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Fara Phoenix, Miyu Lynx, and Fay Spaniel
I thought she was a lynx?

Fara Phoenix, Miyu Lynx, and Fay Spaniel
Dear Nintendo,
Add these characters please. That is all.

Your own Star Fox Game
I've got lots of ideas for games. :O

Title: Starfox: Armarda

Basic Plot: Basically you start of on Venom as Fox, you are flying with Falco, Slippy and Krystal where you go through three parts of the level, you face Dash in a big massive warship at the end of the level. Before Star Fox can recover the weapon of mass destruction they are ambushed by Star Wolf, you quickly fight them but you end up getting shot down. Star Wolf takes the weapon and fllies off believing Star Fox to be dead (Panther is sad at the thought Krystal is dead), although Starfox survive by ejecting their seat before their crash. After the Cornerian military (now headed by Bill) rescues them it is revealed that Star Wolf and their criminal buddies have been attacking the outter planets of Lylat and are making their way to Corneria. Eventually after 5 levels you meet up with Star Wolf on Sauria, they tell you that a little experiment is taking place then arm the weapon of mass destruction, this obviously horrifies Krystal who is desperate to stop the weapon. You basically have 10 minutes to free the Saurians from prisions guarded by Wolf's crew. Upon level completion/time out the weapon sends out a nuculear shockwave, disintercrating everything in 3000 miles, Wolf, now on his way to the next planet, taunts you, saying "You like that? Wait until you see what we've got for Corneria, it's bigger and badder than that." You go through another 10 levels then you reach Corneria. Buildings are destroyed, the sky is red and fires are everywhere. You go through five parts of the level then you finally face Star Wolf, they are easily over powered so they will take you down in a a few hits, as you begin the fight a half hour countdown starts, that's all the time you have to beat Star Wolf. After you beat Panther and Leon, Wolf flies in, you attack and defeat him. You defuse the bomb and Corneria is saved. If you get all the medals in the game you get an add-on to the ending, you see Dash's warship crash site, it then zooms in to a certain part of the wreckage, then you see a furry fist punch through the wreckage, although it has purple sludge creeping up its arm, leaving us on a cliff hanger. This over writes command. Oh and this is in a trilogy. :P

Gameplay: Pure 64 style with Arwing, Landmaster and the Blue Marine. You can choose what player you play as, starting with Fox, Krystal, Falco and Slippy but if you get a medal on a character's planet they will join you (e.g. A medal of Zoness would mean you can play as Katt, or a medal on Katina would mean you can play as Bill). Each character's ship would be different so each character offers a unique gameplay. Multiplayer would be exactly like Assault, except the characters are more balanced and the weapons are more balanced, also it doesn't take as long to unlock things and I would add AI.

The Great Secession
Rebel Reece, has a nice ring to it. :P

Nice job, I must escape the grasp that the video games have on me and read this more, I miss too much good stuff :O

The Great Secession
So many chapters have been posted since I've been away.


On a serious note, nicely done with your use of Reece, he is usually a little bit more secretive of his past but other than that 10/10 for both Reece and the chapters, after seeing this feel free to use Reece whenever you like no need for permission.

*Gives seal of approval*

The Great Secession
Sorry I haven't been commenting much, I've had real life stuff going on like final exams and stuff.
Anyways, great job on it, keep up the great work! :D