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Black Ops
i hate the fact that there were no black cops.

Valve's Source Shader still no-where close to being Fixed.
yes, more hats!

Cornerian Academy

What are you Jamming out to?

Cornerian Academy
- Amethyst 10May 17 2011, 01:25 AM - OneWingedAngel92302- .the Vixen bought a finger up to her chin... "Maybe we could just look around the place? i havn't seen to much other then this dorm so thats one idea i guess."

"im down with that" she replied, and stood up

still trying to convince them

still trying to convince my parents.
mom doubts that it'll work
i'm currently using like a Frankenstein computer for my games.

Diary of a Mad Furry
think i under stand what foxes are think A LOT more clearly now.
any way, this is good and funny.
continue making more please.
if you are angry it is obvious that i'll PM you if you are.
i always do.
your like the big brother i never had.
except i DO have a big brother and he's.....
let's just leave it like that.
Hugs and kisses
- Amethyst ^_^

now i can play portal 2 co-op online!

Cornerian Academy
- ."hmm.... didn't think they'd have something that hear." Sarah mumbled to herself... "Well, I have an hour till my first class, anything do you want to do?"

"i have many things i want to do.now, i don't really want to do any of them right now" she replied sheepishly

Cornerian Academy
- "Sounds good, My old training facility had alot more things which made time there a real drag. The most annoying being from military battle tactics right around to medicine that i would have to use in the field. Trust me th subject is alot messier then it sounds... You have a favorite subject?"

"i like phys science personally"the she-cat answered.

Cornerian Academy
"weapons training, flight training , math, physical science, and PE."Allie replied

Cornerian Academy
"ah. well might as well take a look at my lesson planner"she replied, also laying down, and pulling out a sheet of laminated paper

Cornerian Academy
- "I wish i could've lived there, has such a nice aurora during the nights... I was born on Corneria but My family moved to another planet while me and my brother were still infants. Was alot less flashy, I'm actually still somewhat getting used to it."

"really?well you're one of only like 10 people i know that have been off-planet."

Cornerian Academy
"Ok..." the hybrid nodded with a concerned look on her face.... "where are you from then?"

"southwest Corneria. lived here all my life. been to Fichina and Titana though."the orange she-cat replied, putting her legs on the bed, and crossing them.

Cornerian Academy
"yeah, let's do that." she replied.

Cornerian Academy
Sarah was still rather confused to the idea of her response, she could get the idea that she was as young as herself but what was.... "Hold on a second, what are you trying to say?" Sarah responded with a raised eye-brow... "You don't mean that you actually..."

"no...ju..just no"she replied, immediately understanding the idea

try this game
try it plz
it takes a while to load though.
give feedback please.