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I found a funny game simulation of Fara Phoenix:


Fara Phoenix vs. Pink Yoshi (Gum)

I'd like to have Fara Phoenix brought to me while she's trapped in an egg...then I''d free her from it...have my way with her...*drools*

Anyway though, I really like when people take in interest in the lost Star Fox pilot, Fara Phoenix. She's a highly underrated character in the series.

The Birthday Topic
Happy Birthday RedFox8!

The Birthday Topic
Lola: *pops out of a cake* "Happy Birthday Psypherus!"

Invitation to Darkness
*nods* Good to see you again, Radigal!

The Haunting of Hillfyre Park
Chapter 10

As we relaxed at Lola's family's summer place on Zoness, Misty and I cuddled on the couch..."I'm so glad you're alive." she said to me. "Likewise, to you." I said. I kissed her, and then she slapped me and said "Don't EVER give me a scare like that again! I don't want to lose you again." she said, before grabbing me, and forcing me to the floor, as she kissed me, her mouth on mine as she deeply embraced me...

We made out, and had sex on the floor. Afterwards, as we cleaned up, I walked down the hall only for Fara to stop me. She kissed me on the mouth, then she slapped me and said "DON'T give us a scare like that!" she said. She grabbed my genitals, pushed herself against me, and kissed me again before she left.

Lola hugged me, gave me a deep kiss, but no slap. Akasha scratched me, but not too hard. Todd punched my shoulder, as did Falco. "Way to cheat death!" Todd said to me. "That was a great thing you did back there, you showed some real guts!" said Falco.

Katt butt hugged me, and Pal hugged me and kissed me on the cheek, kicking his leg back. "Thanks..." I said to him. "Glad to have you safely back." he said, sashaying girlishly away. Fay hugged and slapped me, telling me not to do that again. Miyu hugged me, and said "Be careful next time.". All day long I was getting this from everyone.

Tigress hugged me, pressing my face into her chest. "Be careful from now on, Julius, you won't be so lucky next time!" she said. Slippy gently patted me on the back as I sat down. "Great job, Julius!" he said. "Thanks buddy!" I said, gently rubbing the top of his cap, getting it out of place on his head. Babs hugged me from behind and gently bit me on the ear. She snorted, and the said "Glad you survived." Edge got me in a noogie and said "Hope you feel better after all of that!". I told him I did, and Thanks.

Silas cupped my shoulder and said "It's really awesome of you, saving Misty and cheating death like that." and I thanked him. Kylie hugged me and congratulated me. "You were very brave back there." he said. "Thanks. Misty would've done the same for me. We all would have done the same." I said.

Madame Vulpine kissed me as I lay on the couch later...she kissed my forehead, and looked deep into my eyes, as I looked into hers. The jewelry on her face dangled into my face as she said "I'm glad you're all right, darling.". "Thanks." I said. Conrad patted my shoulder, and said "You got balls, kid." "Thanks." I laughed.

Fox patted my back and said "You're a great guy, Julius. Don't let anyone make you feel different."..."Thanks Fox, that means a lot." I said. Krystal hugged me, and then said "I'm very proud of you for your courage back there, as are we all. I'm sorry about Misty's father, but even deep down he respects you, even though he says such awful things to you and treats you like crap. He's actually glad that Misty found you." she said. "And no, I didn't have to read his mind, I could see it in his eyes, even as he was badmouthing the humans." she replied, giggling. "Thanks." I said to her.

Misty got on the phone with the insurance company, and collected what she could for the mansion. Fortunately, none of our things were in there, but there were some old family heirlooms that were ruined, unfortunately. The check was very big, so Misty was happy. She also sold the land, and someone bought it for development. Misty shared the money with us, to help the team out, and we enjoyed some of it, but Misty saved the bulk of it, to all of our insistence.

We were glad that the nightmare of Hillfyre House was over, and that the spirits were finally at rest. The walls and the horrible history and energy within them were all gone now...

I had a dream where Sara Burnbridge approached me, and kissed me on the mouth. "It was no great loss, the burning of that mansion. Don't feel bad." she said. "I'm still sorry it happened, but I'm glad things worked out." I said. "Don't be sorry it burned. We're at rest now. I'm glad to see it go." she told me. "Thanks for sending Misty's dad to help." I said. "It was my pleasure. He needed to see what a good guy you really are, though he knows it already. He just needed to be forced to see it in person." said Sarah. "Well, rest in peace, and sleep well." I said. "Thanks. Take care of Misty!" she told me. "I will!" I replied....

I woke up, as Misty stirred peacefully in bed beside me. I kissed her, and fell asleep again.

We all cleaned up, packed up, and headed back to Corneria. As we all said goodbye and headed to our homes, Misty and I put our things away, and rested together, watching the sun set from our home..."What do you wanna do now?" I asked Misty.

"Just exactly what we're doing now." she said. "Great idea." I replied.

*The End*

Thanks for reading!

The Haunting of Hillfyre Park
Chapter 9

As we packed our bags, and got ready to go, I had a feeling like someone was trying to stop us. Many times I felt like I was being dragged back into the mansion. "Let go of me Julius." Fara said at one point. "I'm not grabbing you." I said. "He really isn't. But I feel someone touching me too." said Misty. We got the bags packed and loaded into our vessels.

"Time to go!" I announced. I ran back to my room and grabbed my jacket, Misty was by my side. That's when the power suddenly went out. I took out my flashlight from my jacket pocket, clicked it on, and saw Misty's lovely heart shaped face looking worriedly at me. "Damn...damn-damn!" I said, imitating Doc Brown from Back To The Future.

"What the hell!?" Todd complained. "Don't worry, it's the fuses, I'll reset them in the utility room1" I shouted. "I'll come with you." said misty. "Thanks." I said. As we walked down the hall she took my hand, making me feel happy, safe. When we reached the utility room, I hit the switches. "Hey, thanks for holding my hand on the way here." I told her, still feeling her gentle grip. "I'm...not...holding your hand!" Misty said.

Misty and I ran out of the utility room, shrieking. I let go of whoever was holding my hand, but holding the flashlight with the other hand. I looked around for Misty, and saw her running beside me. The lights all came on in the mansion as we ran down the carpeted halls. I turned off my flashlight and put it away, as Misty and I stopped and hugged each other.

"I'm so sorry Julius..." she said. "No, it's okay....I..." I was interrupted by a shower of sparks that sprayed from the old antique light fixtures above us in the coffer-ed filigreed ceilings. "Really!?" Misty asked in disgust. "We gotta get out of here!" I said, as we ran towards the door. "Everyone out, there's a fire!" I shouted. Tigress shouted "Let's go everyone! This whole place has bad wiring! It's gonna burn like paper! The short circuit must have stressed out the wires, fuses and connections for the last time!". We all headed for the front door as the house began to burn.

Flames lapped at the walls, as they spread through the corridors. The curtains, carpets, and tapestries were eaten in seconds by the flames. The light fixtures exploded, as did the outlets, blanketing the house in darkness. As I ran through the foyer with Misty, we saw the others outside. A huge beam fell in front of us, and a wall of fire blocked us.

"Oh nooo! What do we do now!?" asked Misty.

I turned and saw a pair of curtains on either side of a large arched window...the curtains wee big, thick, and not yet burning. I tore them down, and wrapped Misty in them, cocooning her inside two layers of curtains as she screamed and struggled in protest. "I love you, Misty!" I said. I grabbed a nearby large chair and smashed out the window, making a hole just large enough for me to push Misty through, curtains and all. She was now outside, safe. A wall of fire dropped down in front of the window.

I was trapped...surrounded by flames. The front door, the grand staircase, all disappearing under and into the fire. A large chandelier that hung in the foyer came crashing down, pinning me underneath it. The hot metal was burning my hand, the crystals shattered, and tiny shards of them cut into my skin..."I always pictured it ending like this!" I said. I peacefully began to slip away, from the heat, the roaring sound of the flames, and my teammates shouting my name...

I saw the corrupt warden, Sarah Burnbridge, and the other deceased residents of the mansion walking up to me. I even saw the mistress who had grabbed me, a lovely red fox. I even saw a Fennec, as she stood over me. "Bit of a pickle you're in, eh Julius?" asked the warden. He then stood over me, smiling. I shut my eyes, and felt someone grabbing my hands, and then lifting the chandelier off of me. A male voice grunted and groaned, and then I was hoisted under someone's shoulder, and carried out of the mansion. The cool night air greeted me, along with the cheers of Team Star Fox, and the grass as I was dropped onto its cool surface. I opened my eyes and coughed, and I saw Misty's father standing over me, stooped over, breathing heavily.

The others ran up to me, Misty hugged me and kissed me, as Tigress gently pulled her back. "He needs some air, and medical attention!" she said. Fara and Fay looked after me as the mansion burned....


As the fire department and the paramedics arrived, they put out the fire, and began the demolition of the burned out remains...the paramedics gave me oxygen, and additional medical attention. Afterwards, I looked over at Misty's mom and dad, who stood before me with Misty. "You...saved me." I said to Misty's dad. "Well, you did save my daughter, I saw you push her out that window. You risked and sacrificed yourself just for her." he said.

"How did you get there so fast?" I asked him.

"Well, oddly enough I was having recurring nightmares of the former owners of the mansion...they haunted me in my dreams, telling me to go to the mansion and to check up on you and Misty. I finally came tonight, and saw the fire. I heard that you were still trapped inside, and jumped through the wall of fire and looked for you. I found you trapped under that chandelier. I got it off of you, and carried you to safety. You need to lose some weight!" Misty's dad replied. Misty's mom elbowed him.

"Thank you..." I said to him.

"Thank YOU, for saving me!" Misty said, hugging me. The rest of the team stood, and watched all of this. "I thought you hated Julius?" said Todd. "I still do. But he did save Misty, and although I'm sure he caused this fire, I know he's not that bad a guy." Misty's dad said. "Why DO you hate Julius!?" asked Fay, angrily. "It's bad enough our daughter is throwing her life away, getting involved with a disgusting human...but we're glad at least that Julius isn't a total waste of space." Misty's dad said.

"You're a real dick!" Akasha said to Misty's father, before she hissed at him. "Akasha's right. Why are you treating Julius so badly, just because he's different!?" asked Krystal. "I don't like humans! They are a real disease, contaminating the Lylat System. Why did we import their kind from Planet Earth!? They ruin any planet that they're in charge of, and they are backwards, stupid, and useless." Misty's dad replied.

"They're not all bad. One just saved your daughter's life!" said Fox. "From a fire HE probably caused!" said Misty's dad. Misty's mother struck him on the arm and said "The wiring in that house was BAD! Julius was resetting the circuit breaker! It would have happened to ANYONE who reset the breakers!" she said to him. Misty's dad nodded, and Falco said "If you really hated Julius, you wouldn't have saved him. You hate the idea of your daughter with a human." he said. Misty's dad nodded, and said "I'm just glad Misty's safe." he said.

He and Misty's mom said goodbye to us, Misty's mom thanked me, and then they left. The firemen finished, the paramedics finished,and we left, locking the gates to the grounds, and heading for Lola's family summer villa...

*that's it for this chapter*

Fara Phoenix plays Star Fox 2

This is "Shocktress" of youtube, twitter, and deviantart. She does the greatest Fara Phoenix cosplay I have EVER seen.


I think I'm in love! <3

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Issue
Here's what it is:


What happened in 2011:


....and a summary courtesy of youtube of what happened and what could have prevented it:


In my opinion, this second generation Nuclear Power Plant was staffed with unqualified individuals, hired on nepotist standings, the senior supervisors at the plant "showed up the day that it opened", fresh out of school, maybe a few guys have the proper college diplomas and/or certifications, but the bulk of them are just worker bees.

They didn't run the Isolation Condensers in 40 YEARS of the plant's existence, and didn't even know how they worked or what they were for...

The plant itself was built with what is now considered obsolete/outdated features and designs. There was a tsunami flood wall that was waaaaay under 40 meters, which is inexcusable. Also, what idiot decided it was okay to place the backup power in the damn basement!?

They should have had the back up generators, and batteries, on high ground, along with mobile generators mounted on vehicles. If they couldn't mount the backup power sources on high ground due to costs, and rewiring, then they should have built water tight airlocks and chambers for the generators and backup batteries to be safely housed in the event of a tsunami flood.

General Electric designed this power plant and many others like it in the 60's and early 70's. But in all these years, the plant's owner's didn't put any effort into updating them for safety.

No manual controls, no dedicated water line for emergencies to feed directly into the reactors, the pump outside of the steam condensers didn't even have a backup/independent power source of its own...

In a high risk tsunami area why would you put emergency equipment in basement or on lower levels. why didn't the reactors have tanks on or above roof to be run by gravity with a hand operated valve in case of power failures. wasn't there any training for emergency situation in a high risk earthquake tsunami zone. Also, why was it built on the pacific side of the ocean instead of the other side where tsunami risk is likely less or to be less severe what is the point of the earthquake proof building anyway if no vital equipment is stored there and a crew still needed in control rooms elsewhere.

Einstein said that nuclear power is a "Hell of a way to boil water", even when it was done right. Corporations like TEPCO, combined with nuclear power and a sketchy government like that of Japan can only end in disaster. The innocent victims of this unbridled greed and incompetence are the Japanese people and people of the Northern Hemisphere, along with the creatures in the dying Pacific Ocean. The people of this planet are becoming fed up with the greed and corruption of the few destroying the lives of the many....

The Japanese government has made it illegal to talk about the Fukushima Daiichi disaster, it's an arrestable offense to try to even figure out what happened (this video is most likely blocked in Japan)...there's nothing that they can do to stop the radiation contamination.

Feel free to add any additional info or comments on this...

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Oh, I see...

Oh you did? I'm sorry, I dunno how I missed that.

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If you ever wanna try, go ahead buddy! :)

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Sorry to hear that, Red. I haven't see hide nor hair of him here or anywhere else lately...

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Okay, so to explain myself:

the forum was taking too long to load. Even browsing as a guest, this forum was too slow.

Looking closely at the bottom of the page while it loads, you could see "connecting to "thetaco.dyns.info"

It was this URL slowing down the board.
...a code (edited for safety) from that domain installed:


>Toggle Your Snow

The stupid Control Panel refused to let me get rid of that HTML code thing, just kept giving me the same error message (Christ I hate computers)!

This was the message I keep getting every time I try to remove the "snow" code from the board template:

Error: You may only have 20,000 characters total in your template.
You have used: 34504 characters.
Error Code: 68014:2142232

Once upon a time we might have had Zetaboards Premium, I don't recall...but the only way to have had more than 20,000 characters in the Board Template is with ZetaBoards Premium. Therefore, other codes would have had to also be removed to bring the limit down low enough to remove the code that is causing the problems, or I would have to condense your codes by using a certain documentation.

I decided to just archive them safely in this thread, which I will move to the archives, until it is determined that we no longer need any of it. Thank you for your patience, I apologize on behalf of Star Fox Galaxies for this recurring inconvenience.

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Aw, dude, you met FOXMCCLOUD!? Lucky!

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awards[a++] = new Array("Fana McCloud","Logo Contest Winner May-June 2011","http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT78J77QnqI1-KYoB3YY8NPAohACZfP9hjP9WiFTv562lWvv90B","June 19th, 2011","Congrats on your win!");
awards[a++] = new Array("Fana McCloud","Character Design Award Winner June 2011","http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3359/3209209576_7ccbc03d3d.jpg","July 24th, 2011","For coming up with the best voted character bio.");
awards[a++] = new Array("TheRedFox8","5000 Post Award","http://i45.tinypic.com/ivx346.png","June 7th, 2012","For reaching 5000 posts and obtaining the rank of Supreme Commander of the CDF forces.");
<script type='text/javascript' src='http://z4.ifrm.com/30095/43/0/f5092988/awards_and_awards_pagev1_1alt_by_Quozzo.js'></script>

<script type='text/javascript' src='http://z3.ifrm.com/313/104/0/p246374/dice_roll.js?c=3'></script>

<script type='text/javascript'>
// Adds Skype status image.. - Joe of Outlineforum.com
if (location.href.match('/topic|single/')) {
$('dl.user_profile dt:contains(Skype)').each(function() {
if (!$(this).parents('dl').find('.skype').length) {
$(this).next().prepend('<a href="skype:' + $(this).next().text() + '?chat"><img class="skype" src="http://mystatus.skype.com/smallicon/' + $(this).next().text().replace(/\'/g, "\\'").replace(/"/g, '\\\"') + '.png" style="margin-top:3px;"></img></a> ');
} else if (location.href.match('profile')) {
$('dl.user_profile dt:contains(Skype)').next().prepend('<a href="skype:' + $('dl.user_profile dt:contains(Skype)').next().text() + '?chat"><img src="http://mystatus.skype.com/smallicon/' + $('dl.user_profile dt:contains(Skype)').next().text().replace(/\'/g, "\\'").replace(/"/g, '\\\"') + '.png" style="margin-top:3px;"></img></a> ');

<style type="text/css"><!--
Facebook Style Like/Dislike System for ZetaBoards v1.0
Copyright 10-29-10 ~Wonder
May not be reposted anywhere
Place in the Below the Board section of the Board Template
.likebg {background-color: #eaeaea;}

//The Buttons are what you click to like/dislike a post, the Icons are what are shown next to the users who like/dislike a post

//Set to true if you want to disable Liking

//Set to true if you want to disable Disliking

//If you want to change the word 'Like' to something else, edit these strings.
likeText=["Like","Likes","like this","likes this","Unlike"];

//If you want to change the word 'Dislike' to something else, edit these strings.
dislikeText=["Dislike","Dislikes","dislike this","dislikes this","Undislike"];
<script src="http://ifzblike.appspot.com/static/zblike.js"></script>

<script type='text/javascript'>
var edit_reason = {
reason_required: false, // will prevent an edit without a reason
admin_exempt: true, // makes admins not have to give a reason
mod_exempt: true, // makes mods not have to give a reason
appears_without_edit_notice: false, // if true, this will appear if no edit notice is present

messages: {
reason_title: "Reason for Edit", // on the posting page, what comes before the blank
reason_post_title: "Reason", // what appears in topics below div.editby
reason_check_failed: "You must input a reason for your edit." // used if reason_required is true
<script type='text/javascript' src='http://z3.ifrm.com/313/104/0/p380505/reason_for_edit.js'></script>

<script type="text/javascript">
/* created by Holysavior of ZNR */
var ximg ="http://z3.ifrm.com/48/55/0/p36960/quote.gif"

$(".c_footicons").children(".right").prepend("<img class='qqoute' src='"+ximg+"' alt='QuickQuote' style='cursor:pointer;'/> ");

$(".qqoute").each(function () {
$(this).click(function () {
var ipost = $(this).parents(".c_postfoot").prev().prev().children(".c_post").text();
var iname =$(this).parents(".c_postfoot").prev().prev().prev().find(".member span").html();
ipost = jQuery.trim(ipost);

I'll explain later