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Diary of a Mad Furry
Yeah, depressing that this is was the last day of summer.

Where did it go so damn fast?

Technically, summer ends Sept. 22 ;)

I had some fun today though, until my stupid dad put me to work in yet another one of his stupid household projects, he's been stealing every damn day of the week from my life to help him fix what's not really broken. He's a selfish jerk. 2 hours today down the drain. I hate that selfish stupid prick!

Last Sunday, my stupid mother charged $20 to MY Credit Card, without my approval, signing me up for that stupid company, she won't shut up about getting me a job, so she can brag to her friends that her son has a job...she's so vain. She did it to spare her own ego, and to save face in front of her a**hole social climbing biddy friends, who ridicule her for having a grown unemployed son still living at home without a job...they're ones to talk, they got sons in jail or out on the street, or on drugs.

Now fortunately I got my credit card number changed...I'll get a new account number in 2 weeks. I still gotta pay the $20, but my mom compensated me for that, and she'll compensate me the $10 for the new credit card processing fee....I told her it was the least she could do for getting me mixed up with that crap...especially after I submitted proof it was a scam.

My idiot father is getting on my nerves, making me wait on him hand and foot. He's not that disabled, just lazy. Yeah...I was warned heart patients are impossible to live with. Didn't realize HOW hard. I hate this goddam house, and I hate my stupid father for forcing me to fix it up all the time...he gets into a fix it tear, and I get dragged into it, and forced to do ALL the work. This is NOT my house, and I don't want it to be. I'll get my own house as soon as this stupid country improves, and after I've waited and slaved away so hard for over 10 years ...I can get the financial independence I deserve.

Mom's in a bitchy, whiny, nasty mood. Yesterday I tripped over the stupid mop bucket she left out, and she screams at me for making too much noise. She's a moron. I hope she and my dad die, I hate them to hell. They're forcing me to install cedar paneling in my dad's closet. Been wasting 3 days doing that, but I'm done. I had to saw the panels to fit, all by hand, and my stupid dad provided me with a cheap, dull miter saw and warped miter box.

Official "Funny Video" Topic

(she says "Abscedo Turpis Diabolous Pario" Which is Latin and, according to a comment on this video, in English it means "Go away unclean spawn of Satan"...)

[ti]BA[/ti]Debate Thread
Professional Wrestling:

Real, or Fake?

I say it's fake...

PC Vs Console
Bah! Give me a good ol' console any day! I prefer the "pre network" gaming consoles, like the Gamecube, the PS2, Super NES, and the NES, thank you very much. Posted Image

Ah, how I remember the old days of 16 bit Super NES and 8 bit NES gaming!
Posted Image

You youngsters are too reliant on all this new fangled gaming technology...

Posted Image

Now if you nice kids will excuse me, I gotta go buy a video game with a coupon, and then return it 20 minutes later, making people wait in line behind me while I complain...


Sign In - Sign Out Thread
"D'oh!" Sucks to hear that about the basement, hope you guys on the East Coast are all okay, what with that hurricane, and the Earthquake....

In the curl of the fur!
Chapter 4

"So...they've already made a move, eh?" Todd asked, eying the paw print shaped scorch mark in the driveway. I had taken pictures for evidence, and now Slippy was using his pressure washer to get rid of it. "Those dirty stupid little...cowards!" said Falco, shaking his head in anger. "I'm gonna kill 'em!" said Edge. "Save some for me!" said Babs, snorting angrily.

"We'll have to get ready, they'll be back!" said Fox. My friends all stood around, looking at the mark of hate that those cowards had burned into the surface of my driveway, and into my mind. Even now as Slippy got rid of it, I could still see it there. "Where are Pal and Fay?" asked Fara. "They called. Said they're running late." said Lola. "Pal probably had to put on his makeup, or had a run in his stockings." Miyu joked. We all laughed at that.

Pal and Fay arrived in their car. "Sorry I'm late...My idiot brother badly burned his hand last night, and mom was calling me from the hospital to complain about it." said Pal. My blood ran cold. "What was he doing last night?" I asked. "He wouldn't say...why?" asked Pal. Krystal, Madame Vulpine, Kylie, and Tigress sensed my fear. They had known about the intruder I'd shot on the hand.

"You don't think...?" asked Kylie. "It's possible." said Akasha. "Huh?" asked Pal and Fay, confused. I explained everything to them. "I wouldn't put it past any of siblings." said Pal, as he shook his head disgustedly.

"Yeah, we suspected Pal's family had ties to these creeps." said Fay. "It's too bad they hauled away all the pieces of the wrecked weapon, I...Hey, what's this?" Babs took a piece of torn, fur like material off of my gate. It had a spot of blood on it. "We can analyze that! It could lead us to the culprit! Great job, Babs!" said Slippy, excitedly. "Let's move, everyone to McCloud Ranch!" said Fox.


After analyzing the material, and the blood, we had a match. "Ralph Rotter, Apartment 308, Stovick Apartments! Assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated battery!" said Slippy, studying the readout. An image of a nasty looking raccoon glared at us from the projected image. That was the guy. "Let's check out his place, there's gotta be more leads!" said Slippy.

"Yeah, let's go!" I said. We headed out.

Ten minutes later, we arrived at the apartment building...we went to the third floor, to apartment 308. Lola picked the lock. We opened the door....Ugh! The stink was unbearable! The place looked like the home of a pig, not a raccoon. I opened the window, letting out the stink. As my friends gagged, and complained about the bad smell in their own way, I looked around. There was a note on fridge. It listed the date and time from last night, and a scribbled sentence, that was illegible. "I'll bet this was to remind him to attend that lynching attempt on me last night." I said. "That's not gonna give us any new leads, just confirm what we already know." said Babs. "True." I admitted.

"We already know it was this jerk, we know he was here, but there's gotta be a lead..." Lola said to me, pressing the button on Ralph's answering machine. "Damn it, Ralph, hurry up! You're gonna be late! We gotta meet the the others, at the Tabbaloni Mansion..." said a familiar sounding voice. "That's my stupid brother!" said Pal. The message ended. We played back all the messages. Other voices, some telling Ralph they couldn't make it to the meet that night, or for the "activity planned" for that night.

"I recognize a lot of those voices." Lola said sadly. "Me too. They work for daddy. Creeps!" said Fara. "Some of them are on the force." said Babs. "Look." Krystal found, written on the calendar on the wall, "Meeting..." written for the middle of next week. "We gotta find out where and what time they're gonna meet." said Katt. "We could get one of the creeps we heard on the answering machine to talk, without them warning the others." said Todd.

"I'll get one of them to talk. Seems to me, Pal's brother is a perfectly weak link. He wouldn't dare admit to the others he leaked any information to me. I'll find out what I can, without tipping my hand. We can spy on him, and find out more." said Lola. "Good idea, but be careful, Lola." said Fox. We headed to Pal's brother's apartment, in a nicer part of town. This time we were using an old van Babs had obtained, filled with listening equipment, and disguised as a Painter's Truck. Lola got out, and headed up to the apartment...she had the hidden camera and microphone on her cloak clasp. Lola was at the apartment door now. "Lola Foxglove!?" asked Pal's brother, Tad. "Hi, Tad." Lola said in a seductive purr. She sashayed into Tad's apartment, and shut the door behind her, not asking to come in, not that Tad tried to stop her. She took Tad's bandaged hand, and said "Oh, my, what happened here, you big strong badass?" she asked him.

"I...uh...long story, Lola." Tad said. "May I offer you a drink?" he asked her. "Oh no, I'm fine!" Lola said, strutting around Tad's apartment. "Uh...okay." Tad sat down, weak in the knees. "M-make yourself comfortable?" he said to her. Lola set down her cloak, the hidden camera focusing on the two of them. Tad sat in a lounge chair, as Lola stood before him, her legs on either side of Tad's legs, as he sat.

"So, Lola...what brings you here?" asked Tad. "Just visiting one of my fans....you think you could answer some questions...for me?" she asked in a sultry tone, as she gently swiveled her hips, turned around, slapped her butt, as her tail caressed Tad's face. She ran her index fingers up the rear of the leg holes of her leotards, while her back was to Tad. She then turned, and leaned forward towards him, running her fingers down the front of the leg holes of her leotards, then she reached forward, putting her hands on the chair armrests, and leaned forward, keeping her cleavage in front of Tad's face. She was careful as could be not to actually touch him, but she still successfully had him under her spell. Lola put her mouth to one of Tad's ears as she whispered seductively "So...what's it going to be?".

"Huh?" asked Tad, dumbfounded. "You got any plans for this week?" asked Lola. "Not really...but in the middle of next week, I....I'm going to be with some...friends." said Tad. "Really? Like, a party?" Lola asked, never breaking contact with Tad as she stroked his hair. "Something like that...we never know what time, or where until we get the call an hour or so in advance." said Tad. "Can I come?" asked Lola, seductively.

"I wish you could, I really do. But these things are...by invite only, and I...I can't just invite anybody, or even somebody like you, without getting prior..approval." said Tad, wincing at his own words with regret. "Hmph! Figures you wouldn't be important enough to know, let alone get me invited! Keep your dumb little get-together! I have real parties and events to enjoy!" Lola gathered up her cloak, and wrapped it around herself, and pulled up her hood and began to stalk out of the apartment.

"Wait, don't go, I love you! I mean...I...know when next week, just not where!" said Tad. Lola snorted in contempt. Tad mumbled the time pitifully. "What was that!?" asked Lola. Tad told her the date and time, loud and clear. "Well....I don't care!" Lola said, turning around and heading for the door. "Wait! I'll let you know in advance! Please! I...could probably get you an invite without asking, but that's only if you arrive here and come with me. I'd have to take you..." said Tad.

"I'll see...no promises, but I'll see. Better you keep this between us, okay sweetie?" asked Lola, as she looked at Tad, and gently touched him on the nose. Tad made a stupid smile, and said "O-okay...sure! But you gotta show up, or I'll have to leave without you!" Tad stammered. "See you then, maybe.." Lola said. She strutted out of Tad's apartment...she rejoined us later in the van, and we drove off.

"We can follow that pathetic loser! He'll lead us right to that meeting, Todd's ship, and its cloaking device will do the trick." said Lola, as she rejoined us in the van. "We need to drain all of Julius' drool out of here, thanks to you!" Babs teased. "HEY! I wasn't the only one!" I said. "Yeah, I'm surprised we didn't drown in all the guys' drool in here!" said Tigress. "This whole investigation was worth the effort. We now know who's in on this, besides Tad and Ralph, all those voices on the answering machine at Ralph's apartment were just what we needed!" said Slippy, holding up the memory flash drive from Ralph's answering machine. We all agreed there.

We headed back to McCloud Ranch, and Misty and I headed home. We had found what we needed to know, and we had the plan already set in motion...

*that's it for this chapter*

[ti]BA[/ti]Debate Thread
^ Depends on your work/project needs. Sometimes Intel is great for some stuff, not so great for other stuff, and AMD is great for other stuff, not for some stuff. (That's what the guy at the electronics store told me).

In the curl of the fur!
Aug 25 2011, 01:44 PM
... wow. That. Was. Awesome.
Thanks dude!

Cerinia's Destruction
Aug 24 2011, 10:40 PM
Simple - I farted, it blew up.
:lol: ...and you lit a match while doing it...

In the curl of the fur!
Chapter 3

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today, in the presence of loved ones, friends, to unite these two in holy matrimony...Do you, Julius Quasar, take Misty Bluehour, to be your lawful wedded wife, in sickness and in health, for richer or poor, for better or worse? Will you honor her, comfort her, support and respect her, 'till death do you part?" asked the Justice of the Peace, who was a mountain goat.

"I do." I said.

"Do you, Misty Bluehour, take Julius Quasar to be your husband, for richer, or poor...'poorer' being underlined twice, in sickness and in health, for better or worse, and if things don't work out, you'll kill him, literally, as your only method of ending the marriage...? Ugh, okay, I really should have looked over this before I read what Julius wrote..." said the Justice of the Peace. "That's fine, and I do!" said Misty, reassuringly.

It was our wedding day, obviously. I wore a black and red Cossack Robe, with black unitards under it, and black gauntlet armbands with metal knobs, and black boots. Misty wore white leotards, white pumps, white fishnet stockings, a white leg garter, a white wedding trein, and a white over bust corset with shoulder straps (new), with a silver tiara (borrowed from Madame V.), with a bit of Krystal's blue fur tucked under her left corset strap...we were at a very nice arboretum, on Corneria.

"If anyone should object to this marriage now, speak now or forever hold your peace!" said the Justice.

Misty's parents, who both looked VERY dour throughout the ceremony, shifted uncomfortably. They didn't like me, at all. In fact they HATED me. I have no idea why they came. My friends, the Star Fox Team, smiled at me reassuringly. Tigress, as a maid of honor, nodded at me reassuringly as she smiled. Pal, who actually managed to wear a tux, and not a dress (at Fay's insistence), looked around nervously. "Yeah, I have an objection, we don't want that scummy human touching our vixen females!" said a voice at the back of the audience.

"Fur power, fur power, fur power!" a bunch of hooded, robed figures marched across the arboretum grounds, holding torches, guns, and a noose. I held Misty close to me. "Get away you creeps!" I shouted to them. "No, they have a valid point!" said Misty's dad. "That's right! We don't want our daughter throwing her life away for a stinking human!" said Misty's mother. "You shut your traps!" said Tigress. "Yeah, lay off of them!" said Falco. My teammates grabbed their weapons, as half of the groom's side, and half of the bride's side, each took sides in the battle for or against our marriage.

"Fur power, fur power, fur power!"

I was awoken, to still hear those shouts. I looked out the glass doors to my balcony, and saw at my gates, a crowd of fur supremacists outside of the gates, armed with torches, guns, and a noose. They lit a fire in my driveway, after pouring liquid puddles of flammable substance into odd formations on my driveway. A burning paw print, in my driveway! "Come out you skinned human devil! We're gonna lynch you!". Misty, who had been woken up by these jerks, let out a frightened squeak. I took her hand, and gently squeezed it, reassuringly.

Now I'd dealt with racial discrimination, and hateful harassment like this back on Earth, so I was no stranger to it. But unlike being on Earth, I had the power to something about this. I sneaked over to the den, got my Demon Sniper Rifle out of the cabinet, headed back to the master suite, I looked at Misty, who stared from the bed at me with worry. I blew her a kiss, and then made a "Shh" motion over my lips with my finger, then crouched low, and quietly eased the balcony door open. I crept out onto the balcony, aimed, and fired...

One fur supremacist went down. I'd killed him. There were shouts, and cries of anger and outrage. I fired another shot. "My arm!" someone screamed. Someone pulled a weapon, and I shot that weapon from their hand. She screamed, as the weapon exploded in her hand, and they said "Where's those shots coming from!?" and "Let's get outta here!". They fled. "This ain't over you Earthling human scum!" someone shouted. Their shouts and footsteps faded into the night. They had carried away their dead fur supremacist brother's corpse.

I watched in anger at the burning paw print, illuminating my driveway, before it burned itself out...I went inside, kissed Misty, and told her "They're gone, for now." as I put the sniper rifle safely under the bed. "I'm glad you're okay." she told me. "Me too, and I'm glad you're safe...I don't want them to hurt you, either, and they would, for...having a relationship with a human." I said. "It's not right that they're trying to prevent us from being together." said Misty. "It won't always be like this...our relationship will be more widely accepted, and someday we could even...marry, you and I." I told her. Misty smiled at that idea. We pulled the covers over us, and had sex for a coupe of hours, then we drifted off to sleep in each others' arms.

*that's it for this chapter*

Kursed: Requiem
Dude, AWESOME! I love it so far!

The Cornerian Bar on Galaxies
As Philip J. Frye played the arcade game, "Monkey Fracas Jr.", he said...


"And that's how you play the game." said Frye.

"You stink, loser!" Akasha taunted Frye.

Cerinia's Destruction
Maybe Cerinia had some kind of World War or whatever, and it led to a nuclear devastation...

Cerinia's Destruction
Aug 22 2011, 06:38 PM
It was Lord Xenu. He was angry at the Cerenians because Tom Cruise had never been to Cerinia.
:lol: Not THAT'S funny!

Cerinia's Destruction
Aug 20 2011, 09:46 PM

Something around pissing off Ren had something to do with it
^ wolfscream :lol: Good one, Megas75! Thanks, I needed that! xD

Cerinia's Destruction
Some say it was Andross' fault...Al Gore claims it was the Republicans' fault. :P

Official "Funny Video" Topic
:lol: Nice one Fana (was that Tiny Tim singing?)

Here's a deleted Family Guy song (Bad language warning):

(Damn you copyright Nazis! Video was removed.)

In the curl of the fur!
Chapter 2

We arrived at McCloud Ranch, and joined Fox in the War Room. Peppy was there. "Members of Star Fox, we face a new, serious danger. The fur supremacist groups that have been meeting all throughout the Lylat System are gaining in popularity. The Earth immigrants and refugees are prime targets, however...Cerinians, being blue furred, are at risk for attack by these fur supremacist scum as well! We must take out their leaders, before this movement grows any larger!" Peppy said.

"Whoever is behind this is going to pay! Treating others like that, disgusting!" said Krystal, shaking her head furiously, her hair beads gently jangling. "Julius' fight is OUR fight, As is all the Cerinians, and the feathered, skin, and scaled beings." said Todd. "That's right! We're gonna make those fur supremacist dick-heads pay! I may have run with some bad apples in my day, but NONE that were based on hatred and prejudice." said Falco.

"Yeah, imagine the nerve of picking on someone for being different! Julius and his people left Earth to avoid that crap!" said Katt. "Nobody's gonna hurt out friends if I got anything to say about it!" said Edge. "Yeah! We'll show 'em!" said Slippy. "This injustice will not stand!" said Kylie, Krystal's brother. "This reminds me of the atrocities I witnessed when I was an intern for Andross." said Akasha. "Yeah, even before the wars he committed crimes rivaling the malevolence behind these supremacist movements." said Silas. Both he and Akasha were scientific interns under Andross, until just before the start of the Lylat Wars.

"We must find at least one or more of them, interrogate them, see where they can lead us!" said Fox. "True! We might not get immediate results, but we'll find our way through the shrubbery maze eventually." said Fara. "We'll have to be alert of ANYTHING...these supremacists won't exactly have a public web forum, nor will they put up flyers for their rallies, but if we investigate without drawing attention, we'll find our way to their leaders." said Miyu.

"They say that these are everyday Lylat citizens, furry, and they could be anyone, so we have to be careful about who we trust." said Tigress. "That's right! We'll need to be more secretive than they are...even law enforcement, politicians, they might be on the take, or part of these organizations." said Silas. "We'll have to observe their movements, and keep any maneuvers against them quiet." said Fay.

"These creeps are dangerous, we shouldn't underestimate them, obviously...but we also need to stay one step ahead of them. Now they probably suspect we, the Star Fox Team, have been hired to stop them by the CDF already, so they might be planning attacks against us. We need to stay in groups, and be vigilant over the course of the next days." said Conrad.

"That's true. They probably know that the CDF won't send out its soldiers or law enforcement agency contacts, for fear of inter-government agency information sharing, and the potential risk for information leaks...but it would be wise if we don't directly communicate with Peppy or General Pepper. Also, we the Star Fox Team should keep a low profile, stick to the shadows." said Pal.

"No one outside the team should know of our movements, and we can't convey any progress with Peppy or Pepper, his lines of communication may be compromised at his office." said Babs. "True. That's why I contacted Fox via the private line at my own house, and made it sound like a casual, nonchalant social call. I don't think anyone was listening, but we' can't be too careful." said Peppy.

"I'm sure that these low lives meet in isolated, far away places, where they won't be disturbed or discovered. They may use Zoness, Titania, Fortuna, or even Sauria, out of earshot of general civilization. Venom may be too obvious a meeting place for them, but you never know." said Madame Vulpine. "We can cover more ground if we split up, but we shouldn't spread too thin, we need to watch each others' backs." said Pal.

"We gotta find and exploit their weaknesses, and protect our own weaknesses. We gotta hit them where it hurts, and hit them where they live! Whatever logistics they have, funding, supplies, weapons, ammo, safe houses, and ships, we gotta make sure to either steal or destroy them, we can't let these jerks have ANY advantages over us." said Lola.

Everyone agreed on that. "A weak enemy, is an easily defeated enemy." said Peppy.

"We should move as quickly as possible, especially after we first get the ball rolling against them. If we hesitate, we might lose this whole fight." said Misty.

"Agreed! We should also make our first hit against them count the most!" said Fox.

We spent the afternoon, carefully planning our first move, and the prep work to occur before it, such as reconnaissance, investigation, and assessment of the situation as a whole, and in parts. Peppy wished us luck, and headed home. We thanked him, and continued planning for a little while longer, then we had dinner, and headed back to our homes, Pal and Fay swung by our place to get Pal's stuff. We all had agreed to double secure our homes, and be extra careful on all of our traveling-related activities.

After Misty and I locked down the mansion, we relaxed in each others' arms...made love...and 2 hours later, we both fell asleep...I had a strange dream.

*that's it for this chapter*

Spoiler: click to toggle

[ti]BT[/ti]Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness
Ok, my bad, I just couldn't resist. :D and as for "Antidissestablishmentarianism", good show on that one!

I'm sorry that you're abandoned and misused by the ones you are required to call family

[ti]BT[/ti]Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness
Fana McCloud
Aug 16 2011, 11:03 PM
This should be a fun trip - bwahaha. XD
It's supercalifragilisticexpealidocious! :wink:

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