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Krystal Fan Art
Oh AWESOME! Thanks, dude!

Here's another fav of mine:


Secrets in SF-Adventures
Having trouble figuring out where/what secrets exist in Star Fox Adventures? Wanna find all the "Cheat Token" wells? Well here's the thread for it.

-There are 8 Cheat Token Wells, and their locations are as follows:

1. Thorntail Hollow, in the Store
2. Litefoot Village, up on the ridge
3. Cape Claw, use the Sharpclaw Cannon to blast open the cliff face near the temple's waterfall
4. Ocean Force Point Temple, after the Electronic Shock Pad Puzzle, it's on your right, go through the pool of water to get to it.
5. Ice Mountain: Use a Bomb Spore Pod, plant it, and use the staff fire function to blast open the sealed cave
6. Volcano Force Point Temple, outside the inner entrance (go under the Drawbridge), use a moon seed to make a vine sprout up.
7. Moon Temple, use a moon seed to make a vine sprout up.
8. Snowhorn Wastes, float down the river until your ice float platform dissolves at the end

-If you go atop the Thorntail Store, with the Cloudrunner's Flute/Whistle, and play it, a baby cloud runner will fly off, then come back and bring you something.

-Use a Sharpclaw Disguise to pick up Shapclaw Boxes, you cannot pick them up while you look like Fox

-The 3 Staff Upgrade Locations:

1. Atop the Thorntail Store, inside the sealed cave. Blast your way in with a Bomb Spore, then light up the actuators/sensors in the room clockwise.
2. Snowhorn Wastes, have Tricky dig the hole to find the entrance
3. Cape Claw, use the Sharpclaw Cannon to blast open the giant rock on the beach

-If you go under the dock at Cape Claw, you can use the Rocket Boost Pad hidden in the water to shoot up onto the dock, and you don't have to pay BribeClaw to let you past.

-To find the Litefoot Babies, you must go under the Sacred Mound to find 3 of them for 1 Litefoot Mom, 3 more in the forest ridge for another Litefoot Mom, and the other 3 are in trees outside the gates of the village, use the staff to hit the trees and make the babies fall from the tree.

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Sep 27 2011, 06:32 PM
Be safe RedFox, miss ya buddy

I hope a lot of our members return here soon, I miss them.

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Be safe, dude!

Compilation of Trolls and Idiots
Sep 26 2011, 07:32 PM
Well, some good news. StarWarsStarTrek hasn't been around.
Thank God!

I always like it when a troll is gone, especially from a perma-ban.

What are you Jamming out to?

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Julius Quasar
Sep 26 2011, 09:23 AM

Hey guys and gals,
Some of you may or may not know me, but if you don't/do, then that's alright.

Anyways, the reason why I'm typing this is because I honestly have lost interest in this site. Mostly because it's not active, I've lost interest in RP'ing, and it's just... "Not alive." So, I'm just going to say later and I may or may not lurk around.

Until then, stay gold!

~Harmony Descent~
Aw damn it....well, goodbye then Astaroth.

Red here,

If anyone has been wondering where I am at and why I haven't been on for a few days now, it's not because I have given up of SFG, but we rather had to disembark our area where I was staying at kinda a last minute notice. Since then, I have been without internet access.

Currently, I am on board USS Mesa Verde, and we do have internet here, but it usually being used so I don't have much of a chance to get on really. I do get on however, so if you want to ever get ahold of me, you have my email: theredfox8@frostblight.com or you can PM me and I'll get it.

Once again, I haven't forgot about you guys and I will get on whenever I have the time to. Love you guys and stay sharp! ^^


As for you RedFox, good to see you again. On a ship, huh?



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Aw damn it....well, goodbye then Astaroth.

As for you RedFox, good to see you again. On a ship, huh?

Diary of a Mad Furry
I had fun last night at Universal Studios. It was crowded as hell tho. Me and Johnny saw the Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Spectacular Stage Show, very funny. We then waited an hour and a half to got into a spook maze (themed after "Hostel"), I gave up waiting and went to ride the scare tram. THANK GOD I DID, for I was the last one to get to ride before they closed it for the night. We met up later, John said the scare maze "wasn't worth the wait"....we went on one more maze, and that was pretty fun (It was "The Thing" themed).

We had to leave, it was getting late, the park was closing.

I like how it was "Killer Clown" themed night there, this female killer clown spook chased after me, making kissy noises. That was awesome, and the spooks did a great job this year. Totally worth the money. I'd go back if I could afford it.

Star_Dragon's PIMPMYGUN armory
Cool, thanks!

Compilation of Trolls and Idiots
Ah, okay, lemme see...*makes adjustments*

*UPDATE* Fix'd.

I forgot to add

Diapercooties: An extreme furry hating colostomy bag, Diapercooties has to stir up problems constantly, he can dish out abuse and can't take it, he's a hypocritical cowardly little b!tch of a troll who goes running to his Mod buddies and his stupid goon friends to protect him. He thinks he knows the answer to everything and claims to be logical (but he isn't, calls everyone else's arguments opposing his as "without credibility", and "easily countered"), spreads lies about people that he hates, ridicules everything that isn't parallel to what comes from his own stupid mouth, throws whiny ragey crybaby fits and terrorizes anyone who disagrees with him, and tried to force them to change their opinion, he sneaks on to other new forums pretending to be someone else, with the intention of spying on the forum and its staff, as well as spreading lies against people he hates and is stalking on the new forum. (Diapercooties is just like another person online that I know).

Flame Warrior Type: Jerk, Therapist, Blowhard, Crybaby, Sycophant, Imposter, Gossip, Propagandist

Captain Pilotman: Claims to be a pilot, and a USAF Lieutenant, but doesn't know squat about flying, I heard from his cousin that he flunked out of flight school. Cpt. Pilotman claims he knows how to fly a helicopter and a plane, despite the fact he claims "They're kinda similar", when it's damn obvious THEY ARE NOT. Every real pilot I've known can prove all of Cpt. Pilotman's BS wrong. FAIL. He's a rabid Star Fox fantard who claims I'm a "Lame Half-Assed Ignorant Star Fox Fan", despite the fact I've played the original game for the SNES, and I still have a working copy of it. He said the original Star Fox game was for "The NES". Irategamer moment for him. When I asked him what he though of Star Fox Command, he asked "What the hell is that!?", he doesn't know who Krystal is, yet he knows (or claims to know) everything bout Fara Phoenix, and he claims to have all the original comics, as well as the Itoh comics.

Flame Warrior Type: Imposter, Fanboy, Centurion, Issues, Blowhard

Compilation of Trolls and Idiots
Doc Holiday: Royalty, Howler

Holycalamity aka Danielle: Jerk, Coffee Klatch, Howler

Sevet66 (or something like that): Lonely Guy, Troller, Palooka, Compost, Evil Clown

Necrowafers: (one sec) Enfant Provacateur, Acne, Troller, Yuk-yuk

Compilation of Trolls and Idiots
Yeah he sure did! xD Agreed!

Compilation of Trolls and Idiots
(where's the guide/roster?)

As for iJustine, I agree with you there. IrateGamer got to be so hated that a local radio station in Ohio mocked him, and he had to disable the comments on his videos because of everyone calling him out on his AVGN ripoff.

Compilation of Trolls and Idiots

On Youtube, there are some "Partners" there who are really awful:

iJustine, who has WAY too many channels (6 last time I checked), makes a lot of money from the viewing of her videos (ads), has a large base of zombie fantards, her videos are stupid, and boring. She also profited from making a video about Malaria victims, as the ads on her video played at the beginning and end, and the banner ads popped up. She claimed that "Proceeds from that video will go to help the Malaria Victims", but that's BS (as a YT partner, you can't be sure which videos make you which amounts of money, it's all one lump sum on a monthly basis). She made money, from dying and suffering sick people.

IrateGamer, a wannabe Angry Video Game Nerd, yes he FINALLY acknowledged the AVGN as his influence (5 years later), he held a crooked contest with DealDash.com, his videos are boring, and inaccurate.

Compilation of Trolls and Idiots
Sep 23 2011, 04:42 PM
Which forum is this?
The first two were from Vampire Freaks or something like that, the third was from Lylat Liberation Front and Lylat World (both gone), the last one was Lylat Liberation Front.

Compilation of Trolls and Idiots
Sep 22 2011, 09:56 AM
"House of Payne" and "Meet the Browns" are listed under "So Bad It's Horrible" on TV Tropes.

I got more trolls/idiots for you...

Doc Holiday
A stupid douchebag, and an incompetent Mod, who encourages flaming and fights.

Holycalamity aka Danielle
A stupid ugly retarded skank who has VIP status at that same site

Sevet66 (or something like that)
Different site, but he links to shock sites all the time. He was finally banned, but he never learns his lesson, he showed up at another site, and complained about being banned from the first site, then he does the same stuff again.

He's a blabbermouth who deliberately blurts out the endings of new movies he knew we wanted to to see. He also would also insult everyone's fan fics, claiming he could write a better fan fic, yet he NEVER wrote any of his own.

Star Fox: Rise From The Ashes
Very good.

"Slippy!” Falco yelled, “You leaned on the button!”

:lol: That was good!

SFG - A Divided Lylat
Todd brought up a map of the Eastern Port, and attempted to locate the Tyrfang forces, and the CRC forces, as Lola listened in on the comm channel.

Star_Dragon's PIMPMYGUN armory
Wow, these are AWESOME! I'm sorry I didn't see this before.

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