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Steam is off-line...
*shuffles into the room with a cane*

Carnsarnit! I remember in my day when "Steam" was associated with ironing, cooking, or them big locomotives...now it's associated with an online gaming network! In my day, we played the video games together in the living room...and

*falls asleep snoring*

But in all seriousness, I'm sorry it's out for you Star Dragon, I hope you get it back soon.

TV Shows you enjoyed in the 1980's and 1990's
I wasn't allowed to watch much TV growing up, my stupid parents constantly dragged me off to Cub Scouts, sports, and other dumb places and events I didn't want to go to. But I got in as much TV watching as I could.

I also liked Captain Bucky O' Hare...Captain N...

TV Shows you enjoyed in the 1980's and 1990's
This is an example of what shows were on then, you know, back when kid's shows were actually awesome:


We need not discuss just these shows alone from that era, we can talk about any of them, so feel free to bring up or even post a video like this here.

Now, a few modern kid's shows like Transformers: Prime or Dan Vs. are still cool, but they were cancelled after 3 years. Sad. But we'll always have the memories of our favorite kids' shows.

I remember some of these shows in particular, but not all of them. I remembered enjoying Heathcliff, Transformers G1, JEM and the Holograms, TMNT, G.I. Joe, Uncanny X-men, Dennis the Menace, the Smurfs, Muppet Babies, Rainbow Brite, the original My Little Pony, Ghost Busters, Strawberry Shortcake, and so many others...

getting NES to work
I remember the AVGN and countless other people on youtube mentioning that, and it's pretty awesome! I always wondered how to actually revive the old NES.

*drops an old school TV set on my foot while trying to hook up an Atari 5200*

*hops around in pain*

Starfox Wii-U Miyamoto Interview.
I'm sooooo excited!

The Haunting of Hillfyre Park
Chapter 8

As we settled in for the night, I had a strange, uneasy feeling about this place...the storm raged outside, and we all did our best to keep our minds off of it, and this creepy old mansion. I was walking through the halls, and messing around in the carousel room. After that, I went back to the library/study, where I found a secret passageway. I moved the silver fox bust/statue, turning it 360 degrees clockwise towards me on the bookshelf, and the bookshelf section beside it slid open. "Woooow!" Misty said. I turned and smiled at her. "Cool, huh?" I said. Misty nodded, and we headed inside it. I took out my flashlight, and shined it in the small, arched passageway. I pressed a button on the wall, and closed the secret passageway, then I hit that same button on the wall, and the passageway opened again.

We followed the passageway,and discovered a network of passageways. One opened out into the parlor, another to the game room, then there was one leading to the music room, another to the dining room, and one to the upstairs corridors, another to the scullery, one to the kitchen, another to the nursery. "I guess the staff used these as shortcuts." said Misty. "Yup." I said. One passageway that led from the Master Site was specially designed with spiraling metal stairs with a landing stop off point to the maids' chamber. "Figures." Misty grumbled. I nodded.

We found a small, arched doorway at the end of one of the tunnels. "Never saw this room before." I said. We opened the door, and walked into the small chamber. There was a small four poster cast iron bed, a writing desk and chair, and a large rocking chair....with a female fox skeleton woman sitting in it! Misty and I screamed, as she jumped into my arms. We calmed down, and I set her down, and picked up my flashlight. I walked up to her, and gently touched the corpse. She was wearing a lovely burlesque dancer's style outfit, fishnet stockings, high heeled dance shoes, corset with a back skirt train, ruffled shorts, a boa, forearm length gloves, and a feathered headpiece. "I wonder who she was..." I said. "I'm not sure, but..." Misty said, but a voice said "I'm the Mistress!", the cracked, dry, echoing voice emitted from the mouth, as it moved like a ventriloquist dummy's jaw.

One of the hands grabbed my wrist, and I fought, and screamed. "Lemme goooo!" I shouted. "As you wish, Julius!" that same voice said and the hand let go. Misty and I ran screaming out of the room, shutting the door behind us and out then we ran back into the library. I turned the bust counter clockwise, 360 degrees away from me, and the passageway shut. "Let's stay out of there, or at least out of that room!" said Misty. "Word!" I replied.

We walked through the halls, where we bumped into Todd and Lola. "We heard screaming, but couldn't pinpoint who or where it was coming from." said Todd. Misty and I told Todd and Lola what happened. When we finished, they looked horrified. "How did that corpse know Julius' name!?" Lola asked, her beautifully made up face wearing a terrified expression. "He's been in the house a while.." said Todd. "That's not it, the spirits of this house might be targeting him!" said Madame Vulpine, who appeared out of nowhere, startling us. "I heard all of that, about the secret passages and the corpse." she said, walking over to us.

"I sense them...they are targeting Misty, but they may want Julius as well. Eventually they'll come after all of us!" said Madame Vulpine. "That's it, we gotta get outta here!" said Todd. "We have to stay here, because of the storm. We can last until morning!" said Lola. "We need to gather everyone up together, and sleep int he parlor. In a group, we can't be attacked as easily." said Madame Vulpine.

"Okay then. We just have to find the others, and bring them to the parlor." I said. "We stick together as we do! I'll go with Misty and Julius. Todd, you and Lola go together, and we'll work to round up everyone tonight!" said Madame Vulpine. We set out to do so.

*that's it for this chapter*

StarFox for WiiU
Oh my God that is soooo awesome! YESSS!

Ps5 and xbox two coming out soon?
Oh my God...PS5 and XBox 2...I feel so old. xD


Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
"Hard to tell, Slippy. I'm doing my best." said Todd, as he worked furiously to stabilize Krystal. "Come on, Krystal..." he whispered as he worked. Come on, you bastard! Lola thought, regarding the last Ruffian, as she held Todd's rifle at the read. She then got an idea, and picked up a piece of blasted away building material, a chunk of wall. She then tossed it in the direction of where she thought the Ruffian was hiding, and then aimed Todd's weapon.

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
Jun 8 2014, 12:34 AM
[OOC]Thanks Julius! Life hasn't been all that great to me lately so I've been less frequent. Sorry[/OOC]


Corneria- CDF Headquarters - Transmission Room One

Lola cover fire proved very useful. She caught one of the ruffians dead between the shoulder blades and his neck, making him rocket to floor lifeless. Another shot she targeted when into the pelvic area of the next ruffian. While not dead like his comrade he was wishing he was-he clutched his lower front and dropped to his knees a muffled groan echoing from his lips from the pain.

The last Sargasso Crony fired back getting low to the ground. Hiding behind one of his team's dead body he waited for a lull.

In the classroom, Slippy shook his head in panic examining Krystal's limp frame that Todd had brought in.

"I-I-I didn't-!" he stuttered. "I didn't mean too-!" he began again. "Krystal! Oh gosh! Krystal!!!"

The vixen would however not hear him. As Todd would lean down to check her situation, he would get a pulse and a heartbeat but it would be very faint.

In the deep recesses of Krystal's mind...

Krystal would wake up alone. Nothing but dark would be around her. Everything completely silent. Everything completely still. She blinks. She wonders where she is and how she got here. The last thing she remembers is...nothing.

Suddenly a figure becomes visible to her in the distance. She starts to walk towards it. There's something about the figure that's familiar to her...but also something ominous. Nevertheless the feeling of being alone overpowers her good judgement and she moves forward, desperate to at least see another soul.

"H-Hello-?" she calls out. But the figure is not moving. It stays eerily still.

"Hello??" she calls out a bit louder. She walks a little slower towards the body. "Do you know where I am? Or what's going on? Hello...?"

[OOC]I hear ya' buddy! We're STILL remodeling at my house![/OOC]

Todd grabbed the first aid kit off of the wall and administered medical attention to Krystal, carefully. Lola took cover, knowing there was one more Sargasso Crony out there. She held Todd's rifle at the ready...

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
[offtopic]Good to see you again Falcory![/offtopic]

Corneria- CDF Headquarters - Transmission Room One

The two ruffians leaping towards Todd and Lola were quickly dispatched, both of the foxes having unleashed fire on them at close blank range and swiftly killing them. However there were more than a few left. And as Krystal laid fire into the room from behind her covering, Slippy was becoming all too well of the situation...

"Slippy! Call for backup!!" Krystal shouted once more, her nimble frame twisting across the open air of the doorway to enhance her chances of missing blaster fire.

"...Yahhhhhhhh!" Slippy yelled jumping out from behind his covering and firing wildly, determined to rid the room of his enemies. Most with pelted and riddled with energy shots, falling to the ground. But one chaotically flew towards the door's entrance. It grazed Krystal on the head.

"Uhhh!" she yelled. She fell to ground unconscious, her life status undetermined.

"Ohmigosh!" Slippy squealed and put a webbed hand to his mouth. "Krystal!!!"

There were only three ruffians now. But they were a bit stunned at the current events and had hesitated enough for any nearby fighters to take advantage of the situation.

"Slippy you moron!" Todd shouted.

"We'll chew him out later. Todd, Get Krystal in here to safety! I'll cover you!" said Lola. Todd handed Lola his rifle and dragged Krystal to safety, as Lola provided covering fire against the three remaining Ruffians. She then followed Todd and Krystal into the safety of the classroom.

The Tragic Tale of Tyrius
Inside Belladonna's castle, in the master suite/retreat, a large black oyster shell shaped bed opened up, revealing Belladonna sleeping in its dark burgundy sheets and comforter. She stirred, yawned again, and then awoke. She got out of bed, fluttered her wings a bit, and walked about her chamber...