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Invitation to Darkness
I'll say! And I'm glad you got medical attention for your mouth. I'm screwed if I get sick or injured, I don't have any goddam health insurance.

[ti]SF[/ti]The Secret of Gavel (RP)
Todd followed the girls to the cave, humming the theme to "Super Mario Brothers 2" as softly as he could.

He's Back!
Chapter 5

As we headed for McCloud Ranch, Fox's voice came onto the comm channel. "Team Star Fox! We have a problem! Meet at McCloud Ranch and we'll discuss it." Todd replied "We're actually on our way there now, with Lola, Misty, and Julius!". "Good! General Pepper just called...we have an emergency!". Fox closed the comm channel.

We landed there, and we met up.

"As the rest of the team arrived, Babs yawned, exhausted from today. "What's this about, Fox?" she asked. "Yeah, what's with dragging me away from my afternoon nap!?" Akasha asked, crankily. "I'm sorry, everyone, I know this is the last thing you wanna hear or deal with right now, we're all exhausted...however, we can't relax or kick back just yet." Fox said. Fay, Katt, Pal, and Falco came in late, from the pool, after a late afternoon swim. Falco was drying off with his towel, while he was wearing..."Falco, what's with that banana hammock!?" I asked, looking at Falco's navy blue Speedo banana hammock.

"At least I ain't wearing what Pal's wearing!" Falco pointed to Pal, who was wearing that iridescent cobalt blue one piece women's swimsuit, as he was finishing drying off. We all stared at him. "What!?" he asked. The girls made a face at him, as Fay sighed loudly. She was wearing a gold, one piece swimsuit, and Katt was wearing a silver one piece swimsuit. Katt, Fay, and Pal also were wearing swim caps.

"At least I look good in what I wear, even if it's for the other gender!" Pal said, sashaying to his seat.

Fox rolled his eyes. "Anyway...like I was saying, I know this is the last thing you wanna hear or deal with right now, however, Star Wolf has escaped from the downtown metro jail in Pelt!" he announced. Everyone gasped, and started talking at once..."Oh NO!" "What about all our hard work!?" "That sucks!" and general rabble was heard until Tigress used her claws, and scratched them on the piece of slate material she had saved in the meeting room, for the sheer purpose of scratching and screeching her claws against it to get everyone to quiet down at meetings. Everyone except for her cringed or shuddered at the noise, but at least they quieted down. When she was done, Todd said "Oooh, do that again!" in a delighted squeal.

"NO!" the rest of us shouted at Todd.

"Uh, er, okay, thank you very much Tigress!" said Fox, shaking his head. He then told us "They escaped hours ago, but they couldn't have gotten far. We have to go after them as soon as possible. They haven't been detected fleeing the Lylat System, so they can't be far. I don't think we should go after them immediately. They will be hidden way too well right now, but we should all just relax, and tomorrow morning, we will regroup, and chase them down! We'll find, pursue, and capture them! Thank you all for coming to this meeting on such short notice, and I'm sorry to disturb you all, but I thought I'd let you know of the situation immediately, so you may be better prepared for it tomorrow." he said.

As everyone cleared out, and went back to their leisurely activities, Madame Vulpine approached me, Misty, Lola, and Todd. "You came here to find me, because of Julius' flashback dream of Pigma's past, yes?" she asked us. "How did you know about my dream...?" I asked, my jaw hitting the floor. "Close your mouth Julius, you'll attract flies!" Lola teased. "I'm a psychic, remember!?" said Madame Vulpine, giggling. "Sorry, yeah, now I remember..." I said, feeling sheepish.

"It's okay, I know you're disoriented. That announcement from Fox didn't help either?" she asked me. I shook my head. "Okay then, come with me. Todd, Lola, Misty, Lola, Conrad, join us in the back rec room. We'll have a little psychic diagnostic on Julius!" she said. Conrad, whom I hadn't noticed before, in his workout clothes (he must have been lifting weights when Fox called us to the meeting), nodded, and joined Lola, Misty, Todd, and the rest of us as we prepared to examine me.

In the rec room, I lay down on the couch. Madame Vulpine sat on the ottoman, next to my head, her hands on my head, and Misty stood behind the couch, holding my right hand, Lola my left hand, Todd my left ankle, and Conrad, also standing behind the couch, holding my right ankle. The room was dark, Madame V. had placed a warning note not to interrupt us or to barge in on us, on the rec room door, the curtains on the windows were closed, and only the lanterns, candles, and burning incense illuminated the room.

"Pigma Dengar! Speak to us! We know where you are, and who is channeling you!" said Madame V. Silence. "Pigma! You can't fool us, and you can't hide from us! Speak to us now!". Nothing. "Pig-ma! I'm warning you! You'd better stop hiding, or..." Madame V. was interrupted by the burning blue flames, giving the room a weird light. "Okay, okay already! I'm here! Sheesh! Whaz so all fire impoat'nt ya' gawtta yell a' me!?" I said, in Pigma's voice.

"Ahh, yes...there you are. Pigma, why do you inhabit Julius Quasar!? Why are you making him channel you!?" asked Madame Vulpine. "Huh? 'Julius' who!?" I said. I was half in and out of total consciousness, and my body had been limp since Pigma first spoke. "You are in the body and mind of our friend 'Julius Quasar', a human, from Earth, now here on Corneria!" said Madame Vulpine. "Oh! Him! Yuh, I remember now! Heh heh heh ha ha hoo heh ha!" I said, laughing out a gross, coughing fit, followed by a snort.

"WHY do you inhabit him!?" said Madame Vulpine. "Uuuh, I dunno. I wuz tryin' to break through to ya'...I don' remember why exactly. I was just tryin' to tie up some loose ends and such. Get somma my ol' stuff cleared out from where I hid it! I got one oar two things to go. Pluz, I got sum' 'unfinished business' with Stawr Wolf, ya' know? Show those stuck-up jerks what foar, eh?" I laughed another one of Pigma's gross laughs.

"Well, what a coincidence! Star Wolf has escaped from jail, recently. I bet you wouldn't happen to know where they might be hiding?" asked Lola. "Wha-!? Yuh, mebbe I do, and mebbe I don't!" I said. "Let's throw this dead weight out, regardless of whom he's possessing! Pigma's worthless, he knows nothing, he's just taking up space here!" said Conrad. "NOOO! Don't! I know a lot, and I- uh oh..." I said. I could feel Pigma's fear, and realization that my friends had tricked him into talking.

"That's better! Now, where might Star Wolf hide after escaping from jail!?" asked Todd. "Where do you think they'd go, Tawd!?" I asked, smirking. "Wolf always said you were a useless dimwit, Pigma. You'll never get revenge on him, he's right about that as well." said Misty nonchalantly. "Oh he said tha' stuff, did he!? Well, sweet cakes, it turns out I know the mos' likely place that they'd hide within the Lylat System!" I said with a burp.

"And where might that be?" asked Madame Vulpine. I grinned from ear to ear. "You'll find thos' backstabbin', two-timin' bastardz, hiding in 'Meteor Land Amusement Park', on the gian' awtificial Meteor tha' got abandoned in that stupid pwoject, an' was used by that crackpawt Andross foar a bit. Now Staw Wolf got themselves a base out theah, in the theme pawrk area!" Pigma said. The light in the room stopped glowing blue, and Pigma disappeared, for now. I let out a long breath.

"Well, there you have it." said Todd.

As Madame Vulpine blew out the candles and the flames in the lanterns, Misty turned on the lights...and we saw Fox, Krystal, Tigress, and Kylie standing in the doorway, looking horrified. "We heard the whole thing." said Tigress, confirming my suspicions.

*that's it for this chapter*

Where's the Bathroom!?
An Historic British manor house from the...15th Century, Apethorpe Hall, is up for sale:


That's right. 48 rooms, NO TOILET. Also, $155,300 in maintenance costs, and a government requirement that the hall be open to the public for at least 28 days a year. Price tag: 2.5 million Great British Pounds (about $3,882,500)

"In days of old when Knights were bold, and toilets were not invented, they left their load by the side of the road and went away contented." xD

(That was a hilarious remark left in the comments)

You're welcome

"In days of old when Knights were bold, and toilets were not invented, they left their load by the side of the road and went away contented."

Diary of a Mad Furry
Aww, you poor guy! I'm sorry! I'd bring you one if I could!

Invitation to Darkness
OW! I hope you get better real soon dude!

Diary of a Mad Furry
Yup, I sure did! Oh, by the way, I edited my post 'cause I forgot to name the truck that I got the burger from.

Diary of a Mad Furry
Good God my mom sure is being a b!tch again today...she's just mad 'cause she had no work today, but she cheered up when she got a call for work, thank God.

Last Saturday, I had fun at a film fest in a nearby grassy area in front of the LA Colosseum. We watched "Napoleon Dynamite" on a giant inflatable screen, and there was a dance competition to see who could dance most like Napoleon Dynamite, and the hostess of that contest was none other than the actress who played as LaFawnda from that movie. I even met her at the gate (didn't recognize her at first *facepalms*).

I ate a really awesome burger from one of the many food trucks (NOT "Roach Coaches", they were very sanitary and safe), I ate from a heavy metal themed burger truck, called "Take It To The Face", where the chef personally recommended the "Dee Snyder Burger", a delicious half pound burger that had cream cheese, strawberry jam, and potato chips in the burger. WOW! It was delicious! And the drinks were reasonably priced...

I had fun that night...

I also had fun yesterday when my friend and I also toured these historical old houses kept together and restored in this outdoor museum. These Victorian Mansions, churches, coach barns, and other buildings from that time gone by, once sat in fine neighborhoods, which became slums over time, and the mansions were moved via truck bed, sometimes more than once, before being brought to this museum, where they were restored and used as a tourist entertainment museum for historical building enthusiasts like myself, by NPO Historical Preservation Societies.

[ti]BA[/ti]Fixing your NES
I tell you this though, don't use those crappy "Retro/Dual Consoles" that claim to be able to play any NES and any SNES game cartridge, when they really can't.

[ti]SF[/ti]The Secret of Gavel (RP)
May 29 2012, 05:52 PM
Through the wall, all there was in front of them were nothing but stairs. Just an endless set of stairs.

The stairs seemed like they would never end, until they saw a light at the bottom. When they reached the bottom they stepped out in a large open snowy field. Sapphire stopped dead. This looked exactly like the open field from her dream...

Cave and all.
"Damn...this is insane!" Todd said quietly, as he took in all of this.

Invitation to Darkness
I had all of mine removed. I heard they may have been useful when early, primitive/New Jersey-like man had longer, bigger mouths. :P

[ti]SF[/ti]The Secret of Gavel (RP)
Todd shrugged, and followed the girls through the wall..."Take on meee...TAKE ON ME, taaaake, meeee, on!" Todd sang, as he walked through the wall. ( :P )


Invitation to Darkness
I figured it might have been your wisdom teeth (I hate those things...why did mankind ever have those?)

[ti]SF[/ti]The Secret of Gavel (RP)
"I... I don't know, but this fire is harmless. I can't feel any heat or pain or anything." She waved his paw around. It lit up the dark basement like a torch. "Wow! This is all so cool!"

After waving it around for a bit, she noticed that the light it cast didn't shine on the part of the wall with the text on it.

Curious, she placed her paw on the wall.....

...only he couldn't. It went right through the wall.

She yelped in surprise and inched her way closer, sticking her entire arm through it. She looked back, smiled back at the group, and disappeared behind the wall.

"Sapphire!? What the hell!?" Todd said, scared stiff over seeing this.

May 28 2012, 09:24 PM
Well to be honest I didn't knew where to post this :animesweat: , but anyway take a look at this

Found it in the krystal archive (this kind of things are the things that make me coming back :P )
Dude, that was AWESOME!

Thanks for posting that (and for coming back, it's good to see you caat!)

Invitation to Darkness
May 28 2012, 09:37 AM
Something is about to be blown up! Curse this infernal jaw of mine! it keeps feeling like it is getting dislocated, then pop into place when I close my Jaw. I looked up TMD online thanks to suggestions from people on FB. Sounds about right, but not self diagnosing just yet. The strange thing is it is on the same side I had an issue with six years ago, except I could not open my jaw at all (or just barely open it). The funny part is, I found that that problem also occurs from this TMD. JUST TAKE THE DAMN JAW AND GIVE ME A TOOTHY AUTOMAIL ONE XD
Oh s***!

I hope they can fix that, dude! Sorry to hear that about your jaw.

[ti]SF[/ti]The Secret of Gavel (RP)
"Awww, sh*t, that's not a good sign!" Todd said. He had followed the others into the house, walked on the stairs, heard and wondered with the others where Skip was, and seen the spot on the wall with thee caption, heard the words read aloud from the book, seen Sapphire double over from pain, and now he was witnessing her right paw burst into flame, without actually burning her. "I wish Madame Vulpine was here, she could shed some light on this situation." he muttered.

RyDer's Rant Page
Aw, man, I'm sorry to hear that. Your SiL sounds like a selfish, lazy pig. Seems that there's one in every family (my Aunt is like that). Sorry your family doesn't treat you right. You do have a future and unlimited potential, especially with your degrees.

RyDer's Rant Page
I'm still here! :D (Though I agree with you)

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