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The Land of Cockaigne

"Hi-Deedle-Dee-Dee, It's Pleasure Isle for me!
Where everyday is a holiday,
where boys have nothing to do but play!
Hi-Deedle-Dee-Do, if what I heard is true...
A land of pudding and marmalade!
I heard each day there's a big parade,
It's Pleasure Isle for me!"

Now, that was loosely based on the mythical land of Cockaigne, aka "Land of Plenty"...a legendary land that has existed in the minds and hearts of humanity since the dawn of man... Cockaigne is a mythical land of plenty, an imaginary place of extreme luxury and ease where physical comforts and pleasures are always immediately at hand and where the harshness of everyday life does not exist. Specifically, in poems like The Land of Cockaigne, Cockaigne is a land of contraries, where all the restrictions of society are defied (no rules), liberty is open (no school, no work, no obligations), and food is plentiful (skies that rain your favorite treats). Writing about Cockaigne was a commonplace of Goliard verse. It represented both wish fulfillment and resentment at the strictures of asceticism and dearth.

It's the place where everyone wants to run away to..."Somewhere that's warm, and sunny all the time, with all the fun things to do, to have, and to be a part of, where nobody yells at you, nobody is mean to you, you don't have to suffer, do without, be bored, scared, or miserable ever again." It's the pinnacle of the escapist fantasy of human nature.

The song "The Big Rock Candy Mountain" is another example of the Land of Cockaigne, and in this particular song it's the land for bums and convicts. Cockaigne is different paradises to different people(s).

The basic elements are the same though, "no rules, no responsibilities, no hardship, and all the good foods you can eat, all the fun you can have".

While the first recorded use of the name are the Latin "Cucaniensis", and the Middle English "Cokaygne", or modern-day "Cuckoo-land", one line of reasoning has the name tracing to Middle French (pays de) cocaigne "(land of) plenty," ultimately adapted or derived from a word for a small sweet cake sold to children at a fair (OED). In Italian, the same place is called "Paese della Cuccagna"; the Dutch equivalent is Luilekkerland ("lazy luscious land"), and the German equivalent is Schlaraffenland (also known as "land of milk and honey"). In Spain an equivalent place is named Jauja, after a rich mining region of the Andes, and País de Cucaña ("fools' paradise") may also signify such a place. From Swedish dialect lubber (fat lazy fellow) comes Lubberland, popularized in the ballad An Invitation to Lubberland.

In the 1820s, the name Cockaigne came to be applied jocularly to London, as the land of Cockneys, and thus "Cockaigne", though the two are not linguistically connected otherwise. The composer Edward Elgar used the title "Cockaigne" for his concert overture and suite evoking the people of London, Cockaigne (In London Town) (1901).

The Dutch villages of Kockengen and Koekange were named after Cockaigne.

Like Atlantis and El Dorado, the land of Cockaigne was a utopia, a fictional place where, in a parody of paradise, idleness and gluttony were the principal occupations. In Specimens of Early English Poets (1790), George Ellis printed a 13th century French poem called "The Land of Cockaigne" where "the houses were made of barley sugar and cakes, the streets were paved with pastry, and the shops supplied goods for nothing"

According to Herman Pleij, Dreaming of Cockaigne: Medieval Fantasies of the Perfect Life (2001):

"roasted pigs wander about with knives in their backs to make carving easy, where grilled geese fly directly into one's mouth, where cooked fish jump out of the water and land at one's feet. The weather is always mild, the wine flows freely, sex is readily available, and all people enjoy eternal youth."

Cockaigne was a "medieval peasant’s dream, offering relief from backbreaking labor and the daily struggle for meager food."

The Brothers Grimm collected and retold the fairy tale in Das Märchen vom Schlaraffenland (The Tale About the Land of Cockaigne).

A tradition inspired by the mythical land of Cockaigne which started in Naples, Italy, extended to other Latin-culture countries, is the Cockaigne pole (Italia: cuccagna; Spanish: cucaña), a horizontal or vertical pole with a prize (like a ham) at one end. The pole is covered with grease or soap and planted during a festival. Then, daring people try to climb the slippery pole to get the prize. The crowd laughs at the often failed attempts to hold to the pole.

"Shangri-La" is the Cockaigne of the Eastern Cultures. Many cultures of the world have the "Cockaigne" myth. They're all pretty cool in their own way.

Diary of a Mad Furry
We need to take our country back. Until our generation with a few exceptions it was a limited republic based on Christian principals.
We lost our way with help from our school system which has not been teaching history and has been teaching socialism. That is a conspiracy of some type. But we should not spend time on that too much. I hear it started in 1963. Our nation once only had one good idea and that was solve our own problems and let the rest of the world solve theirs. Giving aid of any kind except disaster is wrong. Especially military but ours must be the strongest or we are toast. The conspiracy is global.
Our country business wise is based on capitalism. I am not being snide really but that is where those who have money start business and those who do not work for them. The have-nots who work hard and save become haves who create more business.
Christian ethical principles keep one group from taking advantage of another. We have had robber barons and union goons both are wrong. Morton Todd is wrong big time he wants to do Obama's thing which is wrong for Obama and wrong for Todd

We have to get together and to rebuild we must first arrest all politicians in this country and confiscate their assets and return the money to our treasury. Then we must get out of the U.N. and then force the U.N. out of our nation and back to France where the madness began. We must confiscate the assets of the U.N. that these freeloading swine have stolen from our nation, and send them home with only one suitcase full of clothing. We should also sell their embassies and assets and return it to our treasury. We must close all of our embassies that are in countries not favorable to us and get our people out safely, destroy the buildings, and leave them as empty lots as they were when we first got there..plus we should have an embargo on those unfriendly nations, and ban all travels to and from them. This can be done by converting our nation to a totalitarian military state for no less than 6 months, and no more than forever, as we accomplish these tasks and give the country back to the people, where our forefathers meant for it to be that way.

Nintendo Increasing Staff
Hear, hear!

I hope it follows the canon ending right after Star Fox Assault.

Nintendo Increasing Staff

Miyamoto has stated that Nintendo will be increasing its staff numbers to create new IPs and take better care of older, nearly abandoned ones. This includes more internal developers and teams; along with more staff in separate studios like Retro and Next Level.

Nintendo seems to be listening to what people want. They need more people to work on new ideas and the forgotten franchises, and they are currently getting those people.

What do you guys think of this?

I'm excited, because it shows that Nintendo is listening to the fans and critics. People want new IPs and forgotten series like F-Zero and STAR FOX for quite awhile, so this is their newfound chance to make it happen.

(Special thanks to Deploy at SF-O for originally posting this topic there)

Diary of a Mad Furry
I'm doing great on Ebay right now. Made 6 sales in less than two weeks...dunno why my sales have spiked, but I'm happy. I'm hoping that I can find a better source of income soon. Recycled a lot of cans and bottles at the redemption center...dad's driving us all nuts over having his fancy-shmantzy friends over (not that they give a crap about us).

The Lost City On Titania
"Mmm'kay, we'll head forward now!" Conrad said. He started towards where he believed the entrance was to the lost city. He searched the edge of the crater, and slowly made his way to the center, until..."Here, in the soft sand!" he called out.

Diary of a Mad Furry
Society is all f****d up. You wanna earn your way ahead, work hard, take initiative, be innovative/creative? Sorry, not gonna happen! You need nepotistic connections, but kissing, backstabbing, or be a union goon or a protected minority class (Black, gay, Hispanic, female, illegal immigrant), or you gotta fit the "project bootstrap" class of the workforce (high school dropout, welfare-to-work, convicted felon, "out-of-the-'hood-program", illegal immigrant, dangerously under-qualified) because bootstrap employees are cheap employees (with government taxpayer-funded checks or government tax breaks)...and only in America would employers get away with temporarily hiring our returning veterans long enough to cash that government check for hiring veterans, then toss the veterans out on the street again afterwards.

Out On A Limb...
Chapter 10

I woke up to find Misty was not in bed with me. I headed downstairs, only to find a giant speckled egg, resting on top of an egg cup in the kitchen. I gently tapped the egg. The egg shook, vibrated, and after what seemed like a few minutes, the egg burst open to reveal Misty inside of it, wearing a bird-like costume, consisting of high heeled dance shoes, fishnet stockings, a long sleeved leotard with high cut leg-lines, angular and feathery capes draping from her back and arm, and a hood adorned with feathers, and large crests of feathers on top of the hood. She also wore an ornate, feathered face mask with an attached beak. Misty hatched out of that egg with minimal difficulty.

"Good morning..." I said to her.

Misty said nothing, she simply danced around me as I stood there. She pushed me into a chair as she danced, and gently brushed, stroked, and even straddled me, without actually touching me. She then sat in my lap, and removed her mask, as she kissed me. I kissed her as well. She then got up, as did I, and we exchanged a hug..."I'm glad Madame Vulpine let you use the costume for this." I said. "Yeah...she and Lola helped me construct the egg." said Misty.

"That was nice of them." I said.

"I helped each of them do the same, for Todd and Conrad." Misty replied, smiling. She gently removed her costume, slowly, and seductively. It turns out she was wearing a black leotard-style teddy, and elbow length black gloves under her bird costume. She changed out of the dance shoes, and into knee high-high-heeled black boots, and she picked up a black patrol hat from off of the table, and put it on.

"I'll make us breakfast." I offered.

"The robotic servant is almost done...meet me in the dining room in ten minutes." she said, winking at me. She went into the dining room, and I waited...

Ten minutes later, I went into the dining room, only to find Misty's dominatrix costume clothes neatly set aside, and a gigantic silver tray and dome on the table. I lifted it up, only to find Misty under it, curled up in a seductive pose, wearing only a wine colored thong one piece swimsuit, with mini waffles, bacon, hash browns, scrambled eggs, and fresh fruit surrounding her on the platter.

"All my favorites, right here on one platter!" I said, smiling.

After we made love on the table, we ate what was left of the food, and then Misty cleaned herself up, and I cleaned myself and the table, as well as the dining room and the kitchen. Misty wore her regular outfit, and I changed into some street clothes. "Thanks for that this morning, I really liked it." I said. "You're welcome!" she said, purring as she and I embraced.

We enjoyed the day together, going to the mall, the arboretum, and just hanging around in the neighborhood. Later that week, Misty and I decided to enjoy the day at the beach. We swam, enjoyed the sun, and looked at the beautiful, clear horizon, marked only by an occasional sailboat passing by. It was a picture perfect day at the beach. The rest of the team showed up, too.

Todd, Lola, Babs, Edge, Falco, Katt, Slippy, Akasha, Kylie, Tigress, Krystal, Fox, Fara, Fay, Miyu, Silas, Pal, Madame Vulpine, and Conrad. Were all there. Believe or not, Angela Reginhard, aka Übervixen, as well as Jaydee Chavdry, showed up as well. "Hi!" Misty said to them. "Hello!" said Angela. "How's it going?" asked Jaydee. "Good to see you both!" said Fox. "Yeah, we had the same idea you all had. So, I heard you were in the Tau Ceti Galaxy. What was that like?" asked Jaydee. "From what I've seen on the news, you've been very successful in achieving peace there!" said Übervixen. "We sure were!" said Slippy. "Yeah, it was a piece of cake!" said Falco. We told them about it.

Jaydee nodded, as he removed his clothes, revealing a pair of jammer trunks and a rash guard underneath. Übervixen wore a ribbed purple one piece swimsuit. "Purple is really your color." I said to her. Misty nodded in agreement. "It looks nice on you." she added. "Thank you both." said Übervixen. Meanwhile, Pal removed his cover-up, only to reveal a woman's one piece, iridescent cobalt blue swimsuit underneath it. "Is he...and why...?" asked Übervixen, looking horrified as she pointed to Pal, who sat next to Fay in her gold one piece swimsuit, as she rolled her eyes and giggled at Pal.

"He does that...long story." Lola said, laughing.

We enjoyed our time together at the beach. We talked to Übervixen and Jaydee about maybe accompanying us on future missions, and they said they would like to try that...after we watched the sun set on the beach together, we headed back home. "Great day!" I said, as I drove us home. "It sure was." Misty said as she snuggled into my arms. We arrived home, put away our beach stuff, showered, and relaxed together, drifting off to sleep in each others' arms.


Thanks for reading!


Out On A Limb...
Chapter 9

The next few days went by in a blur. Roseogia military forces invaded Erandani, and without the leaders to provide guidance and maintain order, the Erandani fascist regime crumbled. The war was over. We, the Star Fox Team, received commendations, awards, etc.

Driffon became one of the presiding leaders of the new government of Erandani, as well as the galaxy of Tau Ceti. General Pepper contacted us, delighted with the results. "Great job, Team Star Fox! I'm transferring your fee now! You've earned it!" said General Pepper. "Thank you, sir!" said Fox, and the rest of us.

Driffon, and the leaders of Tau Ceti, from all the other planets, greeted and thanked us, as we celebrated, and attended award ceremonies. We even had our names laser etched on the stone face of a mountain, along with a "Historic Marker" depicted the "heroic actions of Team Star Fox", and "Special Thanks to Tigress Arcnon, Silas Wormwood, Feneris 'The Edge' O'Donnell, and Julius Quasar, for courage while in captivity under the former secret police."

The four of us received special awards for that.

On the last day, Driffon and the other leaders thanked us again, and we exchanged goodbyes, and vows of allegiance between Lylat and Tau Ceti. Then we were off. We arrived in Corneria City, where we were greeted by cheering crowds, and we attended another ceremony to commemorate the liberation of the Tau Ceti Galaxy.

After that, we headed back to McCloud Ranch. We restored and repaired ships, gear, and more, cleaned up, washed, repaired, maintained and put stuff away.

"Everyone, great job. I'm really proud of you guys!" said Fox.

"It was our pleasure, Fox!" said Falco.
"Yeah, I knew we'd win!" said Slippy.
"Tigress, Silas, edge, and Julius have certainly earned their stripes, working behind enemy lines like that!" said Krystal.

"Heck, Julius was the best! He orchestrated that fight, stole the guards' keys, and escaped, he also stole those invasion plans. Brilliant!" said Tigress, her large paw clapping my shoulder, making me fall. "Sorry about that, Julius!" she said, helping me up. "It's cool." I said.

After the debriefing, we all headed to our separate residences and rooms.

As Misty and I drove home, I held her hand. "Hey...I'm glad to hear you're not pregnant." I said. "Me too. I'm also glad to have you back, safe and sound. When I heard about the secret police, I was so scared for you." she said, kissing me. I nearly lost control of the car, and Misty giggled. "M-my bad." I said, stammering. "It's cool." she replied. We arrived home, put our things away, then we headed off to bed. We were exhausted, but happy...

*That's it for this chapter*

The Lost City On Titania
Conrad changed into some expedition style clothes, then he took a Go-Pro and attached it to himself.

Diary of a Mad Furry
Train museum was okay. Got another souvenir penny to add to my collection...afterwards, my friend and I went to this vegetarian restaurant, and had this thing called a "Ginseng Slush", strawberry flavored drink. It was good. I fed Ms. Fox again today...