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Star Fox 64 for 3DS
Ma review of the game:


Idea for a site-wide RP
Who cares.

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Idea for a site-wide RP
I already gave it the go ahead, anyone who disagrees shall be eaten, so go start it :3

[ti]SW[/ti]Waffle's Reviews
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I shouldn't even have to explain what this game is to you or how it plays, as this is a Star Fox forum... But none the less. Star Fox 64 3D is a remake for the Nintendo 3DS of the classic Star Fox 64/Lylat Wars for the Nintendo 64 in 1997 for the Nintendo 64. Starfox 64 is part flight simulation, part shooter adventure, blended together with arcade style game play. But how does a game made fourteen years ago hold up today? Extremely well.

The game is pretty much the same game we had presented to us in 1997, same levels, same enemies, same gameplay, etc, the only real additions to the game play is the multiplayer tweaks and the ability to choose which of the available planets you want to go to next after completing a mission, rather than forcing you to go to the planet connected to the path you took. But is this a bad thing? Hell no. Starfox 64's original gameplay is still excellent so there is no need to change anything. The voices have all been re-recorded making the game nice on the ears, although I do prefer the old voice for Peppy, but this is still great.

Graphics are amazing, obviously they got rid of the blocky and rough models and replaced them with nice smooth models, the environments look great, and water and particle effects are particularly impressive, highlighting how well the game's aesthetics capture the essence of the original while simultaneously upgrading everything about it. The great thing is, you can play this with the 3D at full without noticing any lag what so ever.

You can have two options on how to play, you can use the traditional controller style of playing, using the circle pad, or you can use the 3DS's inbuilt gyroscope technology where you tilt the 3DS in the direction you want to fly, the gyroscope works excellently but you will want to turn off the 3D effect to avoid getting the screen all fuzzy.

Multiplayer is great, but has a problem... it is offline only. The gameplay in the multiplayer is fun and competitive, it is also funny seeing my friends get annoyed at me when I shred their Arwings. :P The addition that four people can play it with only one of them having the actual game is very nice.

Final Verdict: 9.5/10
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If you have a 3DS, buy this game now! If the multiplayer included online play then this game would be a perfect 10.

*Only the best games qualify for the bad ass award.

PC Vs Console
*Awaits inevitable post from Ford making some stoopid claim*

PC Vs Console
Then when that day comes, I will change my argument to say that ARMA 2 is for PC exclusively, /thread
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