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On Shaky Wings
Chapter 4

Misty and I enjoyed the week together. We didn't receive any calls for repossession jobs from any of the agencies, banks, or anyone else willing to hire us for these jobs, but we weren't worried. We just enjoyed going to the beach, the amusement parks, movies, nightclubs, cafes, live performance theaters, and more.

We were enjoying a kinky session in our bedroom. Misty wore white leotards, and I zipped her up in a special sack, shaped to look like a perfect yellow banana skin/peel. The zippers only worked from the outside, and I sealed her in.


Misty did the "Peanut Butter Jelly Time Dance" inside the sack as I sang the song.


Then I caressed her, and kissed her as she stood inside the banana peel. I unzipped the multiple zippers, working as if I were peeling an actual banana, and Misty stood seductively inside the banana peel sack as I removed it. We had sex for a while...then we relaxed. I enjoyed it all, as did Misty. After showering off together, and then putting away the banana peel sack and the clothes, we watched TV together, and relaxed as the sun set.

The next day, we received another call.

"We need you to seize a D240 Ceti. The owner hasn't paid us, so we're calling in the vessel. He's registered on Planet Macbeth." the scratchy voiced Repossession Agency representative said to us. "Got it!" I replied. Within minutes, Misty and I got ready, and we flew to Macbeth.

We used Misty's crab-like ship, and landed near the old storage warehouse that was the registered address of the owner. We headed over to it, opened the doors....and Star Wolf emerged from them, single file. "Ohh!" Misty and I said, startled. Wolf, Leon, and Panther said the same, surprised to see us.

"You're here for the 'D240 Ceti', aren't you?"

Panther said with a grin.

"Yeah, why?" I asked. "I wouldn't bother if I were you two..." Leon said with a sickening laugh that sounded like a cough. "Did it fall apart?" I asked. "Something like that....see for yourself!" Wolf said, smirking at us. Misty and I pushed past them and looked in the hangar. The D240 Ceti had been stripped to its frame! Nothing else was left of it!

"That son of a bitch! He stripped it and sold the parts!" I said angrily. Misty and I could hear Star Wolf outside, laughing at us. "Oh shut up!" Misty said to them through the doors. I shook my head. "What do we do now?" asked Misty. "Well, we'll use your ship to take what's left of this ship back. If we don't get anything from the repossession agency for it, we can sell it for scrap. The D240 Ceti has an awesome frame, I'm sure Tigress, Miyu, Slippy, Silas, and Akasha could so something awesome with it." I said.

"It's worth a shot." Misty said.

We opened the doors to the hangar, then we boarded Misty's ship, and picked up the D240 Ceti in Misty's ship's claws, then we flew back to Corneria with it safely gripped in the claws of Misty's ship. We took it back to the Repo Agency, and explained what had happened to it. "Figures...these jerks believe 'If I can't have it, then no one can!' and they pull stuff like this!" said the short, squat toad whom I had spoken to earlier on the phone. He wore dark oxfords, brown slacks, a green formal shirt, and X strap suspenders, as he smoked a cigar.

"Do you still want it?" asked Misty. "Whaaat!? Not like this I don't, sweetheart! I'll take some photos of it for evidence, but you kids can keep it, sell it for scrap metal!" said the toad. He took the photos, Misty and I signed the affidavit, as the Notary from down the street witnessed and stamped it.

"Okay then, take it away." said the toad. "I'll call ya' next time I need ya'!" he added, waddling back to the office with the paperwork. Misty and I tried to sell the frame, but the lion who worked at the scrapyard stared at us, looking a bit stoned, out of it.

He wore blue coveralls, work boots, and a blue cap. "Well....the D240 Ceti is a fine, custom frame. But the metal is too hard to reshape, and the frame is one solid piece. I can't really use it for many other models of spacecraft, it's one of a kind. If you can find the parts for it, you can rebuild it, maybe even customize it, make a D240 Ceti of your own, or sell it to anyone who would want to build one of their own. It's a great spacecraft, when fully completed." the scrap yard lion worker said to us. We thanked him, and he wished us luck with either selling the frame, or rebuilding the spacecraft for which it was intended.

"A donation to Team Star Fox, it is!" Misty said. "Sorry sweetie." I said. "It's cool. Still beats last time!" she replied. We both laughed. We dropped the frame off at McCloud Ranch, and explained to the rest of the team about the frame for the D240 Ceti. "Excellent! I was hoping to find one of those!" said Tigress. She turned to us. "Thanks you two!" she said. "No problem!" Misty replied. I nodded and gave Tigress the thumbs up. Well, we didn't score any bounty, but we found something awesome. "Star Wolf was stupid to turn this down." said Slippy. "That' or they didn't know what they had!" said Akasha. "They're probably too lazy, or too incompetent to know how to make something out of this frame!" said Tigress. Fox thanked us as well, and then Misty and I headed home.

*that's it for this chapter*

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