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Good News, Everyone!
More good news!

I don't have to help my sister move today (she found 2 people who can do it) AND...

I got my Nintendo 3DS today!


Diary of a Mad Furry
Ha ha ha! xD

Good one!

Thanks, dude, I needed that! :animesweat:

Diary of a Mad Furry
I just helped replace the old track lights in the family room, what a pain in the ass. Plus, I've got to help my sister move tomorrow. Then we need to put in new shutters on the family room windows, then a new roof goes on the house and garage, then we gotta fix up the garage for dad's rec room, and then we'll have to redo the bathroom down the hall.

Jesus, who would've thought a 50 year old house (with a legally permitted 30 year old family room and 2nd floor addition) be such a pain in the @ss to fix up? Deferred maintenance is a b!tch to fix...been a sh!tty summer here. Still slightly better than last summer.

Sign In - Sign Out Thread
Jul 30 2011, 12:39 PM
I'm making this post now...just in case I forget to before tomorrow, or I don't get online (using phone). Anyway, tomorrow I am leaving on a plane bound for California, and I will be there until Thursday, meaning I won't really be able to do much on my phone as fast as I usually would, so I might not even try lol.

Love you all :)
See you there (since I live in Cali) xD

Just kidding! But have a nice trip dude, be safe!

Fast Food Thread
Jul 29 2011, 07:32 AM
i have only ONE thing to comment in this thread............please oh please, be respectful to people who work in a fast food restaurant, lol.

Yeah, they'll spit in your food. :wink:

My dad knew a guy who worked in a burger place, who wiped the burger bun on the rim of the toilet before serving it to a mean customer, and he saw a guy pick his nose and put a booger in another rude customer's burger.

The Birthday Topic
Happy Birthday Redfox8!

JEM and the Holograms
JEM and the Holograms...ahh, memories of the 1980's wash over me like a wave, when I watch this great old tv show:


(the best of the theme songs)

for those of you who don't remember, or weren't born yet:


She was, "Truly Outrageous"...that was a great show. I know it sounds creepy that a grown man like me is talking about this show, and watching it, but I don't care. I saw it in the 1980s, and I'm seeing it again now on "The HUB network". AWESOME! Does anyone ever notice how the new cartoons suck compared to the old ones in the 80s?

Word has it, that they're making a live action movie about this, including Synergy, the Misfits, and JEM and the Holograms, along with all the big and small characters from the TV series for this movie. God forbid they cast Lady Gaga as Synergy...Katy Perry makes a great "Stormer", though. xD

Let's talk about JEM and the Holograms here in this thread.

Here's an interview with Britta Philips (singing voice of JEM):

Good News, Everyone!
We finished getting the family room painted.

Worst command ending.
Jul 28 2011, 04:57 PM
worst........Star Falco............really.........REALLY?!?!
Yeah, that was crap....

Fast Food Thread
Although Johnny Rocket's is technically not "fast food", it's still pretty damn good (but pricey).

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Jul 28 2011, 04:50 PM
well, we're done with painting the family room, so now I can get on the computer again!

-glomps- welcome back buddy
Thanks bro! I appreciate it!

Sign In - Sign Out Thread
Jul 27 2011, 06:02 PM
Can't believe I couldn't find this thread... :huh: AT any rate, I'm Fedora as some of you know. Signing in and hopefully more attentive at checking this forum. So, yeah. Hello again SF-Galaxies.
HI Fedora!

...well, we're done with painting the family room, so now I can get on the computer again!

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Jul 25 2011, 04:17 PM
Sup guys. Back from, like, an eternity of inactivity both on here and on SF-O.

Guess I'll just, uh, lurk around a bit. xD
CATWINGS! great to see you!

Sign In - Sign Out Thread
Guys, I may be offline for a few days, I'm sorry. My parents are having the family room painted for the first time in 25 years, so I may not be able to access the computer for a bit, since we have to move everything around, and unplug lots of stuff. I hope to be back soon though.

Ahhh, okay then. Thanks.

Fast Food Thread
Fana McCloud
Jul 24 2011, 05:01 PM
Carl's Jr.: It's very hard to go wrong with them - out of all the major run-of-the-mill burger chains they probably have the best food. I have fond memories of popping over to Carl's during the one semester I was taking classes at Pasadena City College, as they were right across the street. Their burgers are not wimpy, flat things like McDonald's or even Burger King, this stuff can fill you.
I got kicked out of PCC! xD

But the Carl's Jr. there sucks compared to the Carl's Jr. up on Rosemeade near the 24 Hour Fitness gym. Overall though I agree with you on Carl's Jr. To be honest, ALL the fast food places around Pasadena City College are bad, they don't need to do good quality work with them 'cause they got a captive audience, being next to PCC.

Tommy's is pretty good, I haven't eaten there since I was 5.

Del Taco is ok.

Carl's Jr> In-N-Out> Everything else

Augh, I forgot about In-N-Out! They're "okay", but their burgers are a bit "doughy"...

Fast Food Thread
This is the Fast Food Thread, where we'll talk about our favorite and/or least favorite fast food here.

My opinions

McDonalds: Great fries, great ice cream...their burgers aren't so great.

Buger King: Burgers, shakes are great. Their fries aren't as good as McDonalds.

Carl's Jr./Hardees: Great overall...their fries are ok, but not great. Their malts/shakes are a vast improvement.

Wendy's: Great burgers, their fries taste like sawdust.

Sonic: AWFUL! My friend ate there, he got sonic diarrhea! My other friends who ate there say it tastes horrible, they over cook or under cook everything.

Arby's: More like "Barfy's", 2/3 of the people I've known who ate there get sick as a result.

Dairy Queen: Great desserts, the rest of the food there isn't so good. At least it doesn't make you sick though.

Kentucky Friend Chicken: It's good, but it gives me major gas when I eat it. Plus the local KFC's where I live are all bad, the owners ran them into the dirt.

Popeye's Friend Chicken: Louisiana style fried chicken is THE BEST! It's also downright lethal for you...ha ha!

Chick Fil-A: Don't know, there aren't any where I live.

Weinerschnitzel: it's "okay", but nothing to write home about.

A & W: They're pretty good, but they disappeared from where I live. One returned, but it wasn't the same, and it vanished again.

Nice! Yeah, I figured that might happen regarding fingerprints. I'll take the risk.

You haven't seen the Aqua Blue ones yet? Weird... =/

I'm gonna get the Cosmo Black 3DS...from Gamestop.

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