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[ti]BA[/ti]Debate Thread
Normally I wouldn't bring up politics of another country but the fact is that it is now being discussed over here, which is worrying.

[ti]BA[/ti]Debate Thread

Basically, your President could hit a switch and shut down all the internet at any time.

[ti]BA[/ti]Debate Thread
The internet killswitch.


Random Screenshot Thread
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[ti]BA[/ti]Debate Thread
Faith in yourself.

[ti]BA[/ti]Debate Thread
Ghosts do not exist, Ghosts are a unprovable hypothesis e at best, there is very little (if any evidence) to back up that they do exist, there is not enough to say that they do exist as almost every case have been proven to be the result of something else. Unless someone can provide evidence to back up the claim that ghosts exist. I don't buy it.

myu stuff
Commissions I see. Well if you PM me an estimated price range I will strongly consider commissioning you, this is some seriously good art work here. I look forward to seeing more of your art. :D

SFG's Thread to Dump Your Random/Irrelevant/Funny/Stupid/Interesting Pictures
Shame Gearbox only polished an unfinished game. :<

Sign In - Sign Out Thread
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Holy sweet pie! Welcome back Zero! :D

I know, stupid question...
Well I suppouse I could change Fan-Fics to Writings as that board is for writing in general, but the name fan-fic can throw you off I guess.

So what do you guys want? One general writing section like it is now (just re-named to Writings) or two seperate sections, one for SF and one for "other"?

[ti]DA[/ti]Nintendo E3 2011 (Now Open for Discussion)
Nintendo E3 2011 Summary:

*Zelda OoT 3D Offical soundtrack will be shipped to those who are amongst the first to register Zelda 3D on Blub Nintendo

*Links Awakening going to available on the 3DS store by the end of the day.

*Co-Op Zelda Four Swords available on DSi Ware

*Skyward Sword available this fall.

*Zelda Sypmathy concerts going to be performing world wide.

*Mario Kart 3DS, Starfox 3D, Mario 3D, Kid Icarus 3D, LUIGI'S F'ING MANSION trailers.

*Mario 3D is a 3D platformer, similar to that of the 64 and Galaxy with some 2D aspects to it. Coming 2011.

*Kid Icarus suppourts multi-player. Also Kid Icarus AR cards will be included.

*The Cafe name is "Wii U"

*The controller looks like a tablet with a screen on it, this enables you to play your games on the controller, no more arguments about who has the TV. The controller also acts as a lot of things as it is touch and tilt sensitive.

*Smash Bros will be developed for 3DS and Wii-U! These will work together in some form.

*Tekken, Darksiders, Batman, Ghost Recon Online, Assassins Creed, Dirt, Aliens, Metro Last Night, Ninja Gaiden 3... All coing for the Wii-U

*Wii-U looks amazingly powerful

Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm
I doubt either Hanson or Tosh will be mentioned in HotS, since their storylines have multiple endings.

Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm
If you side with Tosh. complete the mission then chat with Dr. Hansen, she will not that Spectres are not phsycotic at all and that she lied to Raynor, she does not hate Spectres, she knows what they are capable of and didn't want Tosh to get a hold of them

Well since no one has posted this yet.....
Ummm... maybe you missed all of these...


These were all made by Rare for Nintendo for their Handheld Systems while rare is owned by Microsoft.

Well since no one has posted this yet.....
Bwhahaha, the rumor is fake for one main reason.Micrsoft OWNS Rare, that means they cant make starfox or nintendo games at all. And micrsoft wont allow rare to develpe for other consoles, also rare are best they dont need bungies help.

Bwhahahaha, you don't know what you are talking about.