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Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
As the Klawzorian looked on at the sudden little conflict which rose between the two, she lost her smirk. In fact, she pretty much scowled Jake's way. Poor Emily! Having to face such an unnecessarily disruptive doofus.
After it seemed put to some kind of halt, she suddenly found herself adding, quite impatiently, and protectively, "Seems some provocative fool wants to miss my introduction and make complete wreck of his own first day. Mhm. Okay then! Not at all surprising, coming from a wild kiddo like yourself. You know, pay no attention, even day one, and you get ultimately lost --and nowhere, fast! Believe me." A nod, "Make any sense to you, pal? Best not distract yourself, nor others, here. Very RUDE. Wanna suffer mass confusion? Be my guest."
She ended with slow taps of a single foot, which would probably continue on as anyone responded. She couldn't believe she spat all that out, and currently not-so-worried, wondered, for a moment, whether or not she'd regret it.

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
She awkwardly smirked. "Pal, does it look like I'll trust you enough straight off the bat, for that?" and then exclaimed with obvious sarcasm, and somewhat rolled eyes, "Please!" She took the monkey's hand, hoping it would be just a normal handshake that'd come just after. Apparently, she forgot to give her name, even though he gave his.

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
The new girl was without words, and stood, and stared, unsure what to make of what exactly was going on... Was just standing around really a good idea? Well, she wasn't sure, at the moment.

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
In response, the Klawzorian nodded. Sounded like a good idea. And when the feline began trying to find the music's source, she obediantly followed... littleways behind her, and at similar pace.

((I didn't check to see if anyone replied before I did, so if that happened and it has effect on my reply in some way, I'm sorry. In a bit of a hurry to do something IRL))

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
"I share your question ma'am. I'm not exactly sure myself... " She found herself saying to the feline at the desk, somewhat absent-mindedly, and looking warily about the room. Did she really say this aloud? How would this be taken?

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
"... Hi! My name is Emily Sharp. Welcome to the first day of the Cornerian Division Academy. Can I help you?" Said the feline sitting at the desk.
The fox girl slightly jumped, and turned to her.
"Oh, yes, I'm new here..." She started, with a smile, unsure how, and whether or not to finish.

((Not sure how to finish this off, as I feel something -SOMETHING- is missing, and simply cannot put a finger on what (and I am very sure this is not me aesthetically thinking), but I'll just leave it at this anyway, I guess...?
Sorry if my panic today might render my way of RP awkward, or without much, for the time being. It happens sometimes. ))

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
At the moment she heard that she was to go back, She skidded to a halt, somewhat surprised. Sure, it was safe here, but she couldn't come and find out?
She decided she wouldn't start protest, seeing as the lynx kept going, and much faster.

Concerned and curious as she was, should she really? For minutes on end, she was stuck with that decision... Between Not wanting to leave whatever was going on alone, in case she could be of help, and of course, being new and all, going back anyway, like she was supposed to.

She sighed, almost without voice. Best she avoid getting into trouble, in case she was not supposed to go there. Besides, she lost the lynx anyway. So where would she end up?

Head only slightly hanging, and with dropped ears and tail, she made her way back to the only building she knew so far here. Somewhat slowly, it seemed, but she made it back in, nonetheless.
Now, just where was this front desk that had been mentioned? And she thought herself stupid for the question, and started arguing with herself about words, context, meanings, and possible; impossible; and lack of implications alike, internally.
She was already nearby the front desk right then... Yeah, sure she walked slowly. Suuure.
She slightly looked up from her feet. Perhaps this was the one, well of course, right? Had to be. But suddenly, she wasn't sure how to speak up and ask such a stupid question. Usually this was easy... Just what froze her, side facing this possible front desk like this?
Hopefully whoever sat there wouldn't mistake her for a shy person. Ugh, what trouble that would be. Inside, she became flooded with worry, which could have been over a number of things, and she spaced out. The look on her muzzle-less face did not hide anything...

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
First came an answer and things, but the next thing she knew, things seemed to turn so suddenly upside-down, and she heard an explosion of sorts.
"New girl! Stay close to me!" She next heard from the lynx, taking note of the look she was given. This, for sure, was very serious.

This "new girl", concerned as she was, would do exactly that, no hesitations, no protest, no refusal.
Just... what happened? And through this, would she find out? Well, she figured it was most likely the best way to, if anything.

[ti]SW[/ti]Logo Contest, May/June 2014
Wish me luck??

Look at me. So nervous already!
No I must stand up and... Here goes...
Posted Image


((Hey, does this look any overdone?? XD;;
I don't wanna burn peoples' eyes. ))

*takes one whole hour to brave up to posting this reply*

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
"Oh, yes," answered she, doing best to focus only on the conversation she still had at hand with the lynx, the briefest moment she'd heard noise, "This is exactly where I needed to be. Thank you so much for your help." A nod.
"So, I'm new here. Do you know exactly where new people should go first or... should I be asking somebody else?"
The other feline's remark from earlier, before she left, kind of bothered her, although she didn't show it. 'Scatterbrain? Only at the moment am I. Excellent first impression, Avai. Let's hope that wasn't somebody important and above you... Ugh, that would be trouble!'

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
"S-sorry..." The surprised girl gave the Lynx, then continued, to both felines, "I- I was just trying to get directions, a-and I was in a real panic, is all, a-and I didn't mean to-- I mean, I usually... Say, what is this place?" She gave, looking around the current room she and the two stood in. There was something about this place she could not put a finger on...

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
((I hope I do not mess this up. *nervous squeak* ))

That's what would ultimately get the Klawzorian there, to the Academy, as she hadn't any other way else.
Today wasn't so bad. Quite breezy, at least where she was.
She was eventually, however, troubled...
Where exactly, now, was she going? She must have gotten lost or something. She had a place to get to, and probably what made it worse was that she hadn't been on the surface of this planet for a good while. Perhaps, today, she payed too much attention to the weather, but she was so very sure she was focused on going where she had to, and only that.
"Craaap..." She said to herself, so overwhelmed she was no longer able to think, "Just where is it?"
She sighed, half voicelessly, head slightly hanging,
"Finding a place I've never been to can be so difficult sometimes. Perhaps I should ask someone for directions or somesuch..."
Her pace quickened, and she began scanning the area for the nearest door --DOOR. All the while taking absolutely no care, this time, to look for signs or anything and what they read. She immediately caught sight of one and ducked into there, hoping she'd get the answers needed to move on.

(Whether or not Avaika ends up in the right place because of this can be up to one of you guys I guess?? XD )[edit_reason]Her pace has no eyes, she does.[/edit_reason]

[ti]SW[/ti]Logo Contest, May/June 2014
Any rules and/or guidelines that people should keep in mind?

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past
Ah, okay then. Thanks for letting me know.

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past
My final decision: I am hopping on in with Avaika (alt ver.). (I mean, I don't know exactly what I want to do with her, and may still need some guidance on that or somesuch, but I know some of the possible ways she can fit into this rp now and I thank you for allowing me to see how. Thanks so much. )
Yes, I would like to partake in this rp.

As for your question to everyone... I feel like I haven't an answer for that. I dunno...
My answer is NOPE it's here only for me. I'd feel a massive load of discomfort there, sorry. (If it ends up there, I may drop out, which is bad for me because technically, I have never roleplayed here at all (not counting my 13 year old self's mistakeful acts of stupidity and obliviousness five years ago which I still so regret to this day so very much) due to being so unreasonably nervous about openly posting here all the time, which is FAR wasteful of my join, I think, especially since I'd been rescued from some troll someplace else to get here... and I have been working real hard to come out of that darned shell of mine. That atrocious, unreasonable-to-hide-in shell. All of my efforts, past and current, will be in vain. All of them. Wasted. The other place is not my kind of environment... I'm a KID trapped inside an adult's body, you could say. I'm a freaking scaredy-cat. There's stuff that I just plain-out avoid due to (extreme) discomfort or the possibility of. Just saying.

Sorry if this all sounds selfish. )

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past
Ohoho! My pal, how would you know that? You haven't even seen the way I rp canon roles! FD
But thanks for your support and all. XD

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past
Alright. I'll see what I can think of. Alt Avaika will surely work, now that I can see how (thanks for the help). I just have to figure out how I'll wrap this situation up, seeing as it is mostly resolved. XD ((Avai's small mix of "skills" is what's hanging me up this time. Oops. Well, figured it doesn't have to be a hang-up (my thick skull... ), now that I realize. Haha, I'll just make her a newcomer. Have her just enroll upon/nearby this rp's start ))

Aha. The whole same name deal. Okay.
Won't worry at all... or, I'll try not to. XD[edit_reason]Decision making for Avaika...[/edit_reason]

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past
Apr 11 2014, 01:23 PM
Everybody feels like they'll wreck a canon character including me. But if it really worries you you can pick a character that really hasn't been seen enough to really have anything to wreck. For example Miyu or Fay...or even Fara.

I skimmed through all of it really. I was able to see she was a tomboy and that she seems to be good friends with team members of Starfox. That's good enough to be a student really. (Also...on side note I was wondering about an "Angel" you mentioned. XD)
Considering that, but there isn't the greatest chance that I'll just take the role of any canon characters, just so you are aware. I have far little confidence in my ability to rp as even the least known about canon characters. It takes time to gain. So sorry about all that. XD;

Right, okay, but her main back-story may prove to be a bit contradictory in some way or another, I haven't an actual clue though. According to that story, she met Fox at a much younger age (like, as a kid), and found Fox again later and joined SF right around the time of the Lylat war. In the alt back-story, all of her weird connections to the canon characters are dropped to make her more adaptable, but then again, it too puts her into a place of which she would still not fit in, seeing as she up and became a freelance pilot who roams about alone doing random acts of kindness and heroics. Any of both stories I'm sure can be altered for this in some way, any way, to ensure her fitting in, but I wouldn't know how I could pull it off, which is why I may be in need of your (or even other people's) guidance.

(The Angell I mention every now and again in her info posts is another character I made during my childhood (and based off of Fox's "blue" palette swap in SSB) . Angell Skar is the leader of a team of five female pilots who are hardly known, and roam about the Lylat system to help all during times of conflict. Angell and her other fellows may not fit, as far as I figure, but I could be wrong. )[edit_reason]Embarrassing typo??[/edit_reason]

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past
I would, but I feel like I would wreck them, these canon characters, so...

I am not exactly sure what makes me think this. I guess I just have this gut-feeling? Heheh, must I ignore it then?
As for having skimmed through Avaika's information, did you skim through her main back-story, alternate (in a separate post), or both? (just trying to clarify some stuff, please do not mind me) How so, is she perfectly suited for a student?

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past
This sounds very interesting. I've considered saying, "I'd love to participate", but I am greatly afraid that the character I wished to choose for this, Avaika, would not fit in at all...

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