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Braux's Stuff
As usuall, I'll be playing every once and a great while, and also in that annoying "paragraph" form too.
Here's a bit of characters that I made, and some that you probablly don't know. Every once and a while, I'll make a new character, but only to fit in with the current subject of the RP...
Without further ado, here's my crap:

Mato Napshaye: A human, origniating from the nothern part of the U.S.

Appearance: Brownish-Black hair (long), high cheek-bones, tall and skinny.
Affiliation: Earth Federation (or sumthin') Millitary
Weapons: Whatever happens to be in the barraks at the time.
Strengths/Skills: Fast, Reliable, loyal, and quick thinking.
Weaknesses: Does not take critizism well, and more if i can think about it...
Maximelian "Max" Leauton: A grey Lynx, black-sh brown Stripes.
Afiliation: For hire Mercinary/Fast-food worker :P
Weapons: Arctic Warefare Magnum, Earth imported. Cornerian millitary issue blaster. Fragmentation Gernades.
Str/Skills: Somewhat slow thinking, yet can solve problems quickly, excellent shot with a sniper rifle.
"Braux Lenauto"
Affiliation: 24th Armor Squad
Roleplay: "Battlefield: Corneria"
Weapons: JR-73 Automatic rifle, WR-26 Shotgun.
Species: Bear of some sort, brown fur.
Apperance: Grey Trenchcoat, Kevlar Armor, Millitary grade helmet/w Night vision goggles. OPSE Pack, carries many things.
Str/Skills: Urban Warefare