kind of bulls***! My wife and I were nearly killed, and all you can do is whine and bitch about your problems, which you helped create in the first place because of your incompetence and negligence, you idiot! To think you had the nerve to not let us in!? You should be fired." Todd said.

"That's why we're taking over here! So make yourself useful (which is probably a strange and foreign concept to you), or get lost!" said Lola. "Well, fine....I'll just...stay out of your way." the security chief sighed and sat down. Normally he would never have taken that kind of abuse, but he knew Todd and Lola were right.

Star Fox Armada: The Queen Within
Apr 28 2011, 07:44 AM
"Of course I thought things through. We need to find the doctor, and he is on this planet. We need two teams, one in the air for cover of the ground team." Todd Ill need you in the Air, and we need the rest of the team in here as soon as we can." Fox noted
"Roger that, cuz'!" said Todd. He made his way to his Malestrom ship.

[offtopic]The Malestrom could be used to pick up the scientists(?)[/offtopic]

(Private)The ZayZig
Apr 27 2011, 02:14 PM
fine by me, and if the others feel the same, it is X-Gamer's post
[offtopic] ^ I second this[/offtopic]

Cornerian Academy
Todd and Lola arrived at the security center...

"Todd...hang on, they won't just let you in...." said Lola.

"I'll get us in." said Todd. He pounded on the steel door with his fists, not too hard as to hurt himself.
"Open up! We got an emergency!" he shouted.

"Who is it?" said a voice.

"Todd McCloud, of Team Star Fox! We need to commandeer the use of the security command center!" said Todd.

"You are not authorized to do that, sir!" said the voice.

"Damn it, man, I don't have time! For your information, my wife and I were attacked recently, and we're NOT gonna have a repeat of that incident! It's obvious you people in this command center are asleep at the switch! General Pepper gave me and Lola authorization by any means necessary to track down his and our would-be assassins! Now open this door and let us in!" said Todd.

The steel doors opened, and Todd and Lola went inside.

Star Fox Armada: The Queen Within
"Good luck, guys...." Todd said via the comm.

Official "Funny Video" Topic
sorry for the double post, but:

(Bad language warning):


Silent Rob is awesome!

Arwing Operations Manual
"This baby can take temperatures of over 9,000 degrees!"

What are you Jamming out to?
*Disturbing Images Warning*


Cornerian Academy
Todd and Lola split from Fox. "I think we gotta let Fox deal with Krystal. We oughtta do a lock down and perimeter check of the grounds of this place. If I were Andross or his forces, I'd plan an attack now!" said Todd.

"How are you gonna do that!?" You don't have the security clearance, and you don't have that kind of authority!" said Lola.

"Ryker! Or General Pepper!" said Todd.

"They won't do it!" said Lola.

"We'll have to take matters into our own hands. TO THE SECURITY COMMAND CENTER!" said Todd.

He and Lola headed there...

[ti]BA[/ti]Life Lessons
^ Now that's awesome!

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