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Blaze's Characters
Name: Blaze

Age: 34

Gender: Female

Height: 5 feet and 7 inches

Weight: 120lbs

Eye Color: Red

Species: Lucario

Hair Description: Kept up, normally well brushed

Fur Color/Fur Pattern Crimson with Ebony stripes

Vocal Description: A sassy, fight first ask questions later type of girl

Body Description: A notch in her left ear, due to a training accident, which is stained black and

Attire/Appearance: Often seen wearing a long sleeved black shirt, with flames on the sleeves which cover her paws, and a black skirt. Otherwise I will describe it in the Roleplay.

Family: Bolt her golden Lucario brother, Blizzard her blue furred sister, Nova her grey furred daughter, and Flame her brick red furred son.

Occupation: Former General In the Subspace army

Good/Bad: Good, unless taken over by her evil spirit

Theme Song: Song

Birthplace: Subspace Compound

Current Location/Residence:

Training/Specialties/Skills: Can use Gen-jutsu with her flute, flame conjouring, Medical aura healing, Iron Fan, a sense for dark magic and can use it well too. Often uses moves that strangle opponents or that paralyze them by stopping nural impluses with her aura.

Special Markings: A red Lucario isn't normal, okay?

Personality: Sometimes shy and secretive when speaking about her past, and firey and snippy when angry or upset.

Other info: She was created by Tabuu to be the ultimate fighting machine, and was enginnered to have a demonic power, that arose when she felt angry, or was at a last resort. She ran away one day, and began to build up her life again, only few know about her past, mainly her friends..

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