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Aug 19 2010, 10:38 PM
I put words into books, and Thoughts into minds, i am used by all cooks, and discover new finds, i turn sheep black, and never fight back, can you guess this riddle?

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...is the answer "temptation"?

Aug 19 2010, 10:38 PM
I put words into books, and Thoughts into minds, i am used by all cooks, and discover new finds, i turn sheep black, and never fight back, can you guess this riddle?

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damn...that's a hard one...uh.....is it...?


Krystal's Belly-Button
Her belly-button definitely looks better as an innie.

Krystal's Belly-Button
Naw, Krystal oughtta wear a black, one piece swimsuit with a circle of fabric cut out of the stomach (designer's doing), exposing her belly, and her belly-button should have a blue jewel in it, and maybe a tattoo around it. :smile:

(That type of swimsuit is sometimes called a "monokini"...Samus wore something similar once.)

SNES/Original Star Fox
...meh, I've beaten easy and medium, but never hard (came close though).

Krystal's Belly-Button
I know, I was only joking about that last part. :lol:

I'd like to see her put a blue jewel in her belly-button. :eyebrow:

Krystal's Belly-Button
In this thread, we're here to talk about Krystal's belly-button! xD

In your opinion...

Do you like Krystal wearing outfits that show off her belly-button? (SF-Adventures, "Kursed"...)

Would her navel look better as an innie, or an outie?

Should she leave it as is? ...or should she...

tattoo around it?

like this:


or should she pierce it?

like this:


Remember those Russ Treasure Trolls from the '90's? Me neither! =P xD

Maybe Krystal should put a Jewel in her belly button, like they did! (A blue one!) =D

Feel free to talk about Krystal's belly button in this thread, please try to keep things as civil as possible, lighten up, and have fun! xD

*Takes cover behind bullet-proof shield*

Star Fox Adventures
Aug 16 2010, 03:31 PM
I'll sum up my opinion on it. Adventures was a great game, just one that didn't fit too well in the Star Fox universe. Why would you send the best pilots on a mission that involves little or no flying? With the lack of logic out of the way though, it was a pretty solid game. Not as good as some Zelda games, but a good one nonetheless.
Yeah, I agree there.

Star Fox Adventures is to the Star Fox Series what Super Mario 2 is to the Super Mario Series, the "odd game out", yet still cool in its own way.

Wii will, Wii will, rock you!
Aug 16 2010, 03:24 PM
I'd like to see Nintendo actually develop the next one IN HOUSE instead of juggling the series around to 3rd-party developers. Let's also forget that Command EVER existed, and start fresh with the story from Assault. Also, as said above, Classic and Gamecube controllers MUST be supported :nod:
Right on, man!

Julius Quasar's FC's
Name: Ryu Whetherwax

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 135 lbs

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Species: Collie

Hair Description: Long and silky. Beautiful.

Fur Color/Fur Pattern: Same as his father Pal's.

Vocal Description: Feminine, high, soft.

Body Description: Slender, feminine.

Attire/Appearance: CDF Military Pilot boots, pre striped trousers (black, with a silver stripe on each leg), sleeveless shirt, military style jacket, black headband.

Family: Rud "Pal" Whetherwax (father), Fay Spaniel (mother), Aurora Whetherwax (twin sister).

Occupation: Pilot/Mercenary for hire.

Good/Bad: Good

Theme Song:

Birthplace: Corneria

Current Location/Residence: Corneria

Training/Specialties/Skills: CDF Pilot Academy Graduate, Corneria Intelligence Agency special/covert ops training

Special Markings:

Personality: Effeminate, but still strong, and assertive.

Other info:

Weapons: Demon Hyper-Laser Assault Rifle (with sling and collapsible stock), laser pistol, combat knife, small EMP gun.


Julius Quasar's FC's
Name: Aurora Whetherwax

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Height: 5'10

Weight: 130 lbs

Eye Color: Green

Species: Collie

Hair Description: Long and silky. Beautiful.

Fur Color/Fur Pattern: Black and White

Vocal Description: Smooth, silky, clear, feminine voice

Body Description: Curvy

Attire/Appearance: Dragon-skin style leotards, thigh high stockings, law enforcement boots, armored over-bust corset with shoulder straps, fingerless gloves, flight jacket.

Family: Rud "Pal" Whetherwax (father), Fay Spaniel (mother), Ryu Whetherwax (twin brother)

Occupation: Pilot/Mercenary for hire

Good/Bad: Good

Theme Song:

Birthplace: Corneria

Current Location/Residence: Corneria

Training/Specialties/Skills: CDF Pilot Academy Graduate, skilled medic...

Special Markings: Heart shaped fur birthmark (white).

Personality: Kind, gentle, but fearless and tough at the same time.

Other info:

Weapons: Demon Sniper Rifle, laser pistol, titanium butterfly knife, MP-7 Style hyper-laser sub-machine gun.


Sign In - Sign Out Thread
Hi Sylum!

Aug 2 2010, 07:16 AM
I've pre-ordered a blue 3DS at EB Games. :D
Good for YOU! :D


Julius Quasar's FC's
Special thanks to Astaroth's Descent (Para) for this:

Julius' FC, Lola Foxglove: http://darthomnishadow.deviantart.com/art/CR-Lola-Foxglove-134979018

Julius Quasar's FC's
Special thanks to Rhyfe2002 for this drawing of Lola:


Also, thank you Astaroth's Descent for your drawing of Lola for me! (I can't find it tho, unfortunately, sorry!) (Found it, thanks!)

Julius Quasar's FC's
Todd is based on me, a little bit...
Lola is based on a compendium of women I've known
Edge is based on the Fonz from Happy Days, and subconsciously based on Asper Sarnoff
Rud "Pal" Whetherwax is based on the original Lassie, "Pal", and his trainer, Rudd Weatherwax
Babs is based on a French Lop Rabbit I once owned, may she rest in peace.
Akasha is based on my dad's Smoke Persian cat
Silas...dunno...original creation?
Misty is based on a cute little wild silver vixen who lives in my neighborhood, and hangs out in my yard at night
Madame Vulpine is loosely based on Madame Leota, from the Haunted Mansion...
Conrad Morgenthal is based on a stereotypical CIA elite agent.

Vincent "Boo Boo" Guglione is based on my mom's friend's cat

*next generation*

Cliff McCloud is based on Biff Tannen from the Back to the Future franchise.
Lillith McCloud, based off of Lola and chicks I've known
Cassandra McCloud is based on some chicks I've known
Edsel McCloud is based on Luther from that movie "The Warriors"
Patches McCloud is based on female friends I've had
Tommy is based on some male friends I've had

Attila is based on a cat we once had (Akasha's son)
Not sure who I based Ash on...

Julius Quasar's FC's
Name: Ash McCloud
Age: 19
Height: 5' 7"
Species: Cornerian Red Fox/Fennic mix
Home-world: Corneria
Physique: small, slim

Attire: CDF Military Surplus cargo pants, pilot side-zip boots, black t-shirt, motorcycle jacket

Occupation: Thug mercenary for hire

Weapons: Combat Knife, Laser Pistol, Pump Action Shotgun with pistol grip, Barrier Shield.

Vessel: Customized Wolfen 2 fighter. He got it to spite his father and the Star Fox Team.

Strengths: Fast, superior reflexes, excellent scouting and hunting skills, clever. An great pilot.

Weaknesses: Bad tempered, runty, immature...physically weak.

Personality: Angry, spiteful, bitter, a sourpuss...a loner...unique.

Background: Ash McCloud is the illegitimate son of Fox McCloud and Fara Phoenix. Sometime after the Lylat Wars, but before Fox met Krystal, Fara Phoenix and Fox McCloud had a night together in which Fara got pregnant with Ash, but she kept it secret from Fox. She gave the child up for adoption, and Ash became forgotten. Ash grew up angry, bitter, and vengeful. He tried to sue both of his parents for back child support, and lost the case, making him more bitter. He resorted to a life of crime for a while after that. Now he's simply for hire to anyone willing to pay him.

Theme Song: "Dirty Deeds Done Dirty Cheap" by ACDC

Julius Quasar's FC's
Name: Vincent "Boo-Boo" Guglione
Age: ???
Height: 5' 10"
Species: [Cornerian] Black Cat
Home-world: Corneria
Physique: Slim

Attire: Red or Navy Blue Tracksuits with white trim, gold medallion, gold bracelet, white sneakers with white socks, red or navy blue sweatband (to match whichever tracksuit he's wearing)

Occupation: Bagman, Repo Man, Debt Collector, Hired Thug/Muscle for Hire, Bodyguard for hire, assassin for hire. Often employed by the Foxglove Mob Family.

Weapons: Brass Knuckles, Stiletto Switchblade, Metal Baseball Bat, Laser Pistol, Hyper Laser Submachine Pistol (MAC-10 style with shoulder strap), 12 Gauge hinge action side-by-side dual barrel shotgun.

Vessel: A sleek, wedge shaped, 4 person seating, 4 door, Star Fighter Vessel, with folding gull style wings, retractable/extending dual rear tail fins, hyper space rockets, a barrier shield, dual laser cannons, and a hyper laser turret on top, though it's not as powerful as the main lasers. It can only hold up to 2 Nova Bombs.

Strengths: Smart, tough, streetwise, strong, fast.

Weaknesses: A mama's boy, stubborn, has a problem with biting everyone he meets or gets to know. He was abused, and declawed as a kitten, he now has prosthetic carbon fiber claws, but still has lots of mental health problems.

Personality: Boo-Boo is VERY smart, and he can be tough when he needs to be, but he's also a mama's boy. He can be stubborn, but also intimidating, especially towards women. Boo-Boo always bites whomever he's getting to know. It's nothing personal, though, but it gets him in trouble. To Boo-Boo, biting someone (especially on the hand) is his own twisted way of shaking hands with someone.

Background: Boo-Boo was abused by his former foster family. His real family's whereabouts are unknown. Boo Boo was declawed by his former foster family at kittenhood, and thrown from a moving vehicle, where he landed on his head. He was rescued, and after changing foster families several times, was adopted by one of Lola's female cousins in the Foxglove Crime Family, who raised him as a son, and Boo Boo became very attached to her. He has worked for Lola's family as a henchman for a long time. Boo Boo tracked down and killed his abusive former foster family, and got away with it. However, he has yet to find his real family. He got a set of prosthetic carbon fiber claws to replace his original claws.

Theme Song: "Can't We Be Sweethearts?" by The Cleftones.

Julius Quasar's FC's
Special thanks to Asper Sarnoff for this rendering of Todd and Lola:


Julius Quasar's FC's
Name: Tommy McCloud
Age: 18
Height: 5' 7"
Species: [Cornerian] Red Fox
Home-world: Corneria
Physique: Lean, fit...

Attire: Black cargo pants, red and black sneakers, a crimson shirt, and a black vest with sleeve epaulets.

Occupation: Vigilante, Mercenary/Spy for hire.

Weapons: Dual compact laser pistols, fiber wire garrote, Hyper-Laser Assault Rifle with folding stock. Barrier shield.

Vessel: A modified customized golden Arwing with land walker capability.

Strengths: Good at diffusing contention among friends, family, and teammates. Has the ability to help heal emotional wounds and to cure bad blood. Good leadership skills. Great, warm personality. Patient.

Weaknesses: Sometimes loses his temper. Lets his emotions get the better of him. Naive. Sometimes his upbeat, "Ned Flanders Complex" can be a little tiresome to his siblings, friends, and teammates (fortunately, he doesn't use nonsensical gibberish in his speech like Ned Flanders, but unfortunately Tommy DOES scream like a girl).

Personality: He has a kind, happy disposition. He is always in an upbeat mood, is optimistic, and altruistic. He has his mother's great looks, resembling a male version of her. He always laughs, even in the darkest times. He is kind, polite, and had lots of friends, and attracts many girls, which makes lots of guys jealous, especially his older brothers. That's not to say he isn't tough, or fearless, though, he can still fight like the best of them, and even emerge the victor. Fortunately, Tommy does NOT have the split personality/alter ego, or the mental illnesses he was predicted to have had.

Background: The sixth and youngest child of Todd McCloud and Lola Foxglove, Tommy can help others feel better, especially after a bad day. He does NOT have the split personality/alter ego, or the mental illnesses he was predicted to have had. Tommy is great at keeping the peace among his family, and teammates, of the Star Fox team. Tommy is able to mend any fences or cure any bad blood among his family and teammates in each generation of the Star Fox Team and his blood family. He is the glue that holds the team together.

Theme Song: "Party, Party, Party!" by Andrew W. K.

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