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Nintendo 3DS
The 3DS is amazing, I just got Starfox 64 Preordered, and it really is amazing ^^

Good News, Everyone!
Things have been getting better, but still lots of work to do.

In other news, I'm the Activities Officer for a Regional Search and Rescue event next weekend. Lotta people, lots of duties, so much stuff

Sign In - Sign Out Thread
Ok, Well As much as I don't want to, but I really have no choice. I am taking a leave of absence for a while. I haven't felt the same since I started my new quarter, everything seems so much more difficult, and I always seem to be tired alot more. This quarter is starting off on the wrong foot, and I already have a crap ton of work.

I know I have missed the last 2 weeks for Movie nights, but I have 3 room-mates now and My laptop which was used for streaming is out of commission for a while. I just can't do it anymore.

I am doing fine, just really really stressed. I'm still the happy, charismatic fox you all know and love, but its just I don't have time for alot of things anymore. I'll drop by occasionally and visit, but don't expect to see me around alot for a while.

I hope things change, but College is not like High School, and with the fact that I will be getting a job with either a security firm or networking firm, I won't have much time till the summer or after.

if you need me, just email me at fox [at] mail[.] rit [.] edu

If you want to add me on FB or something send me an email those of you know how to contact me in otherways.

You all be safe, and never give up on your dreams in life!! You will go far, regardless of what other people say.

So, I'll be keeping in touch with you all.... Fox out

Movie Night!
Sorry guys, I was moving around this weekend, and It was my floors 35th Anniversary, and we had so many Alumni, plus we were plauged with some internet downtime. I am really sorry about that :(

This weekend, I should be fine, but I got some new roommates, and It might be kind of tough for me for a while, but I'll work something out. Ill let you guys know how this weekend fairs, but don't count on it ^^;;

I have acquired Pokemon White >.> god its been years

Movie Night!
Well the 7Hr cramped car ride was okish, aside from being maxed out in space..... ><

Anyways so its Hellboy this week? Allrighty, I'll get things set up. ^^

Garry's Mod
Yeah I kinda acted wrong on this.. :/

Battle of the Browsers
Ahhh the browser wars ^^

Personally I think all are good in their respects, but I would say Firefox and Chrome take the two highest. Firefox has WAY MORE addons then Chrome, but Chrome can operate better depending on the system.

Personally from a Security Professional's point of view, Firefox has to take the top for Security, less vulnerabilities, better use of encryption protocols and SSL/TLS communication, faster updates. Chrome is a very close second in the security field.

Internet Explorer's security vulnerabilities are a hackers dream, and my worst nightmare...........

Internet Explorer is a good beginner browser, but Firefox is best by default.I never tried Safari, Netscape, AOL, etc.

Ahh Netscape and AOL........ That brings back so many memories :nod:

Garry's Mod
I understand that, but is it necessary in a server where people may NOT be used to that, your right, we do not know him like you do, your used to him shouting thousands of profanities, we are not. Besides I think it is rude to do so, for stupid stuff.

To be honest if he shouted profanities on my server like that, I would say "Hey knock it off, or I'll kick you."

But you say Kursed stops after you ask, but Waffles says he asked more than once, of this I'm sure

I never said Kursed stopped after I asked, infact I'm pretty sure I said just ignore it. Its a game, in games people die all the time....

Garry's Mod
Oh, sorry to hear about steam breaking, that sucks ><;

Kage, Kursed never bugged his sound, Waffles has a few missing needed files, thus causing the sound to be bugged. Not Kursed specifically, so you are wrong on that.

I am not calling waffles out, but I am saying him getting pissed is a bit unnecessary Like I said, I get blown up all the time, Kage you have seen this firsthand.

I dunno, I think Waffles has been overreacting based on what I have seen. I mean he writes out a huge line of profanities because of an ad in Movie night, that was a bit much. a stupid ad big deal...... I think he overreacts to things unnecessary.

Kursed hardly god modes, he uses the Iron Man Swep which gives him 500 health. On the movie night Kursed attacked him twice, he got all upset, and left.......

Kursed's Comment was unnecessary, and did not help to the situation. Both parties acted wrong in this, and this whole situation is off topic for the thread. If you guys want to, PM it to me.

Getting back on Topic now.....

Movie Night!
Uh, this week might be postponed again, I am going to New York City for spring break this weekend, and....... leaving tomorrow night. Anyone want I <3 NYC t-shirts?

Garry's Mod
I know Waffles wouldn't lie to us.

I don't think it was rather a question of Lying, but a matter of waffles taking a situation out of hand. I mean even when provoked a bit waffles you tend to Curse, a bit to much for my liking, even on the movie night.

Kursed has a problem of blowing people up, ALOT. It happens to me alot. Also just get away from Kursed, that or post your concern to Fallen he is the Server Owner and Admin, he can help you.

Sometimes just expressing anger and yelling profanities does not fix situations, you are a cool guy waffles, but you do that a little to much.

Again I get killed alot by Kursed in the servers, honestly sometimes just ignoring it and laughing at it is the way to go. I mean what it takes 3 seconds for a respawn?

Seriously, dont get all riled up on a game, i mean I get killed alot, and you don't see me ragequiting......

Corneria College
Mark clacked away at his keyboard, working away trying to find the information. He searched through databases, genealogy reports, name searches, it took him and hour or two, but he found the information Votaris wanted. "Votaris...... I found them." He said letting Votaris look at the screen to see it for himself.