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SF-O's RP Section Dangerously Close to being Axed
Jan 18 2011, 10:51 PM
well "User" you are on a roleplaying website lol, why not try your hand at it?
I joined this site before I was fully aware it was primarily an RPing site. I've considered it many times, however I find that I'm too busy and/or don't have the time to get caught up in something like this. Also, I really don't have much of an interest, although some of my closer friends were the same as me and now they love RPing.

Maybe someday. :smile:

SF-O's RP Section Dangerously Close to being Axed
You make good points, and yeah the RP section is in a bit of pickle concerning it's future direction. Asper has taken up the lead in that department and I'm confident in his ability. I don't RP but it's times like this where I wish I did so I could at least help rectify the problem.

SF-O's RP Section Dangerously Close to being Axed
Jan 18 2011, 07:42 PM
And that will only further empower its crumbling foundation. That section is almost (ALMOST!) it's heart, much like it is here.
I'm going to dispute this for two reasons. First off RPing was never the main SF-O "goal", if I can put it like that. The site never originally had an RP section first off, and while during it's peak it was extremely active never was the "primary" purpose of the board.

Secondly..."further empower its crumbling foundation"? If anything I see more members online during peak times than when I first signed up last summer! The board is actually moving in the opposite direction and expanding it's member base in the process. If the RP section there ever gets "back to normal" then it would be crazy to keep up with everything going on.

As far as I know, I don't see SF-O's RP section going down anytime soon. DZ hasn't assigned a lot of priority to the RP section since it's inception, but I highly doubt that he would just remove it completely for a few reasons.

Love Life Talk
I'm really sorry to hear that something like this has befallen you Vixie. It's a terrible thing to happen. :(

Right now, you need time to heal and fully recover. Too many people make the mistake of jumping back into a new relationship immediately after an old one has ended, regardless of the reasons. I've had my heart ripped from me when me and my first love broke up and I was depressed for three months and I used this time to recover. In the end, at least in the long term, try not to let something like this make you feel worthless or "not good enough" for any future relationships and let it have a lasting permanent effect on your self-esteem.

Bad things happen to good people. What he did was just....wrong, but don't blame yourself for any of what went down.