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On Shaky Wings
Chapter 3

Misty and I made our way to the hangar where the Rigellian Special, a private spacecraft, which wasn't as nice as they previous one we repossessed, but still pretty good. This owner owed a lot on it, and the bank on Corneria was getting pissed off.

"Okay, now I don't see anyone there, no guards, no mechanics, not even some old timer with a broom. We're good!" I said. As we sneaked over to the hangar, I tested the doorknob. Unlocked. Weird. I was about to open the door, when the knob turned. Misty squeaked in fear, and I reached for my laser pistol.

The door opened, and a grubby-looking skunk appeared in the doorway. "Need something?" he asked, taking a swig of beer. He wore a red-and black plaid shirt, buttoned wrong and too big for him. He wore ratty green pants, a brown sideways tradesman/newsboy hat, and dirty red tennis shoes.

"We're here to repossess the vessel here." I said, standing up straight, and looking him right in the eye, my voice in a stern, commanding tone. The skunk flashed me a crooked smile, and said "Oh really? Ya' want my ship, eh? I heard they was gonna send someone to take it." he let out an unpleasant chuckle. "Help yourselves!" he said, walking out of the hangar and tossing me the activation chip, before wandering off.

"Well, that was easy enough...." I said. "Almost too easy." Misty said. "Yeah, I really hope....AAAAUUUUGH!" I gagged, and broke into a coughing fit. The stink was overwhelming! Misty turned on the lights, and we saw that the hangar where the ship was being stored was also..."A squatting place!" Misty said with disgust.

The place was a mess, there were fast food containers, beer and soda bottles and cans, pornographic magazines, a tiny portable TV on a fuel drum, a banged up cot, a sagging, rotting couch there, as well as some orange crates and a cable spool being used for a coffee table, piles of dirty laundry, and another fuel drum being used as "His toilet!" I muttered, pointing and holding my nose. Misty opened the doors to the hangar to let out the stink.

"Thanks Misty, my eyes were watering!" I said. "No problem!" she said. In the corner there was a floor grate, along with a rusty watering can above it on a hook, with water dripping from it into the floor grate, a bar of soap on a small plastic table, and a grimy towel hanging on the wall hook nearby.

I turned on the rusty electric fan to blow the stink out the doors, but that fan wouldn't work, so I switched it off. We made our way over to the rotting tarp that covered our vessel. I had a bad feeling about this. Misty and I gently and slowly removed the tarp, ripping it as we did.

"Oh sh*t!" I shouted.

The Rigellian Special was a mess! The engines were barely hanging on to the fuselage by their wires! The door was partly open, but when I opened it, a REALLY bad smell nearly knocked me and Misty to the floor. When the stink finally dissipated enough for us to go in there, Misty and I saw that the skunk owner had messed this spacecraft up so badly, he moved out of it and into the hangar.

"This place is worse than Todd's loft!" Misty said. The spacecraft had the same mess cluttering it up that the hangar did. "I'll get a broom, if this guy ever had one!" I said. "It's over there, looks like it's never been used!" Misty said, pointing into another corner. She was right. A brand new broom, mop, bucket, sponges, and fully sealed cleaning bottles were there.

"Aw, for crap's sake!" I said, laughing in disbelief. As I made my way over to them, I saw that the calendar hanging near them was several months out of date, and on one of the days, written in red ink, were the words "Clean Up Spaceship and Hangar!". I can see he forgot about that date, since the days crossed out before it stopped about a week before the planned event.

"I'll get to work on this! Misty, stand guard, you don't have to be in here!" I said. "How are we going to take this if it can't fly?" asked Misty. "We won't. I'll have it towed. It'll cost more, but we'll still get SOME money for it. If the bank don't want it, we'll sell it for scrap. We'll probably get enough money to pay for the taxi, the tow, and a small profit." I said. "Sorry babe." I added.

"It's cool. I just feel bad for YOU." she said. "I don't mind." I said. "Thanks!" I added. "No problem!" she said, smiling. She stayed in the hangar with me as I cleaned out the spacecraft. I managed to dump the stuff in a dumpster outside the hangar, using a board to prop open the lid. When I finished, I cleaned the space craft all over, in and out. I did the inside first, and soon the bad smell was gone. Next I did the outside.

"Hey Julius, how tall are you exactly?" asked Misty. She noticed I had to stand on my tippy toes to clean the underside of the wings. "I used to be 6'4", but when I fought in a war, my shins were shot to pieces by enemy machine gun fire...I awoke in a field hospital to find that they were sewing my feet and what remained of my shins onto the bottoms of my knees, and I lost 7" of shin on each leg. Now I'm 5'9"." I joked.

"WHAAAT!?" Misty said, her eyes in shock.

"I'm kidding! It's just....a recurring there from an old TV show on my planet, where a man's dad fought in a war on my planet, before the war the man's dad was 6'4", but the enemies shot off his shins, and he was 5 feet even after that." I explained. "Oh...I get it now." Misty giggled. "Yeah. I'm technically 5'9-1/2", but that's about it." I said. "Same as Todd." said Misty. "Yeah. Would you believe the most of the women my age, on my planet are so shallow and stupid that they won't date anyone their height or shorter!? Some of these snobby bitches want a guy over 6 feet tall, despite the fact these women aren't even 5 and a half feet tall!?" I said.

"They're so stupid! Of all the stupid, shallow, pointless standards....that has to be the worst!" Misty said, in shock, anger, and disgust. "I'm so sorry they treat you that way!" she said. "Thanks. I got used to it, sort of. Pisses me off just the same." I replied. "I don't care about a guy's height! I care about the guy! Okay, if he's really fat, or hideous, or has terrible hygiene, I'll admit I wouldn't go out with someone like that. I do care about looks a little bit...but just because a guy is my height, or shorter, isn't justifiable enough to reject him, on those grounds alone. It's not a major issue to me, nor is it to Lola, Madame Vulpine, Babs, or even Übervixen! No offense, but it's no wonder your planet is such a miserable place to live. I can see why you wanted to come here when you had the chance!" said Misty. "None taken, I agree with you entirely!" I said, finishing up the cleaning.

"Good job!" Misty said, noticing. "Thanks!" I said.

"How are we going to get this thing going? I know you said 'a tow', but what if it falls apart? They would have to load it on a larger ship, and the costs might outweigh the benefits?" said Misty. "Maybe I can get Todd to fly the Saucerer out here, and we could have him pick it up." I said.

"Can you fix it at all?" asked Misty. I looked at the ship, and examined the engines..."I don't have the tools, and even so I have NO idea what to do." I said. "Maybe we could call a..." before Misty could finish her sentence, Akasha appeared out of nowhere, and shouted "OOGA-BOOGA-BOO!" scaring both me and Misty.

Misty jumped in my arms, and I fell back and landed on my butt, Akasha laughing and slapping her knee. Misty got up off of me and glared at her, as I climbed slowly to my feet. "You little twerp!" Misty said to Akasha. "Ow!" I said. "You made Julius hurt himself!" Misty scolded Akasha. "No, you did, when you jumped into his arms." Akasha replied, laughing.

"You little runt! What's the big idea, scaring us like that!? How did you know we were here!?" I asked. "I found out, and I told her. Play nice, kids!" came Tigress' deep voice, as she came around the side of the hangar to the main doors. "Looks like you two need a hand! I can fix that ship, I have the tools! Misty, you can show me around locally to find the part shops, Akasha, you stay with Julius to fix the ship as best as you can until I get the parts! Nice job cleaning the ship, by the way Julius." said Tigress, seeing the rest of the mess in the hangar and wrinkling her nose.

"Yeah, I bet you could do just as good a job on this hangar, but that's not your lookout. Besides, we'll be out of here soon, the sooner, the better!" Akasha said, frowning at the messy conditions of the hangar. "Don't scare us like that again!" I told her. "Oh shut up!" Akasha said. "YOU shut up!" Misty and I said to Akasha. "Hey! What part of 'play nice' didn't you all understand!?" said Tigress, flashing us all a warning look. "Akasha, that was funny, but wrong. Julius, stop over-reacting." she added.

We all calmed down, then Akasha, Tigress, Misty, and I looked over the ship. I used the diagnostic device to determine what did and didn't work. We also had a readout of what parts were broken or missing, and what tools we needed for this make and model of aircraft. I loaned Tigress my device. "Okay, Misty, let's go find those parts!" said Tigress. Misty went with Tigress, and Akasha stayed with me, as we repaired the portions of the ship that didn't need the replacement parts.

We welded the engines back onto the fuselage, using the welding torches, masks, gloves, and aprons. We fixed a few other things, and when Tigress and Misty reappeared with the parts, we all worked to replace those. Soon, we had the ship flight worthy. "Thanks Akasha, and thanks Tigress!" Misty and I told them. "You're welcome!" they replied.

Misty and I helped Tigress and Akasha pack up all of their tools, then we loaded them up into the ship, and we got our own gear loaded up, we checked to make sure we didn't forget anything, then we took off. "We followed you two here in another space taxi, got a bite to eat in town, then we watched Julius clean up the ship, before we decided to join in and help!" said Tigress, grinning. "Great." I said, sarcastically. "You looked like you were having a good time, we didn't want to interrupt you!" Akasha teased, as Misty giggled.

We flew back to Corneria, unloaded our stuff at our homes, dropped off the ship, and got our money for the ship. Misty, Akasha, Tigress, and I split the money evenly. "Julius should get a little more than Misty, she hardly did anything!" Akasha said. "No, she helped me find my way around town to get the parts, and got me some great deals, plus she was there for Julius' sake, as...'emotional support' said Tigress. "Okay then." Akasha replied.

"Dust ball!" Misty said to Akasha. "Wind up dance doll!" Akasha replied. "That's enough you two!" warned Tigress.

*that's it for this chapter*

Julius Quasar's saved images and such
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Greetings, in the name of the Five Eyes!


That was awesome! Thanks for sharing that (Good to see you back, btw).

On Shaky Wings
Chapter 2

I awoke, only to find Misty had gone to bed. "Is it morning or night?" I asked myself. I looked at the clock. Still night. I passed out for a couple of hours. I yawned, and staggered up to bed. Misty was asleep, and in her lingerie. I joined her in bed. I woke up the next morning to see Tigress' big fuzzy face staring intently into mine. "AAAAAHHH!" I shot up, awake.

"Oh good, I was wondering when you'd wake up!" Tigress said. She had been standing over me, watching me sleep, her face only inches from mine. "Wake up, lazy bones!" Akasha said, climbing up onto the bed, and digging her sharp claws into my thighs. "Ow! Okay, I'm going!" I said, cringing from the pain.

After taking my morning shower, with Akasha staring at me in the shower from outside the shower door, I dried off, got dressed, and headed down to breakfast, where I found Misty, Todd, Lola, Akasha, Madame Vulpine, Conrad, Pal, Edge, Babs, Silas, Fara, Fay, Miyu, Katt, Falco, Slippy, Krystal, Kylie, Tigress, and Fox all eating breakfast.

"Good morning Julius!" they said to me. "Hi." I replied, getting a plate and helping myself to the breakfast smorgasbord. "Heard the repo went well last night!" Falco said. "Yeah, we got a good one." I said. "Why are you resorting to that? Seems kinda...'not you', Julius!" said Slippy. "I got the idea from a TV show on my planet, where they repossess private airplanes. It seems stupid, but it's actually pretty interesting." I said.

"I'm working on property management myself. I make sure that tenants pay their back rent, or I kick them out!" said Tigress. "I got the idea from another reality TV show from Julius' planet. These shows are obviously re-enactments of the actual 're-possessions' and 'evictions', based on real events." she added with a toothy grin. "She's right." I agreed. "I help Tigress with that, and so does Babs, since she's ex-law enforcement." said Edge.

"Whatever pays the bills, until we can get real mercenary work again...." said Fox wistfully. "If there's ever another war!" Katt chimed in. "Yeah..." Fox said, staring out the window. "Fox? Are you all right?" Krystal asked, concerned. "I'm fine." Fox said reassuringly to her.

After breakfast, I did the dishes, and put them away. Misty came into the kitchen, we exchanged kisses, and she said "Good news, there's another repo case for us! A 'Rigellian Special', and there's a $900,000 bounty on it, with a $45,000 commission for it!" she said.

"Great! Let's get ready, and get to it!" I said.

Within moments we were packed, and we took a space taxi to Zoness, to snatch our bounty.

*that's it for this chapter*