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The Birthday Topic
Happy Birthday Taran'atar

The Lost City On Titania
Conrad checked his computer...right by this crater..." he said. After flying a bit further, he touched down at the supposed site, the entrance to the lost city.

Starfox overclocked
Dude, that is awesome! I remember how slow they were to process, but that's a great job you did there.

The Lost City On Titania
Conrad checked the map, and headed towards the last known location to the lost city...

The Lost City On Titania
(YES!!! So glad to see this again!)

"I'm ready, I don't know about everyone else, but it's now or never!" Conrad said. He waited for the others to get in before starting to take off.

Out On A Limb...
Chapter 2

"Julius, be careful!" Todd shouted to me. I slipped and nearly tumbled out of the Malestrom. "Can you get any closer!?" I asked Todd. "No! The damn wind is blowing us around! I don't wanna hit the side of the mountain!" Todd replied. I tied the rope to my climbing harness, and Misty worked with Fox to tie my climbing gear to the safety catch, the winch reel, and the pulleys, which the rope had been fed through before I tied it to my harness.

"Julius is secure! Lower the winch, Todd!" said Fox. Todd lowered me down to the mountain peak, the wind blowing, howling, and forming frost in the creases on my jacket, as it swung me like a clock pendulum. I used my feet to stop from hitting the side of the peak, and slowly descended to the crash site below.

"Team Star Fox, at your service!" I declared. "Oh NO! Not those losers!" an anthro cheetah tourist joked. Half of the tourists laughed, the others told him to "Shut up!". "I was just kidding, bud! Thanks for saving us!" he reassured me. "No problem, but you're going up last, just for that!" I teased him back. He and I, along with the rest of the group, all laughed at that one. "Make him stay behind!" an anthro bunny kid tourist joked.

I helped them up, one at a time. I managed to get six of them, and then Silas pulled up, with Falco on the harness, and he picked up the remaining six. The tourists thanked us, as we flew towards the Galatae. We had the cheetah tourist, the bunny kid tourist, an anthro robin female tourist, a male anthro turtle tourist, a male anthro goat tourist, and an anthro female bunny tourist, probably the kid bunny's mom.

Silas had three male tourists, and three female tourists. The males consisted of an orange tiger, a golden retriever, and a lynx. The females consisted of a kit fox, an owl, and a white cat. We flew them all to safety, and the Galatae beamed the wrecked tour ship aboard.


We were rewarded by the tour company for saving the tourists, and their ship, and we were also paid by the Cornerian Defense Forces for the rescue. It was a pretty good gain for us that day. As we put away the gear, and rested up, Fox debriefed us. "Good job everyone! I'm very proud of-Todd, put that away please-you all for your hard work, vigilance, and commitment! Than you!" Fox said.

We acknowledged his thanks and praise, then we spent the day doing what we wanted to do.

"Hey Julius, look! There's a hornet nest!" Todd said. He threw a rock at it, and it bounced off of the limb, shaking the nest. "TODD! What the hell!? I'M the one who throws the first rock!" Lola said, throwing a rock. She missed. Todd laughed. "OW! Okay Misty, you throw!" Todd said after Lola slugged him for laughing. Misty threw, and just grazed the nest.

"Your turn, Julius!" she said. I grabbed a rock...


A direct hit! The hornets buzzed angrily and poured out of the gaping hole I had made in their hive. "RUN!" Todd, Lola, and Misty shouted to me. Misty grabbed my arm, and I ran along with her, Todd and Lola right behind us. We ran into the main building of McCloud Hall, and slammed the door.

I locked the door, for some odd reason. "Why'd you lock it!? They can't form a giant hand and turn the knob, like in the cartoons!" Todd said, as he-and the rest of us-laughed. "They could fly in through the unlocked keyhole!" Lola joked. We laughed even harder at that.

I saw smoke billowing outside, and the hornets flew away. "TODD! LOLA! JULIUS! MISTY! Get out here, NOW!" Fox shouted. "Oh great..." I groaned. We headed out there, where Fox had some kind of smoke grenade on the ground. "You guys need to quit fooling around like that! Do you realize that Slippy almost got stung by those hornets, because of what you did!? I saw you throwing the rocks at that hornet nest! You are old enough to know better than that! Shame on you guys! Julius, you owe me a new smoke grenade, I shouldn't have to waste it like that because of what you and the others were doing! The rest of you, GO HOME!" said Fox.

I paid Fox for a new smoke grenade, but as punishment, he made me apologize to Slippy, and then put away all the tools and spare parts for him, while he, Falco, Katt, Krystal, Fox, Miyu, Fara, and Fay sat nearby and sipped ice cold lemonade and watched me work up a sweat.. When I was done Misty was there by our car, waiting for me, we hugged, kissed, and then we went home.

*that's it for this chapter*

Out On A Limb...
Chapter 1

I was with Misty, as we were having some kinky roleplay. I was wearing the pink "Birdo" costume with a red bow on top...from Mario. She was wearing a customized Blue Yoshi Costume...and she was going to hatch out of a giant spotted egg...and would I have sex with her.

Misty put on the costume, and I helped to seal her in the egg, a white egg with blue spots on it. Then I put on the Birdo costume. The costumes were built with openings for sex...Now, I was to find the egg containing Misty, and carry her off, and then when I gently tap the egg, Misty would hatch out of it, and we would have sex.

I switched on the switched on a "Dinosaur Land" theme for the hologram room where we both were in right now, and then I searched for the egg. I found it, picked up the egg, and carried it to a waterfall area. "Is this lunch?" I said in Birdo's voice. I gently set down the egg, hugged and cuddled it, and gently rocked it, before tapping it.

Misty knocked back, having trouble getting out. "The shell's too thick." she said. Fortunately, the egg had tiny pores, like a real egg shell, to allow air in and out. I tried to pound the eggshell and break it. But I couldn't. I gently shook the egg. Then I tried to sit on it, like a bird hatching an egg. No go. I got off of it.

Finally, Misty tried really hard, pounding the egg shell, kicking and hitting it, I held the egg steady, as she threw herself against the side of the egg, and it finally cracked. Misty was able to hatch out of the egg, finally. I then said in Birdo's voice "Better than lunch! A new friend!" as I embraced Misty. She licked me, making the sound of a Yoshi sticking out it's tongue. The Yoshi Costume had an expanding and retracting tongue, as it hit my face (but it was soft, and wouldn't hurt).

Misty and I used the costumes' openings to have sex with each other...


Later, we relaxed, exhausted, spent. Misty blinked at me, the Yoshi eyes of her costume blinking with her eyes in synch. She rolled her eyes and giggled at me as I stared at her, noticing this. The Yoshi eyes rolled as well, as the mouth opened and moved. Misty unzipped the costume and removed it, and I removed my Birdo costume.

We put the costumes away, I turned off the hologram program, and we cleaned up the eggshell pieces. Misty and I then showered off together, and then relaxed in front of the TV, as the sun set outside. As we drifted off to sleep, Fox called us. "Get out to McCloud Ranch, General Pepper has an urgent rescue mission for us, NOW!" he said. "You got it!" I replied. I told Misty what Fox said, we grabbed our gear, and took the flying car out from our place to Fox's place.

When we arrived, the others were already there. Lola was wearing a showgirl outfit, Madame Vulpine was wearing a leotard tuxedo with dancing cane, top hat, dancing shoes, and white gloves. Pal was wearing a one piece woman's swimsuit, high heels, a tiara, and a sash.

Falco and Katt were there, wearing laser tag armor and holding toy laser tag guns. Akasha was with Kylie, a portable chess board under Kylie's arm, folded up and the pieces put back inside it. Fay was wearing nurse scrubs. Tigress entered the room, cleaning the grease from her paws. Miyu entered behind her, doing the same thing.

Fara walked in, removing a crash helmet with visor from her head. Krystal had her staff next to her, and was wearing workout leotards, tights, legwarmers, and sneakers. Fox was standing there, watching us, taking head count silently. Todd walked in, bouncing a rubber dodge ball, until Fox glared at him. That's when Todd stopped and carried the ball to his seat.

Slippy skateboarded in, and fell on his face, much to all of our laughter. Conrad repelled in on covert ops climbing gear, and he took his seat, all while he was dressed like the guy from "Splinter Cell". Silas was tinkering with some electronic device, before putting it away in his pocket and sitting down. Edge and Babs came in, Babs wearing black leotards with high heeled black boots, a police badge, a police basket weave belt around her waist, and a police hat, eight point crown patrol style, on her head. Edge was wearing a black and white striped jumpsuit, and he was handcuffed to Babs. Fox rolled his eyes and laughed at this, as did Misty and I, as we all sat down.

"Okay, clearly many of you need to get properly dressed, and then on with this mission, which I will explain to you. We have been called for a last minute rescue mission. A sightseeing tour ship has crashed on Planet Sauria, and we have to get out there and rescue all 12 tourists. This happened a few hours or so earlier, and they just now got through to General Pepper, who immediately contacted me. Okay? The ship crashed around the Ice Mountain area, so we've gotta to move quickly. Get ready, then meet me at the Galatae!" said Fox.

"Right!" we replied.

"Todd, Silas, prep your ships and dock them in the Galatae! We'll need their holding capacity to pick up the tourists!" Fox stated. Todd and Silas nodded, and ran to get their ships. Everyone else either got ready, or headed for the Galatae. I went to the Galatae with Misty. "What are you WEARING!?" Fox said to Pal, seeing his outfit.

*that's it for this chapter*

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Hi there Radigal and Kenichi!

The Adventures of Pete & Pete
I agree. Today it's just game shows, animated cartoons, and "Reality" shows.

[ti]SW[/ti]OH MY GAWWD!
Hey buddy, good to see you again, it's okay. Believe-you-me, I understand what Senior Year in High School is like....real meat grinder. Good luck!

RyDer's Rant Page
Wow, I'm sorry to hear that about Krystal, but I'm glad she's okay now.

RyDer's Rant Page
Apr 9 2013, 08:15 PM
No... she had the fever.
Probably should have written that sentence a bit better...

Anyways I finished up my new tumblr.

Is it really just you and me now Julius?
Naw, we have others...it's just been really slow around here for forums like this. Even SF-O has had it's slow days, but they are connected to the STEAM communities and other gaming forums like that, in order to survive.

This place will pick up again soon, as will all of them.

RyDer's Rant Page
Good, for her

Sucks you had that fever last night, hope you're better now though, and that it doesn't return.

RyDer's Rant Page
I'm so sorry about Krystal, I hope she feels better.

Cool boots, I hope maybe one day you can afford them, I'd love something like that too, but $300...whew.

Love your new avitar, btw.

RyDer's Rant Page
Thanks, and happy belated Easter to you too! Unfortunately, I don't know what to do about that!