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Well since no one has posted this yet.....
Get Blizzard and Bungie to help on it.

That made my day :P

I really doubt that this will happen but if the small, small chance that it does happen. I want Rare to remake it, make the Starfox Adventures they intended to make before the whole buy out issue.

Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm
Here you go.


Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm
Okay, we get a trailer for Heart of the Swarm and we get a video preview of what is going to happen in the expansion.

These videos do contain minor spoilers


Link to gameplay previews:

Preview 1
Preview 2

What do you guys think thus far?

Mordern Warfare 3
Trailer looks good, gameplay looks good, story looks good. Let's see if they can live up to the hype.

Waffle's Thread of stuff
Why thank you Julius, means a lot :)

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Sign In - Sign Out Thread
Uhmm... I wouldn't go saying things until we know the full story in case we are missing something here. I'm just sayin'.

Things Video Game characters will never say.
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I kid, I kid :P

Things Video Game characters will never say.
I got it, I just didn't feel the need to comment.

Hey when did Krystal go all emo?

Things Video Game characters will never say.
We're men in tights!

Waffle's Thread of stuff
My newest character I'm working on
(Forgot to add the white to the eyes, will fix later)

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What Makes First-person shooter's so popular?
Half Life and Metroid Prime are not FPS games, yes they use a first person viewpoint and yes there are shooting sequences but they are not FPS they are FPA (first person adventure), there is a clear difference in the two genre's play style.

Evilwaffles: an FPS coop game that give charecter to both its players. off the top of my head, Portal 2, left for dead. left for dead 2, Im goning to go out ona limb and say TF2.
I am aware of this... but no TF2 isn't co-op.

Off the top of my head FPS games whos single player outweighs the multiplayer. Saints Row 2, GTA: San Andreas, Borderlands, Halo 3 ODST, Half-life 2.
Saints Row and GTA are not FPS titles.

and Capture the flag for people who compleatly miss the point of video games.
...what? Video games are here for enjoyment, if people enjoy playing multiplayer modes then they are getting the point of video games.

What Makes First-person shooter's so popular?
Give me an example of s FPS game that has a character developing co-op/multiplayer feature. I can't think of one off the top of my head.

Remember that some games that uses FPS elements does not make it an FPS, like Portal 2 is a First Person Puzzle/Adventure and Metroid Prime is a First Person Adventure.

What Makes First-person shooter's so popular?
First person, it makes you feel as if you are the character, you become more involved within the virtual setting and offers more interactivity. Putting it simply, you feel like you are actually the character.

SC2 Guides and Strats Thread
Protoss Stratagy:

Four Gate:

The general idea of this strategy is to upgrade Gateways into Warpgates as soon as possible and warp in mass amounts of units and over run the enemy base.

Basically, keep pumping Probes, even when you are saturated, that way you can move some over to a new base when you decide to expand. As soon as you can, start researching Warp Gate and produce a sentry, don't forget to scout to see what the enemy is doing, as you can tech into either anti ground or anti air units. Now for this to be very effective you want to make a proxy pylon near their main base so you have a power field to warp in units. If you are going for this strategy, you must produce a unit every time your cooldown allows you to, if you are under pressure, crono boost your warpgates to decrease the cooldowns.

Build Order:

9: Pylon
12: Gateway
13: Assimilator
15: Pylon - Cybernetics Core
16: Zealot
18: Warp Gate Research (Use all your Crono Boosts on this)
(When money allows: 2nd Gateway)
22: Sentry
24: Stalker - Pylon
(When money allows: 3rd Gateway)
26: Stalker - Zealot

From here you have a pretty strong army of Zealots, Stalkers and Sentries (also known as a Death Ball) from here you can attack.

Produce a fair amount units in a short time.
Units have low spawn time and less travel to the base
Is very effective if you can get the pylon inside the base

Timing is everything
If you are rushed you may have a hard time defending it.

SC2 Guides and Strats Thread
Early Game Scouting:

Scouting is a vital component to SC2, always scout, weather it be with a worker, a scan/changeling/observer or whatever, make sure you do it. As a Terran you may stock up on mass marines and think you have the game won, you get to a Protoss base and you are dead because of collosi incinerated your forces.

When scouting keep on the lookout for vital structures, like an early factory, an early cyber core or an early gas for zerg. These can give you a fair idea as to what they are doing. Keep an eye out for these:

Terrans are the hardest race to scout since all their building produce multiple units, so you have to make assumptions or keep your scout in their base until lose your scout.

Early Gas: This can mean many things: early reaper harrassment, or banshees. Your best bet is to scan back again to see if they have any other forces, to be safe, build a defensive structure near you workers and a detector (if your structure isn't already a detector).

Early Factory: This can mean they are stocking up on tanks or going for fast air units. This means you want to get either units to beat tanks or get ranged units.

Early Starport: Guaranteed Banshees, get defensive structures and/or detectors asap

Protoss: Quite easy to scout, many protoss players use the same stratagies: 4gate, DT Rush, Collosi push or V-Ray rush, these are quite easy to spot and counter

Early Gas: This can mean avoid ray rush or collosi push, so get anti air units to counter either or them, but be sure to get ground units to avoid being over run by accompanying ground forces.

1 Gateway and 1 Cybernetics Core: Probable four gate push, scout near your base for a lone pylon.

Early Stargate: Void Ray push, get AA units and structures straight away.

Robotics Bay: Collosi, get anti-air air units straight away.

Early Twilight Council: Dark Templar Rush, get detectors straight away.

Zerg: This race must build a certain building to allow a specific unit, so you can tell what they are planning.

Spawning pool with 6< workers: Your going to be zerling rushed, wall off now and spawn units.

Two gas as spawning pool is building: Most likely banelings, spread out your units and be ready to kite. Other possibility is roaches or mutalisks, spawn armoured anti-armour units and anti-air units.

Early Lair: Mutalisks, get anti air structures and units, but make sure to have some anti-ground units too.

Future or Past?
Posted Image

You are posting here too, great! :D

I told you my thoughts on Skype, but none the less, great job so far. I demands more!

SC2 Guides and Strats Thread
Basic 1 - Build order and (how to play the game)
Basic Beginning Build and Basic mechanics of the game (how to play the game)
Numbers mean Supply count e.g. 10 supply means 10 supply depot count then build supply depot

Basic Mechanics of how to play the game properly (MUST READ)

Always keep pumping out scv's, even though you are full saturated(enough scvs for 1 base), keep
pumping out so you can transfer your scv's to your expansion once your expansion is up
Hotkeys 1 and 2 are for units 3 and 4 for unit production facilities(barrack, factory and 6 for starport) and 5 is command center
You can change your hotkeys so that ` is a hotkey and shift-1 is a hotkey and stuff like that
Siege Tanks by default attack their closest available target. Abuse this to anticipate and spread your units accordingly - or hug your enemy so they also take damage from the splash.
It is an ideal situation to be in a concave against any race, so spread out
Kiting( also known as moving and attacking is a must for any bio ball)
Keep building scv's and units without looking at your base with hotkeys at all times even during battles
Always know what your opponent is doing by scouting his base and keeping up to date
Dont wait too long to expand
Against zerg, dont let the zerg player get a full surround on you, either kite or move up against a wall where only half your army is surrounded
Against protoss, dont let your army get split up by forcefield, either kite or get a HUGEEEE concave
In a 6pool, zerglings pop at ~2.25. Add 8 seconds for 7pool, 16 seconds for 8pool.
An easy way to check if you have enough workers at a base is to select all workers on minerals. If you see 2 rows (16) that is optimal saturation, 3 rows (24) is maximum saturation(do not include gas workers)
The fastest DT rushes hit between ~6:10-7:00

Against all Races
Standard opener Leading to many options Also Called the 1-1-1 Build
10 supply
send scv building from supply to scout
12 barracks
13 refinery
15 orbital command
16 supply
When you get 100 gas get a Factory
After Factory, get a 2nd refinery
When factory is completed, begin to get a starport

During All this, you should be constantly pumping out scv's and marines.
This is called the 1-1-1 build and it is the tree stump that can branch out to many other strategies.

What terran units counter
Collosi -> vikings/banshees
Immortals/templars -> Ghosts's EMP
Stalkers -> marauders/marines/tanks
Zealots -> marauder/marines/tanks
Void rays -> Marines/vikings
Sentries -> Marine/marauders/tanks/banshees

Ultralisks -> Marauder + kite
BroodLords -> Vikings
Zerglings/Banelings -> Seige tanks (and marine marauder ball if marauders tank banelings)
Roaches -> Marauders/tanks
Hydralisks -> Tanks/marines/marauders
Infestors -> anything that can kill the infestor
Mutalisks -> Marines/thors

Marauders -> marine/marauder
Marines -> marine/marauder/helions
tanks -> marauder
Any terran air -> vikings
helions -> marauders/tanks
thors -> marauder/marine

SC2 Guides and Strats Thread
Hey guys, Waffles here with some strategies for you guys in Starcraft 2. Now why should you take advice from me? Basically, in the SEA region I am a top ranking masters league player and have competed in national tournaments making it to the finals.

Posted Image

I am a Terran player at heart, but that does not mean to say that I don't know how to play other races, in this thread I will tell you how to perform some basic strategies followed by some more advanced strategies. Okay, let's start this with my favourites, the Terrans:

*To be finalised*

Define a "furry"
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The Blog of Evilwaffles
So I'm in the eastern states of Australia for my SC2 tournament. Basically, the plane flight sucked, the food sucked and the movie sucked.

Okay, so I enter the convention centre and find my booth. I login to my SC2 account and we get under way. Here is a ladder of day 1 of 2:

Posted Image

To advance in this tournament, you must win a best of three games against your opponent.

Creon (Protoss):
This guy loves his zealot push with void rays. He used this stratagy both times but moved to Collosi, I managed to counter the push with hellions, marines, medivacs and vikings. In short, he was an easy fight, but how fast he got them was frightening.

Moonglade (Zerg):
This girl, she beat me the first time because she effectively zerg rushed me (six pool) then teched to roaches. The other two times, knowing she liked to rush I walled off and expanded with barracks, rushing s-tanks and marines countering her roaches and zerlging rush. The second time, she tried to get defences up and build up mass mutalisk and speedlings, to counter this I made thors and marines. In short, she is a scary zerg player, being able to rush at 6 supply yet tech to roaches real fast... scary.

Auora (Protoss):
This guy is your usual four gate, proxy pylon protoss player. Problem is, he gets stalkers a little too fast for my liking. That said, he was actually rather easy to deal with, I just got marines, mauraders and ghosts. I simply EMP'd his forces and then stormed his base. Both times. This was the easiest for me.

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