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PC Vs Console
Mojang's game Minecraft is getting released on X-Box 360, I'm not referring to a rip off... Google it...

PC Vs Console
Minecraft is going to X-Box.

[ti]SW[/ti]Waffle's Reviews
Posted Image First Impressions :D

Relic Entertainment has developed many titles for the infamous Warhammer 40k series, although, all of them have been RTS games in the Dawn of War series. Now, I don't need to mention that I hated how the RTS games played, I didn't like the games at all, but that doesn't mean I hated the Warhammer 40k universe. When I heard that Relic was going to be making an action game set in the Warhammer 40k Universe, I was cautious, this is the first time that Relic has gone outside the RTS genre, me and many critics and fans were worried that they wouldn't be able to deliver. Well, I am glad to say that we were wrong, with the recent release of the Space Marine demo we got our first hands on look at Warhammer 40K: Space Marine.

Space Marine is a third person action game that plays similar to that of Gears of War, first point to be made here, people are saying that Space Marine is a complete rip off from Gears of War, not true, its ironic to say that when it is the Space Marines from Game Workshop that inspired many design elements that we see in modern games today, including Gears of War. The game allows you to have a four weapon loadout, a pistol, a machine gun, a sniper rifle and and explosive launcher, but the main weapon I know I will be using is the melee weapons. You also have grenades at your disposal. You have your standard health bar with a regenerating shield, although, only the shield regenerates, not your health, in order to regenerate your health you must execute enemies in melee combat, meaning to survive in combat, you must be in combat, which is almost ensures you will almost always be in the heat of battle. You can use special gadgets in certain missions that arrive via drop pods.

The demo composed of two levels, both are against the Orks. The first part shows off the combat and intensity of the game, the first level throws waves and waves of Orks at you, you can either mow them down with your chain sword or you can gun them down with your bolter. This mission is a lot of fun, I died a few times firstly due to not knowing how to regenerate health and mostly due to the fact I tried to mow everyone down with my power axe. Once I got the hang of how to play the game, it was rather enjoyable. The second level of the demo is to show some variety that combat offers, in this level we got a jet pack that allows us to jump, and really high, but it also allows us to pound the ground at high speed and impact, killing or seriously injuring any Ork.

The graphics are great, the gameplay is solid and it looks awesome. My worry is that relic may make the game too repetitive or not offer much variety, I hope they prove me wrong.

Buy this game at launch!

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Check the views to the likes/dislike ratio :P

Bethesda's suing the creators of... Minecraft?


Can some give me a good tutorial and some links on how to host a minecraft server and if possible how to use my single player map. Thanks

SF:As Concept Art
click on the word 'here' in my first post.

SF:As Concept Art
Here are the official concept art drawings for Starfox Assault, you can find them here.

game nights
Preferably f2p mmo's if they are gonna be listed.

game nights
We haven't even decided a game, you still need to play me in sc2 yet :3

game nights
Skype > Ventrillo > Steam

game nights
I run the internet, starcraft, WoW patches, skype and steam and steam d/ls all at the same time, no problem for me.

game nights
If your internet sucks.

game nights
Skype or Ventrillo

game nights

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Bethesda's suing the creators of... Minecraft?
I lol'd... hard

An upcoming scribble game
(c)2011 Evilwaffles

Bring on my lawsuit Bethesda, you don't own the word.

Word to the wise....
Word to the wise, the cake is a lie.

game nights
TF2, I believe aren't enough of us to make the game 'fun' as running around with only three per team is not really fun at all as it will get boring quickly.

In my opinion, Champions Online isn't all that good, I just got really bored and unsure what to do or where to go at around level 14. That aside, are there any instances where a group of five or so need to team up or something?

Minecraft can be fun if all players make it fun, if one is dull then it is basically singleplayer. It will be good once they add game modes like capture the flag and stuff like that.

Then again, the only multiplayer games I really play are games you have to pay for them and I wouldn't expect anyone to go out and buy the game just for us.

Make Money Playing Diablo 3
They were against it, until they figured out they could profit from it. :3

I guess now all their games make post sale revenue.
WoW: Suscription Fees
SC2: Royalties for use at Tournaments
Diablo: Auction House

Smart Blizzard is smart

Make Money Playing Diablo 3
Yep that is right, you can make cold, hard, cash playing Diablo 3. At the Diablo 3 media conference at Blizzard HQ, among other news it was revealed that the game would support two auction houses, one for the use of in game gold, the other using actual money. That's right for a small fee that goes to Blizzard, like E-Bay or Paypal, you can post up a rare drop, lots of crafting stacks, anything for real money that goes to your bank or Blizz' Credit Account that can only be spent on the Blizzard store.