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The Great Secession
Chapter 11

I woke up shivering. Misty had hogged the blankets, and was now cocooned in them. I gently shook her awake, and unwrapped her from the cocoon she had made. "Sorry Julius." she whispered to me, as we exchanged a long kiss. We got dressed, I made breakfast, we ate, I cleaned up, and we both got dressed and ready for the day. We got our weapons, our gear, and got into our ships, and headed over to Star Fox HQ (the shipyard). Upon arrival, Fox briefed us on our mission. "Okay...we can all use our own individual ships for this mission if we choose to, but we're gonna head for Fortuna, and destroy that base in the alps, the one that we had saved from that bomb in the Lylat Wars, after fighting Star Wolf." Fox showed us on the hologram that three-spoke, top heavy base.

"We need to use caution, though, I'm sure the CDF will be lying in wait for us!" declared Krystal. "Yeah! But it's nothing we can't handle!" said Falco. "It feels weird fighting to destroy the same thing we fought to save so long ago." said Slippy. "Speaking of which, will Star Wolf be there?" asked Todd. "We can't be sure, they made NO promises...they have to lie low as it is, they're wanted by the new Lylat Federation for crimes they didn't even commit..." said Fox. "For crimes they didn't commit yet you mean." said Katt, and the rest of us nodded. "Now, now, we can't let our old rivalries get in the way of our goals." said Miyu. "Yeah....much as we hate Star Wolf, we hate the new jackasses in the Federation and the CDF even more." said Fay.

"I'll say! They keep imposing taxes on daddy's business, trying to tie his hands with more red tape and regulations, and unfairly accused him of being a PLUTOCRAT, and that's B.S. President Pommer is a Socialist and a hypocrite! He mistreats his workers on Macbeth, and tells my daddy he's using unfair and immoral business tactics." said Fara. "What an asshole." said Silas. "They revoked Babs' detective license on Corneria." said Edge. "That's right! I have an interim license here on Zoness, now that we liberated it, for the most part." said Babs.

"Things are getting bad on Corneria, and they'll get just as bad or worse on other planets, all the more reason we need to liberate them, and isolate Corneria, then attack Corneria and isolate the capital, where we can then move in for the kill, or at least drive out the powers that be..." I said. "True, though knowing them, they'll flee once we invade Corneria, but at least we'll have accomplished our main objective, and that is to unseat them from their position of absolute power." said Conrad.

Conrad looked sadly at the floor. "I'm sorry they permanently kicked you out of the CIA, Conrad." I said. "Thanks." he said. "Those ungrateful scum have their nerve to revoke your 'License To Kill', after all you've done for them. It's obvious the new leaders would try to take that from you, but the established officials there should have backed you up, instead of hanging you out to dry. Those stupid idiots!" said Madame Vulpine. "It's an outrage....and it sucks we had to leave, Fay and I just got our mansion the way we like it. Poor Uncle Niles would be turning in his grave, if he knew that we had to leave it." said Pal.

"At least my family is watching over it for you." Lola said to Pal. "Thanks." Pal replied. "I feel guilty running off like that, I hope daddy will be okay." said Fara. "I'm sure he will, sweetie." Tigress said, comforting Fara with a pat on the head. "I can't wait to free Katina. I'm glad Bill's been looking after Kylie's and my house for us." said Akasha. "I'm definitely grateful for that." said Kylie. "We've got to go now, everybody ready?" asked Fox. "Ready." we replied. We got going.

"WAIT, everyone, before we go, somebody needs to plant the bomb in the Fortuna base, who wants to volunteer?" asked Fox. We all stopped. Silence. "I'll do it!" I said. "Well, Julius, actually I..." "Let him do it, Fox, it won't be like last time where Slippy put the timer upside down!" Falco chuckled. "Ugh, you had to bring that up!" complained Slippy. We laughed. "I'll do it!" said Misty. "No, please, Misty, I can handle this!" I said. "I don't want you to." she said. "Ah, hell, I'll do it!" said Miyu. "No!" I said. We all started arguing, until Fox let out a *TWEET!* with his fingers. When we quieted down, he said "I'll do it, no arguments. If I can find and disable the bomb at the base, I can plant and enable the bomb at the base." he said, holding up the bomb. It wasn't that big, but from what I had heard, it was VERY powerful. "Thanks again to Conrad for procuring this after the Lylat Wars!" said Fox.

"You're welcome!" said Conrad.


We were in Fortuna's airspace, approaching the base, high in the snowy mountains.

"There's the base!" said Fox. As we all flew over it, CDF fighters began to pour out of the base and attack. "Look out, everyone!" shouted Fox. The battle began. Misty fought off enemy ships, and I barrel rolled to deflect enemy shots, and Lola, in her "Encore" ship (a former Harlock Class Frigate for Andross, now modified, redecorated, and armed with a barrier shield) tore through groups of fighters, 3 fighters in a group at a time. Misty was being pursued be a dozen fighters. "Help!" he shouted. I took off after them, and shot charged shot after charged shot, and eliminated Misty's pursuers. "Thanks Julius!" she said. Unfortunately, now I was being chased by six enemy pilots.

Fara came behind them, and blasted them. "Thanks, Fara!" I said. Todd kept a group of eight fighters away from Fara. "Thanks Todd!" she said. We eventually ran out of CDF fighters to battle, as Falco and Fox were tearing through them. "Save some for the rest of us, Falco and Fox!" Conrad chuckled, as he fired a swarm of missiles into a group of CDF fighters. "Commander! Argh!" shouted a dog soldier. Madame Vulpine shot down four more enemies. Miyu managed to herd a bunch of fighters right into a trap Fay and Pal had set for them. Miyu even took out five fighters herself.

"Okay, I'll take care of the bomb." said Fox.

"CAN let you do that, Star Fox!" Wolf's voice came over the comm channel, as his face appeared over it as well. "General Pepper has ordered us to help you!" said Leon. "Wow, kind of an upside down deja`vu, huh?" said Panther. "Yeah." Fox said. "You guys missed the party, we're done here!" said Falco. "Not really, those tattletales called for reinforcements, and they're on the way from a smaller base here." said Wolf. Sure enough, a swarm of CDF fighters appeared on the horizon. "Fox, plant the bomb, we'll deal with this!" I said. "Okay, got it!" said Fox. "Good luck, pup." said Wolf. "Thanks." Fox said, as he landed and disembarked from his ship, heading into the base with the bomb in his arms.

As we fought, alongside Star Wolf, we cleared out the remaining enemies. I even saved Leon from being shot down. "Beginner's luck!" he grunted. Misty shot Leon's Wolfen. "Ooops, my mistake, friendly fire!" she said sarcastically. Fox ran out of the base, and hopped into his Arwing. "GO, GO, GOOO!" he shouted to all of us. "The bomb is exploding! KEEP CLEAR!" warned Serena from the Galatae. We all broke away, and our team regrouped on the Galatae. Behind us, the bomb exploded, destroying the CDF base. Wolf contacted us. "We planted a bomb at that other base, and it's been wrecked as a result! That should give the resistance forces on Fortuna the opportunity they need for the rebellion." he said. "Thanks Wolf! Good job!" we said. "Thanks. Good job to you guys as well." he said. We headed back to Zoness.

When we returned, I was back at my place with Misty, who said she was going upstairs to shower. I was making myself a snack, I ate it, and then when I got to my room, I found Misty's chastity belt laying on my bed, and a flier advertising a play at Madame Vulpine's Cafe and Theater. The play was already over, but....

Five minutes later, I was at Madame Vulpine's theater. Misty had taken my hover car, which I had transported here from Corneria. But I had flown in my Arwing, then programmed it to go directly home. I went into the dark theater, and a light came on, illuminating the stage, concealed by the red curtains.

Posted Image

The curtains parted, and there stood Misty, in a blue showgirl outfit like this one:

Posted Image

She smiled at me, as she posed seductively. "I promised you some fun after today..." she said. "Thanks!" I said, running up onto the stage. We hugged, kissed, and she led me to a backstage private dressing room, where we made love....Three hours later, Misty hung up and carefully put away the showgirl outfit (she removed it before we had...."gotten intimate") and she was back in her clothes, and I was back in mine. We closed up and locked the theater cafe for Madame vulpine, and we went back to my place, and we fell asleep in each other's arms, as we watched TV.

*that's it for this chapter*

The Great Secession
Chapter 10

Everyone started shouting and talking at once. Lola and Misty shouted "EEEEEKKKK!" Lola clung to Todd, and Misty clung to me. Babs snorted angrily and stomped her feet. Edge growled, and Akasha hissed. Madame Vulpine uttered curses at Star Wolf. Falco shouted some insults Leon's way, as he shouted them back. Fara said something to Panther, and he replied back, though I couldn't hear them over Silas' furious hissing. Wolf and Todd exchanged heated words, and finally, Fox shouted

SHUUUUUUT UUUUUUP!" to all of us.

The garage was quiet.

Fox took a deep breath and said "Thank you." in a hoarse tone. Then he cleared his throat gently and continued...I know we've had our differences, but we need to shelve them for now, and work together. General Pepper and Peppy recommended we all work together to take out our new common enemy, the Lylat Federation. We're not the only ones who hate them. There are pockets of resistance all over Corneria, and spread throughout Lylat, the biggest amount of them are here on Zoness. But others on different planets need our help, and we need the help of Star Wolf to take on the enemy, who is also spread throughout Lylat."

"And, as much as I hate to admit it, Star Wolf does need the help of Star Fox, not just because of their numbers, or resources, but because I know that they have some great pilots on their team, as well as great recon and others with various abilities and skills or talents." said Wolf, looking throughout the room at all of us. "Their fight is our fight, and our fight is their fight. This isn't just for Star Fox and Star Wolf, this is for ALL mercenaries, be they teams or individuals!" Wolf added.

We all nodded.

There's many things we need to get done. We've got to weaken or cripple the hold the Federation has on the planets. Katina has the military base, Fichina has the weather control center, there's the base in the Fortuna Alps, and...." Fox and the rest of us gathered around the folding table and sat on the chairs as we made our plans and strategies. Like it or not, we were forced to work together. though I'll admit, Star Wolf had some pretty awesome ideas and abilities. They were handy to have on your side in a fight.


Somebody tapped on the garage door. We opened it, and there was Bill Grey, Peppy Hare, and General Pepper. "General Pepper! Peppy! Bill! We're glad you made it!" said Fox. I set up three chairs for them. "Hello everybody!" said Peppy. "Greetings, all!" said General Pepper. "Hi, everyone, even Star Wolf!" said Bill. Beltino came in just before we shut the door. "Hello everybody!" he said. "Hi Beltino!" we replied, and I set up another chair for him.

I shut the door, and we talked. We discussed hiring other mercenary groups and individuals who saw things our way. "There's a guy named Reece Kilza who sounds sympathetic to our cause!" said Katt Monroe, pointing to a name on the list. "Good, good...who else?" asked Peppy. "While I can't speak for ALL of my family, we do have a bagman who my family, and I trust. His name is Vincent 'Boo-Boo' Guglione, he could be of some full time help." said Lola.

"Doesn't he always bite everyone?" Leon asked uneasily. "Well, we can put him as a 'maybe'...said Lola.

"What is this place, besides the obvious? How did you get it?" asked Leon. "Julius got it for doing some work for the family, then he donated it to the team as a 'satellite headquarters, it also makes for a nice front to conduct business from, seeing as how lots of mercenaries and mercenary teams gotta go underground nowadays..." said Lola. "Good idea." said Wolf. "Fantastic idea...perhaps we should be looking into that as well." said Panther. "Heh...doubt it could hurt, though a front is no good if its cover gets blown." said Leon.

Lola and the rest of us were careful not to tell Star Wolf about the ship yard we seized from the CDF soldiers here and made into our new main head quarters here on Zoness, nor about MY new home at that cargo company building here on Zoness either (that place and this service station were now well fixed up, thanks to all of our efforts and hard work).

When we finished discussing our plans for battle, and for this war, General Pepper, Peppy, Beltino, Bill, and Star Wolf all got up and left. "Remember tomorrow's plan, very important to do what you need to do, and be where you need to be. Got it!" said Wolf to us. "Got it!" we replied. "Good luck, Star Fox Team!" said General Pepper. "Thanks!" we replied. "Do your best, everyone!" said Beltino. We all assured him we would. "See you guys soon, 'k?" said Bill. "You got it, Bill!" said Fox and Wolf at the same time.

We cleaned up and locked up the garage, and we went home,. "Guys, get plenty of rest tonight, for tomorrow begins the first steps past the point of no return, and no stopping. Got it?" Fox told us. "Got it!" we said. Misty and I rode back to my place in her crab ship, and we went inside. I loved how we had all done the place. We watched TV, and relaxed in the rec room. I then coooked us dinner in the new kitchen.

After Misty and I had dinner, I crept up behind Misty, and kissed her. She kissed me back, and I reached around Misty...and felt metal around her waist. "Huh!?" I said, stopping. "I know what you had in mind, Julius...but I need a break from all of that...sorry...I'm just very sore, and I'm not in the mood tonight. Tomorrow, after our victory, you can be sure I'll be in the mood." Misty said, as she winked at me. She was wearing her chastity belt, to keep me off of her. It had a drop down front in its waist, a protective double front set of plates, the inner plate had holes, and the rear of the belt had a braided steel, flexible vinyl coated cable. She could sit, bend over, and use the bathroom, but still be protected from me.

Lola had one of her own, to keep Todd off of her.

I wished Misty had hadn't chosen tonight to wear her chastity belt, and trying to find where she had hid the key and the spare key was not an option. "Okay..." I said disappointingly. Misty kissed me, and then she removed her clothes, showered, and then she put on her leotard-teddy lingerie, and then her short cover-up robe, and then she crawled into bed, and I got undressed, showered, put on a clean pair of boxers, and climbed into bed with her. I placed my arm around Misty as we slept, and hoped for a victory tomorrow, and not one that would cost our team any of our members' life.

*that's it for this chapter*

The Great Secession
Chapter 9

We arrived back on Zoness, and then we visited the properties on Planet Zoness that Lola's brothers gave me. We visited the cargo company first. It looked like the "Sunrise Cargo Company Building" from that TV Reality show "Murder in Small Town X". In fact, it had similar characteristics to it, an indoor pool, a private dock, and several nice common areas, along with several small unfinished rooms, some of those rooms were adjoined by bathrooms. There were 2 studio rooms with bathrooms that were furnished, these were "Model Units". Lola squealed with delight. "This was supposed to be a gentrified former cargo company turned into condo lofts, my brother Tony ran a timeshare condo scam, he collected the down payments from the rich jerk suckers who were dumb enough to swallow the scam, and then he pocketed the money, and claimed 'construction fell through'...hah! He got away with it because Todd helped the Jurors 'change their minds', and vote 'not guilty' on the verdict at the fraud trial." she then giggled.

"As much as I like the main HQ of Star Fox here on Zoness, I would love this place as my own home...for..'privacy'...after all, Todd and Lola have their own place on Zoness, and so do Madame V., Misty, Edge and Babs." I said, hugging Misty. "It's okay, Julius, we understand..." said Krystal. "What, you think you're too good for us!?" Fox teased. "Lots of this needs work, but lots of it doesn't...you just need some fine detailing, a kitchen, and some more finishing touches, should be great." said Tigress. "At least you got a pool!" said Slippy. He was right. The place sat in a small "bay", a cove, Todd and Lola's summer place here sat on a cove as well, and their home, and the new Star Fox HQ, as well as Edge's place, and Madame Vulpine's theater cafe and Misty's cottage, weren't far away.

We were on the second biggest island on Zoness, after all. I nodded, and we decided to visit my other property. It turned out to be a fueling station. It had fuel docks for boats, a second story fueling terrace for flying vessels, a ground level fueling area for wheeled vehicles, a mechanic's bay on each level, and a boathouse with good ramps for the boats. Unfortunately, the place had seen better days. "Ugh, figures." I said. "Now, now, it's not so bad, Julius...this place just needs some work." said Krystal. "True. Tell you guys what, you help fix this place up, you can use this fuel station as a 'satellite headquarters' for Star Fox. Prospective clients can meet us here, so they won't have to come into our homes and risk our security." I said.

"DEAL!" my teammates replied.

My teammates helped Misty and me move our stuff to my new home in the cargo company, and then I helped them clean up the fuel station. As we worked, I saw on the TV a news report. "Reports of rioting on Planet Corneria, at the Cornerian Department of Recreation and Games, as disgruntled players have been fighting over rule violations, and un-sportsman-like conduct. The Lylat Federation, as well as the CDF, are taking measures to quell the disgruntlement amongst players, and to assure the public that the situation has been resolved.

I saw one of General Tauser's goons, a close lackey of his, appear on the screen, saying into the press microphone "We have the situations resolved, there's no more problems here.". What a dorktard. "That stupid jackass..." I grumbled. "What a sucktard!" said Todd, and we all laughed. Fox turned off the TV, and we finished working on the fueling station. "Well, team, we've done some good work, we made some money and gained some fine rewards...his place can suit our needs." said Fox. "I like the mechanic's bays, those can come in handy to fix up our craft here, anyone's craft, we could make extra money operating this as a real fuel station." said Slippy. "Should make for a good front business." said Kylie. "Yup! It's perfect...thanks for donating this to the team, Julius!" said Akasha. The others thanked me too. "You're welcome guys!" I said.

We spent the next few weeks cleaning and fixing up the gas station, and my new home. The team was nice enough to help me with that cargo company building, and I was glad to get the help. "Everyone, listen up..today's riots at Julius' former workplace have opened our eyes...Lylat is undergoing a new change for the worst, and the citizens won't stand for it. Things won't go back to the way they were, but they can improve from the crappy way they are now! Others will need our help, as we will need theirs. We all have to work together to make things good here in the Lylat System again." said Fox. We all agreed.

"And that means we may have to work together to resolve our differences we have against certain other groups and individuals, and with that in mind, I got some important news for you all. Wolf, come on in!" Fox said, pressing a button on the garage wall. The door opened, and the Star Wolf Team entered the mechanic's bay, joining us. "Hey everyone." said Wolf, accompanied by Leon and Panther.

*that's it for this chapter*

The Great Secession
Chapter 8

That night was the last mission for Lola's relatives. There was a huge party at CDF Headquarters, a fancy soiree. The elite of the new galactic order of Lylat were going to be there. Security was beefed up. We couldn't get an invite, so we had to sneak in, or rather I volunteered to sneak in. As Todd's Malestrom was parked safely away from the HQ, I was there with Fox, Falco, Krystal, Slippy, and Misty. Her and I exchanged a long, warm hug and kiss, and she said to me "Be safe, Julius. Promise?" she asked. "I swear, on my Lylat Citizenship." I said. "Which you got thorough illicit means." Falco said with a smirk.

I shoved him playfully. "Wise ass." I teased him. "Julius, remember! Don't mess this up! You need to kill the last target, General Sagar, he's got a briefcase with him full of kickback money to the CDF and the Lylat Federation." said Krystal. "You gotta score that money, so we can bring it to Lola's relatives." said Slippy. "Why can't we just keep the money!?" Falco asked irritably. "I agree...maybe we could 'Help Ourselves to a little bit of it, you think Danny and the other Foxgloves would know?" I asked. "That's not honest, or very wise....I'm sure we'll be compensated for all our troubles." said Krystal.

"Actually, Danny told me we could keep half of it, and give them the other half...plus, they got a little surprise or two for Julius." said Fox. "Really?" I asked. "Yeah...so finish this, and we'll see what it is." Fox said, winking at me. I smiled, and headed out.


I sneaked up on the waiter, as he took a break outside. I zapped him in the neck with my stun gun, "borrowed" his clothes, and hid his unconscious body in a dumpster. He's come to before the trash pickup. I used the waiter's keycard to get into the HQ gates and the door. I had my vial of poison, but that was it. The metal detectors were a big problem in sneaking in outside weapons. President Dex Pommer and General Tauser had installed the metal detectors. Bastards. I had hidden my stun gun with my clothes outside the walls of the compound, near where I knocked out that waiter.

I went to the kitchen, got a hold of the champagne magnum bottle, and poured the poison inside it. I grabbed the tray of champagne glasses, and went to the soiree. Everyone was there all right. Everyone I hated. President Pommer, Piss Stream, Ass-wart, and Moron, along with General Tauser, Stan Octavius, our vice president , and Cecilia Waters. My final target was there too. I went right up to General Sagar, and poured him a poisoned drink. He drank the champagne, and slowly swerved and staggered, then he left the room, and locked himself in a bathroom stall. In a few seconds, he was dead from the poison. Perfect!

I approached General Tauser, who was at the party, offered him a champagne, and when he drank it, he staggered back to his office, and fell over dead. I reached into his coat pocket. I got what I was looking for, the combination to the safe in his office. I opened the large safe in his office, and I took the briefcase full of kickback money out of the safe, closed it, and put back the combination into General Tauser's pocket. I poured out the poisoned champagne out the window I had briefly opened. I took the champagne tray, and placed it in the dumbwaiter back to the kitchen, with the empty bottle.

I took the briefcase, opened it up, and stared in awe at the amount of money in there. I shut the briefcase, and headed out. I passed the security office, where a CDF Officer was leaving it to use the bathroom. I propped the door open with my foot, and made my way inside. I saw the computers, the monitor screens displaying areas all over the facility, and the CDF Soldiers milling about, or sitting in the seats. I reached over to the nearby server, pressed a few buttons, and out came the recording disk. I pocketed it.

"HEY! Who the hell are you!?" a voice shouted. All the CDF Soldiers turned to see me in the room. In my waiter outfit. Holding the briefcase full of kickback money. I ran, as several laser shots nearly hit me. I fled through the hallways as alarms went off, and I dashed out the fire exits, across the outside grounds, and then out of the side service gate I had entered before. The instant I was out of the compound, all the reinforced electronic force fields went up, sealing the compound under lockdown. I escaped just in time!

Whew! I found my clothes, changed back into my clothes, took my stun gun, and then headed back to Todd's ship. We went back to my house. Misty embraced me and held me the whole trip back. I was glad she did, she didn't want to let go, and I didn't want her to let me go. We arrived back at my house, and gave Danny the briefcase, which he opened on the table, and he took out half the money, gave it to Fox, and then he closed the briefcase, handed it to Tony, and then Danny walked up to me. "I got somethin' for you too, Julius..." he said, his voice sounding like David L. Lander's voice (the guy who played "Squiggy" on Laverne and Shirley). "Ahh, not the face!" I joked. We all laughed.

"Naw, naw, we're past that...hell, we even got those IPBM weapons back, we stole them from the new regime." said Danny. He took out two title deeds. "These are for you. One's the deed to a cargo company building on Planet Zoness. That was for the job you did in James McCloud Memorial Park, taking out that General and that Mob Boss for us. We appreciated that. We've cleared your debts to us when you rescued Tony and killed the General who tortured him, and when you shot that first General at that meeting. Getting those kickbacks and killing that last General...well...we decided that that was win-win for us, and for you and your team, that's why we split the money with them 50-50." said Danny. "Thanks!" my teammates and I all said to Danny. "No problem." said Danny. "By the way, that second deed is a deed to a refueling station on Planet Zoness. These places should clean up nicely once you've finished redecoratin' them a bit." he added.

We said Goodbye to Lola's relatives, thanked them, packed up our things, and we headed back to Planet Zoness. We wished them luck, and they wished us luck in our fight against our common enemy, the New Lylat Federation, and the New CDF and Cornerian Government. General Pepper and Peppy were on our side, as were several other inhabitants of the Lylat System. Things would never go back to the way they were for the Lylat System, sadly. But at least they could change for the better (and hopefully not for the worst), and things wouldn't stay as crappy as they were at the time.

*that's it for this chapter*

The Great Secession
Chapter 7

"We're not done yet, but we're halfway there. Julius, after lunch, you and someone else gotta go to a former subway station, and take out General Sidewell. He's that guy with the eye patch. He's in the sub-basement of that place, now a secret CDF HQ where they take prisoners for interrogation. General Sidewell is holding our brother Tony prisoner there. He's being interrogated for information on the rebellion, and we gotta save him, or he'll die in that *&@! hole. Kill the general, and rescue our brother Tony, got it?" Danny said to me.

"I'm going with you, Julius, and I won't take 'no' for an answer!" said Misty. "Fine by me." I said. "Keep the CDF uniform on, Misty...you'll need it as a disguise. You two gotta sneak in through the ammo depot. There's a truck that can take you to the front door of the HQ, and you can get in that way. Then you just gotta get to the basement, then the sub basement. Julius, after you and Misty rescue our brother, you need to use your grenade to blast your way out through the bricked up portal that leads to the subway platform and tracks. Follow this route though the tracks, and into this door, and lock it behind you. Make your way to this active subway platform though the rooms and corridors on the other side of the door, where we'll take our brother from there." said Danny, as he showed me the all highlighted routes to take on the map.

"Got it!" I said. "Me too!" Misty chimed in, after studying the map.

After lunch, Fox flew Todd's ship to the ammo depot, and we sneaked in via the rooftop. We were in a courtyard of a former shipping depot, and trying to figure out how to sneak into the guarded truck that was starting up. "I have an idea." Misty whispered to me. We waited for a guard to move, and then I hid behind some crated. Misty shed over a stack of crates full of ammo, spilling it all over the courtyard. She then hid next to me, as the guards ran to investigated the mess. As they were distracted, Misty and I ran and we hid in the back of the CDF supply truck. As the guards cleaned up the mess, the driver took us to the CDF Headquarters. When we arrived, Misty and I got out of the truck, and sneaked past the guards in the courtyard of the HQ. We made it into the HQ building undetected. Misty and I went to the station master's office on the second floor of the former subway, and I found a CDF Uniform and a backpack there, on the desk, along with an electronic keycard, AND a high powered laser pistol. I grabbed it all, and put my clothes in my backpack. Misty had left her clothes and backpack at my house.

When I had finished getting geared up, Misty and I went down into the station, and Misty went into the ticket booths and found a CDF hyper laser assault rifle and some charging packs for it. We went into the elevator, and rode it to the first basement. When we got out, we saw security cameras lining the hallways, and dim bare light bulbs on the ceiling, providing the only light for the dank, arched corridors of crumbling brick and stone. The stairwell next to the elevator was heavily barricaded on both ends by locked gates, both the stairwell leading from the surface to the first basement, and the stairwell leading from the first basement to the sub basement. That stairwell and elevator leading to the sub basement were on the other side of the iron bars of the arched doorway to our right as we got off the elevator (the stairwell leading to the surface was to our right).

Misty and I made our way past the guards patrolling the halls, and I came to the ammo cage, and used my key card to unlock the cage door, go in and take another CDF hyper laser assault rifle. When I came out of the cage, Misty gave me some of her ammo for the hyper laser assault rifle, the charging clips she had gotten from the ticket booth upstairs earlier. "Thanks," I whispered to her. We went onwards through the station, through the domed common area where CDF Soldiers were milling about, patrolling, checking security camera monitors. We saw the entrance to the server room, being guarded by a CDF officer. The words on the sign said "NO ENLISTED CDF SOLDIERS ALLOWED! ONLY CDF OFFICERS!". We made our way past that room, through the back hallways, and to the back door of the server room. I used my key card to unlock the back door, and Misty and I went in there.

"I'll disable this, so the cameras can't see us. We can break into other rooms here, like the officer's quarters, we can rescue Tony, and we won't be seen." I told Misty, who nodded. I shot out the server CPU with my silenced laser pistol. Misty and I left the room out the back door, and we headed down the hall to the officer's quarters. I used the key card, but it didn't work. "Damn." I said. Misty took out a key card, and unlocked it. "I found it on a table in the server room." she explained. "Thanks." I said, kissing her. We found 2 Officer's uniforms in there, and put them on. Misty stuffed the enlisted soldier's uniform into another backpack she had found, and strapped it on. I gave her my high powered laser pistol I had stolen from the desk in the upstairs office.

We headed down the hall, and passed our escape route, the sealed up archway leading to the subway platform. I could see it past the turn styles there. We went into a room where on our right and left read signs stating "NOTICE! NO ENLISTED CDF SOLDIERS ALLOWED! ONLY CDF OFFICERS AND THOSE IN THEIR IMMEDIATE COMPANY MAY PROCEED PAST THIS POINT!". We passed a CDF Soldier who was at a desk, reading and guarding the room and entrance to the sub basement elevator. We couldn't take the stairs because, as I said before, they were locked with heavily barricaded metal gates.

We took the elevator to the sub basement, and made our way down to the sub basement. We went through the halls, past the patrolling soldiers that General Sidewell had brought with him to protect him down there, and we went to the observation room, used Misty's key card to open the door, and we locked ourselves in there. We looked through the one way reflective glass, and saw Lola's brother, Tony Foxglove, was strapped to a chair and being beaten by General Sidewell.

"I'm not going to ask again, where are the rebels!? Where is Julius Quasar!? Where is team Star Fox!?" General Sidewell shouted. I fired my silenced laser pistol though the glass, firing shot after shot and killing General Sidewell. I grabbed an open empty briefcase off the desk in the observation room, and Misty and I climbed through the broken window and into the interrogation room. I put down the briefcase, took the General's combat knife and its ankle holster, strapped on the ankle holster, took the knife, and cut Tony's bonds, freeing him. Misty gathered up Tony's clothes and put them in the briefcase. "What the hell's going on!?" Tony asked, confused.

"Your family sent us to rescue you." I said. "Thanks, you two!" said Tony. "Take the General's clothes, and his weapon there." I said, pointing to General Sidewell's corpse. He had a silenced laser pistol like mine in his holster. Tony did just that, then he took his briefcase full of clothes, and we exited the interrogation room out the other door. There were two doors, one led to the hallway with the patrolling guards, the other led back to the elevator. He went out that one, made it to the elevator, then Tony shot out the intercom next to the elevator and the stairwell entrances. He then boarded the elevator, just as a CDF soldier ran down the hall, trying to stop us, but failed.

We went out through the elevator, now back in the first basement, and we passed the guard at his desk, a patrolling hallway guard, and we came to the bricked up archway. I took out and primed my grenade, rolled it towards the bricked up portal, and...


I had blasted a hole big enough for us to escape through. Misty, Tony, and I made it through the hole as the alarms went off. We ran out to the platform, we went to the right down the steps and onto the track (there was a subway train directly in front of us on the platform, blocking our path) and we crossed the tracks, climbed onto the ledge, went to the right, made a left, climbed down onto the other tracks that were perpendicular to the platform ( with "T" sections of switching tracks) and we climbed onto that ledge, and we ran to our left, and into an alcove with a maintenance room entrance. Tony arrived at the door first and pushed it, but it wouldn't open. He gave up trying to open it. I pulled the door open, it swung outwards, that's why Tony couldn't open it. "P-U-S-H-PULL!" I joked to him, and he laughed, Misty giggled, and then I shepherded then both through the door, and followed them through it, just as the CDF soldiers and officers poured through the hole I had made, and were about to catch up with us.

I shut the door behind us, put the drop bar in place to lock it, and then we made our way through the rooms and corridors to the other subway platform, where Lola's brothers, her sisters, and the Star Fox Team (all of them) greeted us. Tony was glad to be free, Lola and her brothers and sisters were glad to see Tony again. Lola and the rest of the team were glad to see Misty and me again. "Great job you two!" said Fox. "You did great!" said Falco. "Awesome!" said Slippy. "Not bad!" said Katt. The others said similar stuff. "Great job you two. Julius, we appreciate what you and the Star Fox Team are doing. Let's get outta here, and then we got one more job for you." said Danny. We boarded the subway, and headed back to my house.

*that's it for this chapter*

The Great Secession
Chapter 6

We spent the night in my house on Corneria. Fortunately, there were some extra mattresses (probably stolen) stored there by Danny and the rest of the Foxgloves. As the sky grew light, and the darkness faded away, Danny woke me up. "We sat in the kitchen, as one of Lola's sisters made breakfast. "Julius, we got another job for you...in a few hours, another one of those asshole generals from yesterday's meeting, General Jaspers, is gonna meet with another mobster, an old friend of his...we know the bastard, his name is Fester Carmine...General Jaspers wants info on who carried out the hit the other day, and info on rebel movements against Corneria and the Lylat Federation. That rat bastard's working with the corrupt establishment that's sending Lylat to hell."

I was shown maps of the area, and then shown pictures of both of the targets. General Jaspers, an old hound dog General, and Fester Carmine, a rat indeed. Literally. "They're meetin' at James McCloud Memorial Park, according to our insider. It'll be nice, secluded, and out in the open. Watch your ass, though...the CDF Soldiers are guarding the park all over, any civilians will be 'removed' immediately. Also, those cowards are arriving in armored limousines. They're bullet and laser proof, but not bomb proof. That's where your sensor bombs come in handy. A word to the wise, though, you gotta place the sensor bombs on the limo without the CDF soldiers or the mobster's bodyguards catching you in the act. If those targets get scared by something going 'bump', they'll flee for their armored transports, so be careful about how much 'noise' you wanna make." Danny explained.

Lola was awake now, slapping the back of Joey's hand with a spatula as he reached for a piece of cooked bacon. "Wait your turn you glutton!" she said to Joey, as Misty giggled. Everyone else was up by now. We had breakfast, I did the dishes, and I told everyone my plan to kill our latest targets...The others agreed on my plan. "I'm coming with you!" Misty said insistently. "Okay, on the condition you wear the CDF Uniform I stole. Better that I get attacked by the CDF than you." I said. After ten minutes of negotiating with Misty, she finally agreed.

She and I went up to my office room in the tower of my house, and I gave her the uniform. She removed her boots, then her skirt, and then her jacket, and she placed them in the CDF backpack. She stood there in her tights and her leotards, looking VERY sexy. I smiled, and she smiled back at me. I helped her into the CDF uniform and boots, which fit her well enough, fortunately. She put on her backpack, and I handed Misty her weapons. We got into Todd's ship, with Falco, Krystal, Akasha, Misty, and Todd.

"Good luck you two!" Falco said. I had brought with me my Heavy Duty Laser Pistol I'd stolen off of a thug aboard a ship in Lostendammed Harbor, long ago. I had my silenced laser pistol as well, in my gear bag. I didn't need it for THIS job. My Demon Sniper Rifle was in its case back at my house. I also brought 2 sensor bombs. "Crap, I forgot my stun gun." I said, realizing it. "But I didn't forget it." Misty said, handing it to me. I kissed Misty and thanked her. I put the stun gun in my coat pocket.

We arrived at James McCloud Memorial Park. We docked at the edge of the park, and watched the CDF armed motorcade arrive, with our first target, and the armed motorcade for the mobster arrive at the other side of the park. "Okay, Akasha, Falco, and Krystal go plant the first bomb, under the General's limo. Fortunately, the chump parked on top of a manhole!" I handed Falco the sensor bomb. "I'll plant the second bomb. Misty, Todd, cover me!" I said.

We got our, sneaked past the guards patrolling the streets, and sneaked into the sewers. Falco's team went one way, and my team went the other way. We went under the park, and we were now in an alleyway behind a church. The chauffeur for the mobster was there, hanging out by himself in the alleyway, looking out at Stony Canal. Misty, Todd, and I crept up on him, and I zapped him with my stun gun. "Okay guys, guard him, and if he wakes up, hit him with this again!" I handed Misty my stun gun. I took the chauffeur's clothes, and walked out of the alley, and over to the limo, surrounded by a bunch of mean, ferocious anthro-pitbull bodyguards. They glared at me suspiciously, but I was at a good enough distance so that they didn't see me up close and recognize the fact I was an impostor.

I planted the sensor bomb underneath the limo, in the undercarriage. The limo was parked in the middle of the street, away from the manholes and sewer grates. I walked back to the alleyway, changed back into my clothes, and placed the chauffeur's clothes back onto him. Todd and Misty climbed down the manhole, and I heard Falco on my communicator. "Yo! Jules! We got the other 'surprise' in place. We'll meet you back at the ship!" he said. "Thanks Falco!" I said. I looked around, and then took out my laser pistol, fired it in the air once, holstered it, and then I climbed down the manhole and fled with Misty and Todd through the sewers.

I could hear screaming from the targets, footsteps, and swearing, shouting, and the sounds of car doors opening, engines firing up, and then....*BOOM* there went the General's limo. *BOOM* and there went the mobster's limo. Danny was right. The noise scared them right into my traps! The Mobster and the General were dead!

We all met back in the Malestrom after escaping the sewers, and headed back to my house. Danny and the other Foxglove siblings greeted, thanked, and congratulated us.

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The Great Secession
Chapter 5

"Julius? It's 'your old buddy', Danny Foxglove, now shaddup and listen...There's some CDF Officials giving us some trouble...the way I see it, you still owe us even after the 'missile incident'...your debt to us regarding Libertyville ain't paid for yet. You do these things for us, and we'll leave ya' alone. We don't care if you tell Fox and the others, heck, they'll be glad to hear you're gonna help us fight the CDF. They might even come along with ya' to help...but not too many teammates should come along, though, we need to keep things lo profile, capiche?" said Danny. "Yeah.." I said.

"Good! Now, get your ass to Corneria, to your old home there...we'll fill ya' in on the rest. Buy yourself a Demon Sniper Rifle, 2 sensor bombs, a grenade, and get yourself some poison, too before you leave Zoness!" and with that Danny hung up. I got my silenced laser pistol, then I told the others about the call, and they agreed to help me. "Hey, any reason to go after those CDF pigs is a great reason!" said Katt. "Totally!" said Falco. "I wonder what kind of grudge the Foxgloves have with the CDF, or what they got planned exactly?" commented Fara. "Be careful, good luck, and choose who you want to come with you!" said Fox. I chose Falco, Krystal, Akasha, Misty, and Todd. We took Todd's ship, but before we left Zoness, I bought a Demon Sniper Rifle, 2 sensor bombs, and a grenade from the local gun shop, now free from the Cornerian Government and the Lylat Federation's stupid and asinine new gun laws. I then went to a nearby shop Madame Vulpine recommended and bought the poison. We then headed for Corneria. "Good luck again, Julius, and everyone else!" said Fox over the com channel.

"Thanks!" we replied.

We arrived on Corneria. We landed at my old house, and there was Danny Foxglove, Joey Foxglove, as big and dumb as ever, and some of Lola's comely, sultry, beautiful sisters. "Hi Julius..." they said, giggling. "Hi.." I said to them. Misty shot them a death glare. I gently placed my arm around her, and held her close, in a subtle way to tell Lola's sisters I had a girlfriend. One of them was a red vixen, with a short black stylish halter neck dress with black stiletto heels, and the other one was a silver vixen like Misty, and she wore black boots, black leotards under a sheer black skirt and a wine red coat that ended at the waist in the front, but ran to the ankles in the back. They smiled at Misty, and Danny spoke "Hey, Julius! Listen up, I got a job for you...We got a guy on the inside helping us, he's called a meeting of the four targets of ours...we want you to take out the target at the meeting, it starts in an hour...take out only that target, and no one else, we wanna send a message!" said Danny.

"Right!" I said. "Your friends might have to stay back, this is a tight situation...you see, the meeting will take place at Pepper Square, in the Walker Building...at the moment, all we know about the target is that he's a general in uniform, NO, it's not Pepper, nor is it Peppy or, unfortunately, General Tauser...but this is his cohort, as are all the others at the meeting, with the exception of our mole. The place is gonna be crawling with CDF, and they'll shoot any civilians on sight in the area, so your friends gotta stay back for now, YOU need to go in there, kill that general, and then escape alive. You'll need that rifle of yours, it will come in handy from our strategic attack." said Danny.

We went inside my old house. At least Danny and Lola's other siblings there were taking good care of my house....Danny told us what I was to do, as we sat in my living room, on Danny's furniture. I felt slightly sad, but I was also glad my home was still standing here. Danny went on, explaining the plan, while Lola's sisters silently flirted with me, and Joey picked his nose. Krystal sat next to Todd, and Akasha sat on Todd's other side, while Misty was on my right, Falco on my left. "...and that's how you'll do it, okay?" Danny asked me. "Uh...okay, got it!" I said.

We took the subway to Pepper Square. "Remember the plan, we'll be waiting in the subway for you...good luck!" said Danny. "Thanks!" I said. I picked up my Demon Sniper Rifle in its case, and headed out into the grimy subway station. Man! I know that I'd been away for a while, but it wasn't THAT long! Though it had been a while since President Dex Pommer took over, at least 6 months, and I remembered seeing things slowly going to crap on Corneria. But this subway station...ugh...the lights were mostly burned out, the paint peeling, the placed reeked of piss. I could see vagrants lurking in corners of the station. I ran up the wide stairs ahead of me, and took the stairs to my left, since the stairway to my right was bricked up for some stupid reason.

I went up the second second set of stairs, headed through an arched corridor and doorway, and then up broken down escalator. Our [higher] tax dollars hard not at work. I heard footsteps ahead, and I ducked behind a wall protrusion that was part of the wide arched doorway leading out of the station, and watched a patrolling CDF Soldier, armed with a hyper laser automatic rifle, who walked down the stairs, from the street, far ahead to my right, and he walked past where I hid, and down the stairs to what would have been my left, had I been standing right in the middle of the corridor. He walked around down there where the lockers were, and then back up and to the street. I waited for him to leave, then I sneaked down those stairs to my right, past another armed CDF soldier, and into a utility room off of the locker room.

I opened the first door leading into the utility room, quietly closed the door behind me so the guard in the locker room wouldn't hear me, and then I opened the other door to my left, and sneaked into the sewers. I took the route through the sewers that Danny had highlighted for me in his bookstore purchased utility map...I came out of a manhole near a CDF supply truck. I waited for the patrolling guard in the alleyway to walk past, and then stop, looked around at the guard post at the nearby road block with the other 2 guards, then continue on his way as the other guards looked in the other direction away from mine before continuing further out of the manhole, sneaking up to the supply truck, and stealing a CDF Uniform and Helmet, and a backpack to put my clothes in. I put my clothes in the backpack, and strapped it on, and I picked up my rifle in its case.

Danny's voice came over my communicator. "Julius, that meeting is starting earlier than we thought. Unfortunately it's gonna end quickly, too. You got 5 minutes to get into position." he said. "Okay." I said, heading up the hill out of the alleyway into the back entrance of Pepper Square. I headed around the back of the Walker Building. I sneaked into the apartment building across the street, to the side of the Walker Building. I headed into the building, into the left wing, and up the back stairs to the 4th floor of the building. I entered the nearest apartment to the stairs, going through the back kitchen, and into the living room. I unpacked my rifle from its case, and looked through the scope. I could now see the room where the meeting took place.

"Danny? Big problem, there's four generals at the meeting, they're hound dogs...I don't recognize ANY of them. Also, there's a raccoon there, too. He's really fashionably dressed" I said. "Crap! I wasn't expecting that...the raccoon is our spy, don't kill or hurt him...okay, I'm gonna check my laptop for this prick's profile and picture, hang on. DON'T shoot until you have 100% confirmation of your target." I could hear a clicking sound, as Danny typed on his laptop. I had 4 minutes to go before the meeting ended. "Your target is right handed, and is a heavy drinker..." said Danny. The 4 generals and the spy in the room were all drinking, or smoking cigars, or both. The spy took light sips of booze, one general was smoking heavily, one was smoking AND drinking, another was smoking, and pacing the room like a caged animal, he wore an eye patch over his right eye, and held a cigar in his left hand. The fourth general, who had a beard, was drinking and smoking.

"That narrows it down to two, but it's not enough. My time slot is slipping, anything else you got on this guy?" I asked. 3 minutes to go. "Yeah, he's a non smoker." said Danny. "I have full confirmation!" I said. I aimed for the general sitting right in front of the window. I had to wait for the pacing general to move out of my way, and the well dressed raccoon to move of the way after he leaned across the table, behind my target. I didn't want my shot to kill him, seeing as how powerful a Demon Sniper can be, it would hit him after passing through the bulletproof window and the general. When the raccoon moved, I took my shot. *ZAAAAP!*

My shot pierced the bulletproof glass window, and killed my target. The others in the room screamed and fled. I packed up the sniper rifle, and fled out the apartment the way I came, as I heard someone running down the hall and coming into the apartment, into the room I was just in. I ran down the stairs, and exited the apartment, and then I went across the street, and headed back down the way I came, through the back entrance to the square, and into the manhole, and back down into the sewers.

I was in the sewers, I ran through them, and into the subway station, I walked past the patrolling guard in the locker room, up the stairs, and down the broken escalator as the other guard came down from the street to patrol. I made my way into the station, onto the platform, and I boarded the subway train with my friends, and with Lola's siblings, and the train pulled away. I was successful in my mission!

*that's it for this chapter*

The Great Secession
Chapter 4

"We're going to war tonight. Last night we won the battle...tonight we win the war!" Fox said to us. "I'll bet by now that The local CDF Brigadier General is holes up in his HQ. All his soldiers are gonna be protecting him. We can't go in there right now, or we'll get killed. We'll need to draw them out bit by bit, and take out everything they have. The remaining businesses under their protection, their gambling, pimping, and stolen goods operations they have here too." said Edge.

"What happens after that?" asked Fara. "They'll most likely send out their soldiers to deal with us. That's when we attack them as they come out to the streets. We'll need to take out their officers, and work our way down the ranks to the Sergeants. Eventually, they'll run out of soldiers to send out, and that's when we'll storm their HQ, move in for the kill." said Madame Vulpine.

"But what if they call for backup to Corneria or Katina?" asked Silas. "That's where you, Slippy, and Akasha come in...you'll need to hack their communications computer system and disable it. Half of us will fly in our ships and shoot down ANYONE who tried to flee the base once our ground forces storm it!" said Fox. "Got it! Leave that to us, Fox, we won't let'cha down!" said Slippy. Akasha, Slippy, and Silas went to the "computer center" we had set up in our new HQ and got to work. 30 minutes later, Slippy's voice shouted "Got it" from the room.

"Good job, guys! You just stay alert on those systems, in case they try to override what you've done. Also, we need you to hack into the satellites and provide watch through them to help us navigate and plan any needed new strategies in battle, we don't want to get hit by any surprise attacks!" said Krystal. "Can do!" replied Akasha and Silas. "Good! Falco, Edge, Krystal, Lola, Todd, Madame Vulpine, Fara, Miyu and I will take to the skies. Tigress, Fay, Kylie, Conrad, Misty, Pal, Babs, and Julius, you'll be our ground forces. First you attack on foot with your weapons and trash the protected businesses, then hit the back alleys where they have the pimping, stolen goods, and gambling parlor opportunities...they run a 'poor man's gambling parlor' there, but not after we're done with 'em!!" said Fox.

We laughed. "After you finish that, IMMEDIATELY get into the Landmaster Tanks I'll have sent to you via the Great Fox, courtesy of ROB." said Fox. "Right!" my fellow ground force members and I said.

"Let's do it then!" said Fox.

The Great Fox was in space just over the battle ground. ROB was watching things there, as Fox and the rest of our air support flew around over the battleground. My fellow ground force teammates and I made out way to the Island in Todd's Malestrom ship, and parked it safely out of sight. "Lock and load, everyone!" I said, as we readied our weapons and headed out to the main avenue of the capital city. We first attacked all the businesses under the protection of the CDF. We hit pharmacies, liquor stores, and restaurants. Every time the owners called the CDF goons to come help them, we'd take them out in nothing flat.

When we finished, we made our way to the back alleyways, and we attacked a local pimp named "Fillmore". Misty, Tigress, Babs, and Fay shot the hookers as Pal, Conrad, Kylie, Edge and I shot Fillmore. We then destroyed his ship with a grenade, and moved on...We ambushed the CDF goons who were moving stolen goods into a storage garage, and trashed all the stuff they had stolen after we defeated the goons. THAT was fun, smashing the stuff...heh heh....we then went to the illegal "poor man's gambling parlor" and we shot the CDF goons in there, and shot a squad of CDF goons who arrived when the civilians in there had fled and gotten backup for the CDF there.

As we defeated them, we then began to wreck everything in the parlor. Maurice, the pit boss, came out of his office in the cashiers cage behind the barrier. He threw projectiles and insults at us, but Pal stood in front of the little hole in the barrier, where cash changed hands, and he fired his flamethrower through the hole, effectively burning that asshole Maurice to death. We cheered, and then finished trashing the parlor, then we went back to the streets and contacted Fox on our progress. "Great job, guys! All you have to do now is get into the Landmasters I'm sending you. Now, there's gonna be 4 Landmasters, so each of you need to double up in one, okay?" he said. "Got it!" we replied, and we did just that.

The 4 Landmasters materialized on the main avenue, and Misty and I took one tank, Conrad and Tigress took one, Fay, and Pal got into the other one, and Babs and Kylie got into the last one. We rode around, looking for the CDF Battalions as they were coming out to the streets to fight us. Sure enough, they practically came out of the woodwork. But they were no match for us in our tanks. We destroyed them, and the few tanks they sent out. Fox and the others in the air shot down the air forces, we occasionally helped from the surface by shooting down any CDF flying fighter craft that was chasing our team mates in the air. Soon, the CDF lost any more soldiers to end out. We moved in for the kill.

We stormed the base, destroyed the barrier generators, the anti aircraft guns, and we made our way into the base, defeating all the CDF goons there. Some of them were originally from my planet. Figures. We fought until there was nothing left of the base except for rubble. But there was one thing wrong. "The Brigadier General ain't nowhere around here!" I said. "That coward must've split!" said Falco. I saw that CDF Colonel we had defeated the other night lying dead in the rubble. "Damn, well I guess..." "GUYS! Lola said out loud.

A Flagship, like the one General Pepper had in the Aparoid Wars, flew over the horizon, laser cannons blasting. "DIIIEEE!" the Brigadier General said to us. We sprung into action. The General launched missiles, but we used our tanks to shoot them away. Unfortunately, our teammates were having trouble getting a lock on his ship, and their lasers couldn't hit him enough to cause any major damage. "We need someone to use the plasma cannon, and ride on my wing to get this jerk!" said Fox. "I'll do it!" I said. Misty took my arm. "Julius, are you sure you want to do this?" she asked. "Julius, I dunno, you've never done this before!" said Falco. "I'll do it, Fox is a great pilot, so I don't mind!" I said. Misty kissed me, and said "Good luck, Julius.". She handed me a Plasma Cannon from behind the seat.

"Thanks!" I said, taking it. I kissed Misty right back, and got out of the tank. "We'll distract him, Fox can pick you up!" said Todd. The others did just that, and the General kept trying to shoot me on the ground, but he kept getting shot at by the others. Fox swooped down low and slow over the street, and I climbed on, holding my Plasma Cannon. I took aim at the cockpit on the General's Flagship and fired. SUCCESS! I was damaging the ship! Wing Riding was fun, too! Fox maneuvered us through the Zoness City skyline, as I blasted the Flagship. When I had him down to almost no shield power, the General said to me "You'll never defeat the CDF!, or the Federation, you idiot!" and I said "Famous last words from you, ya' stupid moron!" and I blasted him. He crashed, and was killed. We all cheered. Fox set me down, Misty emerged from the tank, and we hugged and kissed, and then my fellow ground force teammates emerged from their tanks and congratulated me. I put the Plasma Cannon back in the tank I was riding, and then ROB transferred the tanks back into the Great Fox. Our air support flew back into the Great Fox, which flew back to our HQ, and we the ground forces flew back in Todd's Malestrom ship to our HQ. We won. Zoness was now free from the CDF, free from the Federation!

The next day, on the local news, we saw that the citizens of Zoness were rioting, all over the planet, attacking CDF Posts, killing CDF personnel, and killing the civilians who were pro CDF and Pro Lylat Federation. Apparently, what we had done sparked a planet wide rebellion. We saw those asshole civilians, who had ratted on us and gotten that back up for the CDF when we were trashing that gambling parlor last night, getting beaten up by some other civilians. Awesome.

Later that day, the whole planet celebrated. We sang, danced, played musical instruments, and burned the CDF, Cornerian, and Lylat Federation Flags and Banners. Akasha and many others waved the Zoness flags fervently in triumph, and others were burning the CDF, Cornerian, and Federation Flags, as they danced atop the wreckage of CDF tanks. It reminded me of that last scene from "Enemy at the Gates", when the Soviets were celebrating their victory over the Nazis.

"We did it! But other planets need our help! We're getting tons of offers now!" said Fox. "Awesome!" said Falco. "We should definitely help them! We also need to aid Sauria, we don't want that awful Lylat Federation conquering it!" said Krystal. "That's right, we will protect Sauria, believe-you-me!" said Fox to Krystal, and they exchanged a kiss. We were enjoying a huge beach bonfire. It was one of the greatest days of my life. Later that night, though, I got a phone call from Lola's brothers.

*that's it for this chapter*

The Great Secession
(Because the CDF, the Lylat Federation, and the Cornerian Government is corrupt. General Pepper is retired, but General Peppy Hare was forced out of office by crooked politicians).

The Great Secession
(Zoness is the new home/main HQ for Star Fox, and also taking away the Zoness businesses protection ring from the CDF will drive them out of Zoness eventually, and hit the CDF where it hurts, their pockets. Star Fox has to go rogue now...I'll work on another chapter later. thanks for reading though.)

The Great Secession
(We've landed on Zoness, invaded and taken control of 4 local businesses under CDF "Protection", and forced the owners to pay Team Star Fox "Protection" from now on. We're gonna invade the capital island and take control of it there by either seizing the protection ring stores there as well, and shut down any additional operations the CDF has. We'll expel the CDF from Zoness once they lose their financial assets.)

The Great Secession
Chapter 3

I was settling in at Misty's house, a nice little 2 bedroom, 1 and a half bathrooms cottage by the beach. We were upstairs in the converted attic space, relaxing when Fox called us. "Edge's place, 10 minutes." he said. We headed there. I saw my stuff, along with everyone Else's stuff there at Edge's converted/gentrified amusement park on Zoness. Edge had fixed up all the buildings there, which resembled the old fashioned Victorian Amusement Park buildings. He even fixed up the rides, though they were rendered inoperable, strictly for show, since they were not officially deemed "safe" to ride. The rides still lit up at night, everything in the park did, but the giant Ferris wheel was locked in place, the roller coaster cars were welded in place on the tracks, the bumper cars and the electrified floor they were on were disabled. The theater was there. The spook house and fun house were sill there, but the carts for the spook house were frozen in place, lined up on the tracks. The food and game booths were still there, though shuttered. The "troika" multiple spoke armed rides and the carousels were motionless. But the calliope music still played.

I saw my stuff in the weatherproof containers, with everyone Else's stuff in similar containers. Fox, Falco, Krystal, Slippy, Fay, Fara, Miyu, Kylie, Tigress, Katt, Todd, Lola, Edge, Babs, Akasha, Pal, Silas, Madame Vulpine, Conrad, Misty, and I were all there. "Good, we can finally get started Falco said, over the gentle lapping of the shoreline waves. We all sat down on the containers and Fox spoke to us all. "Members of Sta Fox, I hate to say this, but we've lost our credit on Corneria. The days when we were able to stride in public are coming to a close. From now on, we'll have to hide in the shadows. The new Cornerian government, and general societal shift no longer welcome our kind. The new government of Corneria..." Todd interrupted with "****ing assholes..." and Fox paused, reflecting on Todd's words as we all nodded in agreement with him. "...yes, well, they have been demanding the disarmament of the civilian population, and the disbandment of mercenary teams. But as Team Star Fox, it is OUR DUTY to the freedom of Lylat, the memory of my father, to General Pepper, Peppy, Bill, ourselves, and what we and Star Fox and its subsidiaries all stand for, to fight this tyranny." said Fox. We all stood and applauded.

"We gotta take a foothold here, let these assholes know we mean business!" said Katt. "I say we ruin their satellite interests here." said Conrad. I nodded. "We gotta take what's ours here, after we free up Zoness, we can then help the other planets free themselves from the federation scum." I said. "We can start by attacking their little...'protection' ring they got here." Edge said. "True. We can hit them where it hurts, their pockets! They'll lose ground here if that were to happen!" said Madame Vulpine. "Edge, Madame Vulpine, and I know Zoness really well, we've seen where these stupid dickheads have 'set up' around here." said Misty.

"We'll do it, then, starting tonight, as the strip and the stores start to close down." said Fox.

*later that night*

"Okay everyone, like we said, here's where we hit..." Edge said. We were at the local business district at "The Strip" around the corner and down the street from Edge's home. "We're gonna hit the four stores here, under 'protection' by the Cornerian Government, and those CDF goons. It's getting later into the evening, so the strip should be shutting down, no civilians getting in our way." said Edge. "Ready guys?" asked Fox. "We're ready, Fox." said Krystal. "Time to take over here...." said Tigress, grinning ear to ear....

We made our way to Charlie's Plumbing Supply Store. "Looks like no one's home." said Lola. The store was deserted, but the metal shutters that were supposed to protect the plate glass windows and the glass front doors of the store hadn't been rolled down yet. Todd grabbed a trash can off the curb, and tossed it through the nearest plate glass windows. We all ran in through the entrance Todd had made, and we proceeded to trash the store. A bunch of CDF sailors, soldiers, and pilots ran down the street towards our location. "What the f***!?" some of them said, the others said "It's the STAR FOX TEAM! GET 'EM!" and someone else said "First you cut out, and now this s***!?" and we then stopped trashing the store and turned our aggressions on the CDF instead.

Tigress hurled a toilet at a group of CDF goons, hitting them and knocking them to the ground. I fought a CDF Officer, slamming his head into a shelf, breaking the shelf and knocking out the officer. We used wrenches, plungers, detergent boxes, and anything else we could get a hold of to hit the CDF soldiers and beat them back. We broke store merchandise in the process, but we didn't mind. Heck, we were killing two birds with one stone, finishing our wrecking of the store AND defeating part of the CDF forces stationed here. Lola hit a CDF sailor in the kneecap with a wrench. Slippy jammed a plunger onto the face of a CDF Pilot. Miyu struck that same pilot from behind with a pipe.

Tigress threw a pedestal sink at another group of CDF soldiers, knocking them down. Edge smashed a CDF sailor's head into another refrigerator, ruining the fridge and the pilot. We smashed the remaining appliances, and beat up the remaining soldiers. Akasha tripped a CDF soldier who ran at me, and Kylie opened the refrigerator door to the soldier's left, and the soldier fell into the door, breaking it off the hinges and knocking his teeth out. "Good job, guys!" I said to them.

We finished with the Plumbing Store, and now we headed for the spacecraft dealership down the street. "There...'Spooky Motors'! This is the next place! Let's pay 'Voo-Doo Pete' a little visit!" said Misty. We nodded, and went into the dealership. Voo-Doo Pete was a parrot, wearing a top hat, striped trousers, no shirt, a tailcoat jacket, and boots. He stayed inside a small booth, watching us. We started smashing the small spaceships he had for sale. "What da' f*** you motherf*****s doin'! You trying to ruin me business!? I call on da' CDF now!" said Pete. His 'West Indies' accent was sooo fake!

Voo-Doo Pete picked up the small phone in his booth, and called someone. "I need to talk wid' de general...what!? Well put whoever be in charge 'dere on da' phone! 'ey, mon! Dere be Star Fox Team askin' for monies an' I need ma' protection! Now get your asses down here or Voo-Doo Pete gonna stop payin' your asses! Good! Stupid strung-out junkie bastards!" said Pete. A platoon of CDF soldiers stormed the lot. Todd was protecting Lola, and I decided to do the same with Misty. We all fought the CDF goons. I hit one of them across the head with a fuel canister, and took the crowbar he had piked up off the lot, and I handed it to Misty. I ducked a wrench being swung at me, and I kicked that CDF soldier in the groin, slammed him into another spaceship. damaging it, and I took the wrench, and clobbered a CDF sailor. Lola used a crowbar and stuck a CDF Pilot in the side of his abdomen, then Todd slammed that pilot head first into a soda machine.

Fox kicked a CDF Officer in the stomach, and Krystal, who had been using her staff, cause a ground smash quake to flip over and destroy the spacecraft in the lot, and knock out the remaining CDF soldiers, who were then rendered unconscious. Falco approached Voo-Doo Pete in his booth. "Who-do-Voo-Doo!? YOU do Voo-Doo!" he teased. "And you also do business through US from now on!" Fox said to Pete. We made our way to the meat market.

"Watch out for the butcher there, he's a crazy old bastard!" said Madame Vulpine. We smashed the plate glass windows and attacked the CDF Soldiers sitting inside there. As we fought with them, Madame Vulpine kicked one of the CDF soldiers so hard he fell back against the arcade machine behind him and smashed it, electrocuting himself. Katt kicked a CDF Officer in the nuts, and then threw him against the glass display freezer cases, shattering them, the glass shards rained down on the meats and cheese in there.

Miyu thew a CDF soldier into the table and chairs there, breaking them. She, and the others grabbed either a chair or table leg to use as a weapon. I grabbed a meat cleaver off of the counter and gave it to Misty. Slippy grabbed a giant sausage, and swung it like a club. He struck a CDF soldier, then kicked him, and then punched him so hard he fell up against the soda machine and wrecked it. "Mama Mia! Whatsa-mattah-you-a!? You kids-a-stop-a-wrecking my store!" shouted the butcher, Stephano. He emerged from the meat locker with 2 butchers working for him, both of them weasels, Stephano himself a large black cat.

We fought them, Fara grabbed a small scale off of the counter and smacked one butcher across the head with it. She then slammed him face first into the counter. She took his meat cleaver,a nd she and Fay beat down the other butcher weasel, as Tigress supplex cracked Stephano's back across her knee. We all beat the crap out of them, and as we trashed the shop a bit, Fox said "You got balls, old timer, and I respect that. Remember to pay up, and this won't happen again!" and we finished tearing up the shop and headed to our next target.

"There's 'Shangri-La' Gift Store'! 10 credits says the owner's trashed..." said Edge. We went inside, and, sure enough, Twiggy, the shop owner, a Shi Tzu, was trying to light something in his hands, but dropped it when he saw us. "Dudes..." he said. a bunch of stoner civilians at at the tables, getting high. "We're the Star Fox Team, and from now on you pay US!" I said. I grabbed a skull shaped bong and smashed it into a nearby arcade machine. "Oh, man, not coool!" shouted Twiggy. The stoners got up, and attacked us. "Hey, that's our dealer, man! Nobody messes with..." they were wasted, but could still fight. My teammates and I beat the crap out of them. Tigress threw one of them into the nearby pinball machine, shattering it. Edge smashed another into the table, and Miyu broke a chair over another stoner's head. Lola threw a chair into the other pinball machine, as Todd used a broken table leg to smash the other arcade machine. Babs kicked the jukebox until it broke. We smashed the locked display cases and stole all the merchandise. Akasha smashed open the cash register and stole all the money from it. Fara smashed the merchandise on the shelves, the bongs, records, the big green foam hands that said "We're #1!" on them, and that hand formed the "flipping the middle finger" gesture, which was hilarious!

"You do business through US from now on, got it!" Fox said, as he threatened the owner. "Where's the CDF when I need them!?" moaned Twiggy. "We beat the crap out of them! No one left for them to send out!" I said. We left, and went to the plumbing store, where Charlie the Plumber, a pig, was sweeping up the mess we had made. "We're the Star Fox Team, and if you don't want this to happen again, you'll pay us protection from now on, got it!?" Fox said to Charlie. "Got it." Charlie replied fearfully. "Great! Now get your store cleaned up, it's a mess!" Falco teased.

We went around the corner..."We need a hideout, a good place to stretch out legs." said Fox. Misty pointed down the street. "See that shipyard over there? It's got a lot that's more than big enough for the Galatae, the Great Fox, AND Saucerer 2 at the same time!" she said. "There's plenty of buildings there for the team to live in as well!" said Edge. "Currently the main building is where we need to focus our attack, that's where the head CDF Officer stationed out here and his soldiers use it for a flophouse!" said Madame Vulpine. "Not anymore they don't..." said Fox.

We kicked open the front doors to the main building, after Todd broke the padlock on the chains holding the front gates shut. "Party's over, ***holes!" I shouted to the CDF soldiers in the building...After 30 minutes of fighting, me protecting Misty, Todd protecting Lola, Fox and Krystal watching each others backs, we all managed to beat the crap out of every last CDF soldier. We cornered the Colonel on the roof. He jumped off the roof, and ran off, hurting his leg, but not before we said to him "We're taking Zoness, we don't wanna see anymore CDF or Federation Officials anywhere near here! Especially not the Cornerian Government!". He ran off, saying "You'll never drive us out!". Edge spoke up "He's right...unless we go to the capital, Zoness City, and drive out the governing forces there, this will all have been for nothing.". "True. But for tonight, we celebrate! We'll raid the capitol tomorrow! We're here to stay!" said Fox.

"Even when we take over all of Zoness, the new leaders of the Federation will never quit. But it will be harder for them to try to defeat us when we have ALL of Zoness secured." said Tigress. We nodded. After we moved our stuff from Edge's place to our new HQ on Zoness, we secured the building, and fixed it up so it felt more like OUR home. We parked our vessels here, and upgraded all the security flaws. We had done it. We had a new home on Zoness.

*that's it for this chapter*

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Is the answer "inspiration"?

The Great Secession
(Thanks guys, I appreciate it, I'll try to do more ASAP!)


*accidentally drops an old school TV set on my toes as that music plays* "F****** f*** f*** f*** f*** f***!!" *jumps up and down*

The Great Secession

The Great Secession
Chapter 2

"I hate to say this, but I'm really getting tired of this planet. The government is getting way too power hungry and blaming people for stupid reasons. The government itself hates the word 'drama' and so I'm getting really sick of this. For one, even though Dex seriously doesn't need to take things so harshly; two, Stan needs to pipe down for awhile since he's making the drama incidents a whole lot worse than they already are; three, I don't see any reason why the ****ers decided to appoint Tauser as a full fledged CDF General -- doesn't make any damn sense! I mean the bastard was there for, what, a few weeks and they already appoint him as a general?! That's ****ing ridiculous!!!

This Federation is going down the s*** hole, if you ask me. They say that this Lylat system, particularly Corneria, is growing in population, but that population is retarded, attention-seeking, stupid little ****tards like 'Piss Stream', 'Ass Wart', and 'Moron' that want to cause the drama, corruption, and crime on this planet to grow out of hand, and rule it for themselves! I'm just getting EXTREMELY GODDAMN tired of this ridiculous planet. It was cool at first whenever I first joined and what not, but now I don't see hardly anything good about this planet anymore."

I said this as Misty and I packed my things. Fara's dad was gonna have his crew take my stuff to Edge's place on Zoness, temporarily, until I got my own permanent lodgings on Zoness.

"Okay, I'll be one to say it. Usually I am not the one to stick my neck out for voicing my opinion, but here it goes. Like others, just I haven't shown it really, I have issues with all the people arguing, putting others down, and just being ass holes in general. I am not gonna name people right here, but I do have a list of people I personally have been seeing act in said way for quite some time, and have not seen many (or any at all) things done about it. Sure, most of the people aren't jerks all the time, but 85%-90% is still a whole lot. And if stuff is being done about it, I would like either to see some evident change in the said peoples behavior, and (but not a necessity) some Government Official confirmation that it is being worked on. In my opinion, even if an Government Official says someone is making a valid point, or is correct about something, but that person is being very rude and argumentative about it, The said Government Official still needs to step in and say "You need to work on responding a LOT nicer". Not many times has it happened to me, but when it does, I don't like the feeling of that rudeness directed towards me, and I see others who might get this on more of an occasion than I. I know there are others out there who feel either the same, or very dang close to it as I do.

My point in a bundle, I would like to see Government buckle down more on attitudes around here. And I know not every little detail can be picked at, some will fly under their nose, and I get that. But really. Even Julius Quasar, a former employee for the Cornerian Government, is feeling some affect from it. That should be a big sign this crap really needs to be worked on. Not everyone can be a macho man about people being complete jerk offs, cause I know I sure as hell can't. If what I am hearing is correct, and this is meant to be a comfortable environment for all citizens, that means the bad attitudes also need to be looked at for those like me. I am tired of seeing 1-2 people leave practically a week from idiots who are arguing and getting personal on an issue."

said a wolf newscaster on the TV, as Misty and I packed our things.

Misty and I both said "Totally agree!" and the wolf went on, saying

"Here, let me put it all this way...

Do I hold respect for the government? Yes. They're running a planet that I really do enjoy living on. It has its bad eggs, but a lot of good ones, too.

Do I think the government is doing an okay job running the planet? Yes. Do I think they could be doing a better job or do I think they should have handled some things much differently? Yes.

Have I already voiced these opinions (in actual detail) to those the situations concerned? Yes.

Have I received responses that seemed more of a "shut up, I'm government"? Yes. Did I at first ignore them and keep trying to make my point? Yes.

Have I tried to be respectful in my appeals when I address a concern to the government? Yes. Have I always been respectful? No. Like I said, I've tried, but I won't lie.

Have I, myself, received rather sarcastic responses from members of the government that seem to say they honestly don't care about my opinions? Yes.

Do I hate the government? No. I don't know most of them, for one, though I do dislike a few of them. It's only natural to have people you like and people you dislike on a planet.

Again, have I already privately addressed the members of the government whom I'm referring to? Yes.

Was I one of the citizens who was on another planet who made some editorials in the media about Corneria? I think that's obvious by this point. Do I regret that decision? Not at all. I was already a member of that planet and I was open to discussion.

Do I plan on leaving this planet or being an outlaw from now on? Heck no. I still like this planet, whether or not I like everyone here or agree with everyone's actions. May I be a little less active than I was? Yes, but not for these reasons. Other things have just come up in life--It's purely coincidental.

Now then, let's backtrack just a bit.

Do I completely understand that the members of the government have lives and problems of their own? Yes. Yes, I do, I honestly do. I've been in government before and I know how hectic it can be. Especially with you guys being busy with different responsibilities, I know it's difficult to keep up with things here and I know you do what you think is best for the planet and its citizens. Do I always agree with your decisions? No. Alright, I've answered enough of my own questions for now."

"I agree with most of that..." said Misty. She had finished packing her things, and I was done boxing up the last of my things. "Me too." I said. We unplugged the TV and packaged it up. We got the stuff ready. Fara's dad's crew would be here to pick up our stuff. I looked around at my house, sadly. "Don't feel bad, Julius...it's not really 'goodbye', after all..." said Misty, hugging me. I hugged her back. "Thanks...at least the Foxgloves will take care of all our properties here for us." I said. It was true. McCloud Ranch (Fox's place and Star Fox HQ), McCloud Hall, (Todd's place and HQ of Nebulae Fox), Babs' detective agency and her penthouse, Todd and Akasha's lofts, Pal's Mansion, Silas' Laboratory, Slippy's house, Peppy's place, all of it would be taken care of. General Pepper had sold his place and moved to Zoness already.

I waited with Misty, and the pizza we ordered arrived, we had beer, pizza, and then recycled the bottles, pizza box, paper plates and disposed of the napkins. The crew from Phoenix Shipping, INC., L.L.C., picked up our stuff. We had already finished helping everyone move. There was nothing left to do but leave now. "Shall we?" asked Misty. I nodded. We headed out the door, I looked around one, locked up, and headed out to my Purple Arwing, as Misty flew off in her "Crab Nebulae" ship.

Fox contacted us on the comm channel. "You guys ready?" he asked us. "We're on our way to Zoness now. I'll be staying with Misty, and I'll pick up my stuff ASAP." I said. "Good. Edge says the weather there will be nice all week, so no worries of your stuff getting rained on or ruined in any other way." said Krystal. "Thanks." I said. "See ya' later!" Slippy said. "Feels so weird to be movin' back there." said Falco. We were now trailing behind the Great Fox, on our way to Zoness.

*that's it for this chapter*

The Great Secession
**Disclaimer: This is a fanfic, and I am making it for entertainment purposes only. This story is fictional, and any relationship to any persons, living or dead, or any places, real or not, or any events, real or not, is purely coincidental.**

Chapter 1

*Warning, Video Contains Violence, Lewd Conduct*


I played that video because of the music, and the underlying premise to that video, the opening scene to the movie The Watchmen, reminded me of our situation on Corneria. At least our teammates weren't dead or institutionalized, but we were still being harassed by society and the government...I was sitting in a local bar with Misty, my girlfriend, and Todd McCloud (Fox McCloud's cousin), and Todd's wife Lola Foxglove. Bob Dylan's very song, "The Times, They Are A-Changin'!" was playing on the jukebox. As we were drinking, we talked about how we were fed up with the crap on our home planet, Corneria. The laws that were being drafted to ban teams like Star Fox, Nebulae Fox and Star Vixen (Todd's and Krystal's team, each one a Star Fox subsidiary) and Star Wolf. The new Cornerian Federation had been taken over by these dictator scum, these elites....who were ruining Lylat. General Pepper was in retirement, and Peppy Hare took over, only to be forced out of office by a political coup d' tat.

Todd spoke up..."Truth be told, the Government of The Lylat Federation--in my opinion--is just a power-hungry, power-abusive group of people that want to keep themselves on top. If there isn't trouble already being caused, I wouldn't be surprised to see them cause it themselves so they could again display their power in an effort to keep the common citizens afraid." as he took another sip of beer. We all agreed. "I hate these bastards....they let their 'Golden Children', these asshats from my planet, harass and torment anyone they want to, and get NO punishment for it." I said.

"I use to love this planet. But things changed when Peppy was forced out. Ever since then, the Federation has gone downhill with more assholes contaminating our social and political climate. The growing population has NOTHING to do with the way the people here act. You can have a trillion citizens and expect to have one of EVERY negative kind of people: bullies, criminals, whiners, elitists, you name it." I added. The others agreed there.

Here's what the scoop on our new government; Dex Pommer, a MacBeth Rail Road Tycoon and our newest president, Stan Octavius, our vice president , and Cecilia Waters. Dex tends more to ignore citizens' concerns, Stan laces his responses with sarcasm, condescension, and the like, and Cecilia grew obviously angry when we, the Star Fox Team, suggested that she handle some situations a little differently. The Lylat Federation and the Cornerian Government under it stresses the point that if we disagree with something they've done to simply send them voice our concerns to them, and we can do so in a safe, friendly environment, but that's a load of B.S. I myself had been harassed for speaking out against the Federation, and I got fired from my job working as a security guard for the gaming and recreation department.

Now, I'm not saying they're not doing their jobs because the government would collapse without leadership, but they could at least keep what promises they can, especially when they make such big deals about it. Some things they really need to change. I understand that they're not perfect. I understand that they get annoyed by the problems caused by some citizens, and that they already have a lot on their plates. But I and many others think that if they promise things they're capable of, and for that matter things that they stress is honest and sincere, then they should do whatever they can to take care of it and fulfill that promise. If they can't handle things, fine, but don't keep giving the public empty hope only to shoot them down in an unpleasant manner when they're called out on it, or when what else they do has been said by them and their sycophantic lackeys and suck-ups to be a welcomed thing, and at the same time the general populace said it's not a welcomed thing.

The "suck-ups" were General Tauser, a newly appointed CDF General. Bill Grey left the CDF in disgust after seeing General Tauser getting appointed ahead of him. We were all disgusted. Tauser got that job for sucking up to Dex and the rest of those corrupt leaders. Tauser's goons, were 3 weasels whose names aren't even worth mentioning. I called them "Piss Stream", a stupid retarded degenerate inbred backwater hillbilly, and "Moron" (his real surname being "Moore"), one of the worst snobs in existence. Piss Stream had a new friend join their group, a jackass by the name of "Ass Wart", a hypocritical, judgmental idiot and yet another inbred retarded hillbilly like Piss Stream. Those 3 retards under Tauser made my life and the lives of others here on Corneria MISERABLE. Piss Stream, Ass Wart, and Moron were from Earth. I came to Corneria to get away from losers like them. Enough was enough.

"When are we heading out of here, and where are we going?" I asked Todd. "Fox says we're leaving a week from tomorrow, so get packed, we're gonna head out to Zoness. Edge, Madame Vulpine are already there, they packed up what they had at McCloud Ranch and at McCloud Hall, and so did Misty. She just needs to pack what she has at your place, and you need to get your stuff shipped. Lola and I got a lot to do too...Akasha and Kylie are packing up and clearing out of her loft as we speak." Todd explained.

"What about Babs, and Pal? Silas?" I asked. "Silas has packed and moved to Katina already, hon. Babs is packing up as we speak, and Edge is helping her." Lola explained to me. "Pal and Fay are packing up at his place. The rest of the team is getting ready as well. When they're done, they'll help anyone who needs it." Misty said to me. "Cool, thanks!" I said to all of them. "Well, let's pay our bill and get going then." said Todd. We did that, and headed to our homes on Corneria to pack up and leave. Exodus was just the first thing we had to do to escape from the Cornerian government's tyranny.

*that's it for this chapter*

Is the answer "inspiration"?

Star Fox Assault
In this thread, we're here to talk about Star Fox Assault.

The good, the bad, and the weird.

I liked the addition of Panther to Star Wolf, and the removal of Andrew Oikonny. Killing Pigma was pretty cool. The Star Wolf battle was fun.

Didn't care for Leon's new voice (he sounded almost like Beavis from "Beavis and Butthead"). I like the mix of on foot, Landmaster, and Arwing missions...the weapons are awesome, the duel mode...

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