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[ti]SW[/ti]the revival
Uhh... I'm confused already. (This is what I REALLY hate about myself, talk about d1255ou232558ei83849m9445b88j! )

[ti]SW[/ti]the revival
Sorry about that then... I'll try harder not to fear a thing next time.

And please, don't even START calling yourself a hypocrite. You didn't even sound like one to me at all!

[ti]SW[/ti]the revival
Now, I really wanna join this, but who to choose out of my bizzare bunch of over 151 wierdos can be hard, especially if I hardly ever leave a single one unused...

Forget my blab! F-forget I ever said a thing *covers mouth* I'm... pretty sure I can handle this on my own...

[ti]SW[/ti]the revival
Thanks, all of you. This really means a lot to me.
Only thing I ask of is anything about my rp responses. Don't try to help fix it, it sadly enough, does the opposite of what any of you would expect... It still somehow shatters me to pieces. I mean, I know that whoever ends up doing it is probably only trying to be nice, but... It still has remained to have terrible impact on me. I've yet to discover the rest of why. So in short, my only wish is not to see any such thing directed towards myself. Alright? Just try really hard. I'm literally made of glass here and I've already had to be taped and glued back together and such SEVERAL times.

[ti]SW[/ti]the revival
You--wait a minute-- You really think so? Me? Welcome? I never knew this day would ever come! Where no one cares about my abomination (or in this case now, "abomination") of a presence! The point in time that it doesn't matter whether I'm there or not!

[ti]SW[/ti]the revival
*Whimpers in response to being pulled out of her only known livingspace*

True, but I always wonder if one would have that very (scary point this-that out, nag nag nag, oh correct... ) side to them, deep inside. Like I might have said when we first met, I also fear to be annoying. Forgot to mention especially to those kinds of people, whehter I've known them before or not.

Reading this, maybe one won't give me such a hard time, but you know, not everyone may wanna run across this teribble tear-carpet I just had spread out a moment ago. And then because of that, there could still be the chance. You never know.

[ti]SW[/ti]the revival
Hrm... well... since this place is mostly dying, I could try again without any of those idiotic displays of being too over-excited in both positive and negative ways. Totally gave you (you know who you are) the wrong impression of myself and I know I can do at least 8 times better (if not ten) (in terms of roleplaying).
My only big problems are that I totally ruined the way one sees how I rp or even try to start one because I was in both a positive and negative panic sort-of over-ride behavior of sorts I could not even identify (plus I was a young tu78959rd-head (note to many, never start rp-ing at age ten, it ruins you, even when you reach 13 (or 14) and get introduced to a place like here filled with amazingly friendly people)) . Plus another problem I run accross is knowing what certain words even are. I hate when I run across that problem.
Plus, I always hate it when one gets all frustrated grammar-nazi on my *** and the way I may type my responses and what not (Ex: Caps vs. italics, minor spelling errors, numerous typos, crummy writing style that's not even beautifully written with absolutely amazing detail it's like a ****ing novel or something, slow typing, the inability to respond in a way that makes sense due to slow typing, and some other things, MANY other things...). If anyone gets annoyed of me, it really discourages me, frustrates me, and most of all p****s me off to the point I just sit on the floor and cry out as if the world can hear me through my house when really only my neighbors would only hear and wonder "what in the living H*** is that?" plus tears. I'm that easily breakable, I can't even bear friendly writing/roleplaying criticism from anyone, even if they were only trying to help, be it out of their own frustration towards any response of mine or out of feeling bad for my easily broken self, or just to help out as a dear friend. It's just a very dangerous, risky, and most of all, wrong move to make for anyone.
Please don't try it.

That's why I've always kept back for over a year here, telling myself "I'm not ready, there may be a small amount of cruel people like that hiding somewhere" when in reality, it may not actually be an existing problem waiting to uprise as soon as I finally stand up to everything and face all fears.

So I would, but I don't think I should. (*sigh* if you could see me behind this **** keyboard, I'm freaking shaking like I absorbed all the terrible earthquakes yet to come to any part of this cruel known world)
It may take much convincing, I really apologize.
It's really hard... I can't help it, not at all...

(also sorry for the long depressing carpet of tears I just dragged over here. Ugh, I should roll it up and go back to my little cardboard box that I live in, that'll make everyone here feel better. )
And once again I force my sister to... use this mouse and....Aie! Why me!?