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Mass Effect is a third person shooter role playing game developed by Bioware for the PS3, XBox360 and PC. This is the third installment in the critically acclaimed and much beloved Mass Effect series, with promises by Bioware that this game will be the best in the series and wrap up Shepard's story against the reapers. Bioware came close to this promise but fall short.

Mass Effect can be summed up in two parts, first you have your combat stages where you engage in third person shooting to take out enemies and the second being the RPG where you are allowed to free roam, talking to people and making pivotal decisions that affect the future of your game. Combat is your standard third person, cover based shooter with regenerating health.

How Mass Effect differs itself is by allowing you to bring along two squad members of your choice (granted some missions only allow you to choose one character as one is pre-selected for story reasons), each squad member have their own unique abilities that can drastically affect how a battle is progressing, choosing squad members that best cover Shepard's weaknesses can often mean the difference between life or death. Whether it be Liara's biotics, Tali's mechanical structures or Garrus's marksmanship. You will often engage enemies from in cover to avoid losing your shields, if you lose shields you will be exposed and take damage to your health, unlike the prior Mass Effect games, your health now sustains that damage unless healed by Medi Gel. Fallen squad members can be revived by using medi-gel or approaching their bodies and reviving them. Each enemy in the game requires a different tactic, some being standard all rounders, some being excellent close range fighters and some being excellent marksmans. You will need to think tactically in order to survive fights.

The RPG side of the game is the real money of the game, which is where you find your value for money, every decision you made prior to Mass Effect 3 plays a role in this game and every decision you make will affect how the rest of the game unfolds. You can choose to be a good guy 'paragon' or a reckless badass 'renegade', both affecting how the game plays out. You will be forced to make some very, very hard choices, one of which tugged at my heart strings. You can now choose weapon modifications for your weapons when you unlock them, similar to Mass Effect 1, talent trees also make a return, letting you choose what abilities to upgrade and when, you also choose your squad mate's weapons, mods, and talents.

There are a load of side missions to do, but they mostly involve fetch quests and talk to this person quests which just feel like padding and unnecessary.

The point of this game is to build up enough Military Strength to defeat the reapers and save intergalactic organic life. Although this section of the game is worthless which will be explained later on in the review. But when you compare the gameplay to Mass Effect 2, it seems lacking, there is much less involvement in the conversations as Shepard seems to make his own mind up, lacking paragon/renegade special choices and lacking side activities, which are really noticed, which make it feel inferior to Mass Effect 2.

The story is great throughout the game, there is the moment where you want to jump out of your chair in excitement, times you can't help but grin in happiness, moments that anger you in a good way, moments that will tug on your heart strings... a lot, and moments that just make you wonder what the hell is going on.

The story for the game has Shepard on Earth set three years after the events of Mass Effect 2. Shepard has turned himself into Alliance custody after working with the Illusive Man to defeat the Collectors. Shepard has been trying to warn them of the Reaper attack but fail to act before it is too late. Shepard reluctantly escapes Earth after being reinstated as an Alliance Commander and is under orders to collect a fleet to take down the invading Reapers.

Decisions made in previous games really are shown in this game. The story is great but falls on its face hard at the final sprint which will be explained soon.

This game looks great, the details on the models, the environments, the effects, the animation. Everything looks great. That said there are the odd incident where a model won't animate or a model won't load leaving a shot of the scenery and the character's voice, but these are few and far between.

The voice acting is great, as you would expect from Bioware, it really does sell the character's emotions and makes me feel as they do.

The music is excellent, it adds to the mood, intensifies combat, makes choices feel more dramatic, makes you feel sad when a character dies, makes you feel heroic when you do some good in the galaxy. It is well orchestrated and sounds great.

Multiplayer is fun as hell, you team up with a group of three others, you can choose what class you play, and each race will have different abilities for that class. You team up and you work together to complete objectives. These can add to your War Assets, but is not required to make a noticeable difference.

Now for the problems I had with the game, there were some annoying glitches where ladders wouldn't let me climb them, some events taking ages to register and mostly the quest tracking of side quests. There are more but these will contain minor spoilers, so click to read:

Spoiler: click to toggle

Spoiler: click to toggle

All in all, Mass Effect 3 is a really great game even if there are some really noticeable flaws which deter from the experience. Those deter this from being such a legendary game, but is this game worth buying? Absolutely! This is game is so damned good apart from the last ten minutes of the game.

Rating: 9/10
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Reviwer Gameplay Info:
Console Played: PS3
Single Player Hours Played: 32.2
Multiplayer Hours Played: 5.3
Character Note: Male, Solider, Paragon, Tali Romance, Full ME2 Playthrough

StarFox 2
I don't recall a sheep being in any of the four beta versions of the game...

Got a link or a screen cap'?

StarFox 2
Miyu = Lynx
Fay = Poodle

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StarFox 2
Starfox 2 was canned because it was going to end up being released too close to the launch of Starfox 64, Starfox was a major selling point for the console so releasing the game would potentially lessen the amount of people purchasing the Nintendo 64.

Fara Phoenix was to be in the game but was simply referred to as 'Lady', but ended up being cut.

Sakurai Also Considered Making A Star Fox Game For 3DS
Old news is old.

I for one am glad to see Kid Icarus, for it has a lot of hype and a good fan base and will prove to be a good seller for the 3DS and urge people to pick it up. Personally, I would rather wait and see Star Fox on the Wii-U rather than 3DS.