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Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
She would do as told, immediately, just to give no trouble. In fact, she almost began to.
Only, she was nervous, and feared she wouldn't be able to travel quietly and unnoticably enough (no matter where she was in the place, anyway). So she silently jerked back to previous position and froze.
She flashed the lynx a worried look; hoping she'd figure out what exactly the problem was.

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
Avaika, thankful still that she didn't have to speak to the feline, gave Marcus and his doings somewhat unobvious curious looks...
When he asked his question, she simply shook her head --clear sign, should it at all be seen, that she possessed nothing of the sort.

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
Avaika remained silent. Taking absolutely no part in this hopefully done-with argument... (unless, of course, one considered this protective act of hers -the continued silence- a demonstration of the blue fox's words --like something indirectly thrown into it (but that would be mostly unconsciously done, if such were the case)). She too, wondered what was going on in there, but there was really no point in a repeat question.

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May 15 2014, 05:38 AM
Wow. OWA's right. I didn't expect you to look like that. And I mean that in a good way. O.o
Haha. Oh wow. Now I wonder just how many others I've surprised, thanks! XD;;

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
The sudden appearance, on their side, of that lynx from far earlier had startled the Klawzorian, but she kept enough composure to stay silent and keep them all not caught so far, and regain the rest of it. So the only thing coming out of her was a slight jump, resultingy. That all being done, and her having heard the lynx's words, she frowned, in a way, no glares necessary, as if to silently express to the feline that she must set that aside for now, as something else, possibly something very serious, was going on in there.. and that for sure disregard whatever lousy first impressions she got from her, if any. That moment at the one door? That was over.
Avaika was more worried about whatever the heck might be going on over in there, than anything else, really...

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^ Awww, you look sweet, Avaika!

Ah, thanks much. XD;;

Heh.. Wow, You certainly look alot different then I imagined.

Well this is interesting... Ha, You have me really curious now, buddy!

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
Avaika, when asked to follow, gave a look of stunned curiosity to her acquaintance.
If follow and be his company would be the thing to cool things off eventually, then be his company she would.

(I'm going to only half-finish this reply for reasons, meaning nothing further will be written on this post. Please understand...or, try, at least. XD;;
Basically, I have been meaning to say that this is written open-endedly on purpose. )

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After massive hesitation, I present to you peoples --A PHOTO! XD;;

Posted Image[edit_reason]broken image "repaired", so-to-speak.[/edit_reason]

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
Avaika remained outside the room. Unsure how to pass the time, she, with the help of the wall behind her, slowly slid to a sitting position on the floor.

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
The way Marcus was handling all this so far made the Klawzorian smile. She very much appreciated it.
She then sees the nurse emerge from the other room, wanting to speak with the blue fox. Avaika's smile fades immediately, however, does not drop into a frown.

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
She turned to the blue fox, slightly, with a nervous, ashamed, yet amused smirk, "Hah. Boot, rather."
She then asked, making a now complete eye-contact, and expression not changing, "Think your pal's gonna be okay? I-I didn't meant to get 'im that hard... honestly..."

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
Avaika, no longer sure what to make of this situation anymore and feeling a little guilty for her so-called "self defense" act, slowly and quietly followed Marcus and limpy Jake, but stopped before they entered. She remained outside and unseen by anyone in that very room/place. Her face held no frown, no smile.

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
The Klawzorian jumped, and, from where she stood, frantically looked about the place in her alarm. She looked back down at Jake, panicked, and as if to make sure this was real.
This sure was real alright, as far as she was able to tell.
She was stuck standing where she was however, and wasn't sure whether or not to run off and get help herself, or stand by...

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
'"Broke something"?' She repeated in her head, 'Oh, I hope not...'
Avaika looked down upon the spider monkey, her brows raised, and neither smile nor frown appeared on face. She was completely unsure whether or not she should worry, as of yet (and that thought did put her at some level of unease)...
That look lasted for but a moment.
"A-Are you sure you're not okay?" Now she frowned.
But of course, she didn't trust him enough to assume right away that he was in real, legitimate pain.
Ears dropped, though. Perhaps this was some sign that should this be real, she'd help. What if this was real, and she was just thinking stupid things?
She gave him a bad one alright. And she hadn't figured this would get that unpretty.

(Avai gets uncertain like this pretty often. Haha, she thinks waaaaay too much. )

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May 7 2014, 11:24 AM

I like to think she's tempted to post a picture of herself :P
Well crap, you found me out fast. XP

Pics of the Members
Must... resist... Urge... >XD;;;;
*crawls into hiding to make sure of it*

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
Avaika's eyes weren't smiling, at least. Unless you are good at hiding, eyes gave everything, she often believed.
And with Jake pulling that forced smile, she growled and attempted a swift, nasty stomp on his foot.

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
"Well, ma'am," Avaika replied to the towering feline, "If you want me to be honest, it's simply only coincidence that I happen to be, and I am not very fond of his presence." Head turned at a slight, Jake's way, she nodded, eyes shut, "Yes, you heard me, pal."

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
As Avaika stood and watched the rest of the conversation in silence. She stood in unobvious wonder. It seemed almost as if Marcus had plans to keep this wild fellow under control. She appreciated that, but had to wonder if that would work.
Suddenly Emily had to return to the front desk, it seemed...
"...I'm sorry, But I'm afraid I'm going to have to skip the tour and just register you both and give you an itinerary. Does that sound fine?"
Avaika only had time to smile and nod. She could understand her having to take that leave.
Before Avaika could give her answer to the invitation, one of the other felines she met before came storming back! She was confused a moment.
"Me?" She tried to clarify. Apparently she must not have heard the given words right.

(And yep, she didn't. XD;;; OOPS. Stupid Avaika!
Haha, sometimes being startled like that will mess up the way she hears words. Usually very unlikely occasion, but I wanted to make you guys aware of that. )

Haha, alright then. Thanks for letting me know. XD
I guess I'll be putting this up shortly!

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