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Julius Quasar's Fan Characters

Todd and Lola have some fancy new digs:

Todd and Lola now have their own place, just outside Corneria City:

McCloud Hall

McCloud Hall is a large, beautiful Gothic mansion on a solid seaside mountain bluff with a large private sandy beach and an indoor pool and indoor jacuzzi, sauna, great room, rec room, trophy room, with part of it made into a shrine to James McCloud, secret passages, vault, panic room, hidden surveillance cameras, alarms, turrets/towers, gargoyles, Gothic filigree walls, Gothic exposed truss and trestle ceiling beams, vaulted high arched ceilings, and/or coffer-ed ceilings, dining hall, armory, fireplaces, study, library, workout gym, ballroom, a theater with a stage, curtains, and seating, lots of suite rooms, gated and walled multi-acre park-like grounds, a hedge maze, dungeon, ramparts, aircraft hangar, clock tower, conservatory, solarium, and more...

"Well....we bought this place when it was in ruins...no one wanted to live here because of all the 'stories' surrounding it, and its 'history'..." Todd said. "We had it fixed it up, and we've never had any problems..." Lola added, smiling.

Todd and Lola fixed up and sold their loft in Corneria City to pay for the repairs to the mansion.

Planet Sauria: Cape Claw Cottage

Todd and Lola also have a beautiful cottage on Planet Sauria, a stone beach cottage in Cape Claw, they bought it after selling General Scales' Galleon back to him. General Scales stupidly gambled his Galleon away to Todd, and bought it back from Todd at a steep price, allowing Todd and Lola to buy that nice beach cottage in Cape Claw.

Todd's theme: "There's More to Me Than Meets the Eyes" by Ted Nugent
Lola's theme: "A Dark March" by Danger Mouse (The GTA: Liberty City Stories theme)
Edge's theme: "Livin' on the Edge" by Aerosmith
Akasha's theme: "I Found my Way" by Sally Dworsky
Babs' theme:
Pal's theme: "Madhouse" by Anthrax
Misty's theme:
Silas' theme:
Madame Vulpine's theme:
Conrad Morgenthal's theme: "Pie Jesu" From Requiem, Op. 48

Julius Quasar's Fan Characters
Another ship of Todd and Lola's:

Saucerer 2: an improved version of the Original Saucerer Mothership from SF64, its cannon is on the bottom, its core
generator on top, as a revolving recessed ring-like mechanism surrounding its core, and protecting its core, and
protected by a barrier shield. The Saucerer 2 can house lots of ships, it has 4 Hatches. It's purple, with 4 Giant Red Star Fox insignias, bigger than the original Saucerer, but takes 5 minutes to charge its core weapon, which is more powerful.

Helmsman Wilhelm (a.k.a. "Willie")-The A.I. Program of Saucerer 2, performs all tasks of Saucerer 2, takes on the Hologram Form of an anthropomorphic German Wiemmerhiner Dog in German WW1 Military Style Attire.


Pigma's old Star Fox Assault Ship, Modified: It has newer, better engines, and has twin hyperlasers. Its interior has been sanitized, reupholstered, and its exterior has been repainted blood red with a white Star Fox Emblem. Todd and Lola "found it".

Julius Quasar's Fan Characters
Name: Misty Bluehour
Age: 1 year older than Krystal(?)
Height: 5' 10"
Species: Cornerian Silver Vixen
Homeworld: Corneria
Physique: Curvy
Attire: Varies. Is known to dress like Krystal in tribal attire, or in a blue showgirl outfit like Kylie Minogue's,
or in a silver dance outfit like in "Moulin Rouge", but generally wears black leotards, a crimson skirt, fishnet stockings,
black Mary Jane ballet slippers, and a black jacket.

Occupation: Actress, Showgirl, Magician's Assistant, Bohemian Artist, Dancer, Singer, Musician, Spy/Mercenary for hire.

Weapons: Barrier Shield, Hyper-Laser Pistol (MP-7 Style), Dagger.

Vessel: Crab-like flying saucer with land and water exploring abilities, holds 6,
has retractable legs, arms, pinchers, and hyper-laser cannons, and smart bomb launching, heavy armor.

Strengths: Smart, Fast, clever, fearless, kind, good common sense, beautiful, good natured, patient, forgiving.

Weaknesses: Mischievous, sneaky, impulsive, flighty, mistrustful towards, paranoid, makes things more complicated than they need to be.

Personality: Misty is kind, quiet sometimes, and a hellraiser other times. She is unique, clever, flighty, secretive, mischievous, but well meaning, and altruistic.

Background: Misty grew up on Corneria, and Zoness, visiting her family's summer home there, and eventually buying it for herself for almost nothing. Her family consisted of talented performers, and she has been great friends of Todd McCloud and Lola Foxglove for years. She is a performer and artist, though not as big a performer as Lola Foxglove was, but she works as a spy/merc for hire as well, for reasons only known to herself.


Name: Silas Wormwood
Age: (Fox's Age)
Height: 6' 2"
Species: Cornerian Cobra (Black)
Homeworld: Corneria
Physique: Slender
Attire: Black Hooded Cape, Gray Clergyman's Robes, Fancy Black Boots

Occupation: Smuggler, Bootlegger, Arms Dealer, Forgerist, Ex-Jewler, Ex-precious metalsmith,
locksmith/safe cracker, Computer Cracker, Professional Kleptologist (of many kinds).

Weapons: Gurkha/Kurki Combat Knife, High Quality Laser Pistol, Knockout Gas "Fountain Pen" that also writes,
Plasma Grenades (carries 3 at a time, usually).

Vessel: "The Snakefang" is a Sleek, fast, maneuverable craft that resembles an Aparoid Missile, holds 2, with room for others in the back (no seats), has secret compartments, a cloaking device, ZVF Capabilities, Dual Hyper Lasers.

Strengths: Fast, Clever, Crafty, Good Memory, Resourceful. Logical, Rational, Practical, Cunning, Intelligent, Tech Savvy,
Great at code breaking.

Weaknesses: Physically Weak, Opportunistic, Socially Awkward, Conniving, Spiteful.

Personality: Morose, Reserved, Sneaky, Secretive, Moody, feels great pain when seeing loving couples, envious, spiteful, angry (but in a subtle way). Bitter, insecure, pessimistic. A tortured soul.

Background: Very little is known about Silas. He once had a lover, that he lost to tragedy. He has lived a life of hardship and misery.


Name: Madame Vulpine
Age: ???
Height: 5' 9"
Species: Cornerian/Cerinian(?) Red Vixen
Homeworld: ???
Physique: Curvy, Fit
Attire: Fishnet Stockings, Burgundy Hoop Skirt Dress, Burgundy Shawl, Black Boots, Gypsy Bejeweled Headdress, many different outfits (for stage).

Occupation: Actress, Singer, Dancer, Performer, Artist, Bohemian, Seer, Theater and Cafe Owner/Operator, Playwright, Theater Director, Gypsy, Magician.

Weapons: Dagger, Compact High Quality Laser Pistol, Temporary Hallucinogen Powder (in a crimson satin pouch). A Magic Staff that's similar to Krystal's Magic Staff, but darker in color, and more Gothic looking.

Vessel: A small ship resembling a Crystal Ball and its base, it has a strong barrier shield, revolving base, a bottom hover rocket, rear boosters, and twin hyperlasers. It holds only the pilot. The "Crystal Ball" is the cockpit.

Strengths: Intelligent, Talented, Wise, Crafty, Rumored Psychic with telepathic and ESP powers, along with strong magical powers.

Weaknesses: Temperamental, Eccentric, Flighty, Intimidating.

Personality: Spiritual, warm, kind, secretive, inscrutable, wise, passionate.

Background: An enigmatic gypsy, artist, and thespian, Madame Vulpine is half Cerinian, half Cornerian (allegedly). She has many talents, and powers, magical and psychic. She has a long, rich history in the performing, visual, musical, martial and many other arts.


Name: Conrad Morgenthal
Age: ??? (Close to Madame Vulpine's Age)
Height: 5' 11"
Species: Cornerian Eagle
Physique: Lean, Fit.
Attire: Fancy Black Oxfords, Black Slacks, Charcoal Gray Formal Shirt,
Black Suit Blazer, Black Tie (Four in Hand Necktie), Black Gloves.

Occupation: Hitman for hire. Also does Arms Dealings/Smuggling. "A go to guy".

Weapons: Fiber Wire Garrote, Stun Gun, 2 RU/AP Mines with Long Range Detonator, High Quality Custom Laser Pistol, Custom Laser Sniper Rifle that packs into a small suitcase (like the W2000 Sniper Rifle).

Vessel: The [Former] Personal Flagship of General Pepper. After the Aparoids ruined the Flagship, Conrad purchased the damaged vessel, restored it, added a cloaking device and a barrier shield to it, and painted it black. It fires missiles and dual hyperlasers.

Strengths: Well connected, skilled assassin, handsome, good dresser, intelligent, husky soft spoken pleasant raspy voice, brave,
in the know, good secret keeper. Covert ops., espionage, sabotage, booby traps, hand to hand combat, and weapons expert, master of disguise.

Weaknesses: Cold, intimidating, ruthless, vindictive, spiteful, merciless, strange.

Personally: Straight Laced, Secretive, No-Nonsense, Serious, Seldom smiles or laughs, however sometimes he can relax and be/have fun. He can be benevolent and sweet, despite his cold, stiff, intimidating demeanor. Has an iron will, nerves of steel,
and a heart of pure gold.

Background: A former Corneria Intelligence Agency assassin. Conrad left to play by his own rules, although he doesn't mind being in an independent mercenary-type of team.