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Far from Home
The regular lights on the bridge of the kestrel dimmed, and red began to flash. The red alert klaxon went off. McConnelly pulled at his uniform and sat in his seat.

"Hail the "Atachir" or whoever they are" McConnelly stated

"Channel open"

"This is the Captain McConnelly of the Federation Starship Kestrel, Why are you attacking our ship?"

The Atachiri were of a reptilian nature. They were from outside of the Lylat system, and their home world was destroyed by an unknown force years ago

"We need your vessel to be stronger, much stronger." the Atachiri commander responded

"You can't have our technology, I am sure we can negot-" The channel was cut and suddenly the ship shook hard as the shields took a hard hit.

"Sir Shields down to 80%, minor hull damage, holding steady, shield regeneration in progress"

McConnelly turned to Briggs, "Fire at their engines, disable them" At that moment in time a powerful phaser blast shot at the Atachiri cruiser. Its engines were disabled, but they began to fire, this time at the smaller crafts that had been released from the Great Fox

"Sir the other ship, has released space fighters, they use a propulsion technology different then that of warp capabilities, they are equipped with lasers, and other tech" Briggs stated

Fox hailed the ship, and he came on the view-screen "They still have not stopped firing, we need you to disable their weapons"

McConnelly turned to Briggs, and Briggs fired phasers at the Cruiser. Except this time it was different.

Lt. Myer's console began to beep. "Sir" He stated "There is a feedback in their ships energy systems from our shot to the cruiser, it has caused a reaction in the ships energy and propulsion system, she is gonna blow taking out the smaller craft, and the larger ship if they don't have shields.

McConnelly ran to the help controls and entered some commands. The channel was still open with Fox and the others. He looked at them and yelled. "Get your ships inside my shields NOW!"

Fox, Krystal and the others knew what was going to happen, and they headed into the shields. Slippy made it, but just barely. McConnelly ordered Engineering to extend the shields over the Great Fox as it hovered over it, protecting it from the powerful blast that was to ensue from the explosion

"Hold on to your hats boys and girls" McConnelly stated

The cruiser exploded with an immense force. The Blast wave came to the Kestrel and the Great Fox. At this time a few screens exploded from behind the crew.

"Sir a few hull breaches, damage reports from across the ship, everyone is fine no casualties"

Fox looked at the Captain and said "We owe you one Captain, you saved us and our ship!" He would exclaim before the channel was split and both Peppy and Fox were on one screen and aside from a few flickering lights and consoles in the bridge of the Great Fox, everything was just fine. "Captain, for some people you just met, we owe you our lives." Peppy stated

The captain raised a hand. "Well, it looks like we are part of this conflict now, and we have to settle this. Its going to be a LONG time before we can get back home, and those Atachiri are responsible you say?"

"Yes, its a long story, but I can tell you it, if you would allow us to come over." Peppy was cut off by McConnelly.
" Certainly . Just stay where you are, and we will get you over."

The rabbit was confused, but he decided to sit and wait.

"Myers beam their ships to the shuttle bay, and beam all of the members directly to Transporter room two, and bring me to the transporter room now" McConnelly stated

"Yes Sir" Myers responded.

McConnelly was beamed to the Transporter room. Fox, Krystal, Slippy, Falco, and Peppy were beamed to transporter room two, where they were met by Captain McConnelly. They had strange looks on their faces as they did not know what just happened to them. "What, where are our Arwings?"

McConnelly put his arms behind his back, "Your ships are in our shuttle bay, and we transported you directly here, I am Captain McConnelly, and I welcome you to my ship the USS Kestrel"

"Interesting, and we are honored to be here," Fox said as he walked off the platform and extended his hand

"Likewise" McConnelly replied shaking his hand.

Far from Home
I just got this idea last night, and i figured I would go for a crossover between Star Trek and Starfox just to see how it would turn out

The USS Kestrel is of a Starship class, close to that of Voyager. It has been heavily modified to have more Weapons, and Advanced Phaser and Shielding Technology. It is the most Advanced ship in the fleet. It was in design testing, and its Full Capabilities are unknown, or too classified for that matter. It has Transphasic Warp Engines, capable to traveling very far, very quickly.

This ship was designed to be a light, quick cruiser type vehicle. It has Emergency Command Holograms in the case that the Crew is hurt. The ship also includes regenerative Shielding, and automated repair systems. It even includes a cloaking system, though it is not fully been tested and very dangerous if used incorrectly

Captain’s Log- Stardate 89057.9
The Kestrel seems to come upon an anomaly. We have no Idea where we are, and sensors are still out of commission right now. Our weapons are offline, and shields are at minimum. The Ship is beginning to regenerate shields and weapons. Hopefully, I will have more data for later.

Captains Log- Supplemental.
Sensors just came back online, and If our sensors are correct, we are very far from the Alpha Quadrant. Our ship has been repairs, and we have begun our course back to the alpha quadrant, it will take a few years, and it will take a few days for our messages to get back to Starfleet HQ and another few days for a response.

Who knows what Alien Species we will be coming across?

“Captain, Long range sensors are detecting a ship of unknown class, and origin. It has 2 mounted guns on the front, capable of doing some considerable damage” Lt. Myers said.

"Go to Yellow Alert" the Captain stated

“They are hailing us” Briggs stated to the captain.

“Open the Channel” Captain McConnelly replied

Suddenly an Anthropomorphic Fox, and Rabbit were on the screen, along with a robot.

“I am Captain McConnelly of the Federation Starship Kestrel, please identify”

The Anthropomorphic Fox responded back. “My name is Fox McCloud leader of Team Starfox, we have never seen a species like you.” Fox stated.

“And the same for you Captain McCloud, We are peaceful explorers from a distant part of the Galaxy, and we are simply trying to get back home.”

Fox responded. “It is just Fox, we will discuss your predicament, but we can discuss that later- our sensors indicate that you have shield technology, and weapons are very powerful, we could use some help right now.”

Captain McConnelly responded. “We could use the Ally, but according to the Prime Directive, we cannot affiliate ourselves with alien affairs.”

At that moment, weapons fire began hit their ship. “Sir we are being attacked.” Briggs stated.

“Go to Red Alert.” McConnelly looked at Fox “Who is firing at us?”

The Fox was hitting buttons on the console, “It looks like the Atachiri are attacking you, we will assist you. They are the ones who brought you here, and they are trying to invade our home system.”

The Captain knew that because the Atachiri fired upon them, they were now part of the confict.

“All hands this is the Captain, Report to Battle Stations” McConnelly stated over the intercoms.

“Well Fox, it looks like you have your selves an Ally.”

Fox Responded, “Our fighters will be out ASAP, just follow my lead”

McConnelly stated. “Roger, Kestrel Out”

Comment on the user above you
Not much known about this user, but has been very active and a kind member to others here :D

Fox's College Life, and Tech Reviews
Firefox 4. Pretty awesome I must say......but as with all betas, they can be a little buggy, but I love the new feel for this Firefox. Even though that this a beta, pages load alot faster, and is way more secure. They have even implemented a feature called Sync that is now built into the browser itself. Not to mention the ability to group your tabs based on what sites/etc.
Now with Synch, whenever I use Firefox on my Droid, Laptop or Even my Desktop, all of my bookmarks, pages, logins, are transferred and synced with one another. When you find a site on the go in your phone if you bookmark the page, it shows up on your desktop. I found the feature to be awesome. Now you might be skeptical of this feature, but infact the sync feature uses top level security algorithms and cryptology methods to make sure that your passwords and other information is safe.
Now with any new browser that is released you must watch out for vulnerability. Upon my initial view of the code and program, things seemed to be relatively secured if not many loopholes and vulnerabilities fixed. I still recommend addons for firefox to help secure it like BEEFTACO (Cookie Blocker); HTTPSEVERYWHERE (Secure encrypted connects for available sites) KEYSCRAMBLER (Protects your login info and typed passwords with various types of scrambling and protection)
I have been using this for a while, and I see much promise in this. It has its bugs such as Youtube videos playing weirdly, but that is because Adobe does not fully support Firefox 4 yet..... I find all the features in Firefox 4 create a friendly user interface, and make it much easier to use.
1: User interface is awesome, and is more user friendly
2:More Secured
3:Eye Candy, and bonus apps
1:Initial bugs
2:Getting used to the NEW interface, but easily adaptable.

Fox's College Life, and Tech Reviews
Well time to blog here and there. I have decided to actually repost my review on Firefox 4 Beta. I do alot of beta testing for companies, and they like the critiques and reviews.

I have done many reviews with companies such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, Mozilla, the list goes on.

I even was part of an initial development and beta team for Windows 7 and I am working on getting into the Windows 8 team.

Uh, So I will rant about my stuff, and just post random things.

Nickname: Fox
Age 19
Certifications Held:
GTL (Ground Team Leader)
IC3 (Incident Commander Level 3)
SET (Standard Evaluations Training)
IC 100-700 (Incident Command Training)
Nationally Certified IT Technician with COMPTIA
CCNT (Cisco Certified Networking Technician

Working towards:
CCNA (Cisco Certified Networking Associate)
CISSP (Certified Information Security Systems Professional)
Network +
Security +

I am a Chief Master Sergeant in the USAFA. I am also an Incident Commander for USAFA Search and Rescue and also a Ground Team Leader.

Our Organization works jointly with the United States Air Force, to handle 93% of all domestic and homeland missions of Aircraft and Missing Persons.......

Uhh I am also working on getting my EMT basic, and am also working towards my Homeland Security certification with an organization.

I dibble and dabble in things and of such sorts. Worked in Hospitals, Gas Stations, Military, Transportation, Search and Rescue, Computer Networking the list goes on and on.

I've got connections to many organizations and etc.

I currently am an Information Security and Forensics Student at my College, and I am working towards my CISSP. I hope to work for the FBI, NSA or CIA in the future.

But yeah..... I'll be posting my review of Firefox 4 later

Invitation to Darkness
Anyways, you can PM me if you want to talk about stuff, I am a good listener :P

Babylon 5
G'kar could put up a fight, and slippy would lose, but if it was his vehicle vs. the Arwing. Then slippy would win.

Especially Star Furies Vs. Arwing

Corneria College
Mark looked at him with a glimmer in his eye. "Uh not to far, Its actually just my home, since I moved out of my parents. No one lives there when I am off at school, except when I leave for vacations........" Mark said " If you don't want its fine" he said with his ears lowering a bit.

Comment on the user above you
tackles above user for backhanding.....

Play nice!

Corneria College
Mark turned and felt bad..... "Would....... would you like to come to Christmas at my......." Mark paused and he finally said it "house?" He confessed, and he slightly teared up

Corneria College
Mark smiled a bit and said "Cuz....." He said with a pause and he lowered his ears he became silent and turned around looking away

Corneria College
Mark laughed along and just smiled. "I hope you dont mind me asking? But what do you do for the holidays" mark asked

Corneria College
Marked continued to look at voltaris. "well.....medically you dont stop growing until till you are 18\19 right" mark put his paw in the air. "in fact, I was your height at your age"

Corneria College
Mark looked at him and smiled " I used to get the short jokes all the time in school. Don't worry it will go away." Mark reassured voltaris.

Corneria College
Mark woke up soon, and he rolled out of bed. He looked at mark. His eyes groggy as he slowly woke up. He looked at Voltaris and said "Hey, why are you up so early" He joked

Corneria College
Mark soon rolled over to his side and faced voltaris. in an child like voice, and his eyes closed. Mark was sleep talking. "Hey Doug, I heard Mrs. McFay is gunna give your class candy!!! Man I remember when I had her" mark rolled back over and not a sound was heard from him except for his slow abd relaxed breathing

pictures of members
Me receiving my Non Commissioned Officer of the Year Award :P

Posted Image

Me with my Search and Rescue Ground Team WE Placed 2nd in NY State B)

Posted Image

Corneria College
Mark contined to rest. He slept soundly, but he soon began to stir. He muttered, and moved. He then stopped and contined to sleep.

Corneria College
Mark looked at Voltaris "Good night Dou---" He stopped himself "Voltaris......" He closed his eyes and soon fell fast asleep, and began to snore. He moved and twitched everynow and then due to a dream, but it was nothing to be of concern

Corneria College
"Ok......" Mark said concerned. He laid back to sleep, putting his hands over his chest, and laying back looking up, and soon laying back

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