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Happy 30th Birthday Mario!
September 13, 1985 was the date they released the Nintendo Entertainment System's iconic game, "Super Mario Brothers".

*in a robotic voice*


In 1983, the video game market was over-saturated with inferior games, all a product of human imperfection. The video game crash left many game companies bankrupt. A prophecy was told, that a hero would rise from the ashes....

*normal voice*

And that hero was MARIO, and his brother Luigi to a lesser extent. Nintendo made video games more popular than ever before, and made them an awesome concept again, for the most part...

I still imagine Mario's voice in my mind as Captain Lou Albano's gruff, husky voice with a Brooklyn accent. Not the stupid high pitched voice combined with a poor quality Italian accent setting the Italian stereotype back about a century done by Charles Martinet.

Today, I dedicate this thread to Mario, though technically his birthday is tomorrow as I type this thread topic, but still...