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FF Crystal Chronicles (Gamecube)
Never have I played any ACTUAL Final Fantasy. I consider all those all boring. But I kid you not, the ones that fall under Crystal Chronicles are far different. Very far different. It's perhaps the only Final Fantasy I'll ever enjoy. Ever.
However, whether or not you play it is up to you, for, you have free will, as we are both aware.

FF Crystal Chronicles (Gamecube)
Anyone heard of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles? You know, the one for the Nintendo Gamecube? (Please keep in mind I have no interest in ANY Final Fantasy titles with the exception of those under "Crystal Chronicles". In fact, I've never played the others much due to my extreme disinterest. Thanks. )
Any one (ever)... ...watched a glimpse of the game through any means, like a friend playing it or something? ...Have (/had) it; have played it? ...Beat it, even? (I have not. )
I'd like to hear opinions, experiences, or first impressions of either the one (or more) look(s) you take at whatever relates to't or the first time played. All talk of this is welcome here, with the exclusion anything not appropriate for this place --fights, the stuff that is just truly untolerable, especially by here. Be nice, don't be untolerably nasty.
Thank you in advance.