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EW's Characters
Name: Jessica Kail
Age: n/a
Race: Wolf
Sex: Female
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 127 lbs
Fur Color(s): Grey and White
Hair: Long white hair
Physique: Curvy, slim
Family: Unknown

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Cornerian Military Personal

Moral: Lawful Good

Homeland: Corneria

Location of Residence: Corneria

Personality: Generally caring, defensivly loyal, stealthy

Strengths: Ability to keep calm under pressure, good negotiator

Weaknesses: Often too defnsive

Clothing: When working, - military uniform When off Tight blue jeans, pink shirt.

Ship: 'Hypheron'
Speed: 5/10
Handling: 5/10
Boost: 6/10
Primary Weapon: Standard Plasma Turrets
Primary Weapon Damage: 6/10
Secondary Weapon: Acidic Plasma canons
Secondary Damage:9 /10
Armour: 5/10

Born and raised on the central planet of the Lylat System, Corneria, Jessica was raised by her parents all her life. She had it fairly easy, her parents had an ice amount of money, she had good friends, good possecions, she lived an easy life. Instead of pursuing a a legal proffesion like her parents wanted, Jessica joined the military at the age of 19 as a secretary. She was lightly trained in hand to hand combat and gun handling, so if the need be, she could defend herself. Jessica worked her way up the miltary personal and is now the direct assistant of the General of the Cornerian Army.

Starcraft2 :Wings of Liberty.

Anyways, I am playing it right now. Real life can go die! :P

EW's Characters
Reece and Rave's profiles have been updated and are located towards the bottom.

Well, it is certainly nice to see new people here.