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Diary of a Mad Furry
*blows off the dust*

Well, it's been a while since I posted here.

Today, my dental appointment was good, clean bill of health, thank God. No cavities or stuff like that. I went to lunch with my dad to Round Table Pizza, got the all you can eat salad and pizza lunch deal. I also played Carnieval in the arcade there for the first time ever...that game is damn hard.

The local silver foxes really like me. The show up during the day now, and I feed them.

Gonna go to the train museum.

Out On A Limb...
Chapter 8

The Galatae was nearby, in Erandani's inner space. The soldiers aboard it would utilize Roseogia's drop ships, deployed from it, and land all over the hinterlands of Psovaz. However, one third of the ships, and soldiers in them would remain aboard as reserves, in case of trouble.

We would use Todd's Malestrom, he would fly it, Lola would provide covering fire, as Tigress, Silas, myself, and Conrad would storm the headquarters. The rest of Team Star Fox would either provide air support, or fly in their own craft to aid in the ground forces campaign for diversions, sabotage, and aiding the insurgents in the city.

As we flew up to the Galatae, we met the troops already aboard, getting geared up and into the drop ships. Many of them congratulated me, and wished us all luck, and I wished them the same. We went over the plans, armed ourselves, and got ready.

I sat with Todd, Lola, Tigress, Silas, and Conrad, on the Malestrom. "This is it." I said. "You nervous?" asked Tigress. "Kinda..." I said. I wasn't gonna lie. "Me too." Tigress grinned at me, reassuringly.


The drop ships landed outside of Psovaz, and the soldiers made their way in. I saw additional crafts, the personal craft of Team Star Fox, either landing or circling the capitol. The Malestrom flew just outside of the capitol. We waited.

Ten minutes later, an explosion happened at a fuel depot. The was the first sign. Next, about twenty minutes later, a fire started in an old warehouse on the other side of town. Then two cargo vessels had an "accident". Then the train in the city was derailed. Five minutes later, the city power went out. A riot broke out next. That was our signal.

We flew towards the headquarters, as the Roseogia forces began to storm the city, attacking the beleaguered ad confused Erandani defense forces, who were scattered, and trying to clean up the mess we and the underground guerrilla forces made.

We landed, and Lola got out, took a defensive position, and covered us as we got out, and headed towards the headquarters. Lola got back in the Malestrom, and stayed just inside the door. "Watch out, Julius!" Silas said. I got to my knees and fired, as the two guards protecting the headquarters did the same.

I hit one of them, Tigress got the other one. We stormed the building, as laser fire pierced the air around us. Tigress kicked open the door, Conrad checked the entrance, and said "It's clear!". We followed him to the upstairs corridor. "Second floor, third door!" Silas reminded him. Conrad nodded, and kicked open that door.

"Hands up! Don't move!" shouted the four of us. The three commanders looked surprised. We had before us the Chief of the Secret Police, the General of the Army, and the General of the Air and Space Forces.

One of them reached for his weapon, but Tigress smashed his forearm with a downward blow. "I said 'HANDS UP'!" she growled. We had them cuffed with zip ties, then we dragged them back down the corridors, stairs, and out into the Malestrom. Todd took off before the doors were even closed on his ship. "We got them!" Lola announced on the communications channel. Todd turned on the shields, and we were peppered by laser fire. The enemy space fighters were swarming on us!

Todd fired back, hitting some of them. But Fox, Falco, Krystal, Slippy, Katt, Fay, Fara, Miyu, Pal, Akasha, Kylie, and Edge flew towards us, taking out the remaining enemy ships. "We'll escort you to safety!" said Pal. "Meh, thanks, but I had them under control!" Todd joked. We all laughed. "Shut up, Todd." said Tigress.

The allied forces retreated. They used stolen Erandani vehicles to retreat back to the secret base where Tigress, Conrad, Silas, and I had escaped to earlier on Erandani. We docked on the Galatae, the whole Star Fox Team. After flying the Galatae back to Roseogia, we delivered the three leaders of Erandani, and were greeted by cheering crowds.

Driffon congratulated us.

"You did it! Congratulations, I knew you could do it! THANK YOU!" he said. We celebrated, and Misty and I shared a long, deep kiss in the town square of the capitol city of Roseogia.

Later, we learned of the losses. One fourth of the Roseogia forces were killed in the battle. Several dropships were destroyed. It was a terrible price to pay, but it was expected in war. Fortunately, Team Star Fox lost no one, and the damages to our ships were minimal. At least with the three chiefs of Erandani in custody, real peace for Tau Ceti was now possible.

*that's it for this chapter*

Out On A Limb...
Chapter 7

This was a major victory for us. Upon reading the captured files I stole from Erandani, we found out that a pending invasion would happen in a few days, right here on Roseogia. "I say we strike the capital, capture the leaders, and put an end to this!" said Falco. "I agree. We need to nip this in the bud, we're running out of time!" said Driffon.

"We'll need to use a whole strike force." I said.

"But the capital might not be so heavily defended, what with the Erandani forces gearing up for an invasion." said Slippy.

"Yeah, and although a sneak attack would be unnoticed, and a strike force would not, I say that overwhelming invasion forces trump a limited defense." I said.

"They'll call for reinforcements." Driffon warned me.

"Not if you have enough soldiers to hold them off." said Todd.

"Don't forget a good distraction." said Lola.

"Who says we should have just one distraction? I say we stir up trouble in the outskirts of the capitol, and use those as signals to each other." said Fox.

"That's right! One signal can act to start other signals. We needn't limit it to explosives. There's power outages, fires, train derailments, flooding, spills, etc." said Krystal.

"Okay, it's settled then. Team Star Fox, you create the diversions, one after the other. WE will hit the headquarters, and take out the three leaders." said Driffon. "Some of us should go with him, especially those of us who know the HQ, having been there before." said Tigress.

"Right. Tigress, Julius, Silas, and Conrad will escort the strike team. Don't move until all of the diversions have been set in place!" said Fox. "The underground movement there is willing to help, I'll try to get them to aid in the diversions, they know the city quite well." said Driffon.

"How's Quitto?" I asked. "He's fine...recovering." said Driffon.

"Great!" the rest of us said.

We worked the rest of the day on our plan to invade Erandani's capital, Psovaz.

*that's it for this chapter*

Sorry to double post, but look here:


It's the silver fox who visits me.

Any Discworld fans?
Not me, personally. Sorry. :/

Do want!
This is the thread to post images, videos, or descriptions of what you want, maximum three at a time per post, please. These things need not actually exist, or exist yet. I'll start.


For the record...I don't want the car, I want the fembot. :eyebrow:

[ti]SW[/ti]OH MY GAWWD!
Congratulations, kiddo! You look great!

Out On A Limb...
Chapter 6

"What's taking Quitto so long!?" I said out loud, as we waited in the warehouse at the edge of Psovaz. "Just be quiet and calm down. He'll get here." said Tigress. "I think we should go back to the safe house." said Silas, nervously. "NO! just hold out a little longer. I know Quitto, he's reliable. The weather or the enemy air traffic is probably holding him back!" said Doggle.

"Julius has a point though, as does Silas. We can't wait here forever, and the secret police could arrive at any minute!" said Conrad. "Just keep your voices down, and they won't find us." Tigress said, staring out the dusty windows. After what seemed like forever, the Slip Star craft came our way. "Something's wrong...Quitto's a better plot than that!" said Doggle. We all noticed the craft banking to the right a bit too much. It landed, although barely straightening out in time.

We ran outside and opened the side door. "Quitto!" said Doggle. We checked the pilot's seat. Quitto was slumped over in the seat, like a doll or a puppet. He wasn't breathing. "Heart attack!" said Conrad, noticing. "NO! What do we do now!?" said Doggle. "Put him in the back, I'll fly us out of here!" I said. "Do you even know how this thing works!?" asked Doggle. "No better time to learn than now, unless you can fly this thing!" I said. Doggle shook his head. "I can't." he said glumly.

"Well, we can't just leave Quitto, or the craft here. We gotta leave NOW. We don't have a choice!" I said. We unstrapped Quitto and laid him down in the back, securely. I started up the Slip Star, and we took off. A missile rose from the ground, and barely missed us.

"Great job, Julius!" said Doggle. "Yeah, way to go!" said Silas. "Nice one, Julius!" said Tigress. "That took some guts there, Jules!" said Conrad. "Thanks guys, but we can't celebrate too soon. We gotta find the outpost on Erandani, and get together with the group." I said.

"Not to mention get Quitto to a doctor. He's always been a great friend, and he risked his life for ours." said Doggle. "Where do we go from here, where's the outpost?" asked Conrad. "In the mountains. This is going to be very dangerous, the mountains tend to develop nasty weather at high altitude here." Doggle warned.

I flew us towards the mountains, and sure enough, dark, nasty looking storm clouds were gathering. "At least the enemy forces can't find us in this mess." I said. "Don't be so sure. These guys are real risk takers." Doggle said. "Maybe I should fly around in circles, try to get my bearings?" I said. "Bad idea, we can't waste time and risk being found." said Conrad. I nodded, and headed straight into the storm clouds. The cabin grew dark, illuminated only by the instrument panel lights. "Wooooooo!" I joked. "Shut up, Julius!" Tigress said, but in amusement, not anger.

The turbulence started, then it got worse. "If I descend, we can avoid this mess!" I said. "But you'll risk hitting a mountain!" said Conrad. "If we climb, we'll hit more turbulence!" I said. "It's your call!" said Doggle.

I decided to descend to 10,000 feet.

The cloud cover ended, and I was weaving us around the mountain peaks, after leveling us off. "Where are we?" I said, looking at the dark mountains around us. "We may be very close, but unfortunately, there's also an enemy outpost here nearby as well. You could radio for help, and our allies may be able to guide you to safety. Unfortunately, our enemies could overhear you, and lock in on us. If that happens, we're done for." said Doggle, nervously.

I thought about it for a minute, and said "Screw it, I'll risk it."

Despite my teammates protests, I tried anyway. "Quiet!" I said to them, as I turned on the communication system.

"Calling any friends willing to help. Our aircraft is in trouble. Pilot is unconscious, possible dead. Repeat, SOS. Anyone out there!?" I said.

After a few minutes of silence, a voice said "Aircraft in danger, we'll help you out. Head out onto a course of 40 degrees northeast, altitude of 14,000 feet, wind speed of 100 knots. We can escort you to safety." said a voice.

We all breathed a sigh of relief. But then the radio crackled on again.

"Slip Star in trouble, we read you loud and clear. We'll send an escort craft to guide you to safety. Don't listen to that first message! Maintain your present altitude, circle, and leave your transponder on. Help is on the way!" said another voice.

Uh oh!

"One of those has to be a trap, but who!?" said Doggle. "Who indeed..." said Silas, glumly. It could be either of them. That's when it hit me. "Wait! That second message said 'Slip Star in trouble'! How did THEY know we were in a Slip Star craft!? This is a last minute secret rescue mission, right? No one on our side would know about our craft!" I said. "He's right!" said Doggle. "Yeah!" said Silas. "Smart thinking, Julius!" said Tigress, rubbing my hair. I piloted 40 degrees northeast, at an altitude of 14,000 feet, at 100 knots. Sure enough, two friendly crafts, both of them Slip Stars, joined us.

"We got you there! Okay pilot, just lower to 8,000 feet, and follow us! Be careful! See those mountain peaks sticking out of the clouds? There's some you can't see that can really ruin your flight, if you don't know how to avoid them. Just stay behind us, and go where we go!" said a voice over the radio.

I followed the other pilots. Some of the peaks were visible and poking out of the clouds, making them easy to avoid, but others were hidden, but still a threat, as the pilots had warned me. It all seemed like a dream as I headed through the thick white cloud cover. Soon the base landing strip was visible,,and the pilots ahead of me landed. A voice from the control tower guided me down gently, and we landed.

"Thanks everyone!" I said. "You're welcome!" said the control tower operator and the pilots. "We did it!" I cheered, getting out of my seat after taking off the straps. We cheered, but for some reason, Doggle was strangely quiet. Military vehicles converged on our spot, and the soldiers opened the door.

Driffon was there! "Congratulations! You did it!" he cheered. As we emerged from the craft, I explained to him about Quitto, and he nodded. "The medics are here to help him, and we have an in-house doctor. Quitto should be okay, if he's not already dead." he assured me. "He's still alive! But only barely, though." a medic said, as they loaded Quito onto a stretcher, and then carried him off to the main building.

Driffon and Doggle approached each other. They hugged, patted each other on the back, only for Driffon to handcuff Doggle. "What is the meaning of this!?" Doggle shouted. "You're under arrest, TRAITOR!" said Driffon. Two heavily armed, large soldiers came forward and dragged Doggle away, as he screamed "NOOOOO!".

Driffon turned to us. "Doggle is working as a spy for the Erandani secret police. We only found out recently, but we didn't want to tip our hand while he was with you, we wanted you to bring him to us!" he said. "Well done!" he added.

"No wonder we almost got shot down upon takeoff." I said. "I suspected him from the start. We got captured the moment we met with him. It seemed too convenient." said Conrad.

Another military vehicle showed up, an A.P.C. The back opened, and my team, Star Fox, came pouring out. "You did it! Congratulations!" they shouted. Madame Vulpine hugged and kissed Conrad, Krystal and Akasha hugged Tigress, Fara hugged and kissed Silas, and Misty...she ran up and jumped in my arms, and I held and kissed her. As we exchanged a long kiss, I felt so happy to see her again. I set her down, and she said "I'm so glad to see you again! I have some good news!" she said. "What!?" I asked excitedly.

"I'm NOT pregnant!" she told me. "YESSS!" I cheered. I hugged and kissed her again, and the others laughed. "Fay confirmed that I'm not pregnant!" Misty said. "I'm sure she's not, but make sure to get a doctor's second opinion, after they're done with Quitto." Fay said. Misty and I nodded.

"By the way, everyone, I have these! I stole them from the base!" I said. I took out the information drives, and handed them to Driffon. "You managed to steal THESE!?" he said in shock. I told him of our escape from the headquarters of the Erandani Secret Police, and how I used a soldier/secret police disguise to move about the base. "Brilliant! This information could no doubt change the course of this war! Thank you, Julius! The Tau Ceti galaxy owes you unlimited gratitude!" he said.

"I couldn't have done it without my teammates, who are also my friends." I said. "Well, you did most of this, so you deserve more of the credit!" said Tigress. "Naw, I wanna share it with you guys!" I said. "That's cool, Julius!" said Fox. The others nodded. We went into the rebel base for debriefing, and to rest. For now, we had done enough.

*that's it for this chapter*

Out On A Limb...
Chapter 5

We settled into the small, dark cafe. Over in the corner was Doggle, our contact liaison. We gathered around the table, and he nodded to us. "Thank you for your assistance. I've received word from Roseogia of your arrival, just before you came in here. Your team and the people of Roseogia wish you luck. Also, which one of you is this 'Julius Quasar'?" he said. "Me." I replied. "Ah, yes...well, Julius, someone named 'Misty' said to tell you she has some important news for you!" he said. "What?" I asked. "She's pregnant...." Doggle replied.

"WHAAAT!?" I said. "Apparently, she's pregnant. At least she's sure she is." Doggle replied. "Damn..." I said, in shock. "We'll deal with that later!" Tigress said to me. She then turned to Doggle. "Thank you. Now, regarding the Erandani situation..." she said. I myself drifted off, mentally. Pregnant!? Misty!? Looks like all of our fooling around caught up to us. I had to survive this conflict! I didn't want Misty to have to raise our child on her own, or for our kid to grow up without a father. How was that even possible though!? Misty and I are different species...Oh well, anything's possible, I guess.

"JULIUS!" Tigress elbowed me. "UH!" I replied, recoiling from the impact. "Pay attention!" said Tigress. Doggle chuckled at me. Tigress turned to Doggle, and said "If we don't strike soon, then..." but she was cut off by the sound of a whistle blowing, and the front door of the cafe being kicked in.

The cafe patrons screamed, and some of them tried to run out the back door, but to no avail. The Erandani Secret Police broke down the front door, and the back door of the cafe. The streamed in, and aimed their guns at us, and shouted "Down, down! Everybody down! Hands up! Freeze!".

Tigress, Silas, Conrad, Doggle, and I got to our knees, and surrendered. We were all under arrest, by order of the Erandani Secret Police. Apparently, someone on our side had been captured by these creeps, and after lengthy 'interrogations', he spilled the location of a secret rebel meeting place.

We were all shackled, and led into a prisoner transport ship. The ship took us to the command center in the heart of Psovaz.

As we were being unloaded, we were all led through the command center, through many different corridors...I tried to memorize as much as I could. Everyone was put into a single cell. We were separated, and forbidden to talk to each other. A few days went by. I remember being interrogated, and even being taken before the heads of the army, the air force, and the intelligence service (secret police).

The questions, the beatings...Tigress was only questioned, from what I learned later. Conrad was able to take the interrogations. Silas even held out. One day, as we were being led to our cells, along with some other citizens of Erandani and Roseogia, I came up with an idea.

"This is all YOUR fault!" I shouted to Doggle, after I winked at him. "What are you talking about!?" Doggle said. "You got us arrested you jerk!" I said, kicking him. My hands were chained, as were all of our hands, we were linked together. "Shut up!" Doggle said, kicking me right back. We started fighting, and pounding each other with our hands.

"Stop it you two!" said a guard, trying to pull us apart. Tigress, Conrad, and Silas joined the "fight", as did the others. The secret police used shock prods on us to make us stop. Man that hurt! But I managed to steal the keys off of one of the guards and hide them in my mouth before I went down.

We were taken back to our cells, but I was taken to "the hole", or their equivalent of it. "This one here started a fight." a guard explained to the commanding officer. "Well then, we'll have to teach our guest here some manners, now won't we!" came the officer's response. I was shoved into the dark cell, with only the light from the holes in the top and the bottom of the door to allow me to see.

Things went quiet for a while. I used the key to unlock the cell door, after getting my arm out through the bottom hole just enough to reach the keyhole. Success! I let myself out, and then made my way to the guard quarters. I let myself in, and made my way past the two guards, who were arguing over something stupid...I stole a uniform, put it on, and packed my clothes in the supply field bag. Then I headed to the evidence locker, and took back my gear, Tigress' gear, Silas' gear, and Conrad's gear, stuffing it all into my gear bag. Suddenly, I had a brilliant idea! As I sneaked past the guards, I went into one of the offices, where I got to a computer. The system was fairly easy to use, and I was able to access some computer files, download them, and save them onto information drives, before stashing them in my bag. I used my stolen keys to head down the halls, and unlock every cell door.

I let Tigress, Conrad, and Silas out first, then the others...as we ran out of the building, an alarm went off. The secret police tried to seal the building with the strong metal security doors, which slammed shut over the entrances and exits to the building, but they were too late. All they did was block their own forces from chasing the escaping prisoners.

We made it, and one of the prisoners, Doggle, showed us to a nearby safe house, and we stayed there. I passed out our confiscated gear among my friends, who thanked me. "Great job there, Julius!" said Conrad. "Yeah, nice touch!" said Silas. "You plan that, or was it a spur of the moment?" asked Tigress. "A little bit of both." I grinned. I changed out of the uniform, and back into my clothes.

Silas set up a secure communications system, and he contacted the Roseogia HQ. Conrad and Doggle explained the situation to Driffon and Fox. "...got it? We will send 'Quitto' to help you! He will pick you up, and bring you to the secret base on Erandani. We'll try to meet you there ASAP!" said Fox. "Got it!" said Conrad. We ended communications, packed up the gear, and headed to the edge of the city. Doggle came with us.

We waited for Quitto to arrive, with the 'Slip Star' spacecraft to pick us up, and get us to the safe zone of Erandani.

*that's it for this chapter*

Out On A Limb...
Chapter 4

The next day, we loaded up our gear into the Galatae. Our personal ships were loaded up as well, along with our weapons, and anything else we could use. After checking in with General Pepper, who visited McCloud Ranch, and handed us the briefing materials, and wished us luck, we set out for Tau Ceti.

"This is important, not only to the citizens of Tau Ceti, but to Lylat as well!" warned General Pepper. "Good luck!" he added. "Thank you, sir!" said Fox. He elbowed Todd, who stood next to him, staring blankly. "Oof! Uh-yeah! Good luck too-I mean thank you, sir." Todd said, looking half asleep. Fox rolled his eyes, and Krystal fought down a giggle, as did Lola and Misty.

We were on our way there...Misty and I enjoyed our time together in our cabin.

First, we had a bit of foreplay. Misty changed into an outfit, and danced in front of me, as I played some music. She removed her short wrap robe, revealing the thong bikini and miniskirt she was wearing underneath it, and I tossed some money her way. She removed her miniskirt, and I tossed some more money her way. She then removed her bikini top, and twirled the tassels on her breasts. I tossed some more money her way. I pretended to be out of cash, and I asked Misty "Do you take ATM cards here?". "Sure." she replied. As she bent down in front of me to gather up her clothes, I ran my ATM card down her butt crack, over the thong material. Misty gasped, pretending to be horrified, and slapped me, playfully of course, but in a way where she was pretending to be mad at what I did.

We had sex for a while, showered, watched tv, and did a little bondage fetish play. This time, Misty wore white leotards, and I zipped her up in a special sack, shaped to look like a perfect yellow banana skin/peel. The zippers only worked from the outside, and I sealed her in. Then I straddled her, caressed her, and kissed her as she lay inside the banana peel. I then gently stood her up, and unzipped the multiple zippers, working as if I were peeling an actual banana, and Misty stood seductively inside the banana peel sack as I removed it. We had sex for a while. After showering off, we relaxed in the bridge area.

"You two having fun?" Falco teased, when he and Katt saw us enter. "Huh?" I asked. Falco smiled, and Katt said "You two made a lot of racket in your room. Whoever said 'In space, no one can hear you scream' wasn't traveling with you two!" she said, before laughing. Misty blushed a bit.

"We're used to it. Todd and Lola are always carrying on like that. Don't feel embarrassed." Falco reassured Misty. She breathed a sigh of relief and sat down in my lap, in a chair. Fox and Krystal entered the bridge, followed by Tigress, Akasha, and Slippy. "How are things, Falco?" Fox asked.

"We'll be there in a little bit. We're two thirds distance from Tau Ceti as it is. Which Planet is the resistance headquarters?" he asked. "It's 'Planet Roseogia'. It's a very stormy, wet planet, but a perfect place for the rebels to hide. It's at the very edge of Tau Ceti." said Akasha, showing us on the star map.

"Good. We'll set up there, and meet with our contact, who will tell us where to go on Eridani. The government and military of Erandani is planning for a strike on Roseogia, to crush the bulk of the resistance forces, and break the spirits of the remaining resistance forces in the galaxy. We need to find out what they're planning exactly, when and where they plan to strike, and how." said Fox.

"The resistance is counting on us, so we can't fail." Krystal said. "Plus we don't have any room for error." said Kylie, as he entered the bridge, having listened to our conversation. "I'll alert the others that we're nearly there!" I volunteered. "Good. You do that Julius. Misty, go with him." Tigress said. Misty and I got up, and went to the different rooms to tell our teammates of the situation.


We landed on Roseogia. The tropical rain was moving in. The clouds concealed us, and we were able to land safely in the heart of rebel territory. As we disembarked, we were greeted by Driffon, a rebel lieutenant. He was tall, lanky, grey skinned, and slightly acromegalic.

"I'm so glad you could make it." he said, in a soft spoken voice. He led us into the HQ, which was built into the mountain side. It was a concrete and steel building, with well placed windows. I saw the large skylights overhead. Why were those there? It seemed like a bad idea for such a rainy place. "It's usually sunny in this region, except during the rainy season." Driffon told me, noticing my confusion.

"Oh, I see." I said. "Why so many windows? Aren't these types of headquarters more...'underground'?" asked Todd. "That's among the first type of places our enemies would search. This place is a front, an office building, but we're using it as our secret HQ." said Driffon.

I noticed other beings milling about, wearing business and office attire, answering phones, working at computers....they could have just been working a typical 9 to 5 office job like on my planet. Many of these beings looked like Driffon, tall, lanky, grey skinned. Some had red hair, others blonde, brown, or black...yet others had purple, green, or blue colored hair.

We went into a corner office, where an armed security guard stood present. He nodded at Driffon, and let all of us in, before closing the door behind us. Driffon sat at his desk, as we took seats on the couches and chairs. "Now then, let me welcome you, and thank you, once again for your help. This means a lot to us. The government of Eridani is growing ever more threatening. If we lose our war with them here, then Lylat won't be far behind for conquest. I'm sure you don't want that." he said.

"No way!" Slippy said. Driffon smiled, and said "Great. Now, we'll need some of you to volunteer and go on a reconnaissance mission into the very heart of enemy territory, and find the information we need. You'll need someone who is skilled at covert ops, as well as a skilled technician, a scout, and muscle to protect you. You all can decided who's going in. I must warn you, there's no guarantees on making it safely out alive. This could very well be a suicide mission." Driffon warned us, in an ominous tone.

We, the Star Fox Team, were then led into the conference room, where we spoke in private amongst ourselves. After debating what to do, and who to send, we finally settled on our decisions. "Okay then it's settled." Fox said. Silas was going to go, as our technician. Conrad, our recon and covert ops expert, due to his Cornerian Intelligence Agency training and experience. Tigress went as our muscle, and our scout was going to be..." Julius? You understand me?" Fox said. "Oh! Yeah..." I replied. "What did I just say?" Fox asked me.

"Leave no one behind, and don't get caught." I said. "Lucky guess!" Fox grumbled. I knew because Madame Vulpine told me telepathically what Fox had told me. "Thanks." I said to her quietly, as Fox left the room and spoke with Driffon back in the corner office. "You're welcome." she told me.

Later, Tigress, Silas, Conrad, and I were flying towards Eridani, in Todd's Malestrom ship. Todd engaged the shields and the cloaking device, and flew us to the edge of Psovaz, the capital city of Eridani. The four of us headed for "Cafe Qwatteaux", our contact point. Here the weather was perfect...sunny, not too cold, not too warm. The city looked well maintained, and well kept. Unfortunately, there were some slums surrounding the city, but they were blasted to rubble, probably from government and rebel conflicts.

I was nervous, but Tigress took my shoulder, and gently squeezed it, reassuringly. I took her hand, and smiled with relief. As we entered the cafe, I though "Well, at the risk of sounding cliche, here goes nothing!".

*that's it for this chapter*

Out On A Limb...
Chapter 3

Misty and I had sex that night....I used this special a bondage and sensation device known as a "Vacuum Bed", a latex envelope spanned by a frame and a suction pump or floor vacuum removing most of the air in the envelope. The frame can be either a simple rectangle of pierced pvc pipes, joined by pvc joints, or three dimensional frames of various sizes, with a similar pvc construction. Ours was the rectangle of pierced pvc pipes.

Misty wore a black latex leotard, and I placed her in the vacuum bed, zipped it shut, and vacuumed out the air, trapping Misty in place. I stroked her gently through the latex envelope, and lay on top of her, rubbing against her, kissing her, and even tickling her, making her laugh, though she couldn't make a sound, being tightly encased like that. I did this for only a couple of minutes, then I let her out of the vacuum bed, so she wouldn't suffocate.

I let her out of the bed, and she zipped me in there, and did the same stuff to me for a short while. After letting me out of the vacuum bed, we both climbed into the vacuum bed together, but we didn't zip it shut or turn on the vacuum to suck out the air. We just had sex inside the vacuum bed, and then we showered off, swam in the indoor pool, and had sex again.

This time, we used the sacks from the time Misty was kidnapped, and I rescued her. I placed a sack over her, and then scooped her up inside a second sack, and carried her off upstairs, and pinned her to the bed, tickling her through the sacks, and laying on top of her. I kissed her through the sacks, and she tried to do the same to me. I let her out of the sacks, and we got under the covers together...

We lay in bed, exhausted, spent, but happy.

The next day, we simply went out and enjoyed the day together...we went to an amusement water park, a magic show theater performance, and then to the carnival that night. We went on the Ferris wheel, the spook house ride, the crazy spin ride, and Misty convinced me to ride the roller coaster.

After we enjoyed ourselves for that day, we had sex again that night, on the veranda, as the sun set.

Later that week, Fox called us in for an important meeting.

"Everyone, I wanted to thank you for coming, General Pepper has an important mission for us...one that will require us to strike in a very far away and dangerous star system, known as 'Tau Ceti'. A government there is planning a hostile military strike, and it will affect both Tau Ceti and the Lylat System, if we don't move NOW!" Fox said.

"What's going on?" Falco asked.

"There is a planet there, ruled by a government similar to the old governments on Julius' home planet, they use a form of leadership called 'Fascism'. I know, I know, hard to believe ANYONE in the universe still uses it. I thought Julius' planet was the last one to use it, but apparently not. Conrad will brief us on the details." Fox said.

Conrad stood before us now.

"Okay everyone, listen up. This Planet is known as 'Eridani' was once ruled by a corrupt, inept dictatorship. Revolutionaries, led by a charismatic leader, overthrew this regime, only to become just as bad as those they replaced in power. After their original leaders died mysteriously, their lieutenants seized power, and this regime became even more totalitarian and brutal than before. The Eridani secret police are the most feared entity in all of Tau Ceti. These beings are humanoid, much like Julius, though they are different in appearance. They are taller, and more lanky, this is probably because of the low gravity on Planet Eridani.

This very planet is like a tropical paradise, with mild weather, temperate climate...it's very much like Planet Zoness, except it has more land mass, and continents. There are some cold mountain climates, some deserts, as well as jungles, swamps, forests, farms, and cities.

The people are repressed by this government, which ironically practices what they call 'Totalitarian Liberty'. They speak of freedom, but the Fascist Military Junta represses the citizens. By law, all citizens must serve in the militias, and report for military training. The militia are prohibited from owning weapons, but the military are not. In fact, members of the military enjoy many privileges, freedoms, and benefits, as well as preferential treatment, excellent pay, and they are bestowed with many honors, and immunities from the laws passed on the citizenry/militia.

The military eventually drafts anyone who serves in the militias, the militia members wait to be called, usually it's done by way of a raffle or similar selection process, though nepotism is known to be utilized by senior officers of the military. The Secret Police is comprised 100% of semi-retired military.

Mandatory curfews are in effect. There are restrictions on travel and communication. However, there are underground resistance movements, though they are scattered, and weak. We must work to unite them, and to spy on the Eridani government, and gather the intel needed to defeat them before they can strike their intended targets both in Tau Ceti and the Lylat System." Conrad explained, as the hologram images of the Eridani planet, people, and government were shown.

"First thing tomorrow morning, we will head out, so get ready, do what you need to do, and then get plenty of rest. General Pepper will see us off personally tomorrow before we leave!" said Tigress. We all nodded, and headed out.

"This seems really serious." I said to Misty, as we drove home. "Yeah..right out of nowhere, this comes at us..." Misty said, looking worried. I kissed her, and said "Nothing we can't handle as a team, right?" I said. "Right." she said as she smiled at me.

*that's it for this chapter*

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