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Star Fox Adventures
Jul 20 2011, 08:52 PM
NIce bump... :blush:
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No need to be the bmfh, man

Random Screenshot Thread
I do not threaten Evilwaffles.
I promise.

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Random Screenshot Thread
Lol I wasn't even going to comment when I saw this, but then I saw my name with a threat, sooooooooo...

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[ti]SW[/ti]Waffle's Reviews
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Duke Nukem Forever is the sequel to Duke Nukem 3D which was released back in 1996. Duke Nukem Forever was announced in 1998, so it has been in development for over ten years. Unfortunetly in 2008, Duke Nukem developer 3D Realms terminated a majority of their staff, including the Duke team, this lead to 3D Realm's closure, so in hind sight, Duke Dukem Forever was dead. In 2009, Gearbox Software and 2K Games got the rights to the Dukem Nukem Franchise, their first goal, to finish development of Duke Nukem: Forever. After many years of on-going, in house issues, on June 14, Gearbox and 2K Games released the much anticipated Duke Nukem: Forever. Duke Nukem Forever feels like a really rushed and outdated game, full of problems and filler content, trying to get released fast to cover development costs.

Duke Nukem is a first person adventure game, you can only have a two weapon arsenal instead of the usual, if you find a weapon, you keep it like in old style shooters like Goldeneye or Duke Nukem 3D. Instead of the classic health system where you have a set 100hp and armor, where if you get hurt you need to find health packs or more armor, you are given 'ego', which is basically like the shield bar from the Halo games, so when your ego runs low, you are to take cover until you get your ego back. You have the standard weapons, everything that you have from Duke 3D you have in this, except that the Desert Eagle is replaced by the M1911, you still have the ripper, shot gun, shrink ray, freeze gun, etc. Duke Dukem is similar to that of Half Life, there is a mix of driving sequences, shooting scenes, and puzzles, where as half life does this correctly, Duke Nukem Forever fails. First off, the puzzles are not clear what to do, there is a part where Duke comes up to a series of pipes which is an obvious puzzle, he cracks the joke 'I hate Valve puzzles', yet does the puzzle anyway, and the puzzle is stupid, it isn't clear what pipes are supposed to connect to where or even what to do. Also, that isn't what Duke would do, if Duke hates something, he destroys it, not go 'I hate this but I might as well do it anyway'. Second, the driving sequences, there are so many pointless driving scenes, I don't mind driving here and there but there is so much driving that is become a chore. There is a level where you drive for a while, you then run out of gas and need to pick up some more, you shoot up some bad guys, get the gas and start driving only to do it all again five minutes later. thirdly, the shooting is annoying as hell, for starters I only have two weapons, which I will use up on one mob of bad guys since some of the bad guys have ridiculous amounts of health, sometimes I doubt that I am doing any damage with my gun, as when I do shoot an enemy they look like they don't even feel it, so I can't tell what impact the weapon is doing against an enemy. Another annoying as hell mechanic is that you can damage bosses with a turret or an explosive, so this means that there is almost no variety between bosses. The game is plagued by long loading times every ten minutes, this means that if you die, you'll have to wait ages for the game to reload that whole mission, even with that loading time, the game suffers from frame rate issues, texture rendering problems and very low resolution textures and backgrounds, some textures look very nice while some look like they belong on the Nintendo 64. This game does have it's moments though, for the first thirty minutes I felt like I was playing a good game, it had plenty of Duke style humor like punting a boss's eye for a field goal and Duke having 'company' from twins whilst playing that level we just played. There is a lot of interactive objects in Duke Nukem Forever, but it doesn't help that the game's physics are horrible, it is a chore to do anything, it feels like Duke is floating on a pocket of air, the aiming needs tweaking and it still feels off. The interactive objects I mentioned, are laughable, there is very, very little work that went into making them, they screwed up pinball and air hockey somehow, all the mini games are no fun to play at all.

The AI is stupid, unable to climb on top of objects, don't run from grenades, don't take cover. Although, the scripted events are quite good in some cases. There is one time where if you drive an RC car into the shin of an alien it starts hopping around holding it's leg which I must admit is hilarious. The AI have no reaction to getting shot apart from the shotgun. The AI seems to pick the longest path in order to engage me in melee and teleport so far away that it is near impossible to hit them or be hit.

The graphics are what you would expect for a twelve year old game, but some textures were heavily updated while others just were left out. The character models are not good and are animated poorly. I didn't expect much but I did expect more than this.

The multiplayer is unbalanced, as soon as someone gets the devastator, it's very hard to take the down. There are a variety of modes, death match, capture the hill and capture the babe/flag. That's it. Multiplayer is a dud.

Final Score: 4/10
Rent this game if you are a Duke fan, if you aren't, leave it on the shelves.

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[ti]SW[/ti]Waffle's Reviews
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Starcraft 2 is the sequel to Blizzard Entertainment's well known juggernaut, Starcraft. Originally released in 1998, Starcraft was the first RTS game that was considered a serious, competitive e-sport being played in gaming tournaments up to the release of Starcraft 2. Blizzard has a huge role to play here, fans have been waiting ten years for Starcraft 2 and have some very high expectations from Blizzard, but Blizzard delivered. Blizzard has made quite possibly the greatest RTS game that has ever been made. Regardless on how you feel about RTS games, you should buy this game, it is worth every penny.

As you may have guessed, Starcraft 2 is a real time stratagy game where you build up an economy to form an army to complete your objective. Starcraft 2 is designed to be a competitive e-sport like the original, yet, still have a fun, compelling, challenging and unique storymode. First off, the core game play has almost not changed from Starcraft, yet, it doesn't need too the only real additions made to multiplayer are the Xel'Naga towers that if you have a ground unit near it, you gain vision of a certain area around the tower allowing you to foresee incoming attacks or enemy expansions. Rich minerals where you mine your minerals faster. Destructable rocks which open new pathways into your base. That's it, that is all that has changed in core game play. Single player gameplay has remained the same, but the HUB you have between missions... it is amazing. In between missions you will be aboard Raynor's ship the Hyperion (apart from a few missions). Aboard the Hyperion you can go to various parts of the ship and talk to almost every character on board, learning more about major plot characters and some more about the missions you just took part in or are going to take part in. You can kill time in the cantina where you can play a mini game game called lost viking, it is your old school top-down view arcade shooter which is made on an RTS engine mind you. Also you can purchase mercenary contracts with credits you earn from completing missions. In the armory you can spend credits to upgrade your existing troops. In the laboratory you can purchase research options with zerg/protoss research points that you gain during missions which can provide new units/structures/upgrades. These add some RPG elements to the game. Every mission in Starcraft 2 is different, offering unique ways of playing through the story mode. Each mission has three achievements for it, some are easy whilst some are very, very difficult.

The AI in the story mode changes for each mission. For each mode of difficulty the AI gets a lot smarter, using more, new units and tactics depending on the difficulty. Sometimes you will be bombarded with air units, other times you will be hit with mass ground forces, sometimes you will be hit with both. In the multiplayer, the AI does not know what units you have or where you are until it has scouted what you have and where you are, in the lower difficulties the units will be basic build up of units until they eventually reach the third tier units. In high difficulties though, the AI makes decisions based on if you are camping or not and what units you have, I played defensively once and unknowingly to me I had banelings drop into my base and destroyed me.

Something that Starcraft 2 offers is something that almost no game does offer, a very diverse and powerful map editor. Using this engine, modders can create your standard maps but can also create your own game modes or even your own games. I've seen someone make a mod that re-creates the PSN game 'Stream'.

The sounds in this game are epic, ranging from rock, country, metal and techno music. These are almost all original pieces, also including a classic southern classic, Sweet Home Alabama. The sfx sounds beautiful, so much work was put into this soundtrack, and it shows.

The community feature is okay but is the only real complaint you will get from me. Due to the influence of Activision, Starcraft 2 does suffer. First off, there is no LAN support. Second, you can only have one account per game licence. Third, the games are region locked. Activision has hindered what Blizzard does best, serve the community.

Final Score: 9.5
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Final words... buy this game, this game oozes production value and value for money. This is one of the best games in recent times. Buy it.

*Only the best games qualify for the bad ass award.

Good News, Everyone!
Hit #1 rank for my SC2 Master's League! :D

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Yeah, let's leave that sort of stuff away from here please Red.

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Waffle's Rant Corner
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Hello SFG, today I am going to be bitching about Youtube's most famous star... Ray William Johnson.

The first problem I have with this guy was his video known as pancake mix, it isn't called pancake mix anymore but I'll get to that in a second. In this video there was another video where a dog is viciously attacked by a mother deer, now he puts this video in and he is poking fun at it, I saw the video a while before equals three, when I did watch it I was horrified, that isn't something you laugh at because this poor little dog is getting the *&@! beat out of him by this deer and you can hear the owner screaming in fear for the dog and there is nothing anyone can do. It's horrible as this dog is getting mangled by this deer, it's horrible. So Ray William Johnson comes along and says "Oh sure I'm a big douchebag, what I'll do is put this into my video, make a few comments about it and people will love me as usual." When the video was launched people started giving him hate messages and rightfully so. Instead of admitting that it was a wrong move on his behalf and saying sorry to his fans, what he did was change the name of the video to 'THUMBS DOWN!! :D'. It makes it look like, well yeah fvck you guys I don't give a sh!t. Not only does he have no talent re-using the same old 'You're Mom!' jokes over and over he acts like the sun shines out his ass and is to be worshipped.

It is the first video shown here:

Second point. When there was a vote for 'funniest youtube channel of the year', it came down to Ray William and some Yu-Gi-oh guys. Now, what happened was Ray William Johnson figured that they were not worthy enough to be in the final with him, because he is obviously the god of Youtube. So, he then left a comment saying something to the effect of "Why are these guys in the final when all they do is steal material that is not their own and just put voices over it." It was a big long comment but I cannot seem to find the page with extensive google searches. So what happens is one guy comments saying "But this is exactly what you do, you steal other people's material and you profit from it" so what does the pussy bag do? He deletes the guy's comment because he won't admit to being wrong and won't be a man. And that brings me onto what he does, all he does is steal viral videos from the internet, puts them on his videos, comments on them, and profits from it.

Third point, his video titles and thumb nails can often be misleading, often involving a girl or a name with something to do with breasts.
Check the titles and thumbnails of the most recent videos, go check his main channel as well if you wish to investigate further.

Oh and before I forget, he can't sing for *&@!. He is auto-tune's poster boy.

[ti]SW[/ti]Waffle's Reviews
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Minecraft is an independently developed title created by Markus Persson which started in 2009, since then Persson started a company called Mojang with a nine person staff. The single person development team shows in the client. Currently the game is in Beta stage yet the game has sold ten million copies of the beta and has a cult following. Morjang has been voted best developer over Blizzard and Bioware with this title.

Minecraft is a first person sandbox game where the emphasis of the game is to gather resources and build objects using singular blocks. You are also able to craft objects to use such as armour, weapons and interactive object such as a furnace or a storage box. There is a day-night cycle, monsters such as zombies, creepers and more come out at night and attack your player, these drop items that can create new weapons and armor. In order to get a cube of a material, you must mine it or gather it from an explosion. You can create mass structures by stacking a mineral on top of each other. You do have a HP system, if you fall, get hit by an enemy, touch lava, you lose HP, if you die, you lose your items you have on you. There are enemies known as creepers, these are suicide bombers that explodes and destroy all blocks near them, this means your structures.

The NPC AI is simplistic, they walk towards you, when they are within range for their attack, they fire, they don't try anything special, you're usual sandbox game AI.

This game supports huge multiplayer and modding support.

The sounds in this game are stock and don't vary. There are both online and offline features for this game.

The player models for this game are five rectangles with a pixilated texture, the rest of the models of the game are made of blocks and the textures of the whole game is 16-bit, similar to that of what you would see on the snes, this seems lazy on the developers behalf.

The game is still heavily full of bugs and glitches, how it has a cult following is beyond me.

This far in the Beta, it is a 5/10
To increase the score in the final version, some more effort into the mode and fixing the various bugs and glitches is needed.

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