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Scattered To The Winds
Chapter 20

I was filling out the bankruptcy papers...As I was finishing up and contacting the lawyer, I looked out at the runway of the airstrip that was part of McCloud Ranch. I saw Fara and Silas walking together, hand-in-hand. They were back together as a couple. I smiled at this, and reflected on how I got Misty back. Sometimes it took dire situations for things to work out, though not always.

I put away the paperwork after finishing it, and put the important stuff that my lawyer needed in the mailing envelope, then I put the addresses on it, and used the postage scale to determine the amount, and sent it. Even with Corneria's advanced society you still needed physical paperwork for legal procedures.

Fox came in after I returned from the mailbox. He had armloads of paperwork. "What'cha doin', Fox?" I asked. "Filing for bankruptcy. '80 year mortgage' my ass! I can't pay that!" he said with disgust. "So that means the team is gone?" I asked. "No, it just gives us debt relief. We owe way to much on the Great Fox, and we haven't the money to pay it. Considering our piss poor revenue generation, I'm going to protect the Great Fox and this Base from bank foreclosure." Fox sighed.

"Need some help?" I asked. "Not now I don't, but I'll call you and any other team member whose help I need, when I need it." Fox replied. "Okay. I just finished MY bankruptcy. I'm gonna go for a walk." I said. "Don't go far." Fox said. "I won't." I replied, heading out.

"THINK FAST!" Todd shouted, hitting me with Tricky's ball. I fell on my butt as the ball bounced and squeaked off of my face. Lola laughed, and Todd said "Sorry Julius." as the ball bounced and squeaked harmlessly away from me. Misty picked up the ball and threw it at Lola, who blocked it and scooped it up off of the ground.

We were throwing it around for a bit, and bouncing it until Fox called us in to help out with individual sections of the bankruptcy paperwork. The whole team took turns pitching in. Pal got out of the pool, wearing that iridescent cobalt blue one piece swimsuit and matching swim cap strutting into the room to help Fox. Fay, Tigress, and Slippy cleaned the machinery fluid from their hands before going in to help Fox...Silas and Fara walked in there, hand-in-hand still...

Falco and Katt rode their bikes up to the building and helped out, Krystal went in next, then Conrad rappelled off the roof of the building and headed in. Akasha rode on Kylie's shoulders as the went in next. Madame Vulpine headed in there, and then Edge, followed by Babs, went in next. Fay went in there to contribute to helping out, and finally as the sun set, Fox finished up the paperwork. We had it packaged, sealed, and I sent it out with my paperwork.

"Thanks team, we did a great job there today. I'm sorry it's under less fortunate circumstances, but it's the best way to protect from financial debt and ruin. We just have one more score to settle." Fox said.

"What's that?" I asked.

"Star Wolf..." Fox replied.


We got our ships prepped and ready. "Word on the street has it that Star Wolf is hiding out on Zoness. We'll get 'em for sure this time!" said Falco. The Galatae took us over to Zoness, where we flew down over the oceans. As we flew over the rebuilt hotels, resorts, casinos, and our secret headquarters there, I looked for the island that Fox showed us on the computer.

"It was an old depot of Andross', but it's been empty for quite a while now." Fox told us. "It's supposedly the last place there were seen." Krystal said over the comm channel. "I knew that was one of our hangouts when I was on Star Wolf." I said. "You ever been there?" asked Katt. "Once." I said.

"They got any traps or alarms we should know about?" Falco asked me. "Yeah, there are some of those alarm beacons, like the ones Andross used, to detect intruders. I'll shoot them out, and we can proceed along the back of the island." I said.

"We'll cover you in case of an ambush!" said Slippy. "It's just Wolf and Leon..." Todd said. "They might have backup, ruffians are a dime a dozen." warned Lola. "Don't underestimate our enemy, Todd darling." warned Madame Vulpine.

"Hopefully this won't be too difficult. Who knows, we might even catch them eating breakfast?" said Fara. We all laughed. "This is for Julius!" said Akasha. "And for trying to destroy our ship, using him to do so!" said Kylie. "We're gonna wreck them good!" said Tigress. "I'm gonna enjoy this, as will we all!" Misty said.

"I see the base!" said Fay. "And I see the beacons!" said Pal, firing. He took out one of them. "Great job, Pal!" said Miyu. She fired at another one and destroyed it. "Okay, I've opened up a path for us, but we should still try to take out as many as we can. You remember how many beacons there are, Julius?" she asked me.

"Probably more than there used to be, and if Star Wolf IS hiding here, they have upgraded security for sure!" I said. "Some of us should patrol the airspace, so those Star Wolf morons don't escape!" said Conrad. "Some of us should also go down there, to scout the island and maybe even flush them out!" said Edge. "Julius should lead the ground scouting expedition, he's been here before." suggested Babs.

"I'll go with Julius!" Misty said.

"Me too!" said Todd.

"Me as well!" said Conrad.

"And me!" said Fara.

"I'll go too!" said Babs.

"As will I!" said Kylie.

"Okay then, it's settled. We clear out the beacons, and then the scouting team can land!" said Fox. "Right!" the rest of us replied. We cleared out the beacon buoys, and then I landed with the scout team, our weapons readied. I lead them to a landing point at the rear of the island, behind the thick foliage.

"This way!" I said, leading us to a rock wall. I tapped around and then kicked through the fake rock face, and broke through to a hole. "The tunnel is the safest bet. We didn't use it because we always used the service bridge walkway, but that's monitored by cameras." I explained. The others nodded. We walked down the tunnel, and although it was a longer route, we made it to the old shipping depot main building unseen.

I quietly led the team to the covered outside stairs, and we made our way to the third floor, where I quietly opened the door, then led the team into the building, and down the fire stairs on the other side of the building and into the broken window on the second floor. "Alarms." I whispered, explaining.

We crept through the second floor, and we heard Leon and Wolf.

"I don't think it was right...the whole thing with Julius, and then Panther!" said Leon. "HEY! They made their decisions, they knew the risks!" said Wolf. "Panther was one thing, we had nothing to do with him gettin' caught. But JULIUS...even I find that wrong!" said Leon. "We knew his friends would shoot him down. Besides, his Wolfen wasn't really rigged with explosives, or Julius would be dead from that explosion. It was all a ploy to distract his friends while we got away." Wolf said. Leon and Wolf chuckled at this.

I was really mad!

We stormed into the room with our weapons held high. "Hold it right there jerks!" I said. Leon reached for his blaster but I shot him in the tail, and he yelped in pain. I then shot Wolf in the prosthetic eye, damaging it. "RRgh!" Wolf shouted, holding his hand over the damaged prosthetic eye. "You know how EXPENSIVE these are!?" he shouted to me. "You have the extended warranty and insurance!" said Leon, holding his hurt tail. "Shut up!" Wolf snapped at him.

"We're taking you into custody!" said Fara. "There's no reward out for us anymore!" said Leon. "We're not doing this for the reward! It's revenge!" I said. "And shooting out my eye and injuring Leon wasn't enough!?" Wolf complained. "Nope." I smirked. Leon pressed a button on the table, and then he and Wolf ran to a corner of the room. Misty, Todd, Babs, Kylie, Fara, Conrad, and I fired at them but the disappeared down a trapdoor in the floor, which snapped shut and locked behind them. Misty stamped on it, trying to reopen it. "It's locked!" Kylie said. "It won't reopen for at least three hours, it's a timed lock. C'mon, I know a better way!" I said. I led the team to the first floor via the covered stairs, and we went into the loading bay. "In here!" I pointed to a large mine-cart on tracks. "Now you're talkin'!" said Todd. We piled in, and we rode down the tracks, through the jungle, under the service bridge, and to the boat docks near the back of the island. I shot the track switch to make the lever move and take us to the docks at the back rather than at the front of the island, and we got out of the card when it stopped.

I led us to the beach where we first landed, only to see Fox and the rest of the team shoot down Wolf and Leon's Wolfen fighters. They landed near us and out ships, and we took out our weapons again. "Raise 'em!" said Babs. Leon and Wolf climbed out of their crashed ships, arms raised.

"I've got two words for you: 'LO-SER'!" I said to Star Wolf in my Pigma voice.

We used the stun cuffs, and dropped them off at the nearest CDF outpost. General Pepper contacted us and congratulated us on such a fine job. He also expressed his sympathies for our filing for bankruptcy. "I am glad to hear, however, that it is NOT the end of Star Fox." he commented. "Not as long as we're a team, together, and strong!" said Fox.

After all of that was done, we headed home.

"Guys, you did great, and I'm proud of you all. I'm so sorry that it came to this. But as long as we remain united, and we work together, we'll always be a team, even without 'a headquarters', or 'fighter spacecraft', or even our own motherships...what makes a team is MEMBERS, and great ones like all of us at that!" Fox said.

"Right on, Fox!" said Falco. "Hear, hear!" said Slippy! "Quite right, Fox!" said Krystal.

He was right. So what if we didn't have 'missions'? So what if we didn't make the money that we used to? Even if we lost the Great Fox, McCloud Ranch, or even McCloud Hall, the Galatae, and the Saucerer 2, along with all of our ships (though that would NEVER happen), as long as Team Star Fox had members, each of them with their own unique abilities and characteristics to bring to the table, and to contribute to that team, because THAT was what made Team Star Fox so awesome.


Thanks for reading!