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SFG Fanfic Contest
Oh sorry ^^;; My mistake, i'll remember that next time

SFG Fanfic Contest
Well this is just an Idea, and I'd like to actually host this. I had this idea as I was in the bathroom washing my hands. (Its where I get all of my great Ideas , no really...... im serious......don't judge xD)

Anyways The Fanfic Contest will go as such. You either submit a Fanfic you have done( but not completed.), or submit and idea for one. I prefer to have freshly written fanfics for people to start, or one that is not completed. I want to promote writing and creativity with our members, not saying that we are not creative, but I find writing a fanfic to be a healthy and exciting process.

So you may join the contest IF

1. Its a Fanfic you have started but not completed (Minimal chapters though.)
2. Newly created

I find that if users submit a Fanfic they have already created and completed, it cuts down on the creativity level. I want to see some more Fanfics people ^-^

So for example I will be submitting my Fanfic "Far from Home"


To submit a Fanfic, post below, or even submit a plot idea for a Fanfic you want to do. Also remember that if you post a Fanfic Idea here that if you do not win, Add a chapter and resubmit, you never know how you might do if you try.
Anyways this will be open for at least a week if not 2 weeks. Since time is needed for users.

Right now I am making the deadline May 14th 2011 gives you time for the creative juices to flow and mediate through the body. Also if you want help or assistance do not be afraid to ask others. ^-^

View here

Cornerian Academy
[offtopic] I can edit or delete this as needed, just let me know. I figured I had to get back in some how so ^-^[/offtopic]

Mark stood on the bridge of a ship that he had been designing for years now since he ended up in the Lylat system. It was a mixture of Federation technology and Lylatian. He looked out the bridge and sighed. " Seems just like yesterday huh captain, you were with a crew back in the Alpha quadrant, you had years of experience under your belt, now your here, and designing this. He paused and looked at his watch. "Guh, they drag me out on this assignment with no warning to oversee the final event.

What had occurred was Mark was teleported to a distant system to design the newest of Cornerian Defense Fleet ships. He ended up being taken with no warning and with approval from the highest level in the Cornerian system. Even General Pepper didn't know.

"I wonder how they are doing?" He asked himself as he made his way to the teleporter room. "Mahoney, tell the commander that he is gunna have to wait a little while before the Normandy is completed, I have to help my friends, I havent heard from them in a while, and I want to know how things are in Corneria."

Mahoney says "You go do that sir, i have been worried since there are rumors."

Mark looked back as he looked in the computer database to where the Star Fox team was, he figured he would just teleport back to the Academy, which he chose to do.

"Mahoney, send me to the Academy, tell the Commander he can reach me if he needs me, but no transports back here without my authorization, I still outrank the man....."

Mahoney nodded and tapped on the console as Mark faded away, and into the Main room of the Academy.

(PRIVATE)Sudden Visitor
Anderson raised an eyebrow after watching how she gave her response. "Is there anyone else that lives here ma'am? As he began to look around for any suspicious materials, or something that seemed off. He knew something was up and he wanted to know what it was. Of course, he was still at the door and could not see much.

He called into the radio and stated. "Bravo team, search the woods, and have the predator switch to Thermal and IR tracking, wherever the individual went, we are going to find them"

(PRIVATE)Sudden Visitor
Anderson gave a nod "Ma'am we have imagery of one individual that approached the craft, and two walked away." He stated
"Do you have any information on where that second person might have gone, from the feed we had, it seemed to look like a pilot." He remained silent and waited for a response.

(PRIVATE)Sudden Visitor
Captain Anderson scanned the area and looked at the Crash site.

"How can something like that make a impact like this, first this and then it disappears."

He looked around, and he went up to Keiko's door. and knocked. He had 3 armed marines behind him, but he wanted to seem harmless to the citizen rather then an asshole.

(PRIVATE)Sudden Visitor
The 3 F/A 22's had established contact with the unidentified craft but soon lost it, they had its general vicinity though, Anderson's Chopper....

They contacted NORAD and they soon notified Anderson's team..


Anderson's Chopper landed near the site, and he stepped out.

"Keep an eye out gentleman, talk to the neighbors and figure out where this went." He looked around "It is here, somewhere." He said with a tough voice.

He received the notice from warning from NORAD. "Stay alert guys, there is another craft in the area, very close ." He paused
"You do not have permission to fire, stun and tag. That is it!"

(PRIVATE)Sudden Visitor

Commander Anderson was now in the area, Delta and Bravo teams converged in the Suburbs and they began to go door to door. Sapphire and Keiko were running out of time, but they could now be able to hear the choppers that were around in the area.

Arwing Operations Manual
- KursedáPersonally i think a Fusion engine or something like that would fit the arwing better.Agreed. Hydrogen fuel would require a constant supply of destiled water, of which I am not sure the Arwing is big enought to carry while maintaining it's current size/speed.

Hydrogen would most likely be stored in the ship in pressurized tanks. The Distilled water is only for Hydrogen fuel Cells, not Hydrogen powered jet engines

If powered by Fusion engines (Are more rocket type then actual engine) are theoretically powered by Hydrogen Fuel, and plasma.

Also guys try to note that he is trying to base it close to the game as he possibly can.

Star Fox Armada: The Queen Within
(Who is all in the RP, character wise, i kinda lost track ^^;;)

Fox quirked his head. The stress must have been getting to him. "Oh, my mistake." Fox stated.

"Anyways we need a ground team, and an air team." He paused "Ill be going on the ground, Todd I want you to cover the air with some others."

"So who wants to do what?" Fox stated.

Star Fox Armada: The Queen Within
"Of course I thought things through. We need to find the doctor, and he is on this planet. We need two teams, one in the air for cover of the ground team." Todd Ill need you in the Air, and we need the rest of the team in here as soon as we can." Fox noted

(PRIVATE)Sudden Visitor
~~At NORAD~~

"We are pciking up another unidentified craft, entering the atmosphere!" An Airman shouted

"Alert Commander Anderson!" The Commander officer responded


"Move us to Defcon 3" He stated as he looked at the large screen, watching as the object's trajectory was calculated to appear. "Scramble the nearest Air Force Detachment, and get some birds in the air!"

"Yes sir!!"



"Commander Anderson, we are picking up another aircraft of unknown origin, its heading is to the same sector, we have 3 F/A 22s being dispatched, they are en route eta 3 minutes." An Airman stated into Commander Anderson's headset

Commander Anderson cursed under his breath.

"What the hell is going on here." He stated to himself

"Thank you Airman" The commander stated as he cut the comms.

They were getting closer, and the F/A 22s were on an intercept course for the Second Fighter. They wouldn't have much time, but one thing for sure was that the F/A 22s would have a hard time even trying to take down the second fighter

Star Fox Armada: The Queen Within
(sorry did not know it was my post ^^;;)

Fox turned to Tigress, "Well we already scanned the sector, and we need to stay hidden for now. We should send a team down." Fox stated

(PRIVATE)Sudden Visitor
"Sir we are getting a live feed from the Predator Drone."

"Let me see!" Commander Anderson stated as he grabbed the tablet from the Sgt.

He watched as 2 individuals near the wreckage, he watched as one figure stepped inside the craft and then walked away. He watched as it imploded and no remains were left.

"Get a move on Captain" He stated to the Captain, we need to be there ASAP!

The Lt. nodded and pushed forward a little more on the control stick and giving a bit more throttle, allowing the helo to move a little quicker.

Delta and Bravo teams moved near the residential areas, but still were a bit away from Sapphire and Keko. The Choppers could be heard in the air, the clock was ticking, and time was getting shorter.

Owa's gmod server.
Well I was merely just supporting your statement about its not the processing power that is causing the lag :P

BUUUT, anyways I think the Listen server has alot of benefits that are the best. I dunno from what I have seen, and heard, sounds good!

Owa's gmod server.
Lag is usually caused by Bandwith problems either with the user or even the computer that the server is on. The internet works by what is called "ping" if your Ping is high, then your distance from the server is quite high, or you are having problems with your computer's network card, and make sure that it is uptodate, and the cable you are using to plug into the computer to the network is actually in a decent condition.

There are so many causes for "lag" itself, but it is not the computer itself, its how fast the server is transmitting, receiving and acknowledging the packets.

Brohoster would be one to blame because with how they provide network services for other consumers, they could be running 20 GMOD servers on the same computer, trying to process 20 servers through one Network card is a bit tough.

I think the move to the Listen server is good, it prevents people that we don't want on the server, and faster control, and updates of everything.

I am siding with Onewinged, and just helping you guys understand how the interbuts work :P

(PRIVATE)Sudden Visitor
2 Blackhawk Helos were stationed away at a nearby Air Guard station from the crash site about 30 minutes. The Chopper's rotors began to spin, as Sergeants and Airman's filled in the back. Captain Anderson took over the other helicopter, and sat in the back. He had just arrived by a private jet from NORAD to this base.

A Voice was heard from next to the commander. "Commander, Satellite images show that it is a possible Space Craft. No Aircraft have been reported missing, and while the ATC's were tracking it in their radar's it had no transponder of any kind. What ever this aircraft, or spacecraft is, its in a residential neighborhood, and it needs to be contained ASAP Sir"

"Thank you Sergeant'" He said with a pause "Foxtrot Team contain the area, Bravo and Delta team will be heading in on HUMVEE's they will lock down the residential neighborhood. He turned his head to the side.

"Hey do we have that Predator in the Air yet?"

"Just took off sir!" a Pilot responded

"Good" Captain Anderson responded as he felt the shudder from the Blackhawk going Airborne. Sapphire had time, but it was running short. "Now let's go see what we have ahead of us" He said with a slight worried tone.

(PRIVATE)Sudden Visitor
~Meanwhile at NORAD~

"Sir!! We have an Unidentified Object, appearing in sector 4 Niner Grid Two Alpha"" A Staff Sergeant called out.

"WHAT!" Commander Anderson stated rushing over the Sergeants Console.

"Sir we are getting reports from ATC's and Pilots that it is a confirmed crashed, where it's from we Don't know"

"Dispatch local units, I want a Predator in the Air, and Black-hawk units on standby!"

"Yes Sir!" The Sergeant stated

Commander Anderson looked at the screen which showed the impact site, and the trajectory. NORAD was on High Alert, but it would be a while. Giving time for Sapphire

[ti]BA[/ti]Life Lessons
Oh yeah tell me about it. I am very sure to make sure that anything I do is professional or removed properly. I make sure that my online identity is sound. Luckily whenever my name is searched, only good things show up and its hard to find me ;D

[ti]BA[/ti]Life Lessons
Alright I am sorry. I took the first post as, you shouldn't go to college, because you mainly said to keep people's expectations of yourself as low. I did watch the video, college is not for everyone, it just depends on the career that you want.

Alot of the community colleges that I have seen have alot of Votec programs, alot of the ones in New York state do, but I cannot speak for California.

Community colleges are good if you want to kill your core requirements for a degree, all classes seem to be useless for what you want to go in, but they do teach you some valuable skills such as analytical thinking, objective judgment, analyzing a situation

But your statement is true now that I got to dwelve into it a little deeper, you provide good wisdom and good ideas.

and yeah, if you have your shit organized, things are alot easier ;D

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